Thursday, August 31, 2006

31 . o8 . 2oo6 % %

ahahas ~ ok is teachers day eve lorr...
den got went back to primary sch...came back from there not long lar.
ok quite special abit.
its liddat de lor..went to sch today larh...wear uniform with pe attire inside. walk halfway at around yishun park coming out that abit small rain lorr...
den still smsing that time larh.
den on the path to sch that time.
rain quite big liao.. i still walking la...coz i tot the rain will still stay at that speed de. den walk walk walk lor......walk abit more jiu rain super big liao pianggz.. i dun wan go in sch whole body wet wet.. i jiu go shelter lorr.
at security guard and security at there oli.
lols ~ den jiu wait awhile..the rain getting bigger lor...
den saw clarissa came in with her fren lor.. -.-"
den febri come also..

yuxiang also.. lols.
in the end...haibin came lor.. i walk with him to the class lor..coz he got left arm all wet liao -.-" unbrella too small for me and im -.-" ok larr...den...on my way to classroom that time.
blame myself for being so extra lor.. i look here look there when i walk..
den saw mrs ng at music room there...den she also saw me..ask me help her take the speaker lorr..den take to hall lorrhh...
i walk until outside hall liao..ask someone where to put..
den the guy take and go liao lorr..
reach classroom that time..
alot ppl at there liao.
den awhile ltr sing national anthem all this den go back classroom lorr.
tok tok tok..den all starting eating liao..
alot potato chips lor...and sweets la..
TKW keep on go other classes get potato chips one..
den even take home alot packets of sweets sia.
after that.. i jiu only suck lolipop lorr.

den only one that jamie gave me.
and the only ting that i had in the whole day.
lols ~ go hall..sit in colours.
i no wear spec.. jiu see nth lorr -.-"
i heard "Teriyaki Boyz - The fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift"
song sia -.-" den got ppl dancing one.. lols ~

stylo ~ xDD ok lar..den went to primary sch lor..
nobody at there sia..
den saw one of my primary sch fren lorr...
i from far far see.. dunno who laide..
tot what go wrong sch de guy lor.r
walk nearer den know is him..
ok there..
around 10 den wait till 11 sia...
heng got hung swee they all to chat with..
lols... hung swee's jokes never have ending one..
whatever he tok about also can make me laugh
-.-" its real funny lor..
hes a joker zzz..
went in that time hor..see alot familiar faces lorr...
ahahas...den alot all taller than me liao...
all act liao lor..say " where wensheng ah? "
-.-" anyway..hung swee 179 liao -.-"
he @#$%^&*()! ones.....
den at basketball court play with the short short ring..
lols ~ awhile ltr lor...we call yuehin mah..use rosanna phone call him..den he heard rosanna..finding him jiu rush down liao.. lols...den we jiu walk lai walk qu lor..tok awhile find ppl awhile.. lols den...later part of the day....
rosanna with her 2 frens go find mr woon lor..
hung swee they all keep on call kailin to disiao -.-"
she has a big big de mushroom head.

its mushDEMON ! omg! wth! -.-"
den keep on raining larh.. lols..

went home that time...
was with sitik , alvin , zi liang..and.. 2 more girls lor
-.-" den they like..lost in the yishun park liddat -.-"
diaoo.. lols..den reach home.. kiki so wet.. -.-"
kenna lock inside bin's room.
lols ~ bin dunno kiki inside... pianggz..ok larhs..
super sian.. nth to do...
go play kor de PSP xDDDD
remember to tag yass ! xDDD

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

30 . o8 . 2oo6 % % not very good leh..
seems like a bad day to me.
okays la...went to sch tis morning..
at home got alot breads to eat..
those very very yummy ones..
but my teeth very pain cant bite.. sighs..
so jiu no eat.. oli drink horlicks.. jiu go out leee lorrrr
reach sch that time.. jiu shi... very very early lorr..
coz i today quite early jiu done with everything liao..
all the way teeth very pain lor -.-"
reach sch liao..told leon what he wanted to know larrh..
den rest of the sch time..
leon keep on follow me like wtf liddat lor..
i'm damn fked up lorr..
hes like a EXTRA copy of shadow to me lehs..
keep on do what i do...
example larr..
recess time...i juz walk around lor.. he foloing mah...
den jingsheng febri me him and.. hairiel if i'm not wrong..
juz walk walk lor..
den walk halfway , i walk 1st one mah..
den switch to last one..den go the other way lorrr....
den i walk till shuang shuang one..

finally peace...den dragging sound...that @#$%^&*(! sound...
came...i turn around saw leon -.-"
den i walk a few steps up the staircase(way to 3rd storey)
den i stopped there..leon jiu sit on the staircase heading to 1st floorth.

so i jiu like somehow 'pianggz' lorr..
den alot larrh..sighs.. ok lorr...during recess..
i eat porridge lorr...den the uncle...go put the chicken meat into it..
i cant bite..pain.. omg -.-"
den buy apple aloevera drink..everytime also buy ones... =D

den i go hall that time.. dunno why.. everytime i go also alot ppl in the hall liao leh.. -.-"
den go back classroom....mother tongue... jiu go through the paper they done on tuesday lor..which i never go de lorr...

sighs... moodless larrhh @#$%^&*(!)
den after sch...rain lor.. not very big also larrh..

den the leon keep on me somekind of... stupid attitude lah
i sibei dulan le lorr...coz that TKW like very bu shuang liddat larrh..
coz i juz now chat with hx awhile mah..during english lesson and..history.
seriously i dun wan to waste time on him lorr...
what he knows is juz to brag and flirt.
den..kiaseng father jiu give me free ride lorr..
go home that time...quite hungry...den parents buy food home...
they buy fried chicken rice omg.. -.-"
i cant eat... #$%^&*!( then my mum jiu go make porridge for me lor..

sighs... only can eat porridge sia.. : (
den tmr got the x-country sia..

wear pe attire leh..which means..handphone all tis..
ok larrh..very sian la....sighs...

btw...which idiot at my table draw so many things de arh?!
-.-" @#$!%^&*(

Monday, August 28, 2006

29 . o8 . 2oo6 % %

ahahas ~ its 29th august already.
so fast .. time flies ~
3 more days jiu tcher's day liao
2 more days got what x-country thingy ones...
after that jiu go back my primary sch! lols ~
but wear PE attire go back very wat lehs..
piangggz... nvm..
tok about today lols ~
eary in the morning around 5.30 jiu wake up all this liao..
seldom woke up so early lor..except for tuesday's dental appointment and some other reasons bah....
so sleep behind my father van lorr..
sleep till so shuang..wake up jiu can eat all this liao..
lols ~ den went for dental appointment la
today quite zhun lorr..
10.35 jiu can go in liao..when my appointment is 10.30 -.-"
put braces...eeek...alot things to note. lols ~
also dunno what to eat in sch liao..tink drink water oli bah..during recess : ( anyway.. only can change my braces colour for around like 4 or 5 months its grey lor. lols ~
coz nurse say grey strongest. -.-"
dorts.. ok la.. my schoolmates all still in sch having lessons.
sighs... boring.. hahas..
hope they're all guai kias...go straight home after sch.

28 . o8 . 2oo6 % ermm %

errm.. ok.. seriously
i got nothing to do larrrs..
ok .. this is the second part of today larr..
after that.. i went to play PS2 lorr..
i cant find GTA san adreas.. ( IDHTS)
den jiu play play lorr..see what game nice jiu play wat bah..
after that..went to chat awhile bah..
chat with 3 in 1 time..
jiu shi tok finish close , den chat finish close.. keep on pop and pop and pop out lorrr..den settled down..
went to play gunz...
laggers laggers laggers..den.. finally found SG ppl..
but he spikes... means laggs abit den let off spikes..
some kind of area attacks.
-.-" but heng not gladiator lor. so managed to overcome him.
errm...den TV..7pm - 9pm..
the 8-9pm show..
so lame -.-"
zzz see liao cannot laugh sia..
lamest show ever.. dorts..
err...den came back from another bath lorrr...
around 9.35 came back to comp.
den 9 chats la..
all scolding me.. say what i dao... tok to me dun wan reply
some say might as well next year den reply
some says dun tok jiu dun tok at least reply
den some says oie dun waste my time
what also got de la..coz i wat frens also got de -.-"
pianggz.. ok la.. go sleep liao lorr..
tmr need 5am wake up again..
pon sch.. -.-"
put bracers..
see me dun laugh ah!
i bites ppl one ah! xDD
"bu yao li kai wo"

28 . o8 . 2oo6 % lala %

hahas ~ nothing much to do , so came to update ~
b4 jamie reaches home..den come hurry me to update again -.-
err.. ok larr..juz had my "lunch" juz now..

my parents give me some + some = my lunch lorr..
malay lamb right plus chicken chop rice lorr
they give me abit and abit laa...
den alot liao...
erm.. today liddat one lorr..
morning..quite EARLy go out lorr..
around 7 liddat jiu went out..
usually 7.10 or 7.15 de.
err..reach sch tat time.. morning run juz started lor
den i went in to run la..
run 5 rounds...
den go back parade square liao...
ok laa... today mr chua release us....i like his style releasing lorr.
he release the side class 1st..
so.. my class last pair to go lorrr...
den...jiu dunno why... i very high la.. my mood..
although not very good.. but quite high ones..
keep on tok and make noise..
den i dunno my voice so loud lor.. i juz anyhow say one..den tcher stare at me liao....* miss lee ** den like shooting me indirectly la.. pianggz
nvm lor.. used to also...
juz felt that my class is full of morons and idiots larr..
at least i know when to stop.
i got my limits =DD
okays laa...den lesson lesson all this..

den until geography lesson...the progress between recess geography lesson is that.. my class is like in chaos lorr.
pianggz...den leon dunno WTF wrong with him..
keep on come my place here ask what thing one laaaa
super dulan liao...dunno wtf tcher toking about
then he keep on coming
i hate things that keep on move around in my sight laaa
ahhh! den.. geography lesson that time..

the "not-enough-nutrient" teacher came in again..
den give us some non-related geography papers to do lorr
den find words..find so long..heng my copying skills still there
jiu copy copy lor.. den finish liao ~ lols..
er.. dunno why jamie saw me jiu give me that face like i owe her money liddat lor -.-" pianggz ~ nvm...
anyway.. today is xinyi's birthday ~
happy birthday xinyi : )
"zhen xi wang ta jiu shi wo"

Sunday, August 27, 2006

27 . o8 . 2oo6 % %

suffering from headache and giddy-ness more often this fewdays..
jiu kuai yao si le!! :((
ok woke up around 10.30

den at 12 go buy lunch lorr..
buy alot food...till $9.50 for my 2 other brothers and me.
den jiu watch 'Underworld - Revolution'
its very nice la the show..

about werewolves(lycans) , vampires , hatred and revenging one..
errm...den after that.. i wanted to read history book lorr..
den i just read the tittle only.. i headache liao..
went to sleep awhile till 6.30 .. while my msn message says " reading history book "... pianggz -.-"
sighs....... not in bad mood / good mood...
i got totally no mood for anything larrs..
sighs...anyway...happy birthday to xinyi in advance yars ~
in case tmr i just passed away without any valid reasons.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

26 . o8 . 2oo6 % pianggzz % really got nothing much to tok about..
and nth much to do....

i hate weekends laaaaaahh
last time like weekends coz alot cartoons to watch..
the cartoon network....i tink so...
last seen is when i'm primary 2/3
i last time sit on sofa watch tv for more than 10 hours per day horr
today starts liddat de ah...
woke up around 7.55 ah...
den...get ready all this liao..
polish my least minute..
den wanted to polish boots also..
find so long cant find...den go out house find the 3 shoe cupboard also cannot find...den jiu suan le.. go bath went out lorr...
sian...ji...phua... -.-"
den during BB parade that time..
erwin like jelly liddat..he stand infront of sebastian
den keep on like scratching or.. what liddat la...
see him abit bu shuang...
i must get rid of my "yan zhong ding"!
err...ok...den...finish BB liao...go home straight...
no mood go out..
dun feel like going out..
wants to be alone ~
reach home liao..
jianbing hungswee they all ask me out lorr..
den very dui bu qi de rejected them again..
sighs...den sit infront of my comp...
nth to do..
chat awhile...
blog awhile...
games awhile... come update le lorr..
since jamie says she updating..
den i play gunz till sian liao..
anyway..juz now play gunz that time met a damn xialan player..
he kills a afker in my team
den say he own him with full HP..
den i killed him
he say i wu ji dun use breaker play
den he say 1v1 with his lvl 37 lorr..
i use my lvl 27 go find him at lobby
he say i lvl low noob
den play 10 rounds
i won him all 10 rounds..
first few rounds i use rocket killed him..
den the leftover rounds i use sword..coz he say only noobs use rocket....watever i dun care...
den after 10 rounds he say "pro dun use sword ones"
"pro use guns de" i see he liddat write.. i juz quit the game lorr.. pianggz...sian -.-"
but dun worry.. my day wun be spoilt just liddat

anyway...thats my boring weekends...
lols ~ errr.update if theres any thing special happened.
remember to tag.....make my tagbox alive!! xDD

Friday, August 25, 2006

25 . o8 . 2oo6 % ahahas..3rd matchmake % okok bah.. hahas..
3rd matchmake success lorr..
erm.. not matchmake somehow like matchmake de lor.
lols... ok in sch jiu nth special lorr..
same boring ones larr..
morning pc... sian... nth to tok about la...
err...den science..go library..good lor..
had history after that...
when we're at the library horr.. some of my classmates go see the history tcher de friendster profile lor..
what "4 wifes" den what "porn" thingy la..
i dunno -.-"
dorrtts....den disiao the tcher lor.. lols
spelling is ok la.. tink can score full marks.. if i'm not wrong
-.-" err..den jamie give me lolipop again lor.. lols..
she lolipop girl xPP
err...during recess that time..
i den remember today got home econ
but i never bring the things lorr.. pianggz..
she never say today got cook ones
nvm lorr..den ltr...home econ liao
tcher let me cook also..
we cook the chicken what ones la...
lols..den after that.. go back maths lorr..
like no maths liddat..all so late come back.. hahas
after sch..bag is super heavy la..
bring alot books back
like tortise liao..
from 1 pencil box and 1 specticles box in bag
become so many books and thingy lorr
pianggggz -.-"
err...after that.... leon ask me go find maisie with him lor

so i also shun lu go home..
jiu go lorrr...
go northland primary mah...
errr....den reach liao..he wants to find her ma..
keep on ask me call her to meet him lorr
anyway i getting the book wenhui's lending me from her mah..
the joke book -.-" which i read juz now.
pianggz.. 1 example ah..
quite lame de.. la..
Telling a story
Mark :Do you want to listen to a story , Mum?
Mother :Okay , let's hear your story.
Mark : Once upon a time, there was a boy named Mark. His mother had a beautiful vase. One day, Mark broke the vase and decided to tell his mother a story. The end.
-.-" lame rite ? lols

err.. ok...continue ah...
when i called her rite..
call 1st few time..she say wait there lorr..
at 654 - 652 the carpark entrance that place lorrr..
den wait quite long la..
by den i'm sucking the lolipop jamie give me lorrr..
at yishun park jiu eat liao..
ok ah...den wait la..she say she at ccy's bus-stop..
i ask leon go find her lor...he dun wan.. nvm..
den....she reach the 7-11's bus stop liao..
the one nearest northland primary ones..
he dun wan go...
den nvm...den when the bus go rite.. i at my block there..juz beside my lift...den saw her on the bus waving to leon lorr..
lols.. den... leon wan go find her... i go home nth to do..
jiu accompany him take the book also.
ok ah... reach liao....leon keep on dun wan go up...
nvm... i zhi hao use my only way la... i trick him away..
and went to 321 block lor..
the block opposite to maisie's
i go up 11's floorth la..

den i ask leon go lai go qu la..
i had all planned..
lols.. in the end.. recieved sms from maisie la.
she say ok liao.. lols ~
congratz to maisie mei and leon .
lols ~ xDD at least did not waste my 2 hours time+energy lor
ahhas..they now happily chatting away ~ lols ~
ok.. den while i updating my blog juz now horr..
bin come my room play with kiki lor
den see i reading the joke book..
den he took and see la.. lols..
lols.. some he see liao jiu -.-"
some he lol .. coz too lame liao.. ahahas..

erm.. ok la... abit headache liao..
morning drink chicken esscence...
err.. dunno how to spell.. -.-"
okays la.. go play gunz le..
remember to tag..
if not.. BANG! and die.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

24 . o8 . 2oo6 %lame. %

ok la... veryvery sleepy now sia..
eyes shutting soon.. -.-"

ok quite ok lorr..
liddat one ah..
today went to sch lorr...
when i got out of my house its 7.15 liddat la..
so i walk abit faster lor..
on my way like never see northbrooks ppl ..
reach sch liao..walk pass field that side..
den miss lee scold scold scold lor.. say what i never come earlier..
everytime late never run for morning run.
den "blablabla..."
in the end den say wan see my parents...

den went to parade square le.
ok...after getting back to class..
den tcher show us the class result lorrr...
as usual.. i rank last again.. lols
i also dunno htf i get into 1st class de lor..
watever ~ i dun care. lols.
ok..after that...febri tried alot of ways to make me feel sad.
by saying i rank what low all tis..
i'm not affected by him at all lehs.
maybe i have seen more than half of the world liao.
to this kind of little tings
i dun take it into my eyes.
ok. shall not elaborate much on stupid stuffs like tis.
after that english lesson lorr..
1v1 consulation one..
the essay i ytd pia finish ones....
and the date i wrote is 15 days ago.
den mrs ng see me and tok tok tok lor.

lols...for 1 whole period lehs...lols ~
wondering what she toking about bah..

ok ah.. she 1st say....
my compo is full of alot extra words that is seriously not needed in the essay. erm.. and.. my tense alot wrong..and my writing method is like speaking liddat....
exactly like lyrics for speaking liddat lor...
den she asked some question la.
here the conversation ah
mrs ng : whats your psle english's grade
me : err... ehh....C
mrs ng : wah...den got any tution or what?
me : noooo....
mrs ng : wah..jialat ah!
lols.. ok...den finish liao horr..maths lorr..

done all my assignments! I'M SO GUAI!
err..ok...den after that..english again.

leon's turn.
den..after english lesson..
mrs ng say " so far only leon and wensheng need to rewrite *blabla*..."
diao...ok la..go recess lorr.

after that ah....den......mother tongue period lorr...
got listening compre.
i go to the seat behind jamie to enjoy the fan lorr..
den when i turn to my right.. i noticed i'm so near the 2 china girls in my class lorr...den was like...peeping at their answer sheet -.-"
lols.. but never see dao...coz i already kept my stationaries
even i see difference.. i also lazy take out change
xDD ok la.. got 18/20
dunno why TKW get 18/20 must jump and hop around
lalas ~ dun care ~ ok..

after that lorr...
go play angklung...
shake shake shake..can liao...lols
when the 2nd batch playing horr..
we playing handshaking lorr..
we shake hand la..den exert force..
we see who can take it den win lor.
den yuxiang , hairiel , junkeong all this
less than 10 secs jiu lose le.
den me and jingsheng play lor.
we hold for more than 15 mins liddat..
in the end he let go liao.
den during the 15 mins
i use my left hand play with yuxiang lor.
den in the end he cry.. -.-"
piangggz...ok ... den project group work la....
the presentation of the rocket..
i only said afew words lor "this is our rocket!"
and... i dun tink have liao la.. -.-"
sian..also not yet done preparation....zz..z
ok la.. after library.....
on my way there..vester..saw me..den give me that smiling face again..
den come shake my hand as usual.....
4th / 5th time liao.
lols...everytime he shake my hand also will dirty ones..
that time is paint..den....chilli sauce..
this time is...blackish thingy.. he say is battery de inside -.-"
diao....make liao make me so hard to wash lor..lols..nvm.. i wipe at 1F backdoor... x)) lols...erm...den after that....go library that time..

do the science worksheet lorr..
some dunno how to do.. jiu ask jamie for help lorr..
den after knowing the question.
i find it stupid lor.. so easy -.-"
ok la...after that....finish sch liao..
i dunno where to go..
walk lai walk qu...den.."dang dang!"
i know liao..go home take basketball attire lorr..

went home..came back..took oli 25 mins liddat..
went for science remedial...coz no maths remedial..
by then.. i found out..
my bag ONLY got pencil box , specticles box and a calculator
nth else.. omg -.-"
thats why sometimes i cant feel i'm carrying anything..

dortts...ok...after remedial... its 5pm..
went to basketball...stand there for 1 hour...
den jingsheng go throw ball...den dunno htf it gets onto the tree..
stuck between the tree branches...den alot ppl throwing ball to get it down lor
den in the end dunno who hit down liao -.-"
den finish bball le..
den the dunno who say what everyone pumping position..
den he say lower sec 50 upper sec 30
ok lor... do den i know..her "50" is actually average..

so those who dun do..the others must help do -.-"
and i did over 50 plus for no reason..
now i put my hand up also will tremble sia -.-"
ok la...nth else le...
remember to tag lorr..
my tagboard so dead : ((

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

23 . o8 . 2oo6 % - %

okies...came to update afterr bathing and slacking around. its haoxue's birthday
erm.. but dunno why she alike to leon..both of them very sad on their birthday ones.. pianggz.
sighs...very moody now la..
and suffering from headaches also..
dying soon la..sighs.. not yet fufil-ed my wishes too..
when i got up from my seat i will have 3 seconds stun..
seeing nth ... pianggggzz
: ( ok la...
today liddat one ah....
went to sch....on my way
saw faizal lor...
den he listening to mp3 so i juz never care him lorr..
den look at him that gong gong look..
den he turn to me and smiled.. lols... den give him a / smile
okay lorr...den...sit at parade square awhile...went to hall..
den miss lee says...
from now on must sit according to the register numbers....
den i 1st i sit most infront lorr..
delaying the class....and slowing down it.
pianggggz -.-"
dun care la..den go lai go qu..about what cca thingy..
went for BB 1st..den i sit wrong place..
sit at the "always-no-go" side...
dortts...den...go bball....
err..coz i'm regular...i'm good hor...
den go back class that time..
jordan very laolan..den since i in quite high mood..
so play with him lorr.. lols..
how i play?easy... i push his face to the wall..where writes " TOILET"
den keep on tells him where is the toilet..until he run back to his classroom.. lols

errm....den.....ah......IT lesson auto-skipped..
so history lorrr.....
den finish history copy some notes la..... a lolipop from jamie lols..
den bu xiao xin let kianwei see dao...
he keep on say "blablabla" larrs.. -.-"
during recess..due to my blurness of my eyes...
i mistook the chicken as potato...
-.-" den have difficulties eat lorr..
coz my teeth...
den ...after that...chinese lesson mah..
on our way back to classroom..
dunno wtf happen la..
the 1I hong xu tot i'm saying about him.
den buay song..i walk pass him that time he say what not happy den stand in front of him fight what shit ones la...
dunno wtf is he toking...
his chinese really sux. although hes CHEENA.
den i go stand infront of him that time he go say what tcher see him -.-"
den the tcher come scold me...den say what cheena thingy la..

i never bother to hear jiu go back class liao
den the tcher also "disappeared" liao.
-.-"" erm...ok la...dragged on...after sch..
i dunno why am i in such high mood la..
for 15 mins liddat.. i had never been serious.
LOLS! tricking ppl and disiao-ing ppl..
ahaas...but dunno why lehs...
ppl like to pull my shirt and bag so much...
3 ppl pull my bag/shirt -.-"
1st hero is rosanna.
2nd one is clarissa.
3rd idiot is leon,

likely u noe whats the 1st and 2nd is.
ok la...den dunno go where lorr...slacking around..den go jin san ling la...actuallly "blablabla..." ones...den "lalalaa..." so nvm lorr..
went back to sch to kill time..
the what stupid tingy ones la..
i hate doing such tingy lor...the...what...climb rock ones..
in the end never jump building...from 3rd floorth to 1st ones..
so sian larrrrr......-.-"
den during that period of time sucking lolipop lorr..
den while sucking played with the china ppl from my class..
play with them more fun lorr...
err.. the play i mean is not "eg.catching/hide and seek" whatever horr.. quarreling la..
i use singaporean's CHINESE play with them lor.
play until they bo wei gong lols.
*take note* : i didn't use "abcxyz"
ok la..den go TAF enrichment last session..

run the boundary of the sch...
err..i pronnounce+spell
so i dunno whats that anyway.

-.-" ok....after running i feel not very good..
my leg's knee pain..
ok..nvm...den run around the parade square lorr..

play like a game liddat la...
the 1st one holds the ball..pass behind and behind until the last guy must run to the front and pass the ball down again..
den i got the ball ma.. i went to the front..
den passed..randolf got the ball lorr..den he must run to my front..
so i keep on running lorr.. dun let him catch me..
when i'm in my 4th round while fahan and his gay partners at their 3rd
they scold me la..say why i run all tis... -.-"
aiya.. nvm.. i know they cant tahan laa...forget it..

wasting my time and energy sia..
-.-" ok ...den play games lorr..went home...
suffering from giddyness and headaches ah...
pianggzz.. ok la..go msn chat awhile..den dinner soon..
i wan to play gunz! pianggz..
remember to tag...MUST TAG!
{without my exist...} [leave me alone]

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

22 . o8 . 2oo6 % moody %

got nothing to do..
so come update larrs..
sighs...dunno why.. just now when i'm busy watching tv
alot ppl chatting with me..
den i just shoo-ed them away while i afk
come back sian till wan die liao..
cant find even 1 to chat with at all -.-"
and the thing that made me most fucked up is........
all my "friendS" doesn't care me when they got their bf/gfS
i wonder what frens for? -.-"
just to keep you entertained while you finding your correct ones.
after u found him/her just throw ur "CLOWN" away
and went to stick with ur bf/gf with super glue.
wtf?!?! -.-"

22 . o8 . 2oo6 % blood! @#$%^&*( %

cannot eat my lunch ... so sad.. lols
heng i had my laksa breakfast lols~
today woke up at 5am plus
didn't go sch..
went to papa's shop
they drive van coz never bring car's key
so i sit behind sleep lorr..
i cold until keep on shivering sia.. @#$%^&*!
okies lorr..den around 9 go eat breakfast..
10liddat we go the dental place opposite the health promotion board
or whatever ones larrr...
wait sibei long lorr...for the Q..
err..around 10.35 i went in...
put the metal thingy lorr..
den wait so long to pluck my teeth -_-"
around 12 den reach my turn .z..z.zz
from clinic 6 go clinic 2...
pianggz...dun care la.
den finally reach my turn liao...
go in...zoom zoom zoom..everything sibei fast..
4 inject .
den drink a bitterly blue-ish water...
awhile den my mouth jiu numb le..
less than 1 minute
he pluck off my 2 teeth
and done! -.-"
out i go ~
waited for 2 hours for something that can done less than 5 minutes
@#$%^&!* -.-"
okaes la...reach home...finally can change the wool-thingy
my blood is so much that can feel more than a cup lorr.. -__-"
pianggzzz...ok la... the numb effect finishing soon..
can go eat all my fried thingy liao xDD

remember to tag yarrs!

Monday, August 21, 2006

21 . o8 . 2oo6 % bad symptons %

pianggzz..suffering from giddy-ness and headache again..
-_-" need to sleep earlier today.. lols ~
erm...pontang-ing sch tmr! xDD
lols ~ xP no larrs.
got the dental appointment again at 10.30 ahahas..
go pluck teeth again..
pianggzz -_-"
i wan to sleep sia...i so long never sleep for 1 whole day de..
this few weeks very buswee.. -_-" start liddat one arrrrhs......

err...go sch....den....too late to run morning run lorr..
den go assemble laaaaaa....
same like everyday larr...den......go back class lorr..
lesson lesson lorr...
very sian ones...always the teacher teach using same method...
oli today mother tongue special...
is to guess the word by looking at the "jia gu wen"
ahahas...had fun COPYING xDD
lols ~ pianggz lorr..jamie write until so small.. i see until so peh chek
-.-" ok larrrs...during recess... walk around with febri..

listening to his new songs. from his mp3
the high school music one arhs...
tink so.. lols ~
okies...den..english 's period..
i survived larrrrrrs
my english compo essay not yet done.. lols!!
heng heng escaped ~ lalas~ xDD
ahahas...den science period..
go science lab..
sian -_-"
go there see see look look oli..cant touch tis/that.
pianggzzz..den inside the lab my hand very itchy lor..
keep on use book hit on ppl head..
i hit until so shuang till forget the person is a human =x
actually..doing extra experiment inside the lab larrrrrs
test what the reaction will it be..ok....the reaction = "STOP IT LA!" -.-"
ok...err...den go back some time leh..

den sandy walk lai walk qu la..
chatting with TKW..
chat and laugh loudly..den dunno suddenly kenna eraser's bits attack.
-___-" den i go pick eraser bits for counter attack that time..
sandy trip dao my leg and fall on the floor -.-"
diao -_- fall until flat flat ones ... pianggzzz
see liao dunno shud laugh or what..
LOLS x))
okies...den after sch....

go yuxiang house destory things with leon
go his house create chaos! xDD
den..leon wan go find maisie...
dragged me along -_-"
den she not at home lorr..
lols ~
go 654 eat...
den saw maisie liao.
leon happy until he eat that time still smiling lorr..
i see liao wan to ROFL lor.. lols ~
erm..den went home la..
after awhile...i joke with pa & ma say go grandpa house ones..
den i play checkers with leon halfway they say go liao..
lols...den go there lorr... i lie on the messaging chair only lorr..
erm..den go dinner the stupid show -_-"
the monday channel 8 , 8pm ones..
diao lorr.. i see liao like...... " -.- " lorr..
zz so lame ones....
stupid show..waste time de...
then those idiots who went for it..
they think its funny uh?..
piak them then they know arh! @#$%^&*!abcxyz
ok la...remember ah..i "pontang-ing sch" tmr...
those who wanna join me,
nudge me at msn or tag me! xPP
"don't forget my exist"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

hahas.. okies this is part 2 of today's entry

b4 i go start on my filing of worksheets mission
this is the pic i took with my dear cousin , ah de , at 'san jiu' house.
bin juz sent me.. so i can only upload it now lorr. .ahaha!
okies la.. go file liao...lols.. my one compared to my classmate's
was like.....underweight and overweight lor.. -_-"
"Don't leave me alone"

20 . o8 . 2oo6 % happy bday my dear cousin! xP %

okies..settled down..
so come update liao! xDD
just came back from ahgong house after celebrating en si (cousin)'s birthday at 'san jiu' (third uncle from mother's side)'s house not long ago.
xDD ok... today is liddat one ah...
morning..woke up at 11.15
den wake up liao..still rolling on my bed...
roll until half way chua tio!
bin came in my room xia dao !
coz actually he say mama 12 come fetch us go 'san jiu' house mah..
den he say i still not ready ah..jiu rush me lorrr...
i at around 11.45 jiu ready to go out le.. lols..
den wait wait..around 12plus
i call mama...she say she still at shop
so wait for kor come drive us there lorrrr
den wait wait..around 1pm den he will reach
coz he still at tampines
the navy thingy ones...
ok..den i watch tv lorrr..
bin also watching from behind..
kor reach le..i still watch..
den go out liao...
reach liao..very paiseh .. lols..
so many ppl there.. x))
den waiting for my parents come cut cake ! lols
the cake what princess one..very nice.. lols
got the crown also....den necklace or wat ah..
ok eat liao..den go lai go qu la..
i keep on niam something eat x))
lols..niam until the seaweed chicken all no more le =x

xDD muahaha! den bin take pic of me and de lor
hahas..he so yandao liao! lols
den got 1 dao-ster there. lols
cousin jing yi's japanese fren..
ok...den go ahgong house lor..sit there eat eat drink drink..
lols den go ... 200plus there..
buy dinner...
i also full until cant eat liao..
den buy popiah , rojak and mixed vegetable rice.
on the way to buy the MVR , bin saw his fren lorr..
den like tok tok..
i oli heard "hi" and "bye" -_-
orhkaes...go the big big flower pot lor..
reach house le..
gigi and kiki come outside at corridoor play lorr...
run to one end to the other..
me and bin we each person guard one lane.
lols ~ gigi run lai run qu .. like zoom-ing lor.
okies la... i giddy liao -___-"
end here bah. go file up my worksheet now.

anyway happy birthday en si ! xD
"ζˆ‘θΏ˜ζ˜―ζˆ‘ / wo hai shi wo"

Saturday, August 19, 2006

19 . o8 . 2oo6 % BB rox ! xDD % i juz feel very weird larrs..
pianggzz -____-"
today my BB coy get gold award..den alot of dem got their founder's man badge all this lorr...i shud feel happy for them..
but i dunno why...still abit moody..
sighs...but nth sad happens around me also..
i jiu shi dunno larrs

today start liddat ones...
around 8plus i woke up..
go charge my handphone
den apply some medical oil on my leg lorr..
coz like stretch dao lorr..
den i go back sleep...
wake up around like 9 lorr..
den go use computer awhile..
9.55 i go bath..change into my BB full-U
den b4 i wear boots i go check my phone
@#$%^&*(! i forget to on charger -__-"
the main switch i forget to on..

must be sleepwalking that time.. -.-"
nvm lorr..went out with my phone charged/no-charge
reach sch...perspiring like just ran ½ yishun liao....

my sweat keep on drip down non-stop sia -.-"
orhkaes.. i wait at the ava room like idiot lorr..

wait so long..den sms jamie due to over-boredness
den she say she saw yuxiang at dunnowhere..
den i ask her to call him come ava room..
after saw yuxiang liao..we find ways to go to dnt room without letting those involved-GOH-ppl see dao..
coz very what lorr -.-"
den reach dnt room liao..coz the BB award thingy suppose to meet there we wait there lor..we reach there liao nobody there.. -.-"

den nvm... go hall lor....
sit there awhile.. i buay tahan jiu go 3rd floor de art thingy there sit liao..
den yuxiang folo me around wherever i go.. -_-"
okays....den i walk around the sch lorr.. lols...GOH finish liao....the yuxiang still folo me around instead of finding his owner xPP

ok stop toking about 'dog'
lets back to topic..
went to singapore poly convention centre lorr..
there is super bigggg larrrrs.. -.-"
so many BB boys there lorr..piangzzz company ppl all sit at staircase lorr.. lols..den finish giving the founder's man award liao..den they bring us go sit on PROPER SEATS
-.-" lols anyway it doesn't matters.. lols.. the staircase also more comfortable. xPP
den break lor..our "lunch" sandwitches and 1 packet of drink
i slowly eat la.. dun wan go in hear i liked-last one to eat finish
so auto-volunteered to clear the rubbish lor..
den from 5th floor go down 1st floor tiu lian sia..
take one big big bag of rubbish walk lai walk qu...
wan to cover my face with cap de... -.-"
scare i ltr cant see the ground properly fall down more tiulian..

zz okies...den after that...get the gold award that time we all stood up and cheered lorr..
den the gold award was passed around for us to kiss and see lor.. lols.. den wanted to take that critical moment..
my phone no battery @#$%^&*!(
nvm...some other boys took it..

ask them send me to upload and post next time xDD
erm..den got in the bus back to yishun lorr..
they let us down at northpoint
den the alot of them going to celebrate ones..
den i dun wan pang sei..
but i never call my parents that i not going home for dinner
they also waiting for me.
lols ~ den i jiu go take bus lorr..
pianggz lorr..
got 1 1F de guy horr... when i reach the bus stop..
hes on the phone..
den the bus came..he still on the phone..
den when he got out of the bus he still on his fking phone
pianggz... i wondering what so good to tok lorr..
skarly he just put the phone beside his ear for shuang ones.. -.-"
okies..den i go home liao.. my parents see me wear liddat..
then they laughing lor.. lols...
den tv..
last espisode...the...dunno what show again -.-"
den watch the real life story de show lor.. 9pm ones..
watch finish liao go on internet den log in msn..
all this....den go bath..cut finger nails....apply medical oil...
okies...guess what i'm doing now...
i'm not only blogging now...
i'm also sneezing ! -.-"
lols ~ orkays..
i'm sure i caught a cold..
since ytd its already liddat.. lols ~
running tapwater-nose -___-"
okies la... better stop here..

'someone' rushing me liao.. lols
"I'll never have short post unless i'm sick or TOTALLY mood-less"

Friday, August 18, 2006

18 . o8 . 2oo6 % pianggz %

ok... jamie hurrying me to update liao..
erm... dun care her ~ x)
today nth special one larrs... very boring day...
morning .. on my way to sch.. saw febri den he keep on point behind..
den i never wear spec i dunno what he trying to say lorr..
so.. when i go down meet with him that time..
den saw yuxiang foloing behind..
den he was like giving me the "whack-me-face"
ok... reach sch liao..

today no morning run... over liao... lols ~
dun care lor.. anyway i also not yet recovered from my injury. -.-"
okies...went back class for lessons... pc lessons was ok.
during science lesson... haoxue and amendeep(the girl sitting next to me)
keep on revising the history thing lor..
keep on ask lai ask qu..the question..den answer..
den test each other by giving question for answer...
or giving answer for question -_-"
very ruan larrs... piangzz..
ok... i also kaypo kaypo see see read abit.. look look abit..
den ltr history some is i juz now saw den remember ones...
wun fail larrs.. but got some i never read dao lehs..
they never copy down i tink...
golden egg ~ piangggzz
okies..den recess time...
ltr got home econ..
i forget to bring all my home econ things..
only got textbook..coz under table -.-"
ok..den from hall go back classroom that time..

the tcher say no cook "spec-kat-ti" today...
i dunno how to spell x)) u pronnounce jiu know liao.. lols..
den hairiel act cute go say " i wan 'spec-kat-ti' i dun care ! "
liddat lor..lols.. i find it lame larrs.. hahas...
i primary 3 de joke laide..sia...zz
den lesson mah... sian lorr..

everytime the tcher say what...
fats / oil... my classmates all idiot one..
all purposely turn around look at me.. -_-"
i use the frying pan gong their head arh ! @#$%^&*(!
orhkaes.. go back classroom for maths lesson..

today home econ student's turn to tua pai liao.. lols
let d&t de ppl wait for us this time ~ ~
ok..den at around 12.40 liddat ah.. going dismiss liddat
den mr ong come ask the whole class go hall..dunno arrange what stupid chairs for stupid ppl larrrrrrrrs @#$%^&*(!)
anyway i tomorrow also not sitting ones....

coz i need to go see the BB award lor..
den mr ong dismissed us at 1.30 plus liddat la..
walk home...den i buy nasi lemak home..
my mum buy half-fried chicken rice.
den buy extra 3 or 4 chicken wings..
den my father buy malay stall de curry and rice la...
den when eating that time.. we mix lai mix qu lor..
after that.. go use pa de comp.. play the photoshop larrs.. lols..
anyway... tomorrow need wear BB full-U
for the BB award lorr..
10.30 reach sch..
so sian.. i looks stupid and ugly in my full-U
ahhhs.. got some parts dunno how to wear oli..
lols..tmr wear Burger King's plastic bag go sch....
so if u never see me..den good...
if u saw me.. pretend u never ok ? xP
ok la... sorry lor.. short short entry but i took very long to update...
coz just now 1 of my gan-mei something happen larrs..
okies.. remember to tag arhsssssssss
"I'm LAME"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

17 . o8 . 2oo6 % heeehaaaaa %

heeeeehaaaa ~
lols.. eating the lolipop jamie gave me ~ lols..
cannot bite leh... small small liao also must continue "gam"
my teeth..weak.. lols..
but much better la..
today can eat lunch with leon. lalas..
just now basketball's training is so real damn slack larrrrrrs
erm...ok.. today...morning go run for morning run.....

4 rounds only...
but i very difficult to run lorr...
my pants keep on drop down...lols..
VERY loose .. lols.. den my waist very pain..
the reason very funny ones.. lols..
i do the hip rotation ytd during TAF enrichment..
den i never do properly..sprain dao.. -_-"
den finish liao..assembled at the parade square..

i perpiring like @#$%^&*!
ok..den lesson lesson la....after recess..go back classroom..

eat lolipop..den TKW eat one lolipop wans the whole class knows..
like showing off liddat..3-lan all his.
den tcher caught him lorr..
he go sabo me..den my teeth cant bite out the sweet to eat inside my mouth.. -___-" @#$%^&*(!
sometimes i really feel like kicking him to "@#$%^&*!" and never let him come back lorr...sighs...z.z.z.z.
ok.. after sch..went to slack around lorr...
den eat lunch..
go d&t room awhile..
go back classroom...
for maths remedial..
after that... go basketball...
den go home..
den "blablabla"
ok....remember to tag ~

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

16 . o8 . 2oo6 % ahh:( %

just had my bath after my TAF enrichment and came to update ! xDD did not intend to go for morning run coz i just had my 2 teeth pluck off ytd... dentist ask me not to exercise for the fewdays..
so i leave my house at 7.15 to sch.
den reach sch liao see nobody running..
den febri told me that theres no morning run today..
so i jiu lalala ~~ lor
erm..den sit at the parade square , reading newspaper ( actually not )
waiting for our teachers to have their meeting.
okies..they're back..
its 8plus den.
so no more form teacher's time !
so went straight for IT lessons...
but IT room locked. not open. no keys.
SO..go library...
theres only 2 comp so....
leon and jamie took it..
jamie give haoxue
leon give dunno-who
den playplayplay lorr -__-"
i find my comic find till very very hard lorr..
zhao bu dao..that time i ask leon help me hide de xPP
ok..den lesson lesson lesson la..
history finish went for recess
coz my teeth very very pain...
i cant eat.. i cant bite...
so never eat never bite -.-"
so i stand behind the canteen see teck loon and his classmates play soccer at the streetsoccer court lorr..
den saw kenneth and 3 @#$%^&*!
come behind also..
chat with kenneth awhile lorr...
about audition ones..
erm..den the school de bell spoil never ring..
in the end i late lorr..
the tcher tok tok tok i also dunno what he said...
den need write the name on paper i also dunno
i on the way back den ask kenneth ones..
in the end i never write at all lor.s. lols..
den went back to class..
have oral...
i saw jingwen walk pass i ask her some words i dunno how to read ones
den she say until so @#$%^&!
i dunno what she means at all lor -_-"
she speaks like.....err..shes a cheena.. u noe horr.. the voice..
yupps.... ok.. den i zhi hao depends on myself -__-"
okies...after that..lesson lesson all this la..
so sian.. dunno why lols.
okies after sch more sian laa.
slack slack around until 3pm i tink..
had my TAF enrichment -___-"
so slack ones...
run the perimeter of my sch oli lorr..
den go back sch play what SOCCERplusCAPTAINBALLplusBASKETBALL -___-"
so lame ones..zzz
den went back home la...
after the enrichment..
i where also not pain..
only my teeth pain -___-"
its still pain.. lols ~
on my way back home horr..
guess what i saw!

lols... the tree blocked the path ! @#$%^&*!
heng i saw wansiew and the carol..
they all walk pass there mah...
if they never walk de hua i also dunno there got one small entrance sia.
hengg lorr -_-"
erm...okies... nth else le...
going for my dinner..

sighs..cannot bite....ahhhh! @#$%^&*!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

15 . o8 . 2oo6 % sadd.. %

suffering from giddy-ness now : (
head pain , teeth also pain..

cannot eat properly now..
only can eat left side..
i'm so ke lian ! lols.
x)) the most stupid one is.. i juz now tried to sleep but cant.
but i'm real damn tired in the morning..
woke up at 5am
lols ~
today caught in i got some giddy-ness..
and due to the side-effect of the injection..
i'm now in pain..
ahh ~ i wan to get well soon ! @#$%^&*!(
go dinner liao..

go DRINK my egg porridge : ((
"You could've just killed me"

Monday, August 14, 2006

15 . o8 . 2oo6 % wakakas ~ %

yays! finish my dental appointment liao..
just reach home not long..
now biting the cotton wool between my top right and left side's teeth miserable.....cant open mouth also.. blood will flow out together with saliva... ahhhh ! @#$%^&!
nvm hahas.. just now when i go in for my appointment horr..

go put some blue colour plastic thingy for the 1st time for dunno wat..
den again go in..inject the numb ones..
den very very pain la.. lols.. i ren zhe... @#$%^&*!
den den den...jiu pluck out liao lorrr......lols ~

while waiting for my turn horr..
i sms and disiao my classmates and schoolmates x))
erm..nth much happen liao larrs.. i see lor..sighs..

alot things to study..file my damn lots loads of worksheets... @#$%^&*!(
give garung kuni can earn alot ones...

so thick so many.. -.-"
"Without my exist..."

14 . o8 . 2oo6 % sighssss %

erm.. i'm feeling much better now ! xDD
everything takes time : )
ahahas ~ thx for you guy's consulation !
specially thanks to my bro ! hahas..
my bro made my mum feel much better now. : ))
hahas..bin is super good in that : )
hes good in communicating !
i'm proud of him ! xPP
hahas.. okies.. end of my bootlicking section x))
now comes the real one for this entry
not going to sch tmr.
coz going outram park for the @#$%^&*! dental appointment...
i dun wan ! tmr got PE..
i 1 week rarely can exercise ones...
i dun wan !! ahh!......
lols ~ forget it -.-"
muahahas ! bored-ness had turn into zilian-ness !

affected by bin x))
bin's fault !! =x
okies.. nth much to say liao.. hahas..
remember to tag ! : ))

"If only...."

14 . o8 . 2oo6 % sighssss %

sighs.. i'm damn freaking fucked up now.
"jia jia you ben nan nian de jin"
this phrase describe it the best.
dun ask me why and dun ask me what happen.
i die also wun say ones.... dunno what day laide...
i TRIED very hard to be happy...
and TRIED to smile even when my frens try to make me laugh
but i cant. i just cant do it..
sighs.. i really wish to be alone..
and dun wish ANYONE to talk to me...
just let me be..and leave me alone.
seeing her liddat its really breaks my heart..
how i wish i can make her happy..
be the last time's cheerful and understanding her.
just leave me ALONE

Sunday, August 13, 2006

13 . o8 . 2oo6 % sighs %

lalalas ~
last entry for today hahas..
just had my dinner..
came back to update lors..
nth much happen between juz now when i last updated la..
lols... watch tv and eat and tv again lor...
life is so boring -_-"
sighs.. hope tmr will be better..
having lessons tmr ~
but i dunno why i cant concentrate leh..
my classroom is so damn hot larrs...zz
got aircon jiu good x)) i tink too much -.-"
forget it ~ remember to tag ~ sleep earlier yas ~ : ))

"If only...."

Saturday, August 12, 2006

13 . o8 . 2oo6 % lalalas %

just woke up not long ago ~
hahas.. nth to do.. jiu come update lor..
now i'm feeling much better ! xD
later go bath liao jiu sure OKAY le.
erm.. later go ask bin log in msn
send me lu guang sen lin espisode 3 1/8 - 8/8
xDD lols.. bin juz now so gong sia..
go out of the house at door there wait for pa&ma's return
coz he saw the car...but they drive van go out. lols
heng i not so gong go out wait also -.-"
okies.. i go bath liao la.. short short de post : ))
update later~
trying to be "a better" me