Thursday, April 26, 2007

27 APRIL 2007

WAHAHAAAAAA. just finish playing soldier front!
lols... jianliang went to sleep.. so.. i left.. =.=
its still early man! why he sleep so early.. T.T
okay... today went home then play games all the way..
so slack man.. play awhile sfront with sebas..
then play together with JL . . . . then went to gunz..
find wadiah and junkeong..
then played with them..
haha.. no need say...i won of coz.
=.= they all newbies...
hmm.. then continue sfront after eating dinner and watching tv..
sigh....... slacker's life. T.T
exams coming.. yet i started massive gaming.
sighhhhhhhhhh. really prepared... to fail..
anyway.. i just double - ranked up..
from trainee to private!
from private to corporal! yayyyyyy! xD

Sunday, April 22, 2007

22 APRIL 2007

i'm backkkkkkk. lol.
any of u misses me?
i know all of you did.
((: just had a massive chat.
haha and its fun man!
:D okay..... not gonna talk about the past...........
as in............not-related-to-today
((: today morning! played awhile soldier front with jianliang...
yay i won mostly of the battles again..
like gunz...... =x
lol. he good at counterstrike and others only!
then 11.30 met 'they all' at swensens
who are 'they all'
i wont tell u! wahaha....
lol no ah. the aq-related 87th coy and sir they all la -.-"
zzzzzz. eat and eat.. haha.
so fun... the last part...
coz ordered a regular earthquake..
really huge man.
still got giant earthquake siah.
lol. then cant finish it..
so played a game.
whoever hits the 'number' will have to eat.
okay......kenna it 2/3 times a row..
then after that.. lucky lucky, all skipped ~ ((:
went home after slacking awhile at lobby.
reach home..... dunno do what ah.
i tink is slack again ah.
play games.
science worksheet not yet do...
dragggggggg for 2/3 weeks already.....
art not yet paint............given 3 weeks ago liao.....
history not yet do.......draggggggggg for 2 weeks liao........
exams is after next week.
but i'm PREPARED.......... TO FAIL....
=.=" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
holycowwwwwwww.......... lol.
damn it laaaaaaaaa. =.="
why make exams when they give us notes and textbook to study...
might as well give us answers key to study and understand it ourself.
those who understand and copy it down, pass.
those who dont, failllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. -.-"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

15 APRIL 2007

okay! this is the extras......
1st joke)

pilot : our plane is losing control,please fasten seat belts and put on the gel because there are sharks in the sea
xxxx : the gel makes the shark wont eat us?
pilot : no,it makes the shark dont enjoy our meat only

2nd joke)

Ah beng walks on a pavement and nearly stepped on something brown.

He stuck his finger in it, took a lil bit on his index finger and squinted at it.

"Looks like shiit."

He put the finger near his nose and inhaled.

"Smells like shiit."

He then puts his finger in his mouth.

"Tastes like shiit."

He stands up and walks away.

"Wha! Luckily I never stepped on it!"

3rd joke)

a blonde went 2 a hairdresser 2 get her hair cut.
Blonde:just cut it short but dont remove my head phone
so the hairdresser did wat she was told but then the hairdresser accidentally knock the head phones off and the blonde died. the hairdresser was shocked and picked the head fones 2 listen. Breathe in Breathe out Breathe in breathe out

4th joke)

blonde,redhead and brunette gonna get executed by getting shot. redhead was up firstas the guard was about 2 shoot she scream TORNADO!!! every1 took cover and she manage 2 escape. the guard was furious and called the brunette the guard was bout 2 shoot again she scream EARTHQUAKE!!! and every1 again took cover.and she excape.the blonde knew wat 2 do.again when the guard was bout 2 shoot she scream FIRE!!!!!

5th joke)

There were these three women who escaped from prison. A blonde and two brunets. So to get away from the cops they hid in an abandoned farm house. In the farm house there were three burlap sacks sitting around. So they hid in them. When the cops came to the farm house the one of the cops saw the sacks, the officers yells, "There's just three burlap sacks in here!" To which his partner replies, "Then kick them just to be sure it's not them hiding". The officer goes and kicks the one with the brunet in it and she yells, "MEEEYYOWW!" the officer said "Oh, its just a stupid cat in there." So he kicks the one with the other brunet in it and she yells, "RUUFFF RUFFF!", so the officer says, "Oh, it's just a stupid dog!" Then he kicks the sack with the blonde in it and she yells, "POTATOES!"

thats all folks..
lols. :D

15 APRIL 2007

hi everyone! ((:
i'm back in action........
any of you misses me? xD
okayyyyy. dont really know when to start with......
so......anyhow ah.....
ytd... go to ks house to 'do' project..
but.. i did nothing ((:
then head to safra.. wanted to play dota..
to clear my rustiness...
but.. full.
so nvm. slacked there.
then go blk 102 for POP....
reach there that time.. woah.
we're late...but its okay.
coz we're not the latest.
:D okay.. soon.. the POP starts......
and it ends....... ((:
didn't went home empty handed......
recieve 5 badges..
1 year service , craft,naturalist,art and hobbies..
heres a pic of it ((:

:D took me soo soo soo soooo long to put it in man.
i want to become coporal! so i have more space to put the badges ((:
wahahaaa. yeah......
kelvin is now the CSM.....
and stupid weeyong is the DY now....
=.=" anyway.....
i'm now playing gunz and soldier front!
lols. so fun man.. .both of them are shooting action games. ((:
before i start from soldier front juz now..
had a gunz match with jianliang..
ok...not a... is..around 30..
we 'drew' ((: NO AH. I WON! =x must be modest...
hmmm. what else.
oh ya shit.
not yet do any of my homeworks.
is like...... SO DAMN DONT-FEEL-LIKE-DOING laaaa.
stupid man. exams is approaching......
yet.... i've yet to understand any of the stupid thingys.
T.T arghhhhhh. diediedieeeeeeeee.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10 APRIL 2007

T.T so tired man!
haha. went for bball training juz now.
okay...... its FINALLY.
lols. have not been going since last year december.
coz got AQ training mah.
wahaha. so fun man.
lols. today lessons is so-so la.
heard some and got lost halfway.
T.T so chim man. haha.
english was greattttttt laaaaa.
=.=" coz its mr barton's lesson.
haha. how good if he's my pernament english tcher.
zzzzz. the mr singh tok machiam miss lee's hypnotizability lor.
zzzzzzzzz. haha. then ate lunch with hairiel and leon in the canteen ah.
then chat and chat from 2plus to 3plus.
then khengsiang came.
wahaha. got something to play with already.
he say got ppl prank call him or whatever one.
then found out is shirley they all.
zzz. they should have went home and study, shouldn't them? o.o
lols. dont care about them. wahha.
then went to gym for basketball ah.
coz drizzling outside mah.
haha. then kenneth, js they all came la.
lols. then went jogging.
haha. pushed the 3 mountains. (leon,shaun and jasper!) SLACKERS!
goshhh la. the 3 kilimanjaro dudes are real slacker man.
=.= run not yet one round jiu walk walk walk liao.
lols. i PUSHED THEM! =.=
zzz man. haha. then went to court.
i love to mop floors.
but cant ah..... too pro to mop.
LOL no ah. jk -.-
lols. the kids wants to.
so i this gentlemen let them lor.
:D see how good am i. ((:
=.=" lols. then dunno what liao ah.
i tink run again.
OH YA. is run again.
coz rain again -.-
haha. then run with the 4 phillipines guy.
coz the 4 of them same as me is everest..
then while running i nothing to do mah.
coz very boring.
so i keep on say 'EVEREST! EVEREST! EVEREST! GO! GO! GO!'
lols. only the eldest one reply me sia!
the other 3 including orly all ignore me siah. T.T
only give me that 'gogogo' face =.=
never say 'ATTACK!' so dun have spirit one lor.
=.=" haha. then what ah.
ohhhh. stop liao then coach ask us gather and gave us a talk.
lols. got 15 C boys.
12 will be chosen.
WHICH MEANS! 3 will be eliminated.
haha. so challenging man! =.="
lolsss. aiya what else?
dont tink have already ah. then went home laaaaaa.
so tireddddd laaaaah -.-
sighhhhh still got maths homework need to do.....
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. siannnn laaarh. =.="

Monday, April 9, 2007

9 APRIL 2007

someone help me fix my screen thingy siah.
i want to play gunz leh! but becoz of this screen thingy....
i cant play. T.T
new gunz version....... the what ijji one...
so many new things man.
then cant play. STUPID LA -.-"
wahaha. recieved a BB reserve certificate juz now.
actually already got it on friday.
but need show the upper secs..
so they give me again.
now its with me. wahaha.
can display in my room
but not gonna do it. lol -.-"
okay ahhhhh. dunno what to blog about liao leh.
so boring. btw.......... this sat...... is POP!
lol. tell u peeps more about it in next post if i remember.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

8 APRIL 2007

how i wish everyday is a 'good day'
as in, holidays! ((:
-.-" lolzz. okay ahhhh.
this 3 no-school-day..
slack and rot at home for 24/7
never step out of house for 3 whole days..
coz all 3 days lunch is settled by instant noodles! =.=
siannnnnz. just now do homework....
paint 2 artwork.
zzzz. rubbish man! the colour i want dont appear.
end up so ugly.zz.
nvm. then do the d&t work.
haha. so fun one.
then went to watch 'Twin Of Brothers'
sighhh. need wait next week then can see liao.
okay....overall = bad.
AHH. i'm rotting! T.T

Thursday, April 5, 2007

6 APRIL 2007

turned down 3 outings invite and chose to stay home and rot.
sighh. just now after morning-bath, go see tv guildlines.
see got what show to watch...
then switch channel to 56 to watch 'The Magician of Love' i tink so.
its an 'ou xiang ju'! like very nice liddat leh.
i want watch ahhh. sian la.
i hate to go after a tv show one. T.T
so any kind souls can get me the cd and lend me.. : D
=x haha... then saw the commercial about new shows in channel55 one.
WAHLAUUUU. i want watch those shows also...
especially the what-about-bat-cave-one.
of coz.. not those korean shows ah.
i dun like laaaaaaaaa. -.-
bin went to safra to swim with rongyao.
siannnnnn. so boring at home.
nth to do... anyway.. he at home also do his work one.
PS2 games all play till sian liao.
arghh. why no new-fun-games to play one. T.T
ahhhh. and why my comp cannot heal by itself.
i want play screen-game. zzzz.
holycrap ahhhhh. T.T
ANDandAND.....why msn nobody online one!
sighhhhh. holidays...... sighhhhh.
i hate holidays ah......... and i hate to go out during holidays.
coz alot family-outing one. =.= siannn.
sky-ah-sky, can you throw something down for me to play? T.T

Monday, April 2, 2007

2 APRIL 2007

T.T zz.. lol its another bad day!
morning...on the way to hall..
got caught by mr chua =.=
then walk until general office assembly..
after that sneak away and follow the late comers to the hall.
zzz...PE....wasted 5mins liddat....for the stupid js...
to give the stupid file to the stupid miss lee. =.=
then.....on the way at general office..madam nair say the
same old very-familiar sentence 'boy ah..your hair very long ah'
zzzz then go run 2.4..
didn't stop...all the way.......but already tahaning from the 1st 200m.
coz sprinted all the way from general office to gate then run
T.T zzzz. then after soccer at streetsoccer court la.
zzzz. go back class slack. zzz =.=
then is....PW the human-wire..
so fun =.= lol. better than sit in class study la.
zzz. then maths then english....then history.
go down buy food with js. zzz.
then went back class they started the test =.=
OOPS. =x lolzz
then . . . . .go take mrt la.
go doby gaut.. stupid one. so long one... the distance =.=
then go clarke quay find pa and ma.
then go the stupid dental clinic...
appointment at 2.45.
reach there at 3.55.. =.=
then blahblahblah.
zzzzz go in that time.
that stupid dentist say cannot change colour.
coz i give me grey. zz.
stupid sia..give me grey nvm..
her attitude....must be juz kenna ditch by her boyfriend sia.
zzz...=.= STUPID LA. zz =.=
nvm..........i 'REN' zz. i'm 'NINJA' OKAY!
!#$%^&*(!@ zzz.
oh ya.. just now before coming up....
go trim my hair. zz. so not used to it man!
wheres the long long thing behind me. T.T MY TAIL AHHZ!
please wish that my hair grow back soon! T.T

Sunday, April 1, 2007

1ST APRIL 2007

and...congrats to 87TH CHAMPIONS.
they did very very well for AQ okay.
next year... its 'OUR' turn. lol. DREAM ON MAN. T.T
wahaha...okay...tell u more about it.

boys team...elden,ek,alvin and jakeh... the champions..
they got 1st...*clapclap*
and.. open team...sean,mr yong,sir darren,zhengkai..

they got 2nd..*clapclap*
haha...both the team came in when i was taking over jingsheng..
he go play the i help him become the road marshal.
=.= so lame one...those relay team with their ear shut..
i shout so many times 'run straight! all the way!'
then they keep on wan go carpark shortcut..zz
other relay team came in more than 2 hours before they did sia.
pathetic siahhhhhh. -.- =x
EHH. what else to blog about..zz
then nothing la. before that carry things around with kelvin.
=.= haha... okay la.. nothing else to blog already.
=x all forget already T.T now go copy science worksheet! xD
wahaha...lols. siannnz.
need wait until next week then can
watch the 'Twin Of Brothers'...T.T
heng this thurs got 'Music Is In The Air'..
((: peeps! remind me to watch okay!
wahaha.. okay la. gonna go 'DO' homework already. ((: