Monday, October 30, 2006

30 . 10 . 2oo6 % sighhs %

okays...blogblogblog ~
tmr cannot blog liao.
morning 8 need reach sch.
coz have bball camp.
31st never use comp.
aww ~ lols. 1st nov will come back blog!
x)) ((: must give me surprise ah!
by tagging until 1 whole page full. x)
ehh.didn't do much things today.
firstly..around 11plus.
went downstairs..wanted to have a haircut.
but 2 ppl inside liao.
so i brought lunch went back home ~
chatchat..use comp awhile.
then go play ps2 liao.
play non-stop for 4 hours plus.
then carry trolley go down help pa and ma carry things lorh.
so damn lots of barrels -__-"
ehh..then ah. went down for around 4plus..
err..then uh. go back play awhile. till 6plus.
went dinner all this.
and get ready my things for camp.
eat ice cream then blablabla.
bath and all.
sian. tmr dunno wear what attire go sch.
arggghs. no seniors or bball mates online.
@#$%^&*()_! -____-"
sian x 3. -.-"
okays. nothing to continue le.
don't miss me uh! xD (:

Sunday, October 29, 2006

29 . 10 . 2oo6 % %

okays. i'm here to update.
sighhs. no mood for anything now sia.
no mood to mood to play.
sighhs. sian. dont know why the fuck is it happening during holidays.
or..should i say..why does it always have to happens during the holidays.
pianggz. -.-" forget it. quite tired now.
but not so barh.
coz i had a afternoon nap. x)morning..woke up at around 5.30.
shyt sia. dunno which 3 idiots ask me don't late one.
still keep on remind me all this.
in the end..dunno who late till siao sia -.-"
zzz..went for..cip lorhh.
ehh..dunno is what also larhh..
only know i need alot of cip get badge? =.="
so just went for.. 5 hours service barh.
after that. go change specs.. ehh..
$237.. got chua tio? x) lols. =x
ehh..after that. went home.
very sian larhh..use comp awhile.
jiu no mood use liao.
go offline..less than half an hour.
so nothing to do. actually waiting for bin to go out.
go his room play ps2..
so i lied on my rest.
close eyes..then he go out liao..
i wan go play..but then i lazy stand up.
then jiu dun feel like playing le.
so jiu sleep and rest.
forgetting that i promise mo gu go back comp de.
but then i off comp le.
wanted to go on one.
stand up..jiu head giddy giddy.
cant see anything.
jiu lie down and rest liao.
rest and rest..i fallen asleep ~
woke up by i slack and slack.
awake at 7plus barh.
so i went for dinner lorh.

watch the 7pm show..till 9.
eat supper. and went back comp.
okays. tuesday have bball camp.
sighhs. sian. -.-"
not yet pack my things.
ahh ~ -.-"
i will miss my bed.. ):
aww ~ -__-" okays. remember to tag. (:

Saturday, October 28, 2006

28 . 10 . 2oo6 % time flies %

w00ts ~ tada ~
lols. i'm here to blog ~ -.-"
fei hua. x) ehh..err...hmm..
how to start. okays.
today morning.
wake damn tired.
coz ytd 12plus sleep.
woke up at around 7.55.
lols. i need at least 10 hours of sleep.
thats why u see me mostly wakes up at .. around 10.
xDD ehh..sometimes lazy abit. lazy get up from bed.
jiu sleep till afternoon lorh ~
ehh..okays...wake up...very tired lorh.
go brush teeth all this.
come out. see the time.
wah tmd ~
so late liao. 8.25 le.
9 need reach sch.
go bath all this ~
then..change all this.
go out..without eating kor buy de nasilemak.
aww ~ lols .reach sch..still early
juz now then know that the clock is earlier by 15 minutes.
dorts si wo le. -.-"
ehh..okay..have parade as usual larhh.
then check finger nails.
stupid minkai.
-.-" whatever lols.
i'm the only one that got knock it down for 10
w00ts ~ i love it. x) do i sounds like sicko? xPP
ehh..okays..after that. went home.

dabao all this larh.
reach home..internet cant use.
but msn can online.
dorts. wtf? -.-"
zz..ehh..then dun wan use liao.
go play ps2..
play like 4 or 5 hours.
heng no smoke come out. x)
ehh..then arh...complete Oichi ~
unlock her husband.
the..nagamasa azai.. lols.
cool man ~ he use lance de.
so soo sooo cool x)
lols. ehh.kays. then ahh..
nothing much larh. go dinner all this.
watch tv...from 7plus to 9.30.
tomorrow going for 5 hours CIP.
siannnz. 6.30 meeting...ks,sebas,yx at ocbc.
argghs. lols.
after the 5 hours more to go.
shyt sia. i wan sleep.
ahhh ~ -.-" kays. watever.
remember to tag. and...ehh..nothing else le -.-"
i rather rot at home then to get my damn-self out of my house.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

27 . 10 . 2oo6 % %

okays! here comes part 2 ! ((:
hahas. didn't do much after that larrhs.
just play and play and keep on playing.
i completed Shimazu Yoshihiro's story too.
not yet his dream. coz went for dinner.
and back at 9pm.
from 8 to 9...
watch crimewatch and the people missing de.
((: lols. tmr got parade..
aww..shyt sia.
pangseh CSM juz now..
lols x)) diedie. x))
btw...i sucks at drills and all.
ahh.. -.-" i cant wait to dismissal for every parades. x))
okays. hope tmr will be better.
i got nothing to do le larhhhh.
its so soo sooo damn sian.
only thing to to bath.
((: but i lazy get up from my chair.
anyone help me? -.-"
argghs...kind souls,entertain me.
LOLS. boo. just had my "breakfast" few minutes ago.
ahahas. woke up liao. jiu watch "shao lin zombie" awhile.
eww man. crappy sia. no ending de -.-"
not no ending.
is..the ending damn shyt.
lols ~ x)) ehh..then arh.
go buy lunch for kor.
coz he buy breakfast for me..
but then.. i eat my breakfast as lunch le.
dorts ~ ehh..then go back msn.
w00ts ~ damn happy sia. hahas.
coz coz many people chat with me!
LOLS. but then i keep on reply very slow.
so sorry uh ~ x)) chat next time kays. lols.
ehh...most shyt one.
csm and sebas! ask me go play dota.
boo-ly sia ~ i dun wan go. x))
argghs. i lazy go.
i rather rot at home then go out.
sunlight very bright! argghs.
leg pain ~ cant walk.
x)) oops. i went lame again ~ =x
ehh. shyt shyt shyt.
tml got BB. then tml is also open house.
but then leon say open house is on monday.
then he say got 2 open house.
omg. how can there be 2 open house.
@#$%^&*()_! diao. i went crazy again. -.-" x)
W00TS. csm and sebas. sleeping till 2.35pm.
see the "hidden" one liao,DON'T DISTURB ME
dun angry arh. LOLS. x))
btw, they meeting me at ocbc at 2.30pm! ((:
kays. update later? never fails to pangseh.
hahas. i go..OUT..of my room now.

26 . 10 . 2oo6 % ehh %

xDD okays ~
just back from showering.
sleeping RIGHT after blogging.
cause no mood to slack around le.
very tired. hahas.
morning damn damn early wake up.
go papa's shop marh.
hahas. then sleep at the back of the van.
x)) got sofa de. lols. high class van =x
then 3 in 1 pillow.
plus! blanket. dorts.
should i say that i'm sleeping on my bed ?
aww. dun tok about bed.
i wanna sleep -.-"
ehh.okays. then very sian lorh. hahas.
but not bad larh. hahas.
heng got my FRIENDS to sms with me!
dental appointment is at 9.15.
but me & pama go send delivery to other 2 shops.
then buy curry puff all this.
till like..9.45 then reach.
lols. appt. time : 9.15
ehh..regs. time : 9.56
is it? i forget. lols. nvm ~ go in.
do do do. okays. done.
go eat at the..dunnowhere.
lols. very nice larh.
learnt a new method of eating a damn hot porridge.
lols xD with youtiao ~
ehh..okays. then go back shop.
do do do. then done liao. pa drive me go sch.
coz need to return miss lee the result slips
then i cant see her golden colour car. so i know she's not in sch.
so ask ma call her. then blablabla. took the results slips. go up and down. -_____-" coz i put at drawer. then go general office find staff. she say must bring to her. i go up. go down, give her.
then take booklist only.
never give me year book.
she say must give me properly.
with miss lee witnessing or watever larh.
i dunno and dun wan to know.
-___-" @#$%^&*()!_
okays..then see yx and jamie.
blablabla.then go take the ..english textbooks -.-"
so i went up again. lols. with yx.
then he go for his damn stupid badminton training le. x)
go home lorh. then blablabla. play samurai warrior 2
completed "kanetsugu naoe"'s story and dream.
w00ts ~ xDD next hammer man. rawrr.
stupid slowpoke. run and attack so slow.
useless. rubbish. garbage.
ehh.. okays..ah.. play play play..
bin reach home liao. then awhile later.
he fell asleep. lols. then go back comp le. 7 msn conversations.
-___-" reply all back le. then chat chat chat.
went to dinner. okays .eat liao. slack slack.
then go do do pa's comp awhile.(just reach 9)
bin now still doing it. think so. hahas.
(10.40) xDD ehh..what else?
lols. i dunno. oh yaaaaaaaa. i need to sleep x)
xD kays. i go sleep le.
good night peeps.
DOnotforget to tag (:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

25 . 10 . 2oo6 % (: %

zz.was like sneezing non-stop few minutes ago.
okays. tomorrow not going to school.
lols. coz got dental appointment.
pon-ing last day of school? -.-"
dorts. nono. tink going. after dental appointment. -.-"
which is at 9am. coz need return report book.
but will reach sch at around 12 or whatever barh.
due to unknown reasons. ~
ehh..okay. nothing much larh today.
was lols.
dunno ~ wasted around 1 hour plus barh.
okays. coz..x-country marh.
then wanted run with friends.
in the end. some dun wan run.
then some run without letting me know.
plus i dun wan to run alone.
so i didn't run lorh.
dorts. i can feel the force...the..
how to say..lols. forget it ~ xDD
then WALK finish liao..
yuhang give me the..what paper ah ~
lols. what basketball 3 man team de..lols.
need find people. but i LAZY to do plus go leh.
i wan sleep. if not pimples wun disappear.
lols. so slack lai slack qu.
okays then..go hall liao.
the award time..give award ones. -.-"
nono. the x-country winners, the academic progress award and the..
best-subject award. lols then give finish liao. jiu more and more. then 1 person, the MC tok so long one. was like.. @#$%^&*()! liao. -.-"
okays. go back classroom.
give back results liao.
dunno why i not worrying about. -.-"
coz i'm WELL prepared to go NA. lols.
but wait very long for miss lee to do her stuffs larh.
slowpoke. leg short. -.-"
zz. got back result slip le.
did managed to promote to sec 2 express.
but i don't feel happy at all.
NOT AT ALL. just..normal normal.
why? seriously, i dunno. -___-"
just don't get it..why people got so crazy over it.
dorts sia. -___-"
and i dun feel glory about it at all.
pianggz. the effort i put in and the others put in.
was like..heaven and hell.
yet in the same stream.
wtf? lols. honest speaking, i can tell that alot of them..
is thinking that.."wtf?! that pathetic negative moron actually got promoted to sec2 and is in the damn stream with me!"
yea right? ask them and you'll know.
okays. did slack around.
with my results slips inside leezhiyong's file.
coz i scare become giam cai.
then uh. go 400plus have lunch? lols.
slack slack. bubble tea all tis.
then see people do taunt.
then zhiyong wan go home.
i jiu "okay ~ bye . shoo shoo"
then he walk halfway liao. he shout "your results slips.~ "
giving that damn idiotic tune.
bo bian ~ i jiu go home with him le.
zzz. rawrr. okay. reach home le.
nothing much also larh.
bath liao. use comp. chat awhile.
jiu say i go out le.
actually..i go out OF MY ROOM. and went to bin's
LOLS. play ps2.
mo gu see liao dun angry ah. xPP
ehhh..what else uh. oh yarh.
went to Fgrandma's house.
coz her birthday.
so..have cake all this narh.
roti prata...curry.. -.-"
all very nice de.
coz all famous one -.-"
F2nd uncle brought one.
people leave in bungalow one.
but then niao until like bangala.
SK2 also don't bear to buy.
oops =x
** i'M NOT RACIST. ~ ~ **
i want peace!! i don't want war!! xDD
ehh..OKAY LARH. i wan sleep le. x)
good night peeps!
sleep earlier too!
miss and dream of me!! xDD
"life is just one damned thing after another."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

24 . 10 . 2oo6 % blarawrh. %

this post is just..a..'doing survey' post. hahas.
1. Name THIRTEEN friends who comes straight to your mind.
Don't cheat and read the questions underneath first.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Afterwards, tag SIX people to do the same. FRIENDS
1. Hung Swee
2. Xinyi
3. Sebastian
4. LIMwensheng
5. Huihong
6. Huijing
7. Wanting
8. Eunice
9. Haoxue
10. Jamie
11. Leon
12. Jingsheng
13. Mo gu ~
QUESTIONS 1. How did you meet 10?
Few days after school starts.
2. What would you do if you had never met 1?
I'll lose one good friend. anyway, it will never happen. lols. coz we're in the same primary school since 7. (: and stays in the same block, same floorth.
3. What would you do if 6 and 2 dated?
LOLS. i will ROFL. x)
4. Have you seen 4 cried?
Nope. i never even seen him in real life before.
5. Do you think 10 is cute?
6. How did you get to know 8?
Friendster ~ and know more about her through msn.
7. Would you ever go on a date with number 12?
Nope. that would make me a gay. o.o"
8. What is number 7's favorite color?
lols. very sorry to say, i dunno x)
9. What would you do if 6 confessed he/ she loves you?
LOLS. she my gan-jie okay. of coz she loves me. x)
10. State a fact about 9. hyperactive, smart, takes relationships seriously(like me!)
11. Who is 4 going out with?
lols. not sure..x) {btw,i also want to know}
12. Who is number 5 to you?
one of my gan-jie too!
13. Would you ever live with 13?
lols. cannot! ~
14. Is 2 single?
think so ~
15. What do you think about 3?
lame peice of shyt. LOLS.
no larh. jkjk. x)) he's a joker!
a good friend. and a soccer maniac
16. What is the best thing about number 8?
she is a caring god-sis of mine!
17. What do you like about number 11?
when you scold him 'guppo' he wun feels angry about you!
X)) NO LARH. he treats me drinks ~ (:
18. Favorite memory with 6?
the hours of chat at msn? LOLS.
. Nadzirah
2. Peirong
3. Minkai
4. Haoxue
5. Clarissa
6. Regina
i actually wants to write about classmates.
but...not enough people -.- ~

here come actual one.
ehh..peeps ~ you all prefer small or normal size's fonts uh?
x)) let me know through tagging. lols xP woke around 10 lorh.

then i walk lai walk qu in the house.
saw bin and kor wake up liao.
all awake le.
one just reach home from going out.
one playing game.
wah siao lorh. ytd both of them sleep later than me.
then both also earlier than me wake up.
okays. got breakfast.
wanton mee. then eat finish le.
go watch some dvds lorh.
after that. keep on slack around larhs.
actually wants to go play samurai warrior 2.
wanted to complete 'kanetsugu naoe''s story.
then can unlock kenji. hahas. ((:
okays. sian sia. tomorrow is x-country.

actually wanted to run very much.
but just now..sian le.
dunno why. i walk that time..
my ankle bone keep on cluck cluck cluck.
dunno why. lols.
need drink milk le. x)
-_-" shyt sia. which brand is the best ah?
HL ? anlene? o.o"
ehh..okays larhh. i want sleep liao.
if not my body temperature rise again.
then i will have a burnt room.
btw, also getting back results tomorrow.
then just now yuxiang call me and ask what to wear marh.
then say he very scare. then ask me leh.
i replied him "who fucking cares. die jiu die lorh."
-___-" then he say i still liddat. stupid ass.
what he expect me to say?
"wah. i also scare leh. how? lend doraemon's fan and blow away the school?" -.-"

zz. waste my damn time de monkey.
rawrr. i never forget how this stupid monkey charge at me that day!
@#$%^&*()_! -.-"
good night peeps. cancel this 'small' part
'life without you is like body without soul"

Monday, October 23, 2006

24 . 10 . 2oo6 % zz %

this post is just..a..'doing survey' post.


1. Name THIRTEEN friends who comes straight to your mind.
Don't cheat and read the questions underneath first.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Afterwards, tag SIX people to do the same.
1. Hung Swee
2. Xinyi
3. Sebastian
4. LIMwensheng
5. Huihong
6. Huijing
7. Wanting
8. Eunice
9. Haoxue
10. Jamie
11. Leon
12. Jingsheng
13. Mo gu ~
QUESTIONS 1. How did you meet 10?
Few days after school starts.
2. What would you do if you had never met 1?
I'll lose one good friend. anyway, it will never happen. lols. coz we're in the same primary school since 7. (: and stays in the same block, same floorth.
3. What would you do if 6 and 2 dated?
LOLS. i will ROFL. x)
4. Have you seen 4 cried?

Nope. i never even seen him in real life before.
5. Do you think 10 is cute?
6. How did you get to know 8?
Friendster ~ and know more about her through msn.
7. Would you ever go on a date with number 12?
Nope. that would make me a gay. o.o"
8. What is number 7's favorite color?
lols. very sorry to say, i dunno x)
9. What would you do if 6 confessed he/ she loves you?
LOLS. she my gan-jie okay. of coz she loves me. x)
10. State a fact about 9.
hyperactive, smart, takes relationships seriously(like me!)
11. Who is 4 going out with?
lols. not sure..x) {btw,i also want to know}
12. Who is number 5 to you?
one of my gan-jie too!
13. Would you ever live with 13?
lols. cannot! ~
14. Is 2 single?
think so ~
15. What do you think about 3?
lame peice of shyt. LOLS. no larh. jkjk. x))
he's a joker! a good friend. and a soccer maniac
16. What is the best thing about number 8?
she is a caring god-sis of mine!
17. What do you like about number 11?
when you scold him 'guppo' he wun feels angry about you!
X)) NO LARH. he treats me drinks ~ (:
18. Favorite memory with 6?
the hours of chat at msn? LOLS.
1. Nadzirah
2. Peirong
3. Minkai
4. Haoxue
5. Clarissa
6. Regina

i actually wants to write about classmates.
but...not enough people -.- ~

23 . 10 . 2oo6 % blahhhhh %

just brush teeth come back (:
hahas. also had my supper. xDD

fried oyster. brought my pa! lols. x)
okays. today was so damn sian in sch larh.
morning. weather was quite okay lorh. go hall liao.
heng lorh. sit at the zhunzhun get fan de place.
shuang. not so hot larh.
then turn to left jiu -.-"
lols. body temperature went up.

aww. anyone see my face's colour.
what is it uh? jamie? hx? sebas?
x)) lols. u people know the reason uh.
((: hahas. okays.
i sit until very peh chek lorh.
coz..keep on delay delay delay. siannz.
somemore the talk very sian de.
sighhs. how good if i brought a pillow to sch.
~ ~ ~ ~ xDD
okays. went back to class then.
tok tok tok. -.-"
miss lee's talk can kills.

then she made a mistake lorh.
recess should be at 10.05..
she released us at 9.35.
then those fast de jiu gone liao.
slow de like us. jiu kenna stopped. lols.
nvm narhs. nobody intends to go for recess also.
slack around. went back classroom lorh.
do nothing much larh.
just went disiao-ing those cheenas ~ (:
lols. tio shoot. not me. but them. xDD

go hall. wah. shyt -.-" another talk.
sighhs. this time cant tahan liao.
having alot of deep breathe. lols.
come out that time is sharp de.
the..'spiss' sound. lols.
argghs. after sch ~ lazy walk home.
so sit at the streetsoccer court see see look look.
lols. js wan sub me. but i told him
"i rather sit here like a fool then stand there like one."
xDDDD pwns. x)
hahas. then finally bear to walk home le lorh.
got ks walk together narhs.
but got and dun have no difference. x))
ehh. okays narh. reach home.

sian. nothing much jiu shi le larh.
is so soo sooo damn sian narhs.
nobody play dota with.
no mmorpg games to play.
nobody accompany me chat.
this is how pathetic one can gets.
sighhs ~ holidays drawing near.
spending half-day indoor already almost took my life.
shyt. cant imagine how to survive in the .. 'watever' months.
-__-" okays narh. go play friendster's FW. xDD
nothing to do arhhs.
see me online at msn jiu nudge me! xDD
btw, i changed my blogskin!
got see? xPP 'the strong lives and weak dies.'

Sunday, October 22, 2006

22 . 10 . 2oo6 % stfu. %

strange feelings approaching me again.
this kind of
don't wanna elaborate much on it. don't concerns you! x))
lols. no larh .just dunno how to say/type it out. (:
hahas. okays. i started my day like this.
wee. woke up. see see look look.
nothing to see, nothing to look.
sighhs. pathetic. so...went to bin's room.
watch him play samurai warrior 2.
see see see..till i lazy to stand up.
just sit on his bed and watch him kill.
kill and kill. he asked me to go get myself awake.
and go down to buy lunch.
okays. so i'm done with almost everything.
bath..went down.
brought kor's too.
coz he coming back.
so..had a hard time choosing the food narhs.
coz..see lai see qu also same de -.-"
okays. then mix lai mix qu x)
also have carrot cake. (kor brought de!)
xDD also also! 4 fried chicken wings.
kor eat carrot cake.
so me and bin share 2 chicken wings each.
wah chao. sibei nice x))
LOLS. =x. supper supper! muahahas. x)
ehh..while eating. also watch samurai 7 narhs.
hahas. see finish le.
watch ending le. sighhs. feel like crying.
i'm touched easily.
coz i'm full of emotions!
wtf? x)
hahas. sighhs. why why why! those samurais!
i mean..HEROS! true hero! why they die!
argghs. nvm. thats why the show is nice! (:
hahas. okays. then uh. after watching not long.
i go msn see see awhile. go see who online.
and who is there for me to disiao,
i saw jingsheng online! w00ts. xDD
hahas. jio him play dota.
lols. then while waiting for him to create.
hx come ask me some funny questions.
lols. i'm..inexperience narhs.
next time don't ask me.
i only know how to give funny ideas. (:
xDD. so went to play with him.
play liao..jiu play with guanhong. lols.
play animes fight.
w00ts. so fun. hahas. xDD
so imba ones -.-" zz..
hahas. then play dota.
then 1 v 2! lols.
me and with bin! lols.
so soo sooo imba larhhs. hahas.
1st round..ofcoz we won. 2nd round.
played halfway. went dinner.
but should be bin win. hahas.
hard larhs. -__-"
coz me and gh use random. to be fair narhs.
then become we disadvantage lots lots liao. hahas.
okays. then watch tv till 9pm narhs.
go bath all this.
tadang! i'm here to blog. LOLS.
-___-" sorry uh. bear with it.
if i don't go crazy and lame. i will become insane and mad.
((: hahas. still finding a blogskin i want.
argghs. i dunno what i like.
& i dunno how to find one i like.
goddamnit! <--- censored -.-" zzz..aww. so soo sooo..i now only can hope the blogskin will drop down from the sky. and hit my head. then 'nitamadechaojibye' come out from my mouth. and tadang! blog skin changed. x))))))) okays larh. serious liao. i now go find blogskin to change. peril of love.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

21 . 10 . 2oo6 % hawtt.. %

wahh..hawt sia.. -.-"
oops. i'm late again.
lols. send birthday testi late...
blog also late.
okays. nothing much today lorh.
woke up around 12plus.
bin brought lunch liao.
yay ~ lols. then watch samurai 7
slack awhile. then install game.
jiu have massive chat uh?
is it? i forget. shyt -.-"
i only know i'm super x 10 hawt now.

zzzzzzzz. ehh...
also had roasted duck for dinner!
lols. ermm..
then watch tv..then show...from 7 to 9.
then inotstupid2 (stupid version)
ermm..then go back comp.
from around 9.45..
played dota with guan hong.
play play play..till juz now (12.30plus)
ehh..okays. i go bin's room bath le.

some people are only alive because it is illegal to kill.

Friday, October 20, 2006

20 . 10 . 2oo6 % -_-" %

so tired now -.-"
eyes shutting le.
sleeping soon. sighhs.
i want play dotaaaa.
nvm. tmr then play.
guan hong had promised me!
xDD hahas.
ehh..okays. today uh..
i went to school! lols.
although the activities is so soo sooo damn boring one.
but i still went lorh. why? becoz i have class spirit!
yea! we pon in groups,we get punished as a class.
=x wtf. lols. ehh..nothing much lorh.
just go through an art paper.
69/100. ehhh..then ah..
what smoke de lorh. sian lorhh.. like..wasting my damn time larh.
-____-" then have concert.
dance dance..sing talk...
@#$%^&*()! after sch. 11plus. going 12.
go streetsoccer play soccer -___-"
kick and kick. then more and more people join in.

then 1G people more and more bu jian.
in the end...left me,sebas,hairiel and leon.
play around larh. eat liao. race car.
then jiu shi..the joke juz strike me and laugh like hell larh.
i laugh till stomach ache..wan stop also cannot.
like drink the poison tea liddat.
will laugh till i die. -.-
went home lorh. like very tired laa.
reach home liao..then go bath le.
-____-" so cold. lols.
then very sleepy larh.
at msn chat. then stupid mo gu.
play games with me.
play the hexic..wah. i so sleepy still play..z.z
ahahas. then ah..slack slack larh.
siannnzz.. i go bath le. then go sleep liao.
tired ahhhhh. -____-"
good night peeps! (: xDD
MUST TAG. diedie also must tag.
i dun care. x)) wenshijianqingweihewux)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

19 . 10 . 2oo6 % blrawrh %

got back most of the exams results le.
shit manzz..
why 1 integrity people all so bian tai ones.
*refering to their results*
@#$%^&*()! -.-"

my class chinese marks...singaporean category.
highest is 44..
wah anyhow find 1 pupil from 1integrity jiu win us le.
sibei what lorh. lose until so cham.
tiu lian si le.
-___-" but who cares anyway.
lols. disbanding soon anyway ~
blarrhhs. watever.
morning go sch that time.
walk walk "nearly-fall-down" 3 or 4 times liddat.
my leg weak liao. sometimes walk fast will like..trip dao liddat.
sighhhhhs. -.-" stupid holidays.
zzzzz..oh ya. say until holidays.
when is school holidays uh? x))
ehh..okay. continue.
reach sch all this.
go through papers narh..
then...go through and through.
till..recess. miss lee late late release us.
so we late late go hall. -.-
kid's typing style uh? all x2 -__-"
zz..ehh..then ah. mother tongue that time.

i see my marks.
i was like..'god-damn-it'
coz its only a slightly pass.
then go around see see look look.
then realised i'm the 2nd in position
for chinese singaporeans category.
i dun care cheena's. they SHOULD have high marks.
as their country says it all.
wah. shit man. spy spy abit from 1i.
then know that 1gracious's standard is that LOW.
sighhs. pathetic 1st class.
-____-" it dun live by it name anymore.
or should i say, it never did so before.
craps man. okays. after all the slacking in sch.
i went home. not long before.
i just had my 15 minutes non-stop talk.
the owns my group-mates.
which is in a group of 4..for the stupid cigar tok.
-___-" zzz..okays. reach home.
nothing to eat.
why? its all haibin's fault.
on my way home. see him buy alot tibits marh.
go disiao him.
disiao disiao..till his block. 654.
pass coffee shop le. then push him into the lift and go home.
reach my block then realised that i didn't buy my lunch.
lazy walk back. so went home.
wahhz..heng. zack came ask me to play DOTA!
woots. fyi : zack is my gunz best mate.
hahas. we play gunz for months or shud i say years.
since primary 6
woots. xDD ehh..then arh ~
what uh. we play unofficial maps.
naruto builders all this.
gosh. its so damn....IMBA.
zzzz...then ah. i slack and slack.
then went mama's room. watch animal planet.
the 'most extreme' hahas.
today's theme is about digusting.
i watch until 'number 6' jiu fallen asleep le.
lols. but its nice! xDD
its..6pm..for every..dunno what day. =x
ehh..sleep and sleep till 7pm lorh -.-"
goshhhhhhh. time wasted 35 minutes.
then not long after jiu eat dinner le. before i go.
i also found out something.'maisie mei has just changed her clothing!'
ehh..then ah. nothing liao larh.
then play dota with bin.
tio own like siao. zzz -.-"
like paperman lorh.
@#$%^&*()_! then..view replay.
jiu go back use comp le.
nothing much larh.
i'm sweating like siao.
even with my air con and fans on.
shit larh. when will singapore experience winter.
x)) ermm...then..below is my exams results narh.
English (paper 2) - 35/70 paper 1 dunno.
Mother tongue(chinese) - 39/70
Science - 52.5/100
Mathematics - 72/100
History - 46.5/80
Geography - 40/100*'flipflip' is also a damn way of studying.*
Literature - 47/80
Home econ - 25 / 60
*'flipflip' is also a damn way of studying.*
Art - U/100 (oops =x no larh. not yet get back)

hahas. anything else?
nope right. xDD hahas.
okays. remember to tag.
'is there anything for me to say when you've said everything."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

18 . 10 . 2oo6 % w00ts! %

hahas. was in quite a good mood today!
((: but not very good barh!
beyond average jiu dui le.
okays. shall start my happy day with...
once upon a time, there.. @#$%^&*()_!
-_-" okay larh. serious.
morning ~ woke up at around 10.30
then do do do ... till like 11plus.
use comp all this.
chat chat awhile.
reply reply testi awhile.
then go out meet NJK.
den walk to find wee and sebas.
okays. went up to the place on top of old chang kee.
at northpoint.
i forget the place name. -____-"
nvm. lols. above 16 narh.
stupid lame stuffs lorh.
so nvm. we walk to safra. lols.
on the way. was like eating my curry puff till very shuang nah.
LOLS. x) ehh..then reach liao.
book comp to play.
w00ts! saw elden,guan hong,randy,lawrence,yan,deon and etcetc.
lols. then we play together larh.
ehh..if i'm not wrong.
me,elden,guan hong,deon and randy's bro.
against wee,sebas/csm alvin,randy,lawrence and yan.
wah pianggz lorh.
randy and lawrence plus csm alvin.
3 super uber pro de.
but in the end.
we managed to "win" barh.
coz they leave liao. LOLS.
hahas. so fun larh. play with them.
<>me and guan hong at first. hahas.
block block push push kill kill farm farm.
then me go away assist liao.
guan hong alone shuang shuang farm at bottom.
lols. then mid and top having wars. hahas.
killed 7 or 8 ah.
then i died around 9 times liddat -.-"
hahas. they bullies lorh. -.-" all gangbang de.
then zhun zhun all hit the same then same then same.
eg. all aim me then all aim him.
-__-" ahahas. okay larh. its fun larh. -.-"
then after they went off.
me,nic(1D),ruichong(1D),sebas,wee,js play lorh.
3v3 shuffle player.
lols. play till halfway jiu times up le.
left js and the other 2 1D.
1 v 2 lorh.
then nic damn funny. 2 boots of speed.
then late game.
only have power thread.
LOLS. then playplayplay larh.
assist ruichong kill js.
lols. js's hero is killer laide. <>
aiyo..then after that.
went home norh.
hahas. see samurai 7 again.
espisode 20 or 21 le.
forget. pianggz.
okays. then chat chat chat larh.
after chatting with felicia.
then i know that 1 integrity is so damn pro larh.
COMPARED to 1gracious.
-___-" sighhs. pathetic. zzz
hahas. then nothing much le barh?
then chat with elden awhile also.
anyway. after updating.
need to go write elden testimonial.
as promised.
then go reply huiHONG jie's testi.
but i tot i did lorh.
hahas. i dota till gong gong le. xPP
oh. watch the funny version naruto by elden.
hahas. then wait for my Real_Converter.
hahas. i wan convert a techno into MP3 marh.
xDD =DD okays.
remember to tag.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17 . 10 . 2oo6 % lalas %

okays. i'm here to update! (:
just finish bathing less than 3minutes ago.
it was so damn shuang. xDD
&&&! dunno why i feel so high.
lols ~ anyway. tomorrow is what promotion day.
and funny funny stuffs is all popping out.
what fate sealed..what destiny....what future.
ahhh...shut up ~ x))
no offence =x er u noe, tmr is promotion day for my sch,
so soo sooo...theres no need for us to go to sch.
so its a school holiday.
going out with js , des , leon , sebas and etc to ock tmr.
most stupid thing is...its at 3pm!
oh noo. they everytime choose time also not nice de.
too early, i will be sleeping.
too late, i dun wan.
i dun wan walk in the dark!
i scare i see things that i don't wish to! xPPPP
then..not too early not too late. shud be afternoon rite?
then this is later part de afternoon(3pm!)!
which means i shud had eaten my lunch!
after eating lunch! i will be sleepy!
as i gaining nutrients!
soo..i will sleep!
how to concentrate!
the best is! dun go! sleep at home! right? agree?! yes!
so soo sooo..i should go!
go and sleep! -.-"
oops. =x sorry.
i actually made you listen to my craps for...
ehhh... 2 minutes?
see how fast u read lorh.
next time choose green then let u read.
so u can rest while read.
wun get giddy easily.
ehh.. okay. continue.
where i stopped uh?..
so start from the beginning of the day.
go sch all this larh.
assemble as usual.
go back class.
go through english paper.
took the chance when mrs ng is looking somewhere else. sneaked to the back. exchanged place with NJK.
yoo hoo ~ i'm back to my seat.
but my poor table still at the front -__-"
nvm ~ okays. smsing while banging the table with my head.
coz i'm falling asleep! oh gosh. -____-"
and hi-5 to those who failed their english.
ehh.. my paper 2 is JUST pass. 35/70! -.-"
oh..u peeps shud congrats me.
as its my 1/4 term passing my english.
(: hooray. so soo sooo...tomorrow's lunch is you treat rite?
i shall thanks you in advance then. (: xDD
ehh..then..never go through paper 1 narh.
but shud not have gain high marks.
so not having much hope on it.
as u know! my ang morh is super uber no good.
watever ~ see. i dun even know how to spell 'what' pathetic uh?
-.- ehh... so...slack for a very long time.
recess. walk lai walk qu. dun feel like eating.
blah. canteen's food is just plain sucks.
don't wanna ruin my tongue.
went to cookery room 3 to go through home econ papers.
25/60 -____-"yx same as me.
omgoshh. -.-" then...after home econ.
go back class lorh.
shud be going through art.
teacher no come. 2 hours free period in class.
okays. at 1st we just chat and chat.
then play "POKER CARDS" lols.
its actually some lame stupid stuffs for kids?
to learn simple basic english. what father,mother,apple etc.
but there's diamond , spade & etc that resembles poker card. so we used them to play lorh. play and play.
some of them giving craps as their trump card.
-____-" triple 6 owns triple Q...fools.
ehhh..then ah..keep on chatting lorh.
then listen to haoxue tok tok tok.
as usual narh...we're in the 5 person group.
me,jay,hx,js & kw.
then js switched place from my right to my left.
then kw with jay and hx chat lorh.
coz...sandy came in tok tok tok
js jiu like not happy.
coz..abcxyz reasons.
then tok to js about dota.
10minutes non-stop.
xDD tok till no saliva liao.
-_____-" chiong water lorh.
after sch. wait for sebas.
actually. i'm not waiting -.-"
i just doing my 'as-usual-pose' on the wall.
and kill time aka waste time.
then he come out liao.
asked for his home econ marks.
oh goshh...same! lols.
ehh..then went home narh.
go dabao again. lols.
as usual. aunty got give me extra.
compared to zy's xDD
hahas. so go home see awhile samurai 7
jiu play dota with weeyong,guanhong and unknown-YAN.
lols. 3 of them from 2 ardent.
wah chicken neh toot.
1st match me and guan hong marh.
'asapem' marh. then weeyong and YAN keep on die.
wah.. @#$%^&*()! we kill them like cutting paper liddat.
lols. chiong and chiong. woots.
shuang. -.-" 2nd round.
me and YAN.
most fk one is..i died afew times due to host, mr lee.
something pop out writing "waiting for host"
then i wait and wait.
then wait hao le. "blablabla had just pwned teRRoR's head
for abcxyz gold (first blood + 200)"-____-"
lanlan. lols.
nvm narhs.
next time zai revenge.
what i have is time.
xDD =x
ehh..anyway. having basketball camp in XXth october.
i dunno when =x.
lols. lazy go see paper narhh.
-___-" so lame one. x)

ehh..i wan to sleep.
going to ask yeexin for help le.
ask her how she get rids of pimples de =x
xPPPPP hope she wun tell me lame craps like "squeeze!"
-____-" x)) okays. remember to tag okays!
its so soo sooo damn inactive! 'the strong lives & weak dies'

Monday, October 16, 2006

16 . 10 . 2oo6 % ahh:( % sleepy now -.-"
lols. i want to sleep! @#$%^&*()!
-___-" okays. today is sian larhhh
morning go sch ~ no get back papers.
oli question paper nia.
just go through liddat.
got my head hitting the tables alot times.
-.- ehh..history 1st. then geog.
then maths.
after maths , go IT survey.
then done liao alot go friendster play lorh -.-"
i go help leon make his profile background. jingsheng see see awhile larh.
then...released le. slack awhile. go back home liao.
go dabao bee hoon go home eat norh.
aunty give me extra harshbrown ~ lols.
xDD ehh..then watch samurai 7
watch till shuang shuang. with kiki lying on the pillow placed on my tummy hahas.
she sleep till shuang shuang also.
then i type..she wake up le. x))
ehh..then sebas ask me play roc with him.
then tried alot times also cannot jiu dun play le.
-.-" we gives up easily! xDD
ehhh..what else. nothing barh.
holidays got alot homeworks..
bin 1st day of semester 2!
lols. running out of wordds.
pianggz. okay. shall end this crappy entry here.
remember to tag yarhhs!
my tagbox very inactive! rawrr.
let there be death; and there was death

Sunday, October 15, 2006

15 . 10 . 2oo6 % gan sian %

sighhs. nothing to do at home.
so sian sia..luckily there's sch tomorrow ~
but i tink is what shyt de narh.
dun care larhh
i hate weekends!
@#$%^&*()! rawrr.
rotting at home whole day long.
sighhhs. i cant take it any longer.
ahhh. i wan to scream!
but scare people complain!

someone come entertain me leh.
-_____-" "die you-good-for-nothing human fools" you'vefailedtomakemelaugh,fool!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

15 . 10 . 2oo6 % wakakas ~ %

14th octocber 2006 !
this entry is for yesterday! (:

ytd night dun feel like using comp jiu no use lorh.
ehh..dun really remember what i do again.
only remember that i had a heavy lunch. 8 espisodes of 'samurai 7' and... samurai warrior 2.. lols.
its nice..muahahas.
okay. ytd night 8pm liddat.
after dinner and bathing.
go bin's room play ps2 norh.
dun have naruto..need wait nobody rent liao.
then can buy.
ahhh..cant wait to see the ending.
its soo sooo soooooo damn nice larh.
must try ah, if u have not.
xDD ehhh...err....ermm..
then play till 12plus lorh.
den...around 1 jiu sleep le larhh...
today's update..will update later. (:
stay tune! xPP

wtf? 'hasten the inevitable"

Friday, October 13, 2006

13 . 10 . 2oo6 % wO.Ot %

read febri's tag.
maybe i should really do something about my boring life?
lols. nah. who cares actually.
i love it and thats it.
hahas. okays. today morning went out play dota at safra.
with weeyong , deon and sebas.
ehh..forgot to tell ma and bin.
in the end..they had a hard time finding me
x)) ehh..then buy lunch back barh..
slack slack slack. then play samurai warrior 2
gosh. the warriors slays soldiers like how i tear paper.
lols. imba. -_-"
ehh..okays. play awhile. wee call me play dota again le.

okays ~ go play lorh. also nth to do.
stupid wee. always wait i farm dao
good items jiu purposely d/c
toopid -.-"
ehh..then ah..tink i forget le x)
anyway ~ peeps!
if have any nice MMORPG games, must intro to me ah!
little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune,
but great minds rise above them

Thursday, October 12, 2006

12 . 10 . 2oo6 % MUAKAKA %

tada! reach home not long after going
to 2 shop collect money with pa.
okays. not long after eating finish my lay's potato chips
(BBQ flavour) and brush teeth too barhh.. (:
tmr going out play lan barh.
with weeyong , sebas they all.
10.30 OCBC... @#$%^&*()!
cannot dun go liao.
if dun go jiu means can celebrate my 3rd time
pang seh-ing people for this month liao..
1st time is candle thingy with clar and sebas.
2nd time is today morning..with sebas . js and leon.
-.- overslept. suppose to meet at 12 at ocbc..
in the end i woke up at 1.45 when bin came home..
banging my window...woke me up de..
pianggz..tmr must give me morning call ah! (to ahweeahpek)
and to leon! (FEEDER! RAWRR..)
okays. then ah. nothing to do at home lorh..
no go out.
watch finish the last box
we around 5pm barh..espisode 126.. tink so.
lalalas. then play final drive again!
so nice larh the game. but not online de. if online
jiu shiok..can play with other people..muahaha. go suicide.
bang them..make them dulan. xPP
ehh..what else...ermm..
oh yarh! my friendster account just created!
must add me kays!
and drop me testimonials too!
no friends , no testimonials de. ):
so sad. hahas. lost contact with 7/8 of my friends.
ahhh. some of them got no friends connection de.
headache sia liddat.. -.-"
okays. shall wait for the next batch of
new brooksians to add me! =x
fyi - my friendster account url can be found at my links.
if u lazy to go..then see here...
and if u wanna add me..
then it happens to ask you for my email address..
here it is -
alot of them also got 'misanthrope' right?
muahaha. check the dictionary barh! ihateyoux)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

11 . 10 . 2oo6 % stress. %

not in a very good mood now -.-"
zzsian...exams finish liao i more 'fan'
sighhhhs. had my last 2 papers today.
mother tongue paper 2 and home econ.
MTP2 is so damn hard larh. i do finish in the last 3 minutes.
zzza close one. -.-"
dunno fingers...not working.
got 1 time i hold the pen write halfway..
then suddenly my fingers juz drop it on the table..
sighhs. pathetic moron. ):
ehh..then had home econ barh.
quite early do finish barh
then wait until buay tahan..cant sit still le.
must jump jump jump...toin-ing on my chair.. -.-"
zzafter sch. slack awhile. went home liao.
sighhs. no mood siaaa...
watch naruto..
then watch halfway..bin take go see liao
so i jiu watch 'the fast and furious tokyodrift' lorh..
watch finish liao..sibei sian. wait for bin's disc.
i go pirate king online see see look look awhile.
log out. uninstalled.
then go play 'final drive fury'
lols. drift drift drift. racing game laide.
wahahas. then play silkroadonline...
after playing...logged out..uninstalled. left maple,audition,frozen throne,final drive fury
and hero online in my comp. sighhs...
okay. then take back disc le. jiu watch lorh.
then finish liao. wait again.
go dinner all this.
come back use comp awhile.
brenda at msn ask me why i cancel acc..
then i jiu go check lorh...then see my acc got suspended.
dun really know whats happening actually.
but its okay barh. also dun care so much liao.
sighhs.. really wish to cool down and relax.
calm down and enjoy life. sighhhhs.
but doesn't know whats troubling me.
'wo hao fan ah!' anykindsoulouttheregoodenoughtokillme.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10 . 10 . 2oo6 % siannznz %

okays. lols. play finish dota liaoo.. lols
just played with guan hong. x))
last kill so heng. my hp left 7 ~
er..ytd didn't blog..cause...blogger got stupid error ~
cant log in. ehh..ytd ah..
had geography paper lorh. so damn hard barh.
ticum-ed most of them. lols
ehh..then after sch..go home..
go dapao also. then blablabla .. forget what i did le.
in the night.. i remembered i play hero-online lorh.
play till lvl 4..
then go sleep liao.

OKAYS. today ~
have literature paper ~
morning wake up that time..super tired..
i tell myself. must hold on. reach sch. rest awhile.
after exam go home straight and sleep until late late.
then after exam liao..never go home.. slack slack slack.
then play soccer at streetsoccer court..with 4A then 5A...
after that...suppose to do the chinese project -.-"
zz term 3's work. then went to under my block play soccer
zzzzzz -.-" 1G jiu shi lazy dao this standard de. blahh ~ okay.
then play dota with weeyong and guan hong.
then weeyong gtg le.. jiu play play play barh.
anyway! i can watch naruto full version liao!
kor just brought 2 more box! yay ~ lols.
tmr can chiong liao.
"An attention-addicted child who feels attention-deprived
often behaves exactly like an ADD child." (ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder)

Sunday, October 8, 2006

08 . 10 . 2oo6 % zz %

tada! okays. just finish chatting with hj jie. okays ~
what i'm gonna do later is...go bath..
then see see look look awhile.
then go study. after browsing through jiu lights off ~
((: today was alright barhh...ehh.
woke up at around 1plus barh. lols
then refresh hao le.. go down buy lunch bah..
nasi lemak again lorh. everyday also eat de. diedie -.-
ehh..go home..nothing much la. playplay
then i no games to playy...ahh..
uninstalled tricksters, gunz and kongkong. lols
3 not-fun-plus-unable-to-play-de-games... x)
sorry to those lame players ~ =XXX
ehh..then ah...downloaded final drive fury and pirate king bah
muahhaa...think not fun to play also bah.
whatever. then go dinner. watch the 7.15 de show..
the..what what de larhh...tomb raider or what.
lols. i dunno ~ ehh...okays larhh
i wan bath liao.
sibei hot. anyway ~ HAZE IS GONE.
oops =x i'm lame. thats my yesterday's dream.
anyway..did u peeps noticed that there is always some
invisible words at the most bottom of MOST entries?
hahas. here's today's
"Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune;
but great minds rise above them"

Saturday, October 7, 2006

08 . 10 . 2oo6 % zz %

come update update abit.
later go play GBA then go sleep (:
in case i tmr no mood to blog x)
okays. just browse through asiasoft forum.
in others section of coz.
doesn't care much about maple anymore.
lols. ehh..forumers is always the most creative.
anyone disagree? x) ehh..
see here is some threads that i think
that is funny while the other, creative
okays. the link above is a pokemon in maple
/maple in pokemon video
this is one which is funny bah.
ehh..not all larh.
some is lame some is amusing..
err..okays ~ i'm off to find for more entertaining threads!
"If you are preparing for your journey to the West,
You might want to postpone that for a month..."

07 . 10 . 2oo6 % --- %

okays..nothing to do now.
so come blog barh..
sighhs. did nothing much today barh.
besides going out to buy lunch, i stayed indoor all the time.
sighhs. no games to play also.
wan to tricksters, cannot.
alot stupid errors...ok..nvm..
uninstalled it.
then audition..very sian also...
maple..more sian...
dota...dun wan play with ai.
nobody to play with. nvm.
kongkong..cannot full screen plus very lame.
dun wan to play also..uninstalled
silkroad...nobody to play with.

siann..left gameboyadvance.
also nobody to play with de. sian larhh..
sighhhhhhhs. somemore weather is damn hot now.
whenever weather is hot. my temper will also hot de.
temper hot = no mood liao.
@#$%^&*()! ahhh..anti-stealth assasins.
stupid fog. okays..hope the fog faster disappear.
I merely hasten the inevitable; obliteration of humanity.

Friday, October 6, 2006

06 . 10 . 2oo6 % blahs %

tada. here to blog. afternoon was abit moody.
didn't blog. bu yao blame me. lols ~ okays.
had my science and art paper today bah.
7 down, 4 more to flunk.
science is sooo sooo sooo difficult to me bahh
coz i dunno science de. -.-" blahhh ~
okays. after sch. wash my damn palletes.
and dirtied my damn hands by doing something.
not going to tell ~ bleah. lols wanna know ask me xDD
ehh..reach home nothing much to do bah.
launch my tricksters then download silkroadonline.
done launching. cant play.
RAWRR. then silkroad...done downloading. can play liao
not yet register. then got error.
stupid. -_-"
then ltr go see who can help me sign up bah. lols

ehhhh...what else. nothing le bah. muahaha ~

Thursday, October 5, 2006

05 . 10 . 2oo6 % !@#$%^&* %

LOLS okay. finish laughing liao. hahas
tok about why i laugh later.
today had my maths paper.
kinda hard barh. pianggz -.-"
never bring at 1st..

the pie chart.. i draw the shape until..
i see liao also wan laugh lols.
then after that lend protracter from jingsheng draw lorh.
dorts sia. i waste paper. got 2 sides i used 1 nia =x
okay. after paper. slack awhile jiu go home liao.
buy lunch for bin also.
bin still sleeping when i reach home. lols
ehh..then playplay. then at msn chat.
chat very very very long. lols
so funny lorh me and hj jie go play prank on weeyong.
lols play until so funny larh.
last part. weeyong tok to hj jie.
then he tok tok tok .. type alot larh.
then i "o.O who he toking to?"
then hj jie and me together shoot him

till he bo wei gong then go offline.. lols
say him until like he zhibi , toking to wall all tis.
muahaha! xDDDDDD
tomorrow is science and art paper.
ahh ~ gonna use my paint for art to
draw and flunk the damn science paper.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

04 . 10 . 2oo6 % tada %

tada! (:
okays very sick now. ):
dunno why. running nose.

i caught a cold! ahh. but then like flu/fever liddat.
diedie. ): so hungry also!
today have loh mai kai as breakfast!
but no eat. no appetite... ):
go sch all this la. had english paper 2
then history.
okayokay bah.
but i flunked my english. die ~
-.-" okays. after sch. wanted to go home. lols

then slack slack around. then play a bottle -.-"
lols. then people throw reader digest book down sia.
i dunno.. i still crashing the bottle.
then see jingsheng they all throwing books
then i look up .. book drop down!
@#$%^&*(! stupid teckloon and his frens!
okays. went home after that.

lols slacking all the time larhh..
i'm very well prepared to fail my maths.
flunking party starts right now! lets flunk the damn papers!
DIEDIE..going to sick le. must be sick of flunking

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

03 . 10 . 2oo6 % cool %

tada! (:
eyes so pain now.
just woke up from my 2 hours afternoon nap.
starting from 6.55 plus
okays. today is the start of my EOY.
english and chinese paper 1
was alright bah? tried my best.
to think and write about the related topics..
-____-" blahhh. tomorrow is english paper 2 and history.
if i continue to type more.. i will be flunking my damn paper.
my mind will be full of singlish.. -.-"

so many chapters to memorise.
so many keypoints to remember!
ahh ~ @#$%^&*()_!+
-____- "flunking party starts right now!"