Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boston's Garnett Career Retrospective

Kevin Garnett has just been traded to Boston in exchange for Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Theo Ratliff and Sebastian Telfair, some draft rounds and even some money. This is a good opportunity to look back on his career with the T-Wolves.

Garnett Story Part 1: Kevin starts a new era in the NBA, going straight to the pros from high school. Growing up on the job, he establishes himself as an All-Star and makes some special friendships along the way.

Garnett Story Part 2: Kevin deals with the loss of close friend and teammate Malik Sealy. He establishes himself as one of the greatest players in the NBA, and carries his team to the franchise's first Conference Finals. Unfortunately, the team would soon fall apart years later, but Kevin remains the face and the heart of the franchise.

NBA Finals Top 10 (Part 1 of 4)

J'ai récupéré les Top10 de finales NBA de ces 20 dernières années, 1988 à 2007.
J'ajouterai les autres les 3 prochains jours 5 par 5. On commence par les plus anciennes:

(right click & download)

Music Videos

Eve - Give It To You (Feat. Sean Paul)
/ Megaupload

50 Cent - I Get Money

Lil Flip feat. Jim Jones - I Get Money / Sendspace

Yung Joc feat. Gorilla Zoe - Coffee Shop

Sunday, July 29, 2007

BangBang.Tk Short Vids

Je continue à ressortir mes vieux dossiers. Cette fois uniquement des videos de l'époque bangbang.tk où je ne pouvais pas dépasser les 10 mb/video avec mes serveurs noos, ne soyez donc pas étonnés par la super qualité de l'image.
Il y a des vidéos de basket mais aussi des freestyles hiphop.

Right-Click To Download

BBall Vidz:

Born To Ball 1
Born To Ball 2

Dipset (NBA highlights & music vid)
EBC Top 10 Dunks
Funk (Nike commercial)
Highlights (NBA)
James White (Hoopstv - Future Of Flight)
LB JumpOff (Lebron high school & Lil Kim music vid)
Notic (mix Notic vol.2)
Salsa Caliente (Hot Sauce)
SBC2 (Streetball Classics mixtape)
Who's Got Game Intro
And1 1 (Streetball Season 1)
And1 2 (in headquarters)
And1 2K3
And1 3
Crush You Tonight (And1 & Fat Joe music vid)

Hiphop Freestyles:

MTV Battle
Roc The Mic (Freestyle Friday)
Shivy (Freestyle Friday)
Whyteout (Freestyle Friday)

Got PSP?

I figured that some of you would enjoy having already encoded videos for their PSP so from time to time I will add a PSP version of the video which is basically a mp4 file and a THM image.
You will need to put these 2 files in the MP_ROOT/100MNV01 folder of your memory stick (not in the PSP/VIDEO folder). Create these folders at the root of your MS if it's the first time you play videos on your PSP.
A PSP video filename should look like this to work: m4v00000, you can change the numbers of course but remember both mp4 & thm files should have the same name.
For some reason, sometimes your PSP doesn't recognize the video when you drag & drop, so thein this case use a program like pspvideo9 or xilisoft psp converter to import the files automatically to the right folder.

Our first psp video is:

Shaquille Episode 1 (102 MB) - THM file
(rename video to m4v00001.mp4 or it won't work!)

Yann's Newest Dunk Mix

Dunkalicious just added a new gem to their collection: "Yann, Between 2 Worlds", this is Yann's first mix from 2007. Go and check for yourself how that 5'11 guy ridiculously masters between the legs or behind the back dunks. You can download the vid from their website.


If you're a Shaquille O'Neal fan you have to watch this show! If you're not you might like it either way. This is a 6 episode show from 2005 where we follow Shaq during the season with the Heat. Watch him at home with his family, on the road, hanging out with Damon Jones, at practice, on the court and post-game, talking about his first meeting with Kobe since he left LA or joking when Damon got dunked on by Lebron. Shaq is making all the comments of the show, so you know it's gonna be funny. Here's a preview of the 1st ep:


more upon request...

The files are 230 MB big so take some time to upload. I will only upload the other episodes if many people want them. So leave a request in the comments part below if you wanna see them!

Few Throwback BBVDz Stuff Part 1

J'ai réuploadé sur mon serveur quelques vieilles vidéos NBA que j'avais faites sur bballvideos ou bangbang.tk comme des mix de pré-saison, all-star games ou de playoffs. J'ai encore une tonne de vids sur mon PC à uploader, je le ferai au fur et à mesure, dossier par dossier ;)

Direct Downloads:

2005 Playoffs 2nd Round Mix

2005 Preseason Mix 1
2005 Preseason Mix 2
2005 Preseason Mix 3

2005-06 Mid Season Top 10 Plays
2006 Top Dunks Of January
2006 Top Dunks Of February

2006 Slam Dunk Contestants Presentation
2006 All Star Weekend Behind The Scenes

Kobe's 81 Points

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Midnight Madness 2007

Action from some of the Nike Midnight Madness Roadshows - by Streetball.co.uk

More action and Luol Deng interview

Jason Kidd On Team USA

Here's a short NBAtv video about J-Kidd reflecting on Team USA during a recent practice.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Here is a series of TNT back to school commercials from last year





TyThomas uploaded a 17 KOBE COMMERCIAL PACK on Rapidshare, here's the list:

Mcdonalds 2
NBA Courtside
Kobe vs. Shaq
I love This game
Adidas 2
Nike 81point
with Tim Duncan,M.E.-Sprite
Spalding 2
I love This game
Joga Bonito
Nike (Love me or Hate me)

There's also a JORDAN PACK but since it's on Rapishare also you might have to wait several minutes to get this one if you got the Kobe one already. List of the 21 commercials:

Jordan XXII
Flight 23
What is love
Spike lee
McDonalds commercial ft. Larry Bird
Nike Hair Air
Nike Frozen Moment
Nike Let your game speak
Nike 23
100ft dunk
Tell me nike
Nike Heart
Jordan XIII
Gatorade our..

26 JULY 2007

i gave up....no more 1-year-no-update breaking of record =.="
okay.......oh no.
didn't know where to start updating....
SO... gonna start from today :DDDD
hmmm... okay.... morning.........
late for sch AGAIN.
actually wont late de la.
i juz dont feel like walking so fast, challenge the time =.="
so.........i took my time to eat my breakfast and get out ~
wtf lor. didn't expect them to have such a new system..
what how many lates do what one.. =.="
then ran 3 rounds lor.
anyway.......its such a good activity to be done in the morning.
i rather run earlier....fresher air....
but if i come earlier.. wont late..cant run..
even i want to, i dont wanna be called 'siao' =.="
zzzzzz. well ~ lessons all the way.zzzzzz
after sch ~ makan and went for bible quiz training =.="
dang... feel like sleeping. BUT...I'M A BB BOY. no slack!
lols ~ dang ~ zz..
then went for bball..
wtf la. didn't want to go...wet floor.. zzzzz
but madam au there la.
stupid. then changed and went for it laaaaaaaaa.
then wtf lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. she say i shoot until very stupid
=.=" then ask me do the same things times and over again ~
arghhhh. i want sleeeeeeep laaaaah =.=
zzz. dont update liao.......anyway also nth else to update.
:DDDD this sat got bb parade! attire : musketry!
rawrrrrrr. omg.. forgot what is it like =.="
gonna go find out ltr ~ :DDDDDD
lol.....and what else?!
and...................38 more mins to 9PM CHANNEL8 SHOW!
lol ~ after that will be my sleep :D
and.......what else.......................
=.=" nothing else.
bye peeps..... AND....remember to tag........

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hiphop Videos

Here are the latest hiphop music vidz plus behind the scene on the "Uh Oh" video shoot.
If you like the song you can download it here too.

Ja Rule feat. Lil Wayne - Uh Oh

Uh Oh Behind The Scenes

Kat Deluna feat. Elephant Man - Whine Up

USDA - Corporate Thuggin

Cash Crop feat. Rick Ross - You See Da Boss

Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music (Better Quality)

ESPY Awards Part 2

Quelques nouvelles vidéos marrantes de l'émission de la semaine dernière:

Jimmy Kimmel Intro & King James Entrance (6 mins)

Lebron Baby Dunk (1min)

Bobby LeBrown - It's My Prerogative (4 mins)

Jimmy Kimmel Shower 1 (52 secs)

Lebron TV Show Lebrontourage
(2mins 30)

Kimmel Shower 2 & Tyson (40 secs)


Vous avez déjà vu les highlights du match de dimanche entre les joueurs de la Team USA mais ça ne vous a pas suffit? Pas de problème: voici le match entier à télécharger! La video fait 650 méga et le serveur n'est pas très rapide ( environ 100 ko/s pour moi) donc armez vous de patience.
Merci à MaxaMillion711 pour le lien!

(entrez le code à gauche puis attendez 40 secs pour pouvoir télécharger)

Si vous voulez juste voir le block de Lebron sur Kobe sous plusieurs angles avec ralentis, c'est ICI

Monday, July 23, 2007

ESPY Awards

The movie world have the Oscars and the Sports world have the ESPYs. Each year the ESPN channel organizes the ESPY Awards which rewards the best players, teams or even games from the past year. The show took place last week in LA and was hosted by Lebron James Jimmy Kimmel (I'll post videos of them later). At the start of the show there was a recap of what happened in the world of sports since last summer. It's 9 minute long and goes from football or golf to lacrosse or basketball without forgetting to mention those who passed away.
It's worth checking out!


Team USA vs Team USA

Hier a eu lieu un premier match de préparation pour la Team USA à Las Vegas. Voici les highlights avec entre autre un gros block de Lebron sur Kobe et qq shoots décisifs de Kobe à la fin.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Top 10 Summer League Plays 2007

Tout est dans le titre....
TELECHARGEZ ICI ou mater directement ci-dessous.

Team USA in Vegas

Team USA just arrived to Vegas for a summer mini-camp. Here's a video of the first training along with short interviews of Kobe, D-Wade (first time seeing him after his surgery), Melo and others.


Searching for new videos about Team USA on youtube, I found this video of a pre-game warm-up probably from last year which turned into a dunk exhibition. Players include Lebron, Melo, Wade, Howard, Chris Paul & others. It's kinda funny to watch with the crowd reaction and all that.

Lebron's Workout Program

Ah l'été! Rien de tel pour se reposer d'une longue saison de basket. Mais certains d'entre vous ne voient pas les choses comme ça: ils veulent en profiter pour se préparer physiquement pour la saison à venir. Si c'est votre cas, ça peut être intéressant de jeter un coup d'oeil au programme Speed & Strength utilisé par Lebron James et son équipe de St Vincent St Mary en 2002, programme qui a surement aidé la team à devenir championne national l'année suivante.

Ce programme était dans un magazine us sur l'entrainement et la nutrition de 2005, STACK. Il est en anglais avec quelques photos pour illustrer le tout. Par contre je présume que tout le monde n'a pas de machine a plateau vibrant chez soi donc certains exercices risquent d'être durs à réaliser, lol.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

5 New Music Videos

Diddy feat. Mario Winans - Through The Pain

Young Buck Ft. Lyfe - You Aint Going Nowhere/Buck The World

Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music

Hurricane - Ay Bay Bay

Keith Murray feat. Tyrese & Junior - Nobody Do It Better

Common - Finding Forever

Je ne comptais pas mettre d'album à télécharger sur mon site au départ mais après avoir écouté cet album je suis dit qu'il fallait que je le partage avec vous. J'espère que vous l'apprécierez autant que moi et bien sûr cela ne vous empêche pas d'aller l'acheter quand il sortira dans les bacs ;)

1. Intro
2. Start the Show (produced by Kanye West)
3. The People (produced by Kanye West)
4. I Want You (produced by will.i.am)
5. Southside (Feat. Kanye West) (produced by Kanye West)
6. Drivin' Me Wild (Feat. Lily Allen) (produced by Kanye West)
7. So Far To Go (Feat. D'Angelo) (produced by J Dilla)
8. Break My Heart (produced by Kanye West)
9. Black Maybe (Feat. Bilal) (produced by Kanye West)
10. The Game (Feat. DJ Premier) (produced by Kanye West)
11. Misunderstood (produced by Devo Springsteen)
12. Forever Begins (produced by Kanye West)

Michael Beasley Against France

These are highlights from USA player Michael Beasley few days ago at the U19 World Championship in Serbia.
For those who don't know Beasley, he was named MVP of the 2007 McDonalds AA Game , you might have seen him in the dunk contest too, he came short in the dunk contest after missing a between the legs dunk off the glass. He will turn 18 in September and play for Kansas State University next season.

You can watch a old mix from him here too.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mr 720 Strikes Again

The Air Up There had another 720 dunk during the Ball4Real Tour. Check It Out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

5'8 Dunker from Australia

I just foud this mix of a high-flying 5'8" baller from Melbourne. The website MSF has given him the name of AREA 51 (the 'no-go zone' in the US for it's unexplained phenomena). 51 also represents his vertical in inches.

Le Retour Des Dunka

Après plusieurs mois d'absence (du moins au niveau des vidéos sur dunkalicious.com), voici enfin le comeback de Yann & Brice. Alors que Yann a enchainé les shows ces derniers mois -d'ailleurs je crois qu'il est un peu blessé en ce moment même s'il passe les riders avec grande facilité- pour Brice c'était la reprise mais on peut bien voir sur cette grosse session d'entrainement qu'il n'a rien perdu de son explosivité.

(cliquez sur "download this video" puis sur "download now")

Support The Site!

BBallvideos.com is a website/blog made by a fan (me) for the fans (you).

The main purpose of this site is to share the basketball video collection I've gathered over the years and also to give access to the latest highlights from nba.com to those who can't watch them on that site or want to download and save these on their computer. This year I've also added full game downloads usually available within 24h after the game and sme live game feeds.

So the goal here is not to make money (otherwise you would see some annoying pop-ups, porn ads or forced click stuff) but if I could make few bucks a day it would make up for the time I spend everyday to update the site. It would also help me pay for the server, add more direct downloads and more features to the site.

So what can you do concretely?

Site Clicks
Well, you've propably noticed the ad links from Google on top and on the right side, well a click on one of these will bring in few cents for me (from 2 to 10 or so depinding on the keyword) so you can consider this as a thank you and do this whenever you enjoyed a video you downloaded here.

Here are few instructions for proper clicking:

-Click from the main page (not from this one here if possible),
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-Multiple clicks from a same IP address within 24 hours won't be taken into account,
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More ad clicks
Again some google ad clicks you can make but this time on another website. Don't be surprised it has no relation with basketball, this one is about asbestos cancer (weird, I know). Go to this site (which you can find also on the main page as Mesothelioma Symptoms) and click on an ad from time to time (once a week this time is well enough). I'm trying something here, not sure if it works, I'll let you know.

I have also added a Donation box for those who feel generous, charitable or philanthropist (no, don't leave yet!). This is also aimed at those of you who have won the lottery, found a bundle of dollar bills or inherited a large sum of money and don't know what to do with it. Well you can "invest" it in this site! Just hit the donate button and send your donation via Paypal. Some of this money (I don't expect to get much from this as you can see) might be invested back into premium accounts on upload sites or other stuff.
Those who kindly donated will get access to a secret folder (keep the link to yourself ;) where you can download few exclusive videos as a token of my greatfulness.

18 JULY 2007

i broke my 1 MONTH-NO-UPDATE entry!
next is gonna be 1 YEAR-NO-UPDATE entry!!!!!!!
okay.....didn't go for lessons today!....
as i dunno-what-happen to my left arm
move abit then muscles pain like toot le.
ZZZZZ. okay..... i tink is coz of monday's napfa..
well.....heres the record for it..
not very satisfied with it though....coz some of them, i did better last year..
standing board jump C - 209cm
inclined pull-ups B - 24 (2more to A)
situps A - 46
sit & reach B - 41 (2more to A)
shuttle run E - CRAPS 11.16
ZZZZZZZZ napfa is taken in the hall.
so wtf. flooor so slippery that most of the ppl took of their shoes for it.
but i dunno why... i cant brake T.T
zzzzz. GONNA RETAKE next monday.
arghhhhh. but if its 2.4 that day...
dun tink can.zzzzz. =.="
btw...whats the requirement to get gold? how many points?
18 or 20?zzzzz. forgot. =.="
nvm ~ wahaha....
tmr got bible quiz training.....
friday got sports fiesta........
sat got BB! go escape theme park.
play with those kids.
ahhhh. juz hope that my kid dont ask me to go those damn lame stuffs with them.
zzzzzzz. OH YA WHAT ELSE.
gonna treasure this post....as the next entry will come 1 year later =DDDDDDD
lol ~~~~~ arghhhh. dont think have anything else =.="
gonna go do my homeworks!
ALOT lAH =.="
delayed-works....stacked up....till...so much T.T
okok......bye peeps!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Elbow Dunk d'Alexis Ajinca

Le nouveau joueur de Hyères-Toulon nous a pété hier un bon ptit elbow dunk en match national espoir contre la Chine sur une contre-attaque. Bon okay il fait 2m13 mais quand meme c'est pas donné à tout le monde.


Wanna Jump Higher?

OK, this isn't a video here but a book so this is intented to the most motivated ones. If you realy want to improve your vertical jump by full inches, you can read english and not affraid of a 150 page pdf, well this program is for you.
Actually this is more than a program as it explains you everything you wanna know from basic strength and woktout matters to more advanced questions on muscle fiber types or temper and rest importance.
Of course, if you don't care about those tips and guidances and wanna go straight to the point, you can just skip these and jump to the exercice descriptions (page 55), plyometrics and program charts. Remember that you won't gain inches overnight, it takes weeks of hard work to acheive that also make sure you're healthy before starting a program and don't over-train if you don't wanna injure yourself.

This is basically everything you ever wanted to know about increasing your vertical, that's why it's called the Vertical Jump Development Bible!

Monday, July 16, 2007

2007 Preseason Highlights

Here are some new game highlights from the previous days. Thanks to Pred for packing these games in rar files and putting them on rapidshare.

First Pack
Dallas vs Houston
Memphis vs Cleveland
New York vs Sacramento
San Antonio vs Golden State

Second Pack
Dallas vs Boston
Minnesota vs Memphis
New York vs Golden State
Washington vs Cleveland

Seattle-Portland (w/o Oden)

Mixtapes & Beyond The Glory

Je viens de tomber sur quelques vieilles videos à télécharger, si vous ne les avez pas vues ou bien perdues, ces classiques sont toujours bon à prendre ;)

Dime The Movement part1 \ part2

Notic Mixtape Vol. 2 (direct download: click droit, enregistrer la cible sous...)

YPA The War

AND1 Asia Pacific Tour

Beyond The Glory: Vince Carter
Beyond The Glory: Reggie Miller
Beyond The Glory: Michael Jordan

NBA Greatest 100 Plays (direct download)

Friday, July 13, 2007

AND1 Streetball 2007

The new Streetball season has started on ESPN last Wednesday. You can watch the full episode here and see for yourself what has And1 become now most of their players left the tour.
I only could find a Youtube link of it so far, I'll add a link to a downloadable version when I got one.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kobe Academy Summer 2007

Kobe had plenty of time to rest already since the playoffs and now he's holding his usual Summer Camp at the Loyola Marymount University. This pickup game last week at the end of the camp featured old timers like Kobe's dad (Joe Jellybeans) and Mark Jackson, some young guns like OJ Mayo or Dorell Wright and, of course, the man himself. Each vid is 6'30 long.

Game Part 1

Game Part 2

And let's not forget the highlight of the game: Kobe vs Dorell!

Blacktop Dreams Streetball Classic

Je ne sais plus si j'avais déjà posté ces vidéos avant alors dans le doute je les ai réuploadées en (sur sendspace pour changer un peu).
Il s'agit de 2 matchs en salle genre streetball all-stars avec (annoncés) King Handles au dribble, Werm au dunk et Game Time pour planter a 3 pts. DOWNLOAD HERE
Dans le match on retrouve King Handles avec ses cross habituels, Pat The Roc avec ses fameux passements de jambes à la Ronaldo (celui que vous voulez) et quelques dunkeurs forts sympatiques dont les nom m'ont échappés. DOWNLOAD HERE
(videos en MP4 à lire avec VLC ou quicktime)

Playoff Top Performers

I found these videos in the NBA vault, I thought you might like them. These are top 10 of individual players during the playoffs. 6 videos, old and recent footage, from Stockton & Malone to Lebron James (somehow I couldn't find D-Wade, too bad).
I uploaded them on Speedyshare, there, right click on the link to save target as if a simple click doesn't launch the download.


Lebron James
Kobe Bryant
Steve Nash
Stockton & Malone
Robert Horry
Dirk Nowitzki

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Diggin' In The Crates: Freestyle Friday

Here are few 106&Park Freestyle Friday battles from 2003.
First 3 vids are with champion Warlock

(low quality, direct download, right click and "save target as")

July 25th
August 1st
August 8th

Another 3 battles, this time with that angry guy, lol

(megaupload, higher quality, play them with VLC)

September 12th
September 19th
September 26th

Leave comments if you want some more

YPA Throwback Videos

You probably haven't heard from the Bay area crew YPA (Young Players Association) for a long time now, well neither have I. And that's too bad because they had great vids & DVDs with great players including one of my favorite dunker, Myree Reemix Bowden.

As I was making some clean up space on my hard drive, I came accross that folder with plenty of short bball clips including these 3 YPA videos from 2004 I guess and I thought you might wanna have a look (again).

YPA Dunks (with Reemix)
YPA In Santa Rosa (outside game)
And1 Oakland Open Run ( plenty of dunks again)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Couple of Mixes

Here are 2 new mixes I've just found.

The first one is a short NBA mix by Hoop4Life called "Some People". It looks sweet, peep this


The second clip was made by KMS. Very fast-paced 06-07 College season highlight mix, DOWNLOAD IT or youtube it below.

Summer League Highlights Part 2

There's no doubt that Greg Oden is gonna be big next year, but if you're not convinced yet maybe this will change your mind.
Greg Oden Highlights vs Dallas

Next season, Yao will have his "mini me" in the L, well not so mini but still. Take Yao's abilities, remove few inches and add more mobility and you will get Jianlian Yi. Watch these highlights of the 6th overall pick (block, dunk & game winner) and you'll get the picture.
Jianlian Yi Highlights vs Cleveland

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, you have to take a look at the welcome gift from Rudy Gay to Yi, haha.

Last video is the Play Of The Day from July 8th, a big dunk by Shannon Brown.

All Access Draft - Noah, Brewer and Durant

Catch Joakim & Corey on draft night, laughing and joking even though the pressure is growing as they wait their name to be called by David Stern.

Right click to download

Brewer All Acess

Noah All Access

Less pressure for Kevin Durant who knew he would be #2. Get his post-draft reaction here

Durant All Access

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Summer League - B4R LA

Summer league started a couple days ago in Las Vegas, here are some highlights and 2 streaming full games of 2 hours.

James White over Darius Rice
Gerald Green warmup dunk and putback
Memphis-China highlights
Mavs-Sonics highlights
Celtics-Blazers highlights
Amundson block+Young Dunk

Mavs-Sonics Full Game
Celtics-Blazers Full Game

Ball4Real L.A.

Ballislife.com made a short vid from the Los Angeles stop of the tour, check it out below or download it

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Quai 54

Last weekend took place the 5th edition of the Quai 54 Streetball Tournament in Paris, which is said to be the best one in all Europe. 5 out of the last 16 teams were non-french: Midnight Madness (UK), West 4 All-Stars (USA), Duke All-Stars (Belgium), Little Suisses (Switzerland) and Team Jon Session (Germany). The first 3 made it to the second round (Sunday).

It was my first time going there and I admit the tourney lived up to his hype.

I went there on Sunday with guys from the Basket-Ball.com site. It started around noon with the quarter finals and ended after 10PM. The level was pretty high as most players there were professionals. It was getting real physical at some point, the game remained clean though. No time for And1-type fancy moves here, only efficiency would prevail. Your opponent wouldn't even allow you do such things being always all up on you.
So there hasn't been many crowd pleasing moves, crossovers, dunks nor fast breaks because of the intensity. However, there's been plenty of block shots!

I taped all games that day even though my camcorder gave up on me during the first game for no reason -it's been working fine since then, weird-, luckily I brought a back up one just in case.
I wasn't used to it and its screen on which you couldn't see much (especially in the sun) so sometimes I didn't center the action correctly. I will go through the rushes this weekend and try to make a mix of the games.

I've already made a video of the dunk contest. You can either watch the youtube version below or download it on rapidshare