Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31 JANUARY 2007

received alot of complains...
that.. i love to post long long entries.
okay... fine then. i shall post short short entries..wait longLONG.((:
that u can surely finish reading in less than 30 seconds time.
((: hmm. ytd's 1st.
ytd..was alvin and jingsheng's birthday.
so..happy belated birthday ahaha.
coz i ytd lazy to update la. =x
hmm. and what uh. yeah. stayed back after sch.
and blahblahblah.
then went for AQ training.
my timing improved larh.
47plus become 42plus.
((: and i didn't injured myself today!
no sprains.. no muscle cramp.
ahaha. xDDDDDDDDD. i love this way mann..
and.. guess what..
I'M LAST AGAIN. T.T i don't take kianwei as a human okay.
3 ppl didn't finish the run. T.T cannot say who! dun make them ps.
then after water parade and blahblahblah.
we celebrated alvin and js's birthday! 16th and 14th respectively.
hmmm. and long long story la. ahaha.
okay.. for today....hmm.
forgot what happen already la. haha. bluff u one! i lazy type only!
lol. only remember that i want to sleep now.
okay... for 3 days..already..that i never do my homework at all.
T.T diediedie.ahaha.
oh yaaa. remember already.
after sch, stayed back again in sch..
for 3 days.. i stayed back in sch and
go home late at 7plus/6plus already...
ahaha. ya.. stay for what? for soccer match!
i mean.. to watch. ahaha.
omggg. all so pro! T.T
lols. then what uh..die. i forgot.
okay. nvm.. i cut off their legs can liao!
this post... very short right? ((:
pleased with it? if yes, tag and tell me!
if no, tag and scold! ((: xDDD

so..diedie also must tag okay.
i dont care.
hmm.. ahaha. okay laaa.
i'm off ~ ((: BYEEEE PEEPS. ((:

Monday, January 29, 2007

29 JANUARY 2007

ahaha. 10 10 10 10 ~ ((: WHY YOU ALL KNOW MY SECRET!
dorts. lame. ahaha. =x

hmm. okay! today was okayokay larh!
ahaha. morning.. go sch with fel. kenna spotted by ek,rc,dg,sebas!
hmm. then uh. go TAF with feb. lol. shyt siah.
only 6 or 5 days never run niah.
cant run liao. my knee and ankle joints all very hard.
all stuck one lorh =.=
sian....ahaha. then go sch.
blahblahblah. went back class. and go for science lessons.
after 2 period of science lessons..go back classroom to put books.
okay.. on my way back..ahaha. alot ppl say 'hi' to me.. lol
then when i reach classroom.. i asked jingsheng :
'how many ppl said "hi" to me uh? ahaha '

lols. oh no. what else.
oh yeah. go for art lessons.
OMG LARH. ahaha. keep on tok and tok lorh.
then made madam lim dulan times and again.
ahaha. then need to hand in the WORK TMR.
shyt siahhhh. i lazy do.
muahhaa. okay. went for recess. WTF LORH!
my class seat kenna taken by the girls from #2 GG again.
sit/spread until the whole table is their ppl lorh = . = "
hmm.. then eateateat. clar keep on come tok to me.
zzz. then i eat finish that time.. nobody left at the canteen liao.
all gone liao. ehh left abit la. left #1 GG.
hmm. then go hall.
lol lorh. i still wiping the water on my face. giving the stupid face.
ahaha. then my classmate saw. say i 'idiot siah, wensheng'
=.=" lol. coz everyone sit there sit until guaiguai.
then i walk in wipe wipe face. lol zz
hmm oh.. then go back classroom. take pen.
go back hall.. for the project work talk.
lol laaaaa. sit beside js and leon (left and right respectively)
then leon toktoktok(RUBBISH!) then i use pen poke him.

then js also toktoktok.. then i shoot him back. lol.
then tok and tok. until he diamdiam.
then he disiao me. i use pen poke him.
then i see him playplay with my shoe..
then i saw liao.. he drawing my damn shoe
= . =" using his damn pen! zzz
so i poke him. then he poke me back.
my one very sharp. so he bleed liao LOL.
yay! i win! lol. then what.. he draw me..zz i also draw him.
play hand-fight.. i sure win one.
ahaha. like the hand-shake game i also win one!
muahaha. then i draw his hand until like tattoo liddat lorh.
lol. then i go back classroom liao right.
dunno why. feel like playing prank.
then guess what i do! guess correct no prize! ((:
ahaha. after taking the wet tissue

from amendeep to wipe my shoe right.
the stain got cleaned off larh.
then i pretend not yet clean off.
then i bad mood bad mood liddat.
then he say what i poke him bleed mah.
coz he bleed. means i disadvantage liao.
so i pretend say my shoe cant be cleaned off.
then scold scold la. ahaha. then i walk go throw the tissue right.
whoever stands in my way right.. all kenna scold by me la.
then their face all is ' =.=" zzzz. '
lols. so fun laa. then i go back my seat liao right..
zhiyong(the guy sitting beside me)
and cecilia(the girl sitting beside js)...,
they shift their table until very far laaaa.
like last time when me and js fight lor.
lol. sibei funny la. both of them.
like those cartoon liddat. see they scold and fight.
then move the table away liao. lolz.
omg. i think this post gonna be long la.
AHAHA. enjoy reading kay. its bedtime story! ((:
hmm.. then ah. dunno what la. i juz crush his paper =X

his art...oops =x
oh no. dunno why he not angry one leh. ahaha.
then after that ah....PW over.. lol.
then mother tongue...
tcher lame lor. keep on ask me questions.
then all sibei easy one. like wasting my time lorh!
= . = ! #$%^&*@!
hmm. ahaha. then uh.. is...lit!

monalisa never come! then a relief tcher come take lorh.
OMG LAAA. he cant take jokes.
stupid. he still tot i going to whack yx siah.
ahaha. he dunno 2G1 is unlike from 2G2 that....
we play can play until very siao.
we joke can joke until very kisiao. and sometimes even got frozen.
and.. when its time to study..we can be very very serious.
although..during history test... i'm machiam playing with myself lor.
zzzzzzzzz. STUPID LA. all so serious. all the face.. like..
"i must score fullmarks!

= . = lorhhhhh. then..before the test start right..
there we go laming again!
ahaha. 1st shouts : postpone to friday! postpone! postpone! postpone!
2nd shouts : postpone to nextweek! next week! next week! next week!
3rd shouts : northbrooks sucks! nb sucks! nb sucks! nb sucks!
last shouts : FAIRUZ SUCKS!(tcher name!) fairuz sucks x3!

lol. dorts siahhh. then suddenly all diamdiam liao.
coz tcher give paper le =.=
ahaha. =x then dunno how to do la.
after that..go toilet.
then go canteen liao!
((: slack awhile. then go in for meeting.
not yet started.
so go streetsoccer court play awhile.
ahaha. then go for meeting.
paid $36 for the jersey.
then blahblahblah. do homework.
only wrote my name. and afew sentences for 1hour plus.
ahaha. then go back kick soccer.
awhile later. fel came back la.
won by 1 point. ahaha.
then blahblahblah.
chats and all tis.
then alvin and fel went home together.csm and mrs csm
ahaha. after that.. .. BLAHBLAHBLAH.
haha. will say after tomorrow ((:
LOL. remind me kay.
and i'm wet laaaaaaaaa. lols.
hmm. the most i can say is....
there is 8 idiots staying back in the school until 7plus then go home.
the 8 idiots are..........
ahaha. =x okay laaaaaa. tmr got AQ trainning.
ahaha. tired. very very tired now T.T
i want to sleep.
sigh. got literature homework.
got english homework.
got geog homework.
i all not yet done la.
OH YA. still got art homework.
sighhhh. BTW.. juz now.. go home that time..
miss lee saw me.. then say 'wensheng, its good that i see some improvement in you. that you have the motivation to do your work ((:'
AHAHA. lol xD. i handed in the 'late-by-3weeks-work'
ahaha. =x ok laaaa. i go slack liao.
lol. okay bye peeps! ((: BEFORE I WASH IT FOR YOU ((:

Sunday, January 28, 2007


yo peeps.
okay..gort alot alot alot of homeworks to do larh.
lazy to do.. has been slacking since 2pm..
after i close my ROTK9 to go to msn. =.=
ahaha. ytd.. so weird..
and i found out something!
joel loves to send stupid and lame smses.
he total send me of 3 or 4 already T.T
those very lame one like.. save paper..say no to exams..
and.. some others la. forget liao
all delete already =x
and..ytd BB was fine laaa. T.T
morning go sch.. then put bag all this.
coz not yet 9am..
then sit there lorh... then engkiong..
take my 'put-badge-thingy- go see.
then help me rearrange..
lol.. after he done rearranging...jiagui says cannot..
must blablabla.. omg siah. they 2 de system diff de.
then i kenna hamburger again T.T
then went up lorh..sit infront of gb and gg.
then 'yanrun' keep on turns his back to gg and chat with them.
zzzz. then somemore speaks in
a so called 'high class gentlemen' style.
make my hair stand lorh. zz buaytahan =.=
then ho peng kee come liao. made us wait for very long la.
zzz... then give the prizes to the small little champions.
out of 10-20 prizes given out..only 6 people taking them.
T.T they like playing among themselves one lorh.
somemore all is from chongfu.
zzz... anyhow one -.-"
then when they go demostration right..
i overheard the parent and the kiddo's conversation lor.
those winners like all from rich family background one lor.
then all the parents like highclass highclass one.
gold necklace here pearl earrings there.
then wear until like going club or what liddat.
then the parents like..telling the child..
what..better play properly dun make her lose face or whatever.
then the child like juz 'okok'ing away.
like those stressful kids in the tv lorh... =.=
if u dun get what i mean, its okay.
i admit that its really quite complicated.
as u noe, i'm bad in vocabs la.
hmmm so what else.
oh yeah, after the event..went down to canteen and change to PT-KIT.
then proceed to streetsoccer court for games.
wahaha. then what... ehh.. then dismissal lorh.
went home with fel. (coz same way. dun anyhow think. she is mrs csm)
ahaha. =x hmm. then uh... do nothing la. slack and slack.

then in the night... pei fel wait for CSM ALVIN to online.
lol. then she waited for 2 hours lorh..
of coz.. made me pei her for 2 hours also =.=
then ah.. i went to sleep liao.
morning. wake up... then go see channel u..
but then dun have...pss2 preview thingy siah.
dunno why... =.=
siann. then go use comp.
nobody online!
then go play ROTK9...
although 12's out...but i prefer 9 to 12/11/10 siah.
((: hmm... what else.. dunno already la. ahahaha.
go do homework liao.. sighh T.T
nahh.. this is something for you peeps to feed your eyes!
if you're clever, you'll get the secret hidden inside the picture. ((:

Friday, January 26, 2007

26 JANUARY 2007

i'm wet.. wahaha.
so long never play until so wet liao leh.
although i'm the driest among they all!
wahaha. after sch..go do the BB notice board.
then done at around 3..
play soccer with ek , alvin , sebas , gz and damien
until 6plus then go home.
together with 3 more taggers, jolene , clar and fel.
today is the day which i saved most balls siah!
T.T i everytime become goalkeeper one lorh.
coz i dunno how to dribble ball..wahaha.
not so pro like them la.. all pattern more than badminton one.
okay laaaaaaaa. this is a VERY SHORT post!
i'll now go fold my sleeves for tmr's BB!
((: wahaha. so.. i shall end with a DORT.
*btw juz now go home..walking behind fel and alvin..
find them very pei siah. =x *

Thursday, January 25, 2007

25 JANUARY 2007

tricking people again with fel now.
ahaha. x)) hmmm.
today's PE was okay la.
playing captain ball with the girls.
omg laaa. all bully one.
T.T especially that big bad wolf...
keep on press on me when he's on top of the chair..
T.T 1 hour and 9 minutes later.......
its 10.42 now...
just done chatting with the 2G2s . .
omg. i'm so extra la. zz. sian.
and.. dunno why..
after everyone left..
my mood went down ...
zzzzz sian. now sibei low siah.
no mood update le.
so i juz anyhow lorh.
juz now around 5..
go do hanger with yx la.
just do a simple one lorh.
then now . . . i going to sleep liao la.
coming sat got parade..actually must wear mufti with shoe de.
just now mr khoo during d&t room tell me that i'll be wearing FULL-U and go hall at 8.30 for the-dunno-what lorh.

sian. sighh. feel like sleeping now la.
closing my eyes to update now =.="
okay la. enuff liao. bye peeps. (:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

24 JANUARY 2007

my waist.. pain like siao larhh. *ta-ma-de-siao-larh*
okay..morning wake up that time..i cant even come up lorh.

coz too pain liao larhhhh...
then go sch.. and everything's same.
tuesday... went for AQ trainning.
then is 6.8 laaa. then i pia lorh.
timing is 47.00plus larh.
its super long lorh.
but nvm la. i don't compare myself with the others.
coz i know myself very well. i'm from TAF de okay.
cannot expect much.
so.. i over-piaed larh.
sprain my waist. then now leh..
siann. tmr PE cannot go... AQ training also cant go.
ARGHHHHH. siansiansian.
T.T the d&t de hanger not yet do..
sian. stupid monkey
keep on go play badminton.
also know will lose liao still play.
zzzzz. somemore take the straws dun wan give me.
zzzzzzzz. sian. arghh.
now got so many homework to do siah.
=.= then the science homework.. most zz one laaaa.
i not yet read the 1st worksheet then miss lee give me 3rd worksheet liao.
ZZZZZZ larhhhh. stupid. -.-" i go do liao larh.
please bless me that my waist will recover ASAP ! T.T

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
view 1 of floods in yishun park.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
view 2 of floods in yishun park.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is my bb recruitment poster
on A4 size paper - part 1

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is my bb recruitment poster
on A4 size paper - part 2

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is my bb recruitment poster
on A4 size paper - part 3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is my bb recruitment poster
on A3 size paper - part 1

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is my bb recruitment poster
on A3 size paper - part 2

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is my bb recruitment poster
on A3 size paper - part 3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is both my A4 and A3 recruitment poster! ((:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my .. badges!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
close up!
ahaha. now i know what bin means by.. 满足感 ..
lol.. the things i obtain myself going through everything..
really got the......' man zu gan' larhhh.
my english no good. don't know how to say.
don't laugh lor. ahaha. ((:

Friday, January 19, 2007

20 JANUARY 2007

today very happy arh.
LOL, my BB right.. i from 2 badges became 9 badges.
ahaha. xDDDDD.
then today's parade was okay larh.
not that slack. then after that, went for devotion.
then went to humanities had some
combined activities with the GB.
very what lorh.. the last game . . .
i was chosen by my be wrapped.. with the.. plastic thingy.
then i spin until i nearly lose my balance and fall siah.
after i was wrapped up...(shoulder to ankle)
the other 3 teams not yet done siahh!
see see see... i so enthu right!
hmm after that ah..

stayed inside the humanities room for.. AGM!
ahahaaaaa. csm become zhengyu!
then dy became weeyong! *boo! not sebas!*
squad leader and all this didn't change..

just SL become ASL.
then ASL become SL.
T.T then...kiaseng and sebas..
got other jobs lorh. i got nothing.
boo! x)) then give out badges time.
AHAHA. i recieved 7 !
xDDDD from 2 become 9.
will show you all the pictures later.. at 'PICTURE POST'
:DDDD wahaha. then .. what else.
oh ya.. handed up my 3 bagdework liao.
please wish me good luck getting the 4 badges!
=DDDDDDDDDD i want many many badges.
muahahaha. T.T
then what else uh!
what what what else?!
hmmm ~ i dun think have already.
stay tune for my PICTURE'S POST! ((:

19th JANUARY 2007

okay! finally done my badgework.
all 4 done.
but i think i will only get 2/4 badges larh.
coz got 2 not up to standard.
and.. from what my sirs said... its not strict for stage 1 . . .
so i think can pass for the other 2 bahh.
sighh. tmr got AGM.. muahaha..
dont know who will be new CSM siahh.
maybe never change?..
ahaha. but surely change one laaaaa.
alvin become csm for very long already.
then who will be new squad leader for david(my squad)
?!?!.. i think is sebastian.

then assistant is yuxiang.
wahaha. then i free liao.
but even if i become assistant also nvm..
coz sebastian never miss any parades.
so i no need scare i won't be able to cope with the drills thingy.
coz squad leader's drills thingy very messy one.
i dunno what they doing lorh..
the command.. somemore very !#$%@ one.
hmm.. what else.
oh ya... gonna sleep soon..
coz tmr need early wake up.
actually gz and damien ask me go eat breakfast with them de.
at 400plus.
but then.. i want sleep.
they ask me reach at 7.30
but i most probably wake up at 7.30 larhh.
so . . . not going liao.
ahaha. hmm... then i most probably will
be buying my breakfast at block 654 then eat at sch larh...
ehhh.. and... tmr.. i dunno how to go sch siahh.
i mean.. with my . . . A3 size paper.. and my all those things.
-.-" if rain..MORE CHAM LARH.
heng kor at home.. he can drive me to sch.. muahaha.
but still kenna rain one lorh..
-.-" okay larhh. i go sleep liao.
if not i tmr sure faint one.
i mean.. fall asleeep during parade.
= . = shhh:csm also not yet sleep! orh hor. bad example.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17th JANUARY 2007

okay.. gonna rush rush rush.
hmm... please ignore my tagbox okay..
ahaha. i know its lame. .but thats how we communicate.
x)) hmm.. okay.. now got 2 set of worksheets in hand.
1 is english..eye-witness-compo. and.. 1- 7 pages science worksheet.
!#$%@ lorh ! 2G2 dun have that worksheet one..
want copy also cannot T.T
okay ah..tmr have AQ training again..
don't think can break record lorh.
the more i run.. the slower my record gets.
everytime run finish then rain..
cannot run halfway then 'going to rain'
!#$%@ lorhhh. zzz. okay ahhh.
then what uh.. omg.. so short siah.. my this entry..
ehhhh... got what to add in..
OH YARH. my BB . . . not yet done finish siahhh.
the recruitment poster.. need to be done on A3 paper.
in other word.. its on a drawing block size paper.
then i do on A4...
anyone with a brain and with a little
tiny bit of common sense will get what i mean.
freak lorh. troublesome.
heh.. jk. hmm..
okay ahhh. needa start doing liao.
if not later i cant sleep..
or tmr not enough sleep..
then i will be closing my eyes running for my PE lessons liao.
!!!!!! ahhhhh. bye peeps.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

14 JANUARY 2007

okay.. before i go sleep with my incomplete work..
i'm here to blog!
wahaha.don't know why.. today i feels so high..
maybe mogu not online..then i can jump higher.
so i feels higher.
blarawh. its craps okay. ignore it please.
hmmm. okay ah.. today.. afternoon..
never go out buy model with sebas and yx.
coz yx say he want to eat then go out.
then me and sebas dulan him. so never go.
then i draw the logo halfway.
sebas call me.. ask me how to do..
then i tell him lorh.
ask him put the paper on the screen..
with the logo blahblahblah..
in the end.. he done liao.. i not yet paint finish.
zzz lorh. 2G2 really 2G2 larhh..
do what also faster de.
T.T okay ah..then.. tomorrow.. see how sebas wan lor.
coz the simple model..i ask the seniors..
they say is .. buy at popular..
then join them up.. then sebas say wan ownself make..
so i see 1st lorh.after that..
he pei me go yishun park find leaves lorh.
as collection... (lie to them! x)))
actually he also doing with me de.
then he found shells.
see.. this call good buddy okay.
NPCC AND NCC don't have such brotherhood one.
okay.. enough of the advertising part
here comes the most touching part..
after that.. he pei-ing me go NORTHPOINT.
buy shoe.. school shoe...
THEN THEN THEN..pei me go popular again!
only BB got this kind of brotherhood de okay!
so join BB is the right choice!
BB is the place to be! yeah! *clap* *clap*
= . = okay... i know its lame..
but..i don't want my post to be shortshort.
xDDDDD.. okay..what else...YEAH.
i done 1/4 of my BB project.yeah... so called project.
left 3 more to go larhhhh.
okay.. i'm dreaming again.
hmmm.. what else! oh yeahhhh.
i'm doing finish my history work already! while blogging.
:DD and and and.. today.. so shuang ahh..
so many ppl come chat with me..
when i'm doing my work.
ahaha. if not i sleep halfway doing liaoooo.
=DDD then.. what else.. omg..oh yarhh..
i got alot of school project not yet done..
d&t .. and.. literature..the book.. i not yet read also.
but i know the summary liao.
he like her..
she like him..
then he die..
she die with him.
i know it even i never read.
ehhhhh.. its getting more and more lame.
omggggg. and and art..
i dunno what to draw on my art folio la.
if i really cant tink out of anything..
i tink i'm drawing my BB logo.
WAHAHA. then i bring it around. the sec1 boys.. see liao..
all quit npcc, redcross and ncc..then come join..
WAHAHA.then when they introduce themself..
they say 'wensheng's artwork too nice, i cant i join'
WAHAHA. then i...*PIAK*
*yawnn* oops.x))))) OKAY. END OF POST.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 JAN 2007

wahaha, just done visiting all my links.
okay.. tommorrow..gonna rush work already.
today's parade..was so damn slack larh.
but get to know the sec1s better already.
only get to remember 3/5 of the boy's name.
but pass right? :D
hmm.. then.. few minutes before dimissal..
recieve a paper ah.. then on top is the syllabus for all the stages larh.
got arts, craft, hobbies and naturaist.
then tomorrow.. i'm gonna start doing liao.
1st is the art's, 'drawing of a BB Recruitment poster with 3 colours.'
2nd is crafts, 'a simple model of any venicle or action hero with/without paint.'
3rd 'hand in any one of the collections below with a 150-words write-up on your collection:
stamp collection, coin collection , phonecard collection
or collections of any kind that is of good nature'

then 4th... but i'm not gonna do larh..
coz.. its HARD larh.
its.. naturalist.. need to 'hand in any one of the collections below with a 150-word write up: wild flowers, leaves of trees, insects, rocks, fossils , shells, birds , any breed of animals or fish.
hmm.. so for the 2nd one.. i think maybe going to northpoint or wherever to buy ah.
simple simple one can liao.
going with sebas , yuxiang and jingsheng.
if they're going larh.
if they dun wan.. then i also dunno how liao.
i hate to go out alone larhh.
i need ppl pei de... xD
hmm.. then what else ahh.. i dunno already larhhh.
the schoolwork.. zzz..
alot to do larhhhh. sian.
then .. my school shoe .. below no friction.
my sports shoe.. thrown away. coz below the rubber dropped out.
now i cant walk with my normal speed.
the most 30% coz i scare fall down.. T.T
then everytime i walk.. got a chance of 45% i will slip and fall..
very xinku lehhh.
okay... tomorrow..going to dig my money also liao.
to buy myself a sportshoe and schoolshoe.
but.. i dunno what to buy!
any suggestion T.T
i sucks at choosing things.
AND.. my stationaries.. i not yet got a time to buy them all.
i dun have..the correction tape! dun have eraser!
wtf lorhh.. i go sch without having them. very 'shi bai' right?
T.T stupid larhhhhhh. then then then.. my leg..still aching..
dunno when then will recover..
and and and...the stupid sch...damn wols larhhhh.
not yet say who in TAF and who's not.
i want to exercise!
hope that this year's TAF programme won't be as slack and 'FUN' as last year.
what else? what else? what else?
shyt larhhh. i cant sleep.. and i don't want to do anything now.
coz just now 3plus sleep until 6.40.
then now i not very tired leh.
~!@#$%^&* larhhhhh.
someone come chat with me at msn...
okay ah.. thats all for this entry.
stay tune! and tag! coz its dead.
btw! someone came to chat with me liao..

Friday, January 12, 2007

12 JANUARY 2007

wee ~ update time! =DDDDDD
ahaha.. today its BB day!
morning.. tot i'm going to be late liao leh..
coz like.. already 6.40..
then rainning..quite heavily..
if i take bus.. sure late one..
so i take the big big umbrella.. then go sch...
omg la... so freaky lor.. the yishun park.. in the morning that time..
coz rainning.. nobody walk one.. then the stupid guppo..
so noisy...the sound like.. whereever i walk.. same volume one..
so creepy laaaaaaa. my hair stand liao lorrr -.-"
ok.. nvm.. then ah.. check attire for awhile..
then went up liao..
cannot stand on stage coz will block..
so stand on steps..
the space left is 'negative' de lor..
in other words.. not enuff space liao -.-"
then.. singing national anthem, say pledge and brooksian anthem that time hor.. coz must turn and face the screen mah..

then me and those infront of me de ppl hor..
all like trembling sia... coz .. dunno why..
i think becoz stand until very umcomfortable bah...
lol ~ then uh.. wear the uniform the whole day la..
my class de idiots..keep on make fun of my uniform sia..
zzz lorh.. -.-" lol.. nvm.. i got 'feng du' de....
hmm.. then what uh.. oh..
after sch ah.. go home.. then change and went for science centre trip thingy lorhh.. then raining again la..
i no time go change umbrella..
so take the big big umbrella i took to sch in the morning lorhh.
then go liao.. came back... rain again larhh.
den..i abit.. very shame lorh..
coz .. i see alot of girls no umbrella de..
then walk until like no rain liddat.
then i use that..damn big de umbrella...
T.T ahaha.. dun care ah.. they stupid ma..
this kind of weather no bring umbrella.. x))
hmm.. what else...oh yaaaaa.
tmr got bb!
for the sec1 de..
sian.. my leg still aching..
coz thursday de AQ training..
ahaha.. me same as randy..
go AQ training not wanting to join.. but just cut down fats!
=DDDDD btw..dunno why the tcher
still not yet say who in TAF and who's not..
very what one leh...T.T
okay ah.. i go chat chat awhile then sleep liao! =DDDDDD

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


laahh ~ to keep my blog alive.. i've decided to blog!
wahaha.. okay ah.. don't care my tagbox ah..
i don't want care liao..
hmm.. ytd ah.. at around 11.45pm hor..
don't know what happen la.. blogger cant go..
then blogspot also cant enter.
so.. cant post liao.. and went to sleep.
2am plus.. woke up.. cant sleep leh..
then head pain.. pianggz.
coz i afternoon sleep too much..
okay.. today ah.. everything normal laaaa.
then tmr.. thursday.. got.. AQ training at 4pm.
friday.. its BB day.. need wear full-u go sch..
and NEED to reach sch at 6.40.. T.T
then...saturday.. got BB..
for the new sec ones.. but then.. sighh.. less than 10 will go la.
-_-" okay ah.. i waiting for 8 more minutes..
to 7pm! so i can watch my 'lady fan' .. then 8pm!
go watch PSS2!
then then then.. go channel 56 watch 'tian cai go go go'
wahaha... 9.35 liddat then go back room..
pack bag.. then.. what?..
SLEEP. ((:
so good night! -.-" lame..
dot.. okay ah.. bye peeps.
tag if you pity me!
don't tag also nvm.. i don need ur pity!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

07 JANUARY 2007

hmm.. just finish reading the new blogger features..
sounds good.. lol.
okay ah.. few minutes ago i was reading my history textbook..
then nearly fell asleep... so i went to mama room to watch tv..
then switch and switch.. searching for nice tv shows to watch!
in the end.. stopped at channel52 ~
a new show.. hosted by jiu kong and hong du la si.
then watch till it finish lor.. and here i'm blogging.
wahaha. okay ah.. ytd is like.. the whole day.. wasted liddat.
T.T coz morning went for BB at 7.15.
reach sch already late..
then they had already done preparing and decorating the tables..(actually my duty)
x)) then go join in the drills for awhile.
then go out sit there already.
coz i'm not in drill teams. just sub.
then sit sit look look lorh.
wait very very veryyyyy long larh.
then finally class by class came.
tok to them until want die liao in the end only like 7 of them wrote their names..
pianggz larh. heng got the primers come ah.. if not.. finish le.
but then jiagui not there.. if not more persuading lorh.
hmm.. then ah.. after that.. went home liao ah..
1st thing reach home jiu shi chiong to bath then sleep and rest liao.
okay ah.. didn't stay for campfire. sian larhhhh.
nothing to do.. even got things to do .. i also lazy to do larh.
sighh. life's getting boring......

Friday, January 5, 2007

05 JANUARY 2007

okay.. turning in soon..
if not tmr wun have energy for the long day ah..
morning.. 7.15 to 5.30 got boys brigade.
the stupid sec1 orientation thingy laaa. -_-"
still got campfire at 10.30 siah.
heng i no need stay back for it sia..
oh ya.. today.. lessons is as usual.. very boring la..
want sleep liao. then after sch.. wait from 12.50 liddat until 2plus liddat
then they say got drills.. 1st thing come to my mind..
"i want to ponteng!"
i hate drills most de lorh... turn bang turn bang turn bang..
T.T" argghh. then heng laaaaa. jiagui say no more drills.
w00ts! yay ~ then carry things and all lorh..
go make the 10-man-tent.
then the stupid sticks.. sibei loose la..
not yet join the other joints then one place de drop out liao. -.-"
okay ahh.. then do the.. metal bar thingy ah..
put the bike on top de..
omg laaaa. coz i actually juz below support only..
so that it wun fall.. but then.. i kenna switch up for a few minutes T.T
i got 'ju gao zheng' !!
i scare high! ahh! -.-"
then on top dun dare look down siah. T.T
btw..only the upper sec and primers went up!
(zheng kai,ze en, jiagui, alvin, eng kiong, sean,randy)
don't think have liao... omg laaa. and after doing for hours..
then the dunno who say.. must switch place.. from infront of canteen's boys toilet.. carry until infront of cabin.
-_-" lorh. zzz. then blahblahblah larh.6plus went home.
then do my stuffs. then watch tv.
then as usual liao laaa. use comp all this.
okay laaaa. i going to sleep already.
if not i will ponteng liao.
too lazy plus tired. okay. good night peeps.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

4 JAN 2007

11 more minutes to pss2 results show.
wEE ~ so excited!
-__-||| dorts.
okay. i know thats lame.
hmm.. today ah.. is another tiring day larh.
not because not enough sleep or whatever..
its because...very sleepy -_-"
the tcher tok .. can make ppl sleep one lorh.
sibei boring. somemore the tune all same.
how i envy bin sia.. his lecturer.. he say his voice very funny one.
good marh. want sleep also cannot. later nightmare T.T
then ah.. around 10pm ah.. very shuang siah.
alot people to chat with.
somemore is reply finish liao then one reply de.
hmm.. tomorrow got boys brigade siah. after sch.
until 8pm.. is it? i dunno.
heng dun have any show i want to watch.
OH NO. wait wait wait..
got 7pm show!
ponteng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to watch!!!!!!!!!!!
anyone can record for me?.. 7pm! channel 8!
pretty pleaseeeee. coz i'm too guai to ponteng...
my attendance 100%.. unless i never overslept..
T.T then saturday also got boys brigade!
ahhhh! stupid sec1... so troublesome.
(oh no.. when i'm sec1.. the sec2 must be thinking the same!)
!!!! ... okay ah.. sorry peeps.. if you still reading.. never press Alt + F4..
then *clap* for you. i'm just crapping over here..
coz still got 4 more minutes to the show..
i dont wanna waste any of my time waiting or whatever. ((:
so.. hees. "xie xie zhi chi!"
haha. nothing more le bah..
bye peeps. don't tag uh. i won't be replying! 要学听反话!!
**思源中学的老师都会催眠术! **

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

3 JAN 2007

muahaha. its the 1st day of school for year 2007.
hmm.. overall : fail.
-__-" make me backache and leg ache.
due to sit for too long.
okay.. still okay la.. not very long. only for a hour plus.
still nvm. but its like.. talking non-stop.
switching naggers somemore.
after tis then pass to that to tok. then that finish liao pass to this.
-___-" they not sian i also sian lorh -.-"
okay laaaa. wonderings why i blog so early today right?
after this.. should be around 7pm liao. (now 6.43)
so i watch my channel8 show.

the ring one laaaa. dunno what name.
i watch show don't see tittle. but read.
due to my STM so i cant remember.
too bad. ((: but u wan see also can la.
its channel 8, weekdays 7pm - 8pm ((: ~
=DD then after that.. switch channel to channel U.
for what? FOR PSS2 ! ((:
today is female de. i want watch male de siahhhhh.

those orbits looks of their in the pss2 blog..
make me want to watch sia. so funny leh. their attire.
u see liao jiu know le. especially daren. lol.
haha. okay.. bye.. ((: