Friday, February 29, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

02-22 Denver Nuggets - Chicago Bulls

Second game of the day, much higher shooting percentage in this one.

ASF, 6x100MB rar files on Mediafire.

1 2 3 4 5 6

NBA Action, Feb 22nd

New episode of NBA action covering the All Star Weekend.

230MB, AVI. 3 rar files on Mediafire. Open them with Winrar.

Part 1 2 3

02-22 Boston Celtics - Phoenix Suns

Winner of the poll with 60% of the votes.
1GB, MP4 file, great quality as usual.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I might also upload den/chi if I have time later today, the quality isn't as good though (asf).

Friday Highlights

Celtics Suns game got over 50% of the votes so I will be uploading this one today even though this might not have been the best game of the night. Next time I make a poll here I'll put it once the games are finished ;)


Top 10

23 February 2008

time now : 7.56pm.
haha... slept from 5plus till 7pm.
not sure if later still can sleep anot..
i feels so energetic now.
lets go for jogging!
o.o now i feel like sleepy.............
lol, okay.. shall not crap!
BB today, received camp list.
LOL its CTC, Company Training Camp, for me & echo boys...
sec 1 will be RTC and sec 2 LDC.
yeah..... woo.
so long never kenna pump siah.....
die larh..... now arms soft soft... do what pumpings.
lol........i shall slack for this camp..
tried & aimed for best camper for rtc & ctc for 2 years respectively already.
both sebas take. lol.... RAWR..
this year shall be kiaseng & sebas fight.
smuggle popcorn in to eat... =.=
or hide at the grass near the fences...
night sneak out go there take and eat.
perfect plan, it works. =x
OKAY OKAY, i shall get serious...
CAMP is on 7th March, a friday, school day.
reporting time is 6pm...... it will be until sunday afternoon.
honest speaking, i'm looking forward for the camp.....
lazy type already.... brain isn't functioning well.
bye peeps & PLEASE kindly.... do my friendtest.
haha.............................. I've remade it.
edit : OH ya, its YEYE's birthday yesterday!
22nd February, for more info, go to my second brother(wEnBiN)'s blog!
it can be found at my 'Exits'
best viewed using IE, Internet Explorer.
signing off : 8.04pm

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Game Is Made Outside

This is a cool series of Nike commercials shown in Korea with NBA star playing on their childhood playground and telling what their game is made of.
There are like 5 or 6 short commercial per player and each video is 5 minutes long or so. Zshare links.





Wednesday Highlights

I don't really have time to upload these highlights for this one time I'll use Pred's links on Rapidshare from Mixmakers. Props to him.

Click for download
Atlanta @ Sacramento
Boston @ Golden State
Chicago @ New Jersey
Cleveland @ Indiana
Detroit @ Milwaukee
Memphis @ L.A Clippers
New York @ Philadelphia
Orlando @ Toronto

Click for download
Dallas @ New Orleans
L.A Lakers @ Phoenix
Top 10

Kidd returns to the Mavs
Shaq's debut with the Suns

02.20 Lakers-Suns

Shaq's debut in Suns uniform and another 40 point or more game for Kobe Bryant.
MP4 files on Megaupload - 1.3GB , great quality.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thursday Highlights

The site was down all day long yesterday and I have no idea why. Even my server provider website was down so I suppose they had a problem with their server. I'll try to get back to normal and add yesterday's highlights soon.

Top 10


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lakers-Suns Live

I'll try to upload this highly awaited game later but if you're reading this now you can watch it live here at 3PM ET (in 10 minutes). There will be a re-run too at 9AM this Thursday (Paris time).


02.19 Boston Celtics - Denver Nuggets

Yesterday's game in asf format, 810MB in 9 rar files.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

20 February 2008

time now : 8.59pm.
haha, made my 3rd friend test uh.
try it out! lol...
okay, just now was playing friendster..
as in jumping around people's profile and read testimonials & comments uh.
haha... found something so hilarious..
its about giving plasters and panadol..
HAHA.... okay. dont wanna say out and embarrass them..
cool larh.... butt was injured =.=
yesterday during bball training, when its 5v5.
woo.... alvin charged towards defender for a score...
=.= defender fell on his butt... alvin tripped over defender's leg..
*BOOM* and game resumed.
defender's butt says : PAIN.
=.= its okay if you don't get it. LOL.
okay....... thats not the main point!
today... after spending 2 hours after sch in the library
doing the homework i owed MR.YONG (ex 2.4/5/6/7)
went to 'kick balls' with desmond & gang.
butt was kicked umpteen times by little boi during then....
and thanks to him.... i got a 'serious' butt injury now!
!@#$% ....
oh no..... i'm tired *yawns*
bye peeps.... remember to tag and do my test!
signs off : 9.22pm.

Friendtest :D

Create your own Friend Test here

Dirk Nowitzki - Letzte Chance Olympia

This one is for my german visitors and for die hard fans of Dirk because this video from DSF channel is in german. I haven't understood everything but as the title says it's about Dirk and his German national team qualifying for the 2008 Beijiin Olympics.

Dirk Letzte Chance

(1195MB, 21')

Tuesday Highlights


Top 10

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All Access Dunk Contest & ASG Mix

Check out this 3 minute video of all access look at the dunk contest with new dunk angles, audience reactions and stuff like that. Moran Julian is the ripper of this.


I've made a mix of the All Star Game also, nothing special, I just used a all access recap video. I tried to sync the music with the dunks at one point but it came out not that synchronized, weird...

(95MB, WMV)

500 posts and counting

Here are some more videos to complete this All Star Weekend coverage.
Thanks to all for your patience your commens and for spreading the word about this site.
I'll try to make a short mix of the game soon.

All Star Cutdown
(15 minute highlights)
All Star Game Recap
(wasn't working before)
All Star Weekend Top 10

(Best moments of the weekend)

I got few other videos for you.

Short recaps of old dunk contests with players commenting on it.


Now 2 old school videos, kind of funny. Two NBA players compete in a game of HORSE. You can see how the game has evolved.

Williamson vs Westphal
McAdoo vs Maravich

Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 All Star Weekend - All Star Game

Each quarter is 200MB in MP4 format (that's the only format available right now), Mediafire links are winrar archives. Mirror links are normal files on Megaupload

Intro/Player Presentation

1 2 3
Mirror Link

1 2 3
Mirror Link

Part 1 2 3
Mirror Link

Part 1 2 3
Mirror Link

2008 All Star Weekend - ASG Recap

I'm just begining the upload of the game right now so it might take some time before it arrives.
So for those who can't wait here's the recap and the top10 of the All Star Game.

All Star Recap

All Star Top 10

Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 All Star Weekend - Watch ASG Live!

If you can't watch the All Star Game on TV tonight don't worry you can watch it here on BBallvideos!

*Just click the link below. Broadcast begins at 8PM ET / 1AM UK / 2AM Paris time.
By the way you can click on one of the ads on this page (just 1 click is enough), I'll take it as a thank you :)

(use Internet Explorer or you might not be able to see the player)
UPDATE: it doesn't seem to show the correct channel actually (ESPN instead of TNT)

*If you don't mind hearing turkish comments but want good quality well just CLICK HERE (open link with media player)

*You can also go to my Live Game page where I set up 4 Sopcast players that are likely to broadcast the game. Apparently the 3rd one is showing it in chinese.

*Another option is to go to this site (again with IE) and choose WMOE1 on the left.

*Finally you can also log on to TNT.TV which apparently will show the game in small windows and you'll have the choice to watch between classic cam or player cams. A camera will follow a player from each team and it will change every quarter depending on the votes.

2008 All Star Weekend - More Highlights

First here's an 8 minute cutdown of the Dunk Contest for those who don't wanna download the full thing.

Download Dunk_Cutdown
(Rapidshare link)

Now other highlights from yesterday to download:

D-League All Star Recap

All-Access East-West Practice

Saturday Top 10

2008 All Star Weekend - Slam Dunk Contest

Pretty good & innovative contest, you gotta watch it!

I'll add some pictures later because I don't want to spoil the contest for those who haven't seen it yet.

The dunk contest is in mp4, 350MB, I've split it into 4 files and tried Mediafire as hosting site. You'll need winrar to decompress these.
The contest in 1 file has been added to Megaupload now.

PART 1 2 3 4
DOWNLOAD from Megaupload

2008 All Star Weekend - Saturday Night Events

4 events yesterday night as part of the 2008 ASG. I'm saving the best for last so I'll upload the dunk contest after these 3 events below.

I'm uploading these one by one right now so come back later for more.

SHOOTING STARS (+ Saturday Night Intro)



Use VLC player (or Quicktime) to play these MP4 files.

17 February 2008

time now : 5.55pm.
'you've turned 1 year older, boyfriend.
and guess what? its exactly 1 week - 7 days after RENGIE's birthday
okay.... enough of FEL's tales.

lets get back to SHENG's life! =.=
its saturday yesterday, monday tomorrow and SUNDAY today!
its another boring weekend.
did nothing much again.
had BB yesterday, was late for it.
but managed to reach 2 mins before roll call ended.
close man. haha.... wanted to kick balls after parade.
but not enough people to kick, so no kick.
slack with big brother - desmond & gang.
haha, wondering why i call desmond, big brother?
coz many people says me and desmond looked alike =.=
and randy looked like desmond...
also, i looked like randy.
so according to age, desmond is big brother and randy is second brother.
=.= but both of them has small balls compared to me.
HAHA, shhhhh. LOL
and realised something? 'balls' are commonly used by me nowadays.
whenever i wanna shoot someone(guys) off, i would say 'shut up, or i kick your balls'
and whenever i wanna play soccer, i would say 'lets kick some balls'
haha, okay... enough of balls talk.
boss gonna do some other work other then blogging.
so boss balls are leaving.
remember to tag at boss balls' tagboard.
haha, bye peeps x)
signing off : 6.16pm.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 All Star Weekend - Celebrity Game


Ne-Yo (2008 Grammy for Best Contemp. Album)
Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights)
Taylor Hicks (2006 American Idol Winner)
Seth Gilliam (The Wire)
James Lafferty (One Tree Hill)
Master P (Hip-hop Artist)
Ruth Riley (WNBA All-Star, San Antonio Silver Stars)
AJ Calloway (Extra)
Coach: Gabrielle Union, (Starship Dave)
General Manager: Stephen A. Smith (ESPN)

Chris Tucker (Rush Hour 3)
Common (2008 Grammy for Best Rap Perf. By a Duo or Group)
James Kyson Lee (Heroes)
Josh Peck (Drake and Josh)
Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris)
Deion Sanders (Two-Time Super Bowl Champion)
Swin Cash (WNBA All-Star, Detroit Shock)
Tony Potts (Access Hollywood)
Coach: Alyssa Milano, (Wisegal, Touch clothing)
General Manager: Bill Walton (NBA Legend and ESPN Analyst)

Dwight Howard Ready For Tonite's Contest?

Even if he might not be able to dunk on a 12" rim as he first intended to, judging by these dunks in the video below - check out the off-the-bounce, mid-air, left-hand self-pass off-the-glass for a right-hand flush at the 40-second mark or the AI to AI 06 classic remake at the end- the big man is more than ready.

2008 All Star Weekend - Rookie Challenge

Here's the Rookies/Sophomores game from yesterday in mp4 format & on MU.