Sunday, December 31, 2006

1ST JAN 2007

lol. actually wanted to post at zhun zhun 12am de.
but trapped at msn. lol.
hmm.. okay laaa.
3 more days to doom-day.
ytd afternoon.. went to gonggong house.
for lunch. and watch magazine. the U-whatever one.
hmm.. then went back at around 4 or 5 laa.
do do see see. cant recalled what i'm doing already.
arggh. later after this.. go read pss2 blog.
don't think they will update also laaa.
they now at vivo city.. live...dunno doing what.
btw.. i read pss2 blog to kill time!
wahaha. smart right?
T.T not yet do online homework also.
don't care liao. also cant log in..(but i download liao!)
x)) wahaha. before going to pss2 blog's web.
go "search-dog" music.
just now at channel 54's countdown show..
heard some songs i want de..
one of them is.. GIGI - 原来爱情那么伤
i think its nice laa. T.T
btw..i'm always very slow de okay..
if you heard that song years ago.. don't laugh at me horh.
coz..I'M SLOW.
wahaha. okay. bye peeps.
here wishing you a happy new year and everything went well and smooth.
for those outside working, wish you huat lah !
and for those studying, wish you passfailall subjects lah !
x)) byeeee!

Friday, December 29, 2006

30 DECEMBER 2006

wahaha ~
now recieving 'shi xin hui's cong tai bei dao bei jing' from caroline.
before that.. i'm doing housework with bin!
mop floor and wash toilet.
hungry laaaa. eat abit of the..koko crunch as breakfast nia.
T.T now kor went out to buy lunch.
wahaha. xDDD
then downloading a gameboy advance game only.
coz afew days to doom-day.
so just find some action games to play.
somemore the stupid web.
is got count points de.
1 day give 12 points.
then alot of the nice nice racing car is 30plus.
waste my time one lor.
zzz. nvm. lol. can play can liao ~
minutes later ~ okay. done downloading and extracting files liao.

now playing already. 'F24 Stealth Fighter' is the name ~
wahaha. and listening to the song now. lalala.
byeee ~ lol. xD i go play le ((:

29 DECEMBER 2006

i've not only gain extra weight and dust in this holidays, i also get alot new songs.
today around 11plus.
get the 'music lobang' from bin.
then i started searching and downloading the songs i want.
around 80plus songs i've downloaded for today.
btw.. i'm eating 4 meals one day now.
coz kor at home.
kor at home means.. i sure gain weight.
why? because : kor buy breakfast early in the morning.
kor buy lunch (me no need play war with bin - lazy to buy , see who hungry 1st/buay tahan go buy )
kor buy dinner ( same as lunch )pa and ma buy supper (their 3 meal)see see see..and everytime is hao liao.
T.T cant resist.. argghh.
then never exercise..
24/7 sit infront of comp..type type click click.
won't turn fat then guai.
sch going reopen liaoo. can exercise le ~ xD
okay laaa. i go listen to my new songs liaoo.
btw, enjoy my new blog song.
sang by 洪俊扬 - 独角兽 ((:

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

26 DECEMBER 2006

afternoon went for haircut then bought lunch.
very sad arh.. -.-"
coz the aunty..times and again..cut my hair until very the..
zzz..everytime also need wait very long then can grow back one.
i ask her cut abit can liao. T.T
sian. and i'm gonna complete summon night soon.
and school going to reopen too.
T.T sian. hope everything went smooth and well for next year.
living room tv spoilt. so want watch tv need go parent's room.
and the distance between the bed and the tv is very far la.
sometimes i cant see the subtitles and cant hear what it says.
T_T if only my computer's tv never spoil laaaaa.
most @#$! one is..i dunno how to fix. -.-"
ahhhh. not yet do online homework..
someone faster do then let me copy!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

25 DECEMBER 2006

HoHoHO.. merry christmas! ((:
ohkay..just switch dongli883 to the 6 new songs that bin sent me through sharing folders at msn live. 4 F.I.R songs and 2 is PoT's.
sang by xie ting feng and zhang wei jian.
okay arh..this few days.. very slack lorh.
coz my graphic card got prob..(think so)..
dun have screen mode for anything ~
cant play games.
arghh. hate this kind of things happening during holidays. bian. just play gameboy advance..
then play the summon night.
ehh..completed it at ytd.
then tried summon night 2.
okay..the not as good as SN1.
nevermind..forget it.
then today.woke up already. cleared up and eat my breakfast.
watch the channel 62 movie lorh.
then come back use comp already.
sebas asked me for DotA.
but i cant play. sian lorh.
later see got the requirements for frozen throne anot.
go use papa's comp and download.
still got 75gb space leh!
must waste abit! x)
okay arh. bye peeps.

Friday, December 22, 2006

23 DECEMBER 2006

so fast 23rd december liao T.T"
i not yet enjoyed myself.
sian larh. @#$%^!
-.o ~ listening to dongli883 now!
yay. 1st time larh ~
i mean 1st time afternoon can hear dongli883 ones.
usually is server busy.
cant play. coz alot ppl listening while working, driving.
-__-" hmmm..and playing the sudoko with hj also.
dunno what is it about leh.
very chim -.-"
minutes later ~ yay! complete liao.
lol. it says 'you have completed the puzzle in 13.54 minutes'
-_-" and i just know that i'm doing the puzzle with hj.
not compete against each other. -.-"
hmm..okay..21st december..
watch finish the pss2 results for the revival battle.
then go sleep liao.
in the progress horh..
i was like..cursing those i dun wan them to go in de out leh.
like the drum beating..
then i was'm1!m1!m1!'
something liddat lorh.
in the end.. really is the 2 i wanted to go in to went in leh.
the daren and carrie.
rofl. then ah..i slept for 2 days without on-ing my air-con!
yays ~ -.-"
very cold lorh. at night.
when i on my fan and open my windows..
T.T" unlike my stupid air-con!
sometimes so hot one.
zzzz. arghh.
i go find things to do liao.

bye peeps!~
oh ya ~ some extras for you peeps ~

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

20 DECEMBER 2006

update time ~
okay ~ i'm gonna tell you peeps what i've been doing for this 3-4 days.
i chiong-ed 'Proud of Twins/小鱼儿 与 花无缺'
total of 40 espisode.
27 disc.
ehhh..start watching from espisode 8/10.
its nice larhh. lol.
plus very funny also.
u watch will watch until very peh chek one.
some part is laugh until stomach pain.
other part is touch until cry.
lol. oh ya. as usual.
i'm listening to dongli883's 夜猫家族 again ~
wahaha. but today is the guy take shift leh.
i want shi han.
her's more interesting.
this guy i hear till want sleep siah.
-_-" and and and. today ~ not only i finish the last 4 espisode of PoT.
also went for dental appointment. damn stupid plus dumb de alarm clock..didn't rang.
so i woke up at 9.25.
and appointment time is on 10.15.
so..bin woke me up.
so i jump and rush rush rush.
then around 9.45..went out.
coz very late liao.
so find cab.
1st one come..nobody de. but never saw us.
so nvm lorh. wait and wait. then nvm. say go take mrt liao.
then cross until 900plus there...saw a unhired taxi.
so got into it...and head over to outram park liao.
-__-" sibei lorh. i car-sick.
lol. coz traffic jam.
plus most stupid one is.. the taxi driver..
drive without using common sense.
obviously..lane 1 is the fastest lane liao.
he still purposely stay at lane 2 and "snailed" behind the damn lorry.
-____-" nvm ~ so..reach at 10.25 liddat.
then went in. changed to purple colour braces.
hmmm..not really like this purple.
coz.. i want de is dark purple.
lol. nvm ` dun care.
then mrt-ed back to yishun.
bought lunch at 900plus.
then walk home.
after that watch PoT lorh.
argghhh. everytime i watch show horh.
i mostly will touch until cry de leh.
T.T very 'shi bai' lorh.
-_-" sian. aiya. now my scv dun have channel 55.
alot nice hongkong shows i cant watch sia.
need wait the stupid channel 8 and 9 buy over.
damn mediacorp.
-____-" always pick those stupid plus cheap korean shows.
i hate their voice larhhhhh. the dual sound.
-___-" blast it.
zzzzz. lol. hmmm.. what else.
oh ya. either 25th or 26th, going for haircut.
cant probably go school with my current hairstyle.
so un-school-style.
not yet flip flip my books also.
gonna do it..2 days or 3 days later bah.
T_T ~ okay. bye peeps ~
btw, who got SHE's 怎么办 and 周杰伦's 黄金甲 to send me? ~ ((:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

17 DECEMBER 2006

hi all peeps!
long time no see!
lol. long time no use comp for me ~
now i'm typing like snail sia.
fingers all stiff stiff one.
zzz....this 3-5 days..
never use dao comp..
watching tv whole day longs.
then 14 december 2006.
my grandma passed away.
then go for her funeral lorh.
no need me elaborate right? ~
sian lorh.. this few days..
everytime stay at home..
not watch tv jiu shi eat liao.
tv tv eat eat..
sooner or later i'll become back to a potato-version-pig.
then still got 8 pieces of online homework to do.
all so much one lorh.
sian larhh.
then no games to play also.
all those games i also dun have screen mode.
toot one lahhh. -_-"
siann ~ then 20th dec going to outram park.
got dental appointment.
T.T okay laaa.
i nothing else to blog liaoo.
tag arhh ~ =.="

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

13 DECEMBER 2006

sibei moody now.
my damn computer..dunno what happen.
dunno which programme kenna uninstalled away by me. -.-"
now i cant play anything liao.
cant open frozenthrone, maplestory, half-life 2 and alotalot.
so i just uninstalled away alot rubbish larh.
coz quite useless also. and some cant use liao.
rubbish like; warcraft3 - frozen throne, audition, switch, wavepad, spyware blaster, limewire(i dunno how to use this chimchim thingy!) and...gunz.
sian larh. then brought my books yesterday.
dunno when then got the mood go flipflip and see sia.
and and and..dunno why.. my thigh always like kenna stretch dao one.
everytime also pain. stupid one.
sian larh!
don't come disturb me at msn also ah.
i block plus delete whoever comes talk to me now.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

10 DECEMBER 2006

yo peeps!
long time no blog worh.
any of you misses me?
lol. i know you miss me very very much larh ((:
no need say, i know you're shy.
hmm..okay ah..this few days..didn't blog, reason got 1.
its that i'm just too bored and got nothing much to blog about.
ehh..main & key point, i'm lazy. (=
then if you're wondering why i'm blogging now..
the answer equal : i got nothing better to do!
hmm.. okay larh. tomorrow..afternoon..maybe going out with bin and pa-ma.
go dunno-where to apply for changing of the company's address.
stupid one larh. the government people..
coz that time pa and ma went to the 'place' and apply for changing of address marh.
then they dunno how to change marh. coz they say MUST use computer change de.
sibei mafan larh. talk about it, i also dulan liao.
forget it. switch topic.
i haven't buy my damn year 2007 school books larh!
sian. left afew more days then no more sell le.
then somemore, got some i don't know need buy one anot leh.
some stationaries..also dunno what are those.
sibei peh chek sia. zzz...
still got 1 pile of 'receipts' that i promised mum to help her stack up.
according to the companies.
arggh. then got so many damn online homework in edulearn to do.
!@#$%!@#$%!@$% ~
how i wish someone would hack into their system and delete all those homeworks. =x
argggghhh. okay larh. i got nothing much to blog le larh.
just wish you peeps, will enjoy the 1x more days of holidays.
not forgetting to work extra harder after school reopen too~ ((:
bye and remember to tag ((:
and i'll update whenever i feels like ~ =)

Monday, December 4, 2006

05 . 12 . 2oo6 % !@#$%^&* %

aiyo ~ ytd..lazy update.
so now i update.
ytd..morning..woke up late again.
but i'm not late lah.
meeting sebas under my block.
with kiaseng and yuxiang too.
then i woke up at 7.15.
but my damn alarm clock..stuck at 6.05
-_____-" zzzzz. heng i got another one.
then ah.. i rush rush rush..go down..
then wait awhile..never see yuxiang..
so no wait liao. walk to yishun stadium.
okay. wait and wait..for 45 minutes liddat.
mr wEE finally reach ~.~
then take test.
zzzzzz. 100m.
to get stage 1 = 15 seconds
stage 2 = 14 seconds
stage 3 = 13 seconds and below.
zzzzz. i failed. lol.
our 87th, only elden passed.
lolszz. then 400m.
i dun tink got ppl pass?
lol. 1
i not sure.
only know when i'm still quite far from the finishing line..
somebody say 6 seconds left. -_-"
ok. then went home liao. zz. nothing to do.
slack slack awhile. go maple ~ lol.
then play awhile..dota. then wanted to play gunz.
but cant. then i installed audition back ~
then can play liao. dun feel like playing le.
coz NJK went offline ~
arggh. then as usual la. dinner..then tvtv. until 9pm.
go back maple awhile..blahblahblah.
zzzzz. okay.
now..its today.
around 10.20, i woke up!
then i want to get up from my bed.
but i cant. both of my having a cramp..or what?
i dunno ~ cant get up. very pain.
zzzzzz. then i sms kor..ask him come help
he busy playing WoW..
only drop me a medicated oil and walk away liao.
T.T" but then..i rub rub rub..awhile then i slowly get up le.
okay larh.
i'm going to sit on my chair all the way until someone ask me to get up.
i not scare of dying of thirst..
coz got 1litre full of water bottle infront of me. =xxxxx
okay! its game time. go try gunz.
if still cant play, i go find sebas for dota.
if he dun wan...i find njk for audition..
if he busy.. i go play maple ~
see see see! i'm so organised.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

03 . 12 . 2oo6 % leech leech %

arggh. tada ~
lol. just replied to a tag in my deadbox.
hmm. wondering who is that -.-~~~
hmm. while blogging, i'm also leeching in maple too.
lol. nothing to do.
so play back maple.
wahaha. grrz.
stupid gunz. dunno why.
keep on check check check.
zzzzz. then then then..dota.. nobody to play with.
yuhang and guangzheng online
but dunno doing what sia.
zzzzz. nvm. zzz.
tmr have the.zzz..athletics badge test also.
zzzzz. dunno need do what de.
only know that .. need go yishun stadium.
then kiaseng,yuxiang and sebas will be going to under my block.
to meet me. then walk to yishun stadium.
okay. dun say its far coz its damn near larh.
walk before. primary 6 that time...zzz.
sports day...missing the school bus..
in the end follow hung swee walk all the way there.
lol. so fun sia. in the end.. kenna punish sweep classroom 1 whole week.
-____-" lol ~ xDD hmm.
sian larhh. i tink will fail leh.
my right leg's heel orh cheh.
zzzzz. knock dao. sian. now i vampire walking.
really lame liao lorh.
zzzzzzzz ARGH. -.-"
think i going to buy books next week.
if not need next year buy liao.
zzzzzzzzzz ok la. end of zz-ing.
i'm off. ~ (:

Friday, December 1, 2006

01 . 12 . 2oo6 % (: %

december liao!
this post is for ytd's.
okay. i forget what i did yesterday liao.
zzzz. was slacking whole day long is all i know.
around 7plus, went out with my family to...the dunno what hospital.
go see grandma ( father's side ).
coz she kenna stroke marh.
then ah.. blahblahblah larh.
after visiting, went to cash out at near golden mall, then go maxwell.
after that..go to the..outram park there..the hawker centre eat.
eat until very full and shuang. then went home.
use comp slack again until 2plus. go sleep.
-____-" sian. not yet buy books.
not yet done online homework.
lazy to get out of my house / room / sitting position now.
zzzzzzzzzzzzz. stupid bin! keep on ask me buy lunch.
I LAZY EAT/BUY larhhhhhhhhh! -________-"