Friday, March 30, 2007

30 MARCH 2007

okay..didn't get to change duty shift.
so....nvm lor. just now at 8.55 liddat go bed trying to sleep
but too hot plus not come online la.
online liao nobody online one leh.
zzz sian =.=
so blog lor. sighhh.
boringggg la. eyes very pain now.
T.T dunno what to blog about liao la.
just wanna say.. .AQ BOYS, GOOD LUCK. lols.
bye peeps ~ will update a proper post when feels like doing so.

Monday, March 26, 2007

26 MARCH 2007

finally done with my blog codes laaaa
but i think i will change my blogskin if i found any i like one la.
coz the 'image' as my 'header' got some dunno what error la.
dunno why turn out to be light blue and blue one.
actually is brown and 'tree stripes' one. T.T
haha. after blogging will go blogskins and search for it laaa.
wahaha. this few days no homework ah.
quite slack. lol.
and... today PE is RUBBISH LARH. =.=
play that stupid rattan ball in the hall.
the ball is like.. small until i cant see lor.
zzzzzz. where got ppl wear spec go play ball one.
=.= so.....after that..... dunno what la. zzz
eat and all in the class la. with js.
zz. then after sch! go write the stupid info for the joel.
lol then saw hj! they all like nth to do liddat siah.
=.= went home lorrrrr.
boring laaaaaaaa.
haha. later go copy wah-DIE's geog ws! ((:
WAHAHA. no need to burn brain cells liao! ((:
lolssssss. okay..... i go slack already.
bye peeeeeps ((:

Sunday, March 25, 2007

25 MARCH 2007

wahaha. yo all!
long time no see ~ lols.
okay....this few days ...too lazy to blog ah.
mrs ng brought us to lab1 to use the blog la..
stupid one. say blog using proper english can improve english.
although i agree ..but..type using feelings still

must care so much about the tenses and grammer.
zzzz. oops.
haoxue got link my blog at her edublog siah!
T.T but i checked few days ago...
wrong url.. haha. hope she wont change it! ((:
so i can blog with ease. : D timetable.
zz...quite crappy la.
plus... the boxes so small. save ink ah?
zzz....niao ji ~ zz -.-"
haha but nvm la ~
tmr got PE jiu dui le.
then every monday 1st 2 period always is science one leh.
SIAN LOR ~ =.= 4 timetables all the same.
zzzz. change so much also dunno for what. =.=
aiya ~ dun care. gonna go and do my chinese worksheet already.
but tmr no chinese. wahaha.
means no homework la!
i can sleep now!
haha. but still early! and i not tired.
T.T siansiansian. what to dooo. sighhhhhh ~ =.=
haha...6 more days to AQ.
good luck to all ~

Sunday, March 18, 2007

18 MARCH 2007

tomorrow is school reopen already..
what have i done in this march holidays..
what have i learn from this few days
how many kilograms have i lost


failure. T.T
zeyyy ~ ! why i sounds so despressed for!
ahaha..who am i? haha.. i'm cheerful all the time kay!
lolsssssss. i know its lame laaaa
but i dunno how to entertain u peeps . . .
ahaha.. okayyyy
today... enrolment service...dunno why
i dun have the feel-like-sleeping-mood..
haha......dont wanna elaborate on it...
1) i'm lazy
2) something not nice happened
3) dont-tell-you. xDDDDDDDDD
wahaha.. okay laaa.
i sleeping soon already....
once i have slack enough.. i will go and sleep.
((: so...bye peeps.. and...

Friday, March 16, 2007

16 MARCH 2007

EDIT : 'they cant make it' & 'ehh-ing'
!#$%^&*( siah... blogger...zzzz.
haha... ok..HOME SWEET HOME..
lols. okay...just now before dismissal..
and after the giving out of best camper07 award..
primer/instructer jiagui tells me that i
lost the award to sebas by just 1 vote..then after dismiss right..
on the way back to study room to take the barang barang..
so many ppl come pad my shoulder and say 'wensheng. dun sad ah' what lor..haha.. of coz..
got ppl ask me try harder next time or whatever la.
lol.. i will try laaaa. will beat sebas! zeyy ~
haha.. okay... dunno if i should write about the camp leh..
ahaha.. ok laaaa. i shall write! scroll down to skip ((: 1! pasar malam...
poured out everything from barang barang for inspection..
then bunk 4 very good laa. all got bring.
but my mates all very what one.zzzz.
got justin,nicholas,yinlun,daniel and hongyun..
hongyun still okay la... he know the facts..
as in whose right and wrong la.not like the others...
just folo craps one.zzzthen sebas's bunk..
good lor..jingsheng,kiaseng,yuxiang and all tis..
all zhai zhai one. zz..then my bunk leh.zzz..
all noobnoob one. =.=zzz.
heng edwin and alex in his bunk..
and kiaseng switch to my bunk at later part of day1...
coz my scheme worksss! xDDDDDDDD
=x . . . .haha.. 2.....
forget what we do already laaaaa.haha..
only remember the nightwalk...
we took 3hours.. for around 10km liddat only..
damn slow laaa.then not all need to carry bags lor..
only 2 bags per bunk..
8 bunks total.. 16 people carry bags...
5-7 people per bunk..zzzz
and took so long..
then me and jingsheng is last man.
then on the way there and back..
me and js...shouting,cheering,singing all the way..
of coz..with the NCO..
and the recruits...all no sing.. no shouts.
one word...SLACK. zzzz
day 3...last day..ahaha..
i can confirm my BRAIN GOT PROBLEM!
during games.. played soccer..
when the ball flys down from high..
i wanted to kick it away..i lift my right leg up..
then i dunno why left leg auto goes up then i landed on the floor..
zzzzz..then the first aid IC rush to me..
haha... come on... who am i? so gan chiong for what.
ahaha...then coz 1-1..and an around
20mins penalty shot with no results..
we play scissors paper stone to decides who wins la..
lol.. then we lost laaaa. elden dirtyminded.
keep on choose scissors... -.-"
haha...then overall winners played with the instructers la...
ahaha...okay....after that......dismissal!
lol.then when outside the sch....when going home..
yuhang ask me if the camp is tough..
i tell him 'no ah, very slack,really very slack,serious'
then his face expression changed!
T.T did i hurt him? =x LOL..
haha will next year RTC be like hell?...
maybe...coz got jakeh...elden...and weeyong...
the 3 of them are SICKOS!
=x elden got see blog one! =X
lol.. but i know he will skip one... xDD
haha.. ok laaaaaa.. peeps...gonna sleep soon!
i'm tired... haha.BYE PEEPSSSSS ((:
17th march 2007, 9:15
hahas....missed out 5 things!(actually 3)
sebas reminded me 4 of it just now when i log in at msn
1st thing is....around 2nd day's afternoon..
when nicholas(2nd bunk ic) falled out..
and i took over his report strength..
okay.. when report strength.. the bunk ics..
need to tell the camp ic about the strength and present.
if any of the guy is not there...
the bunk ic need to say where they are la.
so when i report . . i said
'bunk 4 ic reporting, strength 7, present 4,
daniel got syf drama,justin and nicholas cant make it, camp ic!'
and jakeh and elden LOL.. lols.
i find it stupid too... but they really cant make it to fall in right..
ahaha...and sebas told me he nearly lol too.
lols...btw...jakeh and elden got pumped mostly because of l-ol loud

and.. laughing non-stop. haha..
okay..second thing....
ehhhh. is.......ohya.....
alvin said 'dont ehh ehh here, ehh ehh there' to me..
coz everytime i report strength i will like..
keep on 'ehh'ehh'ehh'...dunno why... i've got use of it...
even mrs ng told me that..when i'm taking oral
unlike randy when he report...
'bunk2icreportingstrength5present5campic' zzz
he is like so fast and clear laaaaa. -.-
haha...ehh 3rd thing..
changing parade...3rd day.. woke up to fall in...
haha..then run up and down..
changing from full u - mufti with boots - full u. given lesser than 20mins.
excluding the time kenna pump to wait..
ahaha..okay..its the toughest time for the whole camp.
and thats what i call ' TRAINING '
others is RUBBISH. x) lol no la. jkjk. =x
4th thing...after nightwalk..
during water parade..
instructer sean asked us to thanks mr eno..
then i was like..thanking mr eno blurly la..
then i found out the dunno-what he added into the water is mr eno..
haha... and its like..feel much better after drinking sia.
ahaha... and... 5th thing..
i keep on cant remember what siah....
haha... okay...10mins plus later.....
i remembered!
tomorrow gonna go to golden village.. for..enrolment service ((:
gonna be on full-u attire....haha...
i remember its quite slack last year..
so....wish me a HAPPY LAST-HOLIDAY ~ ((:
and this is the update for 17th MARCH 2007 ~

Friday, March 9, 2007

10 MARCH 2007

4 more days to RTC! xDD
lolss. okayyy ~
today's BB is somehow different from before ~
haha...didn't have proper parade today..
coz the ncc and npcc took the whole parade square..
and..the 3 flag poles. zzz..
haha so went straight for devotion.
after that went for CE2 ~
guessing sentences game la.
then coz last question..
cost 5 marks... and we lost it..
so went to run around the building 2 times la. stupid laaa.
the floor very smooth ma..
then our boots also...
then when i running finish that time..
i fall la.. then i like slide from
the wall there to the window there.
so stylo laa ~ haha.. then i got up around 5secs later
and go into the room..
then still got ppl not yet run finish..
so peeps ~ u likely know how slack it is la ~ -.-
haha ok laaa. then buy lunch went home..
then kor and bin not yet eat..
so i went down again.. lol..
kiaseng not yet finish his food!
eat so slow.. he rtc cham ah! =x
lol jkjk ~ =x
ok laaaa. i shall stop here..
later going out with sebas,wy,damien and some other dunno-who.
to... beach road buy things la ~
so... maybe update again later ~

9 MARCH 2007

lolssssssss. haha..peeps..BE CAREFUL
okay.. sebas told me its a must for its a VERY long post
me to blog about what happened today so HAPPY
haha.. so..before that... shall blog about ytd...READING!
yesterday ah.. dun really remember what happen already leh..
=x only remember its a bad day... T.T
1st thing is sad case. dun wan mention.
2nd is...AQ training! its bike day!
as i dunno bike.. so i'm not going.
then alvin told me got run.
but its already 4pm. never go.. instead..when to do my bb uniform.
the velcro thing. then while waiting go NTUC.
of coz.. with my parents.
if not.. i will surely go mad!
=.=" i hate shopping ~
wahaha. 3rd thing is..
after sch when going home that time..
madam naire or whatever go call me.
then tell me what tmr after sch go find her.
she say i'm on the cctv...
saying that i bang the cupboard outside the staff room.
=.=" then i dunno la just go home.
haha.then todayyyyy.
morning everything normal ah..
think so.. haha...i forget liao.
after sch... go find weeyong and sebas lor..
got carpark duty.. lol. then before that..
saw the hongyun.he's toking

about what fancy drill thing la.
haha. then yuxiang and kiaseng came..
i go ask the 2 of them pei him.
then i dunno what happen la.
then go find wy and sebas le.
then find mr khoo at 2nd floor..
after that.. go to carpark..
mr khoo drove us to... sembawang macdonald for lunch.
haha he treated us... see..
such good teacher...extinct one leh! x)
then after that... dabao for alvin and went back sch.
haha. npcc and ncc having camp..
so saw alot of them bringing their BIG BIG bags in.
some like going oversea liddat lor..
haha. especially zhiyong!
he go bring drag-bag.zzzz..
haha then after that...
mr jeffrey or whatever...
told us what to do la.
then weeyong and sebas stand

outside near the security post..
directing the cars to the parade square carpark..
coz the main carpark full liao..all staff's cars.
haha..then me and alvin go the bench there and sit..
haha.. under the tree somemore.
then alvin eat his food la.
haha.. slack and slack..
then the clar come disiao-siao. =x
haha.. after that....we went to play soccer..
with ek and damien joining in!
haha.. then play and play..
then the ball flew up and sky...
and landed down... 'BOMB!'
on the police car.. =X
with 2 police officers sitting inside the thenthen story starts
haha.. then ek rushed down and apologise la.
then after a short tok and conversation between them
then the rest of us.. kenna

called down from the court la
then we kenna 'say' la
then tok and tok..
madam naire came....
then blahblahblah..
mr chua and mr donny lee came..
then blah blah blah..
ek was taken away to sign BETA form..
then...after that.. nothing much liao.
madam naire call me go

general office with her..see the cctv -.-"
then go general office wait awhile..
coz the yanrun hair very long..
so she sending him out to cut his hair..zz
write the stupid form.. then mrs ng came!
i tot she will scold me or what..
then she go say say tok tok with the madam naire..
then she go in see the cctv la.. so i go inside a stupid room...
with full of exam papers...zz...sit very long laaaaa.
then overheard them saying what..
'yaya..this one also look like the guy(on the cctv)'
then i was like zzzzz...
then heard them laughing and all..zz
then i heard the naire says what 'wheres the boy ah'
then i was like giving the -.- look laaaa.
they like forget i still inside the room sitting guai-ly lor!
haha.. then she ask me come out..
then smile smile and say...'ehh boy, u can go already'
zzzzzzzz. go back canteen and

tell them what happened la..
then they laugh laugh lol.
then sit and slack awhile..
wy and damien went to court and play penalties shots.
then donny lee came..and gave a LONG LONG talk..
until wy and damien came back..
he still not yet say finish la.
haha..and he withdrawn ek's BETA form..
coz he know its a
about ek's rudeness la. haha...
then after that.. went general office again..
toking about what room we taking for RTC.
haha.. then went home with sebas and wy..
on the block 651.. donny lee called..
then we thought he gonna scold us for dunno-what liao.
then he called and apologised to us..
haha..thats why haoxue says this tcher good la.
coz hes really GOOD LAAAA. lol.
WAHAHA.. i will be impressed if you
peeps read from the top all the way down.. for the smart one..
i shall write a summary!
- today very fine day
i go sch study then after sch
play soccer, then kick and hit the police car
then kenna scolded. and solved a misunderstanding.
and went home and blog..
so i'm here! and..OFF!
((: RTC is getting nearer and nearer haha actually can
and AQ is near too earlier blog one
haha...although i not in main team coz xinyi dun let
but as a massager..i also very excited laaaaaaaa me to blog
ahaha... okay la......bye peeps
so blame her for everything! x))

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

7 MARCH 2007

yo all!
haha. long time no see! =.=
lols okay....this few days very restless la.
so never update la.
got use comp awhile.
but then very sian so went to slack!
((: ! wahaha. i forgot what happened
today and the past few days already!
diedie. wait i recall.
EHHH. okay la.. as usual.
slack and joke around in class.
wasn't serious at all..
haha. during maths lesson..
the class nearly made the tcher went crazy.
ahaha. a new tcher is meant for us to bully?
=.= okay laa. tmr got PE..
hope is play games.
fun games i mean. zz
and better dun rainnnnnzzzzz.
muahaha i'm getting lazier to blog.....
soon...... u will see no updates from me! XD
haha. what colour should i use today? -.-

Thursday, March 1, 2007

1 MARCH 2007

lol...march liao.
so fast one T.T
ahaha. now my hand keep on trembling siah.
stupid lor. juz now before AQ training saw mrs ng.
then she ask me carry the guzhen.
all the way to the 4th floorth room.
zzz. T.T but nvm!
i love to help ppl! xDDD =.="
lolzz. then the AQ training.
for me.. is damn crappy la.
ahaha. before go ride 28.8km..
keep on try bikes.
then all like got faults one.
then got one good good de liao.
took from alvin.
ahaha. then i ride and ride.
then keep on like dunno how to control the bike la.
ahaha. i dunno how to ride the bike one la.
everytime walk home or parents drive one.
T.T then i ride one round go back liao.
ahaha. got one time very funny la.
i gancheong then i go press the brake hard hard.
i whole person jump up nearly hit the pole.
zz. haha. EHHHHH.
oh what else.
lol dunno liao la.
OH YAAA. i early finish right.
then go back wait and wait la.
find ek. dunno where he go lor.
then finally saw him la.
then he pass me the stopwatch.
haha. then alvin done liao all this la.
run here and there to get the first aid kit for alvin.
haha. then in the end he never cover it.
then again need. T.T
then went to do warm down with sebas and js.
zz. then 3 person shout.
haha. we made the dogs wake up!
=X no la. jking.
T.T sian laaaaa. haha.
lazy do the science homework leh.
i not yet done. T.T
sighhhh. siannnz.
i hate science laaaaaa. stupid one.
zzzzzz. i mean the tcherrrrrr.
she teach horr.. zzz.
okay laaa. i want go sleep liao. T.T
goodnight peeps.