Saturday, September 30, 2006

30 . o9 . 2oo6 % sighhs %

okays! i'm here to blog!
just back from going to bin's room.
see see look look awhile
then go see 10 seconds or lesser tv show.
nothing much today barh. lols

woke up at around 1.45pm. lols!
early horh?..coz raining bo bian. xP
tried not to open my comp. but 'bu zhi bu jue'

i switch on my comp worh. dunno why.
sighhs. maybe using computer had became my daily routine.
so went to buy lunch after i had my 3mins bath.
lols. nasi lemak shop close le.
so buy the mixed vegetable rice lorh..
plain sux larhhhh...not nice ones.
everyday also like same food liddat -.-"
change the chef away! @#$%^&*(!
okays. reach home. nothing to do.

reach awhile history
then cant concentrate le.
listening to technos. lols
okays. slack slack around.
then dunno what le larh.
until ma came back home. all this lorh
went for dinner. then watch inotstupid2 with them
then watch tv version with them.
then go back use comp.
sebas ask me play warcraft3 with him.
so nvm la. dun wan ps him.
he very kelian de.
so playplay with him lorh
while reading the science-related article.
okays. then then then...really forget what i done le.
sighhs. stressed -.-"
but not so liao. hahas
chat chat chat. wanted to study jiu click click click.
then typetypetype.
soon i will failfailfail
and dropdropdrop.
my hokage-to-be dream will be broke.
oh noo ~ then i will always be the
dropout that everyone looks down on.
NO! i will never let it happen!
ahhs. i TRY not to online so long for tomorrow.
but only for awhile.
peeps! u got a A-rank mission!
remind me to ask hongling send me technos.
"examinations actually do makes alot of difference in many people life"

Friday, September 29, 2006

29 . o9 . 2oo6 % %

everyone is preparing for exams now.
sighhs. stress sia..
so many ppl around me all studying now..
okays. today...alright ba...
as usual. go sch study study all this.
don't think got anything uncommon happened.
after sch. go out. meet hung swee and jianbing.
then go 654 there sit and talk. talk very long bah.
from 12.45 till 2.20.
reach home. rush to bath all tis.
then go play dota with weeyong le.
last dota match played till after exams le.
): i dun wanna retain! @#$%^&*()!
but abit too hard for me not to retain barh.
i'm not 'du shu de liao' ):
"get me out of this world of mess"

Thursday, September 28, 2006

28 . o9 . 2oo6 % -_- %

hawttt ahhh!
lols. sibei hot now..
dunno why...sweating like hell.
with my air con and 2 fans on..
zzz stupid -.-"
quite sleepy now.
but too hot to sleep sia.
ltr blog hao go bath jiu go sleep..
okays today was alright bahh...?
woke up. go sch. go run.
siann..while running.. i realised my stamina dropped damn lots.
sighhs. ran 3 rounds jiu like rolling liao.. ):
bu guan le. lols go assemble. then go back class le
okays. lesson lesson lesson...
recess. didn't eat again -.-"
canteen food not nice de ~ xP
so me , leon , yx , hairiel and feb..
at ava room there play play lorh.. lols
tyxm so fun to play! xDD
okays. back to class for lessons.
mother tongue. toking about what chalet ones.
then 3 evil wicked sick girl's illness relapsed!
then blablabla. went for music lessons.
got test...ahh~ -__-"
nvm. managed to 'guo guan'

returned class for PW.
slack slack slack..then do presentation about the rocket.
my group members suddenly ask me to say 1 slide
i'm not informed about it.
then i no wear spec. didn't see what its written on the slide.
pianggz lorh -_____-
but nvm la. anyhow read out.

blahhs. after sch. didn't went home.
at sch slack awhile.
go yishun park see see look look.
see free show. my class got 2 monkeys playing.
so i juz stand there and see norh.
not nice ones. they scratching each other body for lice.
went home lorh. didn't dabao.
the coffee shop food...SUCKS TOO. xP
went home. dig things eat.
anyhow eat eat..quite full bah. lols
watch naruto again. addicted. diedie.
never go buy dinner lorh. watch and watch
i told myself, i go buy dinner after this espisode.
then i watch and watch. keep on telling myself,
last one..last one.. -___-
in the end..bin went to buy!
yayys! lols. watch and watch.
till 9pm.. come back use comp.
okays. blogged. now i want to fix with watever tings i needa.
and go bath and sleep.
lalalas. byee ~
"wu fa ren shou zhe yang de tong ku"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

27 . o9 . 2oo6 % %

tada! (:
hand injured. -_-"
kenna bite by mad gigi. lols
okays. today morning.
nothing much. didn't rain.
sighhs. got quite a few false alarm.
IT lessons. juz do the homepage thingy.
done in 1 shot. lols.
easy larhhhh...then hairiel say i do wrong!
he ownself do wrong larhhh.. lols.
okays. nothing much lorh.
go back for history lessons.
kianwei is totally quiet!
i didn't hear his voices throughout the
whole 2 full period of history lessons.
thats something great! (:
okays. ehh..then recess.
did nothing much, just walk around. dun feel like eating.
okays. after that, mother tongue.
got do some worksheets.
i done liao dunno where tcher le -.-"
ehh..went for art lessons after that.

its...soo..damn sian larhh...
madam lim is fking frigging mad.
scoldscoldscold. wtf she wan sia -.-"
see her old, respect her. she show us attitude.
those did nothing wrong de jiu scold.
did something wrong de yet never scold.
singapore so many ppl die, why she dun die sia!
zzz...ehh..then after her stupid lessons.

went back classroom for last 2 period of english lorh
just go through papers...and check the letter writing nia.
then jiu dismiss le. didn't want to slack around with js they all.
so jiu walk home lorh.
didn't want to eat at coffee shop. so jiu takeaway.
walk to coffee shop that time heard someone call me.
didn't care. lols order hao food liao.
then saw alvina come ask me what time lorh -.-
lols. the aunty tot is my meimei sia.. -____-"
went home le.. eat while watching dvd, naruto.
eat finish liao, go brush teeth.
continue watching.
dun feel like stopping sia. lols
in the end watched 15 espisode. =))
lalalas. didn't revised anything at all today.

hahas. after blogging, i wanna sleep! (:
sleep sleep sleep!
the best thing ever to be done in earth is to sleep!
sleep and sleep, don't wake me up. <:::::::::::::::::;((==O wtf?! lols.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

26 . o9 . 2oo6 % wtf?! %

ehh..just back from hair cut.
this time..the aunty cut my hair until extremely short worhh..
the next haircut shud be around december le barh..
sch reopens that time. was fine barh..
was rather moody. sighhs.
morning. go sch. no run.
go assemble. go back class.
maths and english...
den PE lessons...go field stand there do nothing.
sighhs. school is so boring. -___-"
okays. recess. didn't eat. skipped with my classmates.
then is mother tongue.
did workbook and some filing only.
then literature. no lit book.
but nvm larh..escaped.
coz litcher bring us go music room.
do the what group work ones.
after that , geo lessons.
the most boring lessons...taught by this mrs yap.. (yup)
sian...dismissal. went home after eating with zhiyong at blk 654.

played 1 round dota. went down for haircut lorh.
den back. now blogging.
sighhs.. not very satisfied with the haircut bah..
coz abit too short lorhh...not used to short hair.
lols last time hair long long one.
very hot..then now.. no hair liao...shuang shuang ones..
bu xi guan larhh..sighhs.
okays.. go do homework le lorh.
7 days to EOY. sighhhhhhs

Monday, September 25, 2006

25 . o9 . 2oo6 % (: %

not in a very fine mood today.
was rather bad barh.
nobody makes me.
but i made myself.
today, after reaching home;
from sch,lunch,slacking,hanging around,
i realised that i've actually wasted 1-2 hours of my day.
-.-" okays. tok about it later.
now, i shall start from the beginning of the day.
morning. woke up by pa.
pa and ma going to work liao. is super duper late.
usually 5.30 jiu went out le. lols
okays. was rather weird today barh.
lols slept 1am plus.
coz i off comp liao. dunno what i do ah.
drag drag drag until 1am plus.
sleep for around 5 hours liddat only worh.
stepped out of my house, woah.
the sky. super dark. lols
going to rain soon? so i walk the other way.
walk in a quite fast speed barh..
step out of block 654 liao.
heading towards the traffic light.
see a backview looks like zhiyong de.
then walk nearer. saw jakeh..
eh..then like slacking liao lorh.
walk sibei slow.
coz raining liao. dun wan to get wetwet go sch.
but dun wan pangseh zhiyong.
so i walk till halfway there then i walk diao le. lols
reach sch. at foyer there. i walk in marh.
wahh.. sibei shuang. the wind. sibei strong.
i step in the foyer..straight away.
i 'gan jue bu dao' any 'feng' liao.. jiu went back classroom.
alot people there liao. very noisy.
went in , the 1st word i heard is.
'wensheng bully sia' -_________-"
wtf?!.. dorts. ehhh..then get back the english letter from hairiel.

then...tok tok tok...about dota barh -.-"
so assemble liao. was fking hack caring chairman lorh. lols
nvm larh. i dun wan let her 'nan zuo' so i jiu ask jingsheng
they all go up 3rd floorth assemble liao. walk halfway. wah.
sch song starts liao. so stand halfway there assemble lorh.
ehh..then finish liao.
madam GUN tok about what 3 little pigs de..
heard abit larh. -.-"
reach classroom.
miss lee tok tok tok.
i from the back see to the front.
80% of them is sleeping.
15% with their head on the table resting.
other 5% is listening.
doesn't know why.
i'm super energetic!
lols. doesn't know why also!
i slept so little worh! lols. lalalas. lesson lesson lesson larh.
recess time. go library.
do 1/2 of the english letter writing.
haibin then sit behind me read the comics -.-
i at the shelves there. coz no tables liao.
the table nearer to me larh..
xiangtao and his class people ones..
i hear them tok , i wan to laugh sia..
lols so funny ones.
but they sounds like quarreling worh. =x
den..go canteen liao lorh..
slack slack. go up hall liao.
sit there. sit so long.
shouldn't have went up so early -.-"
then idiot ones...the tcher come so early -______-"
let me sit awhile more also cant.
then mr chua ask 1 of my classmates..what class
my classmate say dunno..then mr chua scold..
haoxue then shout out "1 gracious"
'hao tiu lian' -___-"
lols. went back class for english.

sian larh..i want to sleep le -.-"
science.. more sian...counting down for the bell to ring.
the geography.
most fking sian ones.
i hate geog..dunno wtf is the tcher toking about -.-"
after sch. wanted to go home.
but doesn't know why.. i still go eat lunch with them.
sighhs. as usual. walk lai walk qu lorh -.-"
is really waste of time.
sighhs. regretted.
any kind soul out there?
pls remind me to go home straight after sch.

i wanna take a afternoon nap.
then do homework then at night can chat le.
if not keep on ask ppl to excuse themselves..
i felt very guilty de worh.
okays. now i shall cut the crap and go do my homework.
and for you and my own good ,
i shall craps lesser from next entry onwards.
coz reading and typing rubbish isn't good for health (:
"to win without risk is to triumph without glory."

Sunday, September 24, 2006

24 . o9 . 2oo6 % -.-" %

heres part 3! LOLS.
okays. doing my maths homework now.
did abit of history juz now.
and done with home econ's.
history is the revision worksheet.
home econ is the friday's pratical.
which i forget to bring.
coz i go home change liao.
bag also change.
everything take out.
so i no bring. cant do. cant hand in.
so tomorrow then hand in lorh..
okaees. then also did filing for history.
from april's till now.
ehh..then wanted to do english letter writing.
but cant do. coz thursday.
lend hairiel to do the debate.
forget to take back.
so if i'm not wrong.
the paper shud be ashes now.
err.. its about... a chair person of a class.
writing a letter to a vice princinple.
choosing english teachers.
1 is angmoh 1 is local chinese.
then what what what ones..
only remembered abit.
insufficient for me to do a letter.
whatever. lols
peeps! remind me to do my art research for my EOY
and history revision paper tomorrow horhh!
"thats isn't all."

24 . o9 . 2oo6 % zz %

okays. heres part 2.
doesn't know why.
dun blog like wan die liddat.
okays. juz now. after posting.
didn't go cut hair worh.
lazy go. and dun feel like cutting also -.-"
so this coming saturday then cut barh.
okays. after that go eat dinner.
ehh..didn't have any appetite.
so juz eat eat. den brush teeth le.
drink lots and loads of water.
went back room le.
then feel like going cut hair.
so jiu change liao.
go out that time.
second thoughts.
its 7.20 by then.
the barber shop should be closed.
so i went back.
sat down on my seat.
okays. 30 seconds of brain washing.
after that. started on serious works.
set my msn nicks and message to busy mode.
okays. dug out all my worksheets.
to find for 'history' then put aside.
then while finding, saw alot of worksheets.
now then i know, the past 3 terms,
i'm actually wasting my damn time.
my handwriting,
most of them is not legible.
sighs. okays. now i gonna work extra hard.

but how? i got no aim, no target.
"internet world can never replace your real world.
doing well online does not mean doing well offline.

work hard in realizing your dream in the real world."
"no matters what, life goes on. enjoy or suffer, its your choice."

24 . o9 . 2oo6 % bs %

okays. juz back from eating some snacks.
ehh..nothing much today.
afternoon wake up.
again, around 12plus
then bin ask me go buy lunch.
okays lorh. i go brush teeth.
he go down buy le. he come up.
i juz finish brushing teeth.
wah?! he fly ah! nope.
i'm slow. lols
den refresh hao liao. jiu eat lunch le. lols
watch awhile naruto.
den sian liao. nothing to do.
msn chat chat awhile.
den leon come ask me blahblahblah lorh.
called him. den do do do..
okays. can play dota with him liao.
play 2 match only. use NA and AM (:
okays. i want go cut hair liao.
this few days, weather very hot.
i cant take it -.-"
i continue bathing 5 days a time.
my water bill will burst. -___-"
okays. tada ~ (:
'power of love.'

Saturday, September 23, 2006

23 . o9 . 2oo6 % blahhhhh %

tada ! =DDD
giddyness is approaching me again. ):
okays. juz eaten my supper not long ago.
dosai and roti prata.
11.05 -
okays. now i have finish chatting with huijing jie and jamie.

jamie went to sleep.
huijing jie now excused herself.
let me blog 1st.
ehh.. ytd's entry.
i've forgotten what had happened yesterday already worh.
so nvm lorh. dun edit le. lols.
dun look back at the past! =DD
ehh..okays. today. woke up at around 8...
abit tired. so continue to sleep.
around 12 i wake up liao.
den i roll lai roll qu lorh.
in the end 12.45 den wake up.
i slept for around 13 hours! @#$%^&*()_!
okays. so i refreshed myself.

wanted to go buy lunch.
but is after i bath.
so before i went in to bath,
i told bin that i will maybe cut my hair ltr.
so he know will be very long ones.
so he ownself go down le lorh.
den he go down that time , i'm bathing.
he come back le. i juz finish bathing.
lols. den ah.. see bin watch naruto again.
i also watch lorh. lols. watch 2nd time still very nice.
anyway... channel 56 now also got show again for the 2nd time.
if i watch at tv and disc jiu watch 4 times le. -______-"
blarrrrhs. played ' naruto ultimate ninja ' with bin.
lols. lose all matches. ):
booo ~ ahahas.
anyway.. its ps2
the controlling system.
made me and bin's thumb injured.
his orh cheh.. mine swollen -.-"
okays. den .. watch 1 more espisode naruto.

den jiu at msn chat awhile.
leon said he saw chiobu today,
when he go out with sebas and yx.
and even folo them. lost them. and found them.
i was like... -_____________-
dorts. den i send him dota map.

gave him hamachi's download link.
gave him a game to join. but doesn't know why.
cant play. cant connect. nvm.
so i play with ai lorh.
play halfway. parents come back liao.
bin go out sell ice-cream.
kor play his world of warcraft.
so i nothing to do.
jiu at kitchen there see see look look ~ lols.
so went back room.
did nothing much barh.
so open the dragon tiger gate watch.
then dinner.
after that , went out with them.
i juz take my pouch and went out lorh..
in the car. smsing.
so abit giddy liao.
reach the le-ven-dar...
i dunno how to spell. lols
the place that sell army things.
go there collect stove.
for the new shop.
den went to maxwell road. to cash-out.
so on the way see alot the lights lorh.
coz is the.. what..moon festival..
den the..what..deepa....then the what..ones larh.
malay , chinese and indian de festival. together.
so saw all 3 different lorh.
okays. went home.
got roti prata and dosai to eat.
dapao at maxwell food centre.
okays. now i also nothing much to say le.
running out of words. ):
"never frown. for i've fallen for your smile."

Friday, September 22, 2006

22 . o9 . 2oo6 % fly, and never comes back. %

yO! peeps! (:
i'm here to update =DD

just had my shower not long ago.
okays. this fine day starts liddat.

as usual , i wake up , go sch.
den run. go parade square.
assemble. go back classroom.
tok tok tok , listen listen listen.
lessons lessons lessons...
recess. home econ. do do do..
den work work work.
dismissal. slack slack slack.
go home. change. bath. change back.
go school. cook cook cook.
eat eat eat. laugh laugh laugh.
walk home. rest rest rest.
bath bath bath.
chat chat chat.
play play play.
eat eat eat. and happy x3 day!
update seriously tomorrow.
very tired now.
doesn't know why.
close my eyes and i can fall asleep now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

21 . o9 . 2oo6 % hawtt.. %

ahh. sibei hawt now.
zzz..need to do my home econ pratical worksheet.
not yet write down the methods.
pianggz. okays. today not very good. also not very bad barh.
so-so lorh. ehh..morning, went to school.
think is quite early...or my leg no cramp le.
so i walk in my normal speed.
so quite fast bah?...i dunno ~
reach sch, saw some TAF pupils coming out from the field le.
so i tink , shud be finishing soon. so i wanted to skip it lorh.
so i juz walk. den out of nowhere.
this stupid girl, yvvone, from my class...shout my damn name.
therefore. i got a scolding from madanEVONlow. -.-"
saying what , 'i want call ur parents' watever ones.
-.-" no big deal. den ask me put down bag run.
zz..go run lorhzz..then go wash shoe.
go back classroom.
put bag, den go 3rd floorth to assemble liao.
i'm perspiring like @#$%^&*(! lorh.z.z
den sweat keep on dripping. -.-"
so after that, i asked permission from miss lee go toilet lorh.
went to the toilet.
no toilet roll -.-"
zzz so nvm lorhzz..
sibei hawt that time...
den jiu lesson lesson lorh.
feel like sleeping. -.-"
miss lee using her "cui mian shu"
aka hypnosis to make us sleep.
okays. den is english lesson.
we change our sitting arrangements. what debate larh.
den very sian lorh.. -.-"
okays. den is maths.
got test.zzz. i flunked the paper.
forget it. den english again.
we tok more about the debate.
den recess. this time never slack around.
go canteen right after my toilet visit.
on my way to the toilet ,
saw jamie taking her orange paper roll from her brother.
err..den eat eat all this lorh. my stupid damn phone.
my battery spoil le.
keep on auto-off for me. -___-"
den go sit that time.

boonping dunno fa what siao.
come ask me accompany him go toilet .. -.-"
den i shoo him off barh.
after that...i walk walk walk marh..
then weeyong , randy , elden come disiao me.. -.-"
zzz..okays. went back classroom.
had mother tongue.
lols. sms-ing and listening
to the poor teacher toking during the lessons.
den the powerpuff girls and tkw gossiping lorh.
lols. got 1 part they say about me ones -.-"
zzz...1gossipers jiu shi gossipers.
okays. back to mother tongue subject.
got some words dunno how to read, so i ask the tcher lorh.
i know most of the words , juz dunno how to read.
coz tv shows never put the "han yu pin yin" ones.
my one is hongkong, so is english subtitles.
sighhs. now also no watch tv le ):
always face the damn computer screen.

*3rd damn for this entry*
continue from where i stopped.
so after mother tongue.
is music lessons ~
didn't bring the Mama Mia song lyrics.
nobody to lend from also. so nvm barh.
xinyi no bring geo textbook , so i offered to lend her lorh.
i also dun have. but my classmates have lorh.
so i take hairiel's book and lend her.
i gave her the book when i'm on the way to music room lorh.
errmm..soo...i no lyrics barh..
nvm lorh. coz singing new songs.
all the songs is 70's one... -.-"
i hate singing stupid songs =x
eh..den went back classroom. for PW.
did nothing much also?..think so. shud be.
den change seats...i super not happy with it.
coz jingsheng change place until beside me.
i super super hot. AND
i cant experience the "QUIETNESS" i used to be having.

ahhs. den my table,
he go use the damn correction liquid
and drawn some damn stupid stuffs on it. -.-"
making me fucked upside down. -.-" zz
nvm lorh. den make me use metal ruler scrub them off.
but not nice le. rawrr.
okays. den science. nothing much.
miss lee go dunno where. leaving us behind.
my class is in chaos?.. quite okay barh. common. xD
after sch , went to 654 eat again.
there nothing to eat ones.
i'll never eat there again.
i would rather go home and cook maggie mee eat.
much nicer ~ xDD at home wan wat jiu put what.
so shuang. lols ~ ehh.den eat liao. we go 7-11 again.
drink drink. anyway. while eating , i saw bin!
he go cut hair. den i eat finish le , they go 7-11
i go find him lorh. lols. i very sian liao.
they all going back le.
so i nothing to do marh.
as u know, i always like to find things to do ones.
sooo.. guess what? i know they will folo me! lols.
block 654's lift rite.
i go press. den i went in. pressed 12th floorth.
den go up. sebas and leon is with me.
den ding-dong. i pretend to say
"wah! so high, i scare! ltr u all throw me down ah!"
den i like hang on to the bar lorh..the..dunno what ones.
den they go out. i pressed 1st floorth and went home. LOLS.
at 5th floorth there bio them.
see them at bus-stop walk lai walk qu.
like what liddat -.-" diaoos.
sebas waved to me ~ lols ~
okays. reach home. feel like sleeping.
bath hao liao. dun feel like le.
anyway. i bathed 5 times today.
i pain 4 times le.
my hand kenna cut by my DAMN vice - chairman.
will pain like siao when touches water lorh. -.-"
zzz okays. den..i from 6.35 sleep till 7.05 lorh..
sleep awhile also shuang barh.
xPP peeps. dun chat to me at msn
of the time from 6.15 - 8.30 p.m. =D
coz i most probably won't be able to reply you.
and a very very sincerely apology to huiqi , 1 of my ganmei.
why? coz she can only online from 6plus to 7.45.
so...yep. ):
okays. i go do my work le.
sleeping soon after i'm done with my damn work.
xDD 10.44 pm
"never frown. for i've fallen for your smile."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

20 . o9 . 2oo6 % part 2 %

part 2 of the day. lols
at around 6plus. i click "publish post"
and went to papa's room to lie down and see see look look lorh.
den very tired.
so i sleep lorh.
den woke up at around 7plus barh.
den went for my dinner.
this dinner was a light ones.
juz a steam "hong ban" fish. and 1 soup barh.
bin still sleeping. coz he ytd went to chalet.
didn't sleep well? think so. lols
so he still resting in his room.
but now is having his dinner barh.
if i'm not wrong. lols.
then. after dinner. i drink abit the wine plus peace juice lorh.
den papa throw me 1 peace jelly to eat. lols
gigi cant get to eat so bu shuang.
run around the house barking.
in the end go bite bin's shirt. lols
outside his room de. mama juz fold it.
waiting for him to collect.

so papa scold her. make her sit there.
sit for like quite long barh. then. watch finish teebee.
i go back use comp. 8 msn messenger chat.
oh gosh. -.-" around 5 or 6 offline le.
zzz.. dunno why i everytime come back from dinner jiu will have alot cant-reply-de msn conversation. ):
sighhs. erhh.. tink nothing else to update le barh.
remember to tag.

20 . o9 . 2oo6 % -_-" %

i'm here to blog!
lols. bin juz back from chalet for not long.
okays. today was so-so also.
morning. as usual larhhhh
go sch. zzz..den go assemble.
sighs. sibei sian. mood swings.
zzz go for IT lessons.
doing what stupid things ones.
den..go back..history.
jamie told me that history test is today.
but is on friday lorh -.-"
made me study like @#$%^&*()! liddat.
lols. nvm. den den.. recess.
some sec2 malay boys took our 1g table.
den me , febri , leon , jingsheng and hairiel.
lazy go other tables

so we go behind canteen chat -.-"
in other word , kills time.
den we going to canteen to eat that time ,
faizal ask me to buy mee siam for him.
lols den very troublesome and i'm going late.
so never lorh. x)
okays. den we go eat lorh.
lols. i super late den eat finish.
all gone le.
all pang seh me. lols
but nvm larh. i say my braces got something stuck jiu can le.
lols ` den i go assemble that time.
late le lorh. so must stand under the shade there.
-.-" den walk lai walk qu.zz
dunno do what.
den ah..go run the parade square 4 rounds lorhhh..
i was like..hopping and walking bah..
coz the group of ppl infront of me moving very slow.
*refering to hj and her gang* xP
lols den den den....go back class that time.

madam nair call us back lorh.
den ask us write statement.
be witnesses. -.-"
write ah write.
coz is upper sec's recess lorh.
den they finish liao.
all going back class.
i see alot of my frens sia.
all tot i do something bad kenna punish.
coz outside no table to sit -.-"
zz sit on the floor sia.
den me , hairiel , leon and febri write and chat lorh.
so funny. ahahas.
jingsheng. no brotherhood. ownself go ones.
zzz.. nvm. got him anot also no diff. zzz
okays.. den go back class. den go art room for art lessons.
we walk lai walk qu.
den saw madam lim going down to dunno where.

den we run to art room lorh.
dun let her see us. in case she going down to find us.
-.-" den den den. get back art folio and drawing block lorh.
she tok tok tok. den released le.
okays. den go back classroom. for english.
english didn't do nothing much bah.
sms sms. den decorate my book review -.-"
also nth to do.
lols ~ coz i'm done with my compo.
den mrs ng see my table.
den she see wrong lorh.
tot i gay.
-.-" dun tell u all what is it on my table.
x)) guess urself. lalalas. lols
den den den...
lend febri's high school musical book read read awhile.

den sms again. return him liao.
den not long after. release le.
but mrs ng hold us back. tok tok tok lorh.
den saw hj and sharon outside waiting le.
mrs ng's fault. =x den return sharon disc. lols.
they bad larh. make me tok. knowing that i hates to tok.
boo ~ lols. den slack around in sch.
dun wan leon and jingsheng folo me.
so i at my old favourite place.
ava room there. walk round and round.
tryiing to shoo them off. lols

in the end i did larh. den not fun de. i walk home le.
lols they cant catch up with me! xDD.
den i at yishun park wait for them larh.
they so slow -.-" den walk to blk 654 lorh
eat lunch. den go 7-11
den go the seats there sit and tok.
yuxiang , kiaseng and sebas at there too.
but kiaseng went home soon after eating finish.
act guai ones. den den. we chat and chat barh.
den go home lorh. yx , js , sebas, leon says going maisie house.
den she dun let worh.
den leon reach home le told me that they didn't go.

lols ~ okays larh. reach home.
nothing to do also.
sibei sian. lols. okays.
*6.35 pm*

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

19 . o9 . 2oo6 % -lalas %

okays. today was alright? tink so.
just came back from disciplining gigi and kiki.
both of them very naughty today.
lalas. okays. woke up this morning.
quite okay barh.
didn't sleep that late ytd.
lights off at around 11 going 12 only.
actually can sleep earlier.
coz my homework. do quite slow.
think its becoz i drank abit of wine ytd.
lols the one with only 5% alcho.
dorts. drink liao den dunno why.
i write halfway my hand will like tremble liddat ones
sort of like.. electrical shock worh. lols
okays continue.
wake up liao. go sch.
late for TAF run again. den madam au scold scold scold lorh.
not scold bah. is nag barh. -.-"
say i what must build up stamina.

blablabla. dun care. okays
go back classroom.
having the priviledge to assemble
at the 3rd floorth with the 2A lorh.
dunno whats the diff also worh.
lols just that slightly taller than all
those below and no other diff le..
okays. go back classroom.
miss lee didn't come.
miss out 1 lesson of her "wei da" de talk liao.
lols. den vp come. our 1gracious spy saw her.
jiu led out the information.
within 1.5 seconds.
my class is totally silent.
see?! thats the power of vp *fyi , vp = vice princinple*
actually nothing to scare of also.

shes friendly?. lols
i like one of the speech she said most.
"we come school not only to study but to have fun..."
den den den. she go liao. is...lessons lessons lessons larh.

den time jiu fly fly fly to recess lorh.
recess time.
slack around as usual.
den go down quite late le barh?
got ppl at there sitting le.
as usual, go buy 1 bottle apple aloe vera.
from canteen walk to behind canteen there.
den walk out. by the time, i finished it.
so go assemble lorh.
dorts. my class like left me 1 person not there again worh.
-.-" dunno why i everytime also so slow sia.
toopid. -.-" zzz okays. den den den. go back classroom.
tcher no come.
stupid relif tcher come.
zzz he say de lame joke is sibei lame.
i laughed, but not at his joke.
but at him. hes a photocopy of kianwei.
but SLIGHTLY better.
yep. den is mother tongue.
supposed to do the mother tongue letter writing to a other country fren about whats chinese traditional thingy ones.
is about dragon. the legendary animal. blablablas.
-.-" den my place there very noisy.
sandy and kianwei was happily
chatting away in their own world..
den they sit like. i was like between them lorh.

they say until like theres only them lorh. zz
somemore. just beside each other also need to shout ones. zzz
dorts. den ah. do halfway those CHEENAS go rub the board.
those helping words all gone.
nvm lorh. i ltr use comp do.
use hanyupinyin jiu can le.
lalalas. much better. okays. den den den.
i also forget today got lit liao worh.
den last minute sms xinyi go lend book from her lorh.
den lend liao. jiu wait awhile.
tcher come liao.
same lorh. ask who no bring.
den say the same person again. etc etc.
i 3 weeks skipped lit. so i alot things also dunno.
so..tcher ask me for what thing ones.
i also dunno what she toking about -.-"
okays. den is geo lorh.
sian larh.
cant catch up.
i copy notes liao go home also dunno what it means.
her english standard ones. damn frigging chim.
dun forget ~ my ang moh fail ones. -.-"
zzz okays. den during lessons.
gossiping with haoxue lorh. xPP lols.
we at 1st toking about a square cross relationship.
which means a cross in a square.
linked ones. lols. den i see see look look mah.
den i saw alot ppl is actually shaking
their leg while listening in class worh.
lols ... sasiporn shakes her leg like kicking ppl liddat ones
fly very high. lols den zhiyong.. ROFL.
i think liao also wan laugh.
stupid ones.. he shake not oli his legs..
his head also. lols. shaking/turning/spinning his head in a "eight diagram" shape. toopid. lols
den release le. go home lorh.
slack around 1st of coz.
reach home. nothing much to do.
eat finish lunch.
see see rook rook comp.
nth much to see also.
sian lorh. den go mama room see tv.
see ah see. i fallen asleep.
coz her room got big big fan.
lols ~ den sleep ah sleep. from 3plus sleep till 4plus wake up.
wake up awhile liao. i roll lai roll qu. sleep again. lols
end up 5plus den wake up.
gong gong ones. my eyes like closing ones.
walk to living room sofa.
lie down there.
nearly falls asleep again.
den at there lie down. see animal planet.
is what animal extreme ones ah.
lols...the what gorilla is equal 8 person's strength.
den the what shrew run very fast ones. cheetah...
den..what fish..what bird..what whale. etcetc.
den go back room use comp awhile. jiu dinner le.
didn't have much chances to chat with my frens.
very the sorry to u all. ):
lols. den i drink the wine again.
no worry. this time got peace juice drink added into it.
NICEE.. lols i drink half the bottle of it.
xPP den den den... errm.. watch the tv.
den go back room le. lols
my gosh lorhh.. just now while i blogging.
jamie chatting with me marh.
den den den...i say i doing chinese homework ltr marh.
den she say tmr no chinese.
so i do english 1st.
den she tell me study history.
freak lorh.
i just remembered that theres history test tmr.
@a#x$b%y^c&z*(_)!... ahhh..

okays. need to start on my work le.
tc peeps.
=DD remember to tag ~
"i can feel the distance between us is getting wider and further"

Monday, September 18, 2006

18 . o9 . 2oo6 % -.-" %

okays. juz finish bathing for not long. lols
and i'm here to blog.
okays. start from yesterday night.
until 10plus or 11plus ah.
still doing my science.
den jamie online lorh.
she do the literature notes to let me copy today.
so she do and do.
she done liao. i still not yet finish half of my science worksheet.
i'm 'wols' if you're wondering what i'm writing, you're slower.
lols. lame. okays. den den den. she wait for me lorh.
until i'm done.
den she go offline.
lols ~ she good hor? xP
errm..den sleep lorh.
sleep until very shuang larh.
its 12plus den.
okays.. sleep and sleep.
ring ring ring.
woke up at 6.30 liddat.
lalas ~ den den den..go sch.
reach sch..TAF run... i see yvvone still running inside.
i know i still can run ones. i can finsih in time de.
wun be the last ~ lols. so i go den i see the tcher.. new ones.
so i go ask 'cher , still can run ? '
of coz ~ the tcher say no. lols
so i go back classroom lorh.
on the way kenna sniped by hairiel. lols den den.
as usual. go toilet after putting my bag in classroom.
go back. den head lie on the table and close eyes rest.
anyway its quite early at that time barh.
den go the bridge-liked thingy there.
assembly. den den den.. stand there lorh..
den got 1 tcher toking.
lols. at where i'm standing.
and what i saw , and from what i know.
i only know that the tree infront of me is talking to me. -.-"
dortts. den yuxiang's knee injured. lols
bandage. i keep on purposely go kick his knee. xPP
lols. den lesson lessons lorh.
recess time.
like everytime lorh..stay at classroom awhile.
do my work? tink so.
doing maths. den hairiel and febri teach me.
lalas ` my class got alot genius ~ xD
1 integrity boys all solo solo ones.
no brotherhood. except for basbas.
1gracious rox ~ xP
lols. den den den...recess time.
i very late go buy.
i buy that time already got ppl sitting at parade square le.
lols den i go put bowl that time see the canteen no sec 1 de liao.
i go parade square that time also alot class go le.
dorts. i'm late. lalas. but cher no catch.
nvm. forget it den. lols.
okay. after sch...stay awhile.
den go toilet.
den go home.
yuxiang , junkeong , jingsheng and leon. foloing ~
den reach my block there.
they saw...tkw , zhiyong and kiaseng eating lorh.
den me and leon also eat.
we eat chicken cutlet.
den others eat dunno what rice ones.
wo bu zhi dao ~ lols. den den finish le.
i dapao french fries home for gigi and kiki ! xPP
den den den..we go 7-11 buy drink lorh.
leon buy super big gulp we all share.
lols den i put the straw keep on point up
shoot dao jingsheng and leon.
xDD den den den! we play and chat. lols
den drink finish liao we juz throw the cups around x))
den got ppl come. we zhao ~ x)
den den den..the 3 of them wan to go my house.
i walk till lift there.
i saw a few wearing northland primary de girls.
so i anyhow bluff leon. say maisie at there.
den he see..tot is real.
den he go over lorh.
lalalas ` sucessfully "shua" diao them. lols
den den den... i reach home liao.
awhile ltr , maisie online
she say she really at there sia.
lols ~ chua tio.
i see the blur version ones also can guess correct.
see. i'm so proo ~ xDD
okays larh. go find something to do.
at night den do homework ~ =DDD
bu yao forget to tag =DDDDD
"it pierced you on the lips, but it stabbed me through the heart."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

17 . o9 . 2oo6 % lalas %

i'm sooo sooo soo...stressed now.
sighhs. doing my damn homeworks.
so many. from afternoon 3pm do till now.
i want to sleep.. sighhs. so many dunno how to do.
who to seek help from?
-.-" zzz all either dead or offline.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

17 . o9 . 2oo6 % lalas %

okays. eating my lunch now.
my 1 packet maggie mee , 1 baked pizza and 4 sausages.
ok...ytd too tired to blog.
coz morning got BB..den go cousin house marh :)
lols. okays this entry is for yesterday!
woke up at around 7.55.
bath all this..done with everything at 8.30 liddat.
ready to go out.
den see see see...still tink something's wrong.
called sebas. den know that my haversack put wrong.
thats why weird weird ones.
den walk to sch lorh.
on my way to sch..saw eden...
tot i not late.. in the end..he also late lorh.
walk pass foyer that time...they marching in le.
parade started ! @#$%^&*()!
den faster put pouch den go fall in.

i dun like to do solo work.. i will scare one. lols
den parade carrys on....den...after that.
CE project! and austin (sec 2A cambodia guy)
and weijie(my class china boy)

do the card send to the what place ones...
i draw 1 mac-donald sign..den below right.
"24/7 open for you!"
"FOC - sponsored by singapore boys brigade 87th coy"
den den..go canteen...

den go behind sch there..
do drill thingy lorh.
attire check! @#$%^&*(!
no good. lols. den den den.....go canteen do drill paper.

den go study the....citizenship paper.
lols. copy copy! xDD but got 99.99% all also wrong ones.
retake next year lorh ~ lols. den promotion time! lols.
get 1 badge and got 1 rank higher.
lols. den den den...go study room arrange table. go back hear randy's lesson on how to put the string den jiu go home liao.
reach home. change. teach bin make pizza jiu go out le.
take the long.. lols. sian.
from yishun to butik batok. lols.
okay barh. sms on the train. lols
den got 2 indian guy beside me also smsing.
i see the reflection...the 3 of us replying in the same way.
i see liao jiu -.-
okays. reach le. ting come fetch me.
hahas den go up..with ting and xiaoyi.
lols den den the computer.
got CS worh.
i at home dun have.
seldom play also.
lols. so many things also dunno worh.
de pro worh. lols.
bang bang bang.
i wan to play at home also ~ ~ @#$%^&*()!
x( okays. den we go westmall eat.

there de food, okay okay barh -.-"
lols. so cold worh.. i keep on like..freezing liao liddat ones.
trembling. lols.
den den. go arcade.
ting and de play the bicycle ones.
lols like very fun sia. but i dun wan try sia.
see they play until going to die liddat. xP
lols. we cheat at the arcade x)
the game is throw ball ones.

den hit bonus ticket will alot ticket come out lorh.
xiaoyi pull up the thing ,
i squeeze my hand in and put the ball there.
lols. lalalas ~ den play the stupid zu-reh-sic park game.
the game sot ones. oli can see cloud.
den i juz anyhow shoot.
den still can survive lorh. lols
den den...change thing for weiwei. jiu go le. lols
den den. play heart attack awhile together with weiwei bah.
jiu play cheat liao!
i always win! coz i always cheat.
xPPPP den play dai-di..
ting always win.
coz behind her got 3 statue give her good luck. lols
den behind me got fan. blowing away all my luck to them.
den de is behind alot ppl sitting there.
so shared all his luck with them.
den de and ting change place.
de jiu win le. lols
okays..den we play and play.
dun wanna stop ones.
but cannot.
late le bah? dunno. lols so need to go home le.
take the train.
my stretch my neck 90 degree facing xiaoyi lorh.
lols. neck pain.
we chatting bah.
lols .. from bakit batok to yishun. ahh ~
reach home ah. den jiu.. use comp awhile
watch the singapore growing progress den sleepy le.
watch awhile more the .... channel 5 show.
lols. is about what what what ones barh.
den..jiu sleep le larh. lols
okays. for today.
nothing much. wake up awhile..
den wanted to continue sleeping. is about 10.30 liao.
watch tv awhile. den no sleep le.
but very tired. lols
lols. den no lunch eat.
kor no buy lorh. i tink kor not enuff money bah.
so ask kor buy his and bin's can le.
i no money also wun die ones.
home so many food to eat.
but mostly need cook ones.
lols ~ i got learn how. lalalas ` xDDD
okays. update ltr bah.
loads and lots of homework to do.
"just let me go, let me free, let me be stress-free"

16 . o9 . 2oo6 % ahh:( %

very tired now.
update tomorrow.
bear with it 1st :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

15 . o9 . 2oo6 % wakakas ~ %

going to be dinner soon. lols.
so make it a short and sweet entry.
today nothing much barhhhh...
woke up go sch.. lorh..
just step out of my block's building jiu rain liao.
zzz i cant walk fast lorh..floor very slippery..
on my way to sch, i got alot of "nearly fall down"s again.
-.-" my shoe flat bottom ones
lols. sms sms sms.. reach sch liao.
after anthem..go back class..still smsing. lols.
okays. of coz i sms at the right time.
not while teacher teaching bah.
but when teacher speaking.
-.-" crapping i mean.
ok maths...den..history...recess..
den home econ.
time flies uh? short short few seconds jiu 3 hours plus gone.
okays...class was quite quiet today.
sandy and haoxue is missing.
but too and the very bad , kianwei still here. home econ...toking about the coming exams bah.
den ah...go back awhile science...release liao.
bringing back alot books.
very long never carry so many books liao.
feel like i'm carrying a tortise shell behind me.
lols ` okays. go with canteen lorh.
for randy's lesson for dunno what bah.
on the way...dunno which rude gal...
saw me ... never say hi , just say that she saw a ghost.
-_-" den reach canteen..wait awhile lorh..
den guanhong..this stupid clown..come here...
make me laugh.. lols.
den ah...randy teach sebas quite long lorh. i dun wan sit down.
tot awhile oli..den see and redo...lols
okays..den finally done le. me and sebas jiu go liao
the floor super wet sia.. i walk like sliding liao.. -.-"
zzz..okay..walk walk walk..den sebas see his classmate
his classmate walk MUCH MORE 'FASTER' sia -.-"
the distance is like..from yishun to jurong
x)) no larh..err..half the field bah?..dunno ~ lols.
den at bus-stop...
wait and wait..den hx's gang arrived.
den stand behind us lorh..
that stupid cat x) aka prince to hx
keep on ask me open my mouth -.-
dorts..then take the bus that time..

the bus very noisy.
some students toking to each other loudly lorh
-.-" zz..reach interchange struggling lorh.
me and sebas wan to eat at diff place.
coz i dunno where the tailer shop..
so i anyhow say lorh..say
"go there eat at there better"
liddat lorh. den in the end..go eat laksa.
the laksa not hot one...
-.-" den eat mango longan.
den walk lai walk qu...go see dog.. -.-"
lols. that fat ba-ge !
so cute! xDD
den done liao..we walk lai walk quu again larhhh
go see fish -.- den walk awhile.. the drain...stupid ones....
the..thing....go in ones lorh..
i step on the dropping down ones...
err..dunno whats that larh..the... @#$%^&*()! larh.
den sebas keep on record..den replay all this..
lols..he ask me record him from there walk here..
den dunno the thing.
aiya...very blur larh.
i wan go read my BB notes le.
tmr got 3 test...then promotion thingy ones.
ahhhh ~ @#$%^&*(!
crappy entry.