Tuesday, February 27, 2007

27 FEBRUARY 2007

doing my homework now!
but slacking. =x
haha..ytd lazy to blog..
plus never use dao comp also.
reach home then roll lai roll qu on my bed then sleep liao.
so what la juz now...during AQ training.
lol..we do fast march.
then 9.6 we walk for 61mins liddat.
last year's timing is 59!
haha. coz this year got me. bo bian.
lol...very boring laaaa.
so many homework to do..
haha. tmr still got rock climbing..
die ahhhhh. i scare of height...T.T
=xxxxx. okay laaaaa.
i really lazy to type liaooooo
haha. bye peeps. stay tune for the purple ones!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

25 FEBRUARY 2007

ahaha. made a mistake in last entry.
there is homework!
lol but i forget to do la. but then tcher also forget to go through.
so..i escaped!
and...its not done yet. =x
lol. going to do it later.
ahaha. its going to be march already.
so fast right? like just new year nia leh.
T.T haha. BB RTC is coming! 14th MARCH!
muahaha! xD
i love RTC most laa. lol. so fun and strict one.
unlike the normal BB parades...so slack one. T.T
hmmm. what else ah. i forget liao la.
lols. tmr after sch need get jersey from damien.
remind me okay!
anddd. tuesday...got AQ training ahaha.
juz now go ask jakeh why never go..
then he say he this tuesday going.
so..shiok ah.
lol. coz i heard sean and ek toking about what tuesday one.
coz friday got a small meeting.
but in the end.. like nothing leh.
only hear them say what tuesday ask all go..
what 3.30 one.....dunno la. tmr go check then tell u all.
muhaha. i lazy type liao laaaaaa.
haha bye peeps! :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

22 FEBRUARY 2007

yeah! no homework! xDD
ahaha. so tired laaaa. lol.
today run 9.6 dunno why so tired one leh T.T
haha. deprove by a few mins! T.T
coz tuesday never run finish mah.
so not counted.
take tuesday's.
both of the timing also win zhengyu by abit.
wahlau he very purposely one lor.
everytime left abit then he walk.
zzz. haha. today run with elden.
then he headache T.T
so not fun lorr. he run halfway then go back sch liao.
then still 1hour plus.
coz we walk-very-slow for 2.4.
but we run properly for the 4.8!
haha. wahlau i wasted lor.
coz i run halfway then rain mah.
i dunno if zy and elden will stop halfway
and just go back sch anot.
so i walk very slow wait for them lor.
then the rain stop.zzz.
haha. nvm.
tuesday's training will be perfect!
sebas and weeyong confirm go!
elden also surely go! haha. btw i owe him a drink.
haha. coz i promise him if he go and
run properly then i treat him drinks.
hmmmm. what else. diedie. STM getting worse! T.T
aiyaaaaa. dun think have already laaaa.
haha. bye peeps! i go sleep liao.
haha. today nobody chat with me at msn! T.Tso sadddddddddddddddddddddddd.
ur headdddddd.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


okay! what else? bring it on! xD
haha. just do finish my homework!
ok la.. not yet completely finish.
still have science worksheet. (next week hand in, so no need do!)and...d&t.. need 3 sketches.. only done one.
T.T haha. just now jingsheng call me.
he ask me got what other homework mah.
then guess what! he ask me to do homework leh!
he say all the marks is get from homework one..then must do leh.
ahaha. jingsheng actually very smart one la.
he just lazy and abit like-to-play-too-much.. like me!
haha. so we actually not stupid one okay.
we're just lazy.. xD
haha. hmm what else uh.
oh yaaa. tmr! got AQ training!
arggh. sebastian's sick! not running.
he got high fever. so poor thing.
ahaha. T.T i never get high fever before leh.
so not-fun. =.= arghhhh.
tmr got history test.
diediedie. just finish history homework nia.
the stupid forefathers.
zzzzz. then at yahoo search.. the answers all craps one.
=.= all copy paste one. SO LONG.
i'm writing it out okay!
i no printer. T.T
haha. and..done the luke and bruno.
then hx says that no need do luke =.=
waste my time. btw..i got some weird feelings siah.
realised that the schoolmates and classmates
around me are mostly very hardworking one leh..
all study, revise, read alot books one.
zzzzzz sian laa. like very........what lor T.T
dunno how to say. see la.
never read books lor. T.T
aiya.. go sleep liao laaaaa.
btw.....gigi and kiki went for injections just now!
its a must for them. one year once.
like cny liddat. ((: ~
andx3.... just now i sleep halfway.. my fan's blade break siah!
xia si wo lorrrrr. heng my room got 2 fan.
haha. my fan and stand! xDD =.="
ok laaaaa. i go sleep liao! ((:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

20 FEBRUARY 2007

okayyyyy ~
here i am! ((:
i'm not like the others okay!
although its CNY but i still blog one kay!
hmm okay.......saturday
go eat reunion dinner at pa's shop.
with my grandpa and my relatives.
go to the dunno-where to see grandma.
then go back home. wait awhile.
my relatives came. then very noisy laaa.
all kpkb..zz dogs only...scream like what liddat.
=.=" zz..then nth liao laaa.
tuesday ~
go gonggong house.
bai nian liao then jiu eat le.
then play with de and ting! and with bin then wei.
then keep on take photos ah. lol.
after that. they go my house lor.
go see see look look. then take pictures again.
blahblahblah. then went back gonggong house eat dinner.
then went home and slack.
today....slacked for 8 hours.
until 6plus.. use comp awhile.
nobody online one. all gone-till-dunno-where-liao.
then ah....eat dinner liao jiu back here le lor.
T.T siannnnnnnnz. CNY so boring one.
alot of homework not yet do ahhhhh.
tmr need go sch already.....sianzzzzzzzzzzz. T.T

Friday, February 16, 2007

17 FEBRUARY 2007

wahaha. 5 days never blog! xDDDD
((: see.. thats how lazy one can get.
haha. happy chinese new year eve to all..
and happy advance chinese new year to all! ((:
so boring laaaaaaa. haha.
not gonna blog about things happened few days ago.
xD coz i'm lazy! hmm. just done cleaning and wiping my room!
yay... it shines now! xD lol.
easyoff bang! =.=" zz.
finishing soon.
2 days ago still full one leh.
T.T ahhhhhhhh. i go liao laaaaa.
nobody online onezzzzzz. T.T

Saturday, February 10, 2007

11 FEBRUARY 2007

* EDIT - dental appointment! *

just done packing up my coins into the small bags..
to exchange with mum..
and total, there is $131.80 in it!
its a mixture of $1, $0.50 ,$0.20 and $0.10.
everyday reach home, throw the changes recieved into a small can.
=.= then got $132 liddat liao.
sian ah. haha. ytd.. went for the CIP.
cip is like.. so easy la.
do do abit then get 4hours already.
T.T then went home la.
sighhhh. so many homework to do!
T.T gonna start doing liaooo.
oh yaaa. tmr got dental appointment at 4.30
T.T arghhhhhhs.

Friday, February 9, 2007


*EDIT - 8pm's breakfast =.= *

((: yo!
ahaha. okay.. nothing to do now.
so just blog barh. ahaha.
just do finish my jukebox.
ahaha. the colour will weird anot ah? ahaha.
okay.. thursday.. no PE..coz mr wong went sec3 camp
after sch, stayed back.. and blahblahblah.
then AQ trainning cancelled.
coz sec3 went for their sec3 camp.
means only left me,sebas,ek,alvin,damien,jingsheng.
T.T so.. stayed back and slack laaaaaaaa.
ok... reach home..as usual.
watch 7pm show.
then chat at msn from 8 all the way till 9.
then watch the 9pm show liao.
today, nothing much again!
morning..walked to sch using fullspeed with alvin.
ahaha. then caught up with fel and gareth.
hmm. then.. ah.. lesson and lesson lor.
mrs ng and miss lee loves to eat lessons!
T.T always kope ppl's lesson and teach one.
then everytime times up already dun want go..
eat other tcher's time.
okay..tmr..need go admiralty MRT !
need to meet at yishun mrt at 8am. for breakfast.
=.=" why they keep on think that i will late siah!
i got that...not-punctual meh! T.T
stupid. zz. dont care liao ahhh.
hmm. oh no. what else to update.
ehhhh. okay laaaa. no more. ((:
BYE PEEPS. do remember to tag!
and...give me your url if u wanna me to link u.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


ahhhhhhhhhh. T.T
sian laaaaa. just now 5plus sleep..
then 8.25 then wake up..
missed the firefly's dream show.
T.T siannnn.
and.. tuesday!
everything same laaaaa.
only that.. when teacher giving out forms to those ppl in TAF,
i didn't get it. T.T which means i'm out!
but i surely go back one.
this few weeks had been so SLACK.
T.T arghh. then afternoon! went to science centre for D&T
the form say 2plus go then 6plus come back.
in the end, 7plus then reach sch.
ahaha. btw, during the dunno what la.
the group work, making of toy one..
teamed with hairiel , leon and jingsheng.
lol laaaaa, the 3 of them is..
known as.. smart one, clever one and most ideas one.
group with them very shuang laa.
no need use much brain jiu can see dao good good results.
lol. no ah. just joking.
i hate people-user! T.T=X okayyyy.
today.. nth much happen also laaaaaaaaa.
only remember that... during chinese test..
then i very urgent laaaa.
i want go toilet pee.
then the stupid tcher dun let.
=.=" then the class very keep on laugh and laugh la.
lol. the joker behind me keep on make me laugh
then i ren and ren until ren bu zhu liao..
jiu give the teacher the test paper go toilet.
coz she say go toilet liao must give the paper.
so nvm lorrrrrr. i go recess. =.="
SIAN LAAAAA. stupid one.
the teacher set the paper until the standard so high.
i confirm my class alot dunno one..
coz most of them are english educated.
all speak english machiam my x100 chinese.
=.=" zzzzz laaaa. all so smart in my class!
T.T siannn.
so many homework to doooo.
lazy do lehhhhhh.
zzzzzz. and.. tmr got AQ.
9.6... 4.8 X 2..
2 rounds of crosscountry!
WAHAHA. i'm gonna take hours to run it!
:D :D :D. anyone wanna join me!
feel free to WALK behind me and cheer for me! =x
wahaaaahaaaahaaaaa. i go..slack liao! :)


Monday, February 5, 2007


yo peeps!
gonna keep this post short coz i got homework to pia!
xDD but.. alot days never update..
so wan short also cannot leh. T.T
ahaha. okay.. sat -
went for BB. then flag ic.
dunno why.. raise the flag that time my hand keep on tremble.
=.=" then ah.. devotion then ce stage 2.
whatever and ever after, went home.
blah and blah. forgot what i done already.
sun - stay home and slack.
then at night, watch PSS2 grand final.
okay.. as expected larh, daren won.
hmm.. what else. i forgot!
today morning. walk to sch.
then at yishun park there.
stop and sms.
then fel and gareth came.
they ask me why i walk so fast then suddenly stop.
of coz, i gave them the -.- face.
=x ahaha. then what.
forget liao laaaa.
lessons and lessons.
sms and sms. then after sch.
walk home with xinyi.
then go dabao lunch and eat.
lol. what else.
oh no. diedie. my memory is getting worse. T.T
EHHHH. dunno liao ah.
tmr .. going science centre.
and.. sebas.. say.. that.. me and him..
is not.. elimated from AQ training.
wtf? T.T i want to sleep.
so tired. everyday wake up..
1st thing came to my mind is :gonna sleep today afternoon!
and what i did is... slack and slack.
T.T homeworkkkkkkk. ahhhhhh.
someone burn down my school laaaaa. T.T
arghhhhhhhhs. dunno what to write leh.
all my classmates always offline one.
then other classes one always online
T.T stupid laaaaaah. -.-"
sian. go sleep liao laaaaa.
dun do liao laaaaaaa.

Friday, February 2, 2007


yoyoyo! xDDD
muahaha. ahaha.
okay ah.. ytd.. miss out abit for update..
lol. during warm down that time right, elden sitting beside weeyong,
which is my right x 2.weeyong's spider pumping got knee and elbow!
when doing the 'right hand touch left toe's warm down' that time..
elden go show me kissing his knee action.
then i was like =.=
ahaha. then i point at the lips then piak the floor..
in the end.. he reach it ! his lips..kissed the floor..
omg..then guess what i do...stupid! ahaha. how can i kiss it!
muahaha, i didn't challenge him.. but i pointed at my lips again.
then piak my shoe.. muahaha. if you're smart.. u shud get what i mean.
LOL. xDD then uh.. when going home that time right..
walk with randy..yeah! we're twins! =.=
didn't wear my spec.. then i see alot ppl crowd there..
then ask randy run there with me go see..
probably..he saw whats happening larh. ahaha.
then reach there..AHAHA. I LMAOED =x
saw desmond oh on the grass patch..
then engkiong...using first aid on him!
ahaha. he falled into the drain =.=
ahaha. then i taking his water bottle mahh..
then i saw some words under his bottle..
so i took it the other way to see la..
then the water came out from the bottle.. and onto his head!
:DDDDDD ahaha. =x
lol. okay! today.. okay laaaaaa.
nth bad and nth good happen la.
normal normal ahaha.
after sch..didn't go home straight again!
slack and slack.
soccer and slack, slack then soccer.
then went home.. when everybody's starting to do their homework
ahaha. i hate homework laaaaaaa. T.T
then reach home.. do the same things laaaa.
then played msn games with xinyi.
lol. play and play..then going 7pm le lor.
go tv.. then back..all's gone!
and.. now.. i'm blogging! w00ts ((:
tmr got BB... i'm flag ic.
argghh. boo. no need bring PT-KIT.
no games.. T.T argghhs. !#$%^&*@
hmm.. okay laaaaaaaaaaaa. nothing to update already..
ahaha..so... BYE PEEPS ((:

Thursday, February 1, 2007


wahaha. okay.
today is another one fine day.
((: ahaha. but..now..its gonna be ruined by one of my classmate.
=.=" keep on spam and spam.
stupid ass. zz. =.="
hmm..okay ah. today.. lessons and lessons larh.

during PE..play captains ball laaaaaa.
i dun like to play leh. i mean.. with kianwei. =.="
after that..nth much laaaaaa.

sighhhhh. then after sch...
stayed back awhile.. for science test.
then go for maths.
stupid laaaa. ahaha.
i do one question for 20 minutes liddat.
ahaha. then the one soak in milk de girl keep on laughlaugh
when i dunno how to do siahhhh! take the paper throw her ah!
=.=" ahaha. why i call her soak in milk de girl..its kar en! think so!
coz her skin colour very fair laaaaa.I'M JEALOUS
hmm... then ah.
go prepare for AQ training lor!
then warm up and all this.
and..went to run!
wahaha. nearly became the last again.
heng randy and chuen kai walk...
=.=" then run to weeyong already!
!#$%^&@ laaaa he cheat! lol.
ahaha. dont tell anyone okay!
i'm saying out for the sake of you all one okay! spread spread! xDD
ahaha. =x okay.. i improved on my timing again!
its 40.27 . . . T.T i'm still 40plus. lol.
=.=" okay..... very tired siah.
not gonna chat at msn for today.
ahaha. btw... i didn't do homework again! T.T