Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 26th: Celtics vs. Hawks, Game 3 (2nd Half Only)

Sorry I only got the 2nd half of this game now.

Spoiler for those who wanna see the full game: at the start of the 3rd the 2 teams are tied at 56 apiece.

MKV , 592 x 432, 1200kbps, 430MB, MU.


27 APRIL 2008

ERRR, yo!
Haha, it've been 2 weeks & 3 days since last update!
I'm sure that someone misses me right!
Confirm have one or two de larh..
Haha... okay!
Its now the exams period!
Most of the students are all busy mugging..
Dont know why on earth, there is still one cute little boy still playing his damn games ~
And out of all time, I'm back to DotA fever again!
Haha... seldom Cabal this few days... just keep DotA-ing at Garena.
Yuxiang finally got his warcraft 3, Frozen throne..
So we can play DotA together now...
Surprisingly, his skills is around junkeong's, MY DISCIPLE!
Haha... wondering why junkeong is my disciple...
Everytime i team or fight against him, i will point out his mistakes..
Those super basic of cause..
Haha... then sometimes he suicide, i will then call him 'shitter'
Then he will reply : 'yes shitter master' =.=
As if i taught him how to die la..
Hmm, COOL larh...
After teaching Yuxiang how to use Garena...
He taught Brandon and Karkian la..
Then we played together.
How cool... now i got a mini-Funland at Garena!
The DotA players using Garena are....
Jingsheng, Yuxiang, Junkeong, Sebastian, Kiaseng, Zhiyong, Gerjo, Brandon, Karkian..
Hamachi DotA friends & some that switched to use Garena are....
Shaun, Swee, Kee, Gareth & Cody (RANDY's BRO)
Sadly, seldom contact each other already..
The 5 of them are busy with studies..
Leaving me with no choice, but to keep playing with yx and NjK..
Haha... but play with them quite fun..
'Maintain my skills & train up my farm'
'Get used to heroes & master them up'
Ho ho ho...
Really miss those Mass-DotA-Fever period,
which all the people are crazy for DotA la..
then all use lancraft join and play 5v5..
Deon, Lawrence, Randy, Cody, Elden, Desmond, Averic, GuanHong, Weeyong, Alvin, Yuhang, GuangZheng(HOST!!), Zack(Gunz buddy), Teo Fu Jiat(Maple best buddy), JunMin....
Haha.. it took me around 4 minutes to write down all this names..
coz I went to check my DotA pictures,
whereas i saved them everytime i finished a game..
Now no more save pictures.. now is all saved as replays..
Haha... Oh my..
This entry became a DotA entry..
Err... Hmm.. Haha..
I've realised something la..
People around me are all growing taller and taller larh..
Or is it i'm growing shorter? =.="
Piangz... Bryan from sec 1..
That time after my PE lessons, saw him walking past la..
Then didn't care him.. then he suddenly say 'Wa, i catching up with your height sia'
=.=" hear liao so saddening ~
T.T but nvm...
1.5 cm more to touch the BASKETBALL COURT RING!
Okay la... shall end this post with a FULL STOP .

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 25th: Suns vs. Spurs, Game 3

MKV (MPEG2,AVC1) 640X400, 1600kb/s, 1 GB

Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

April 25th: Hornets vs. Mavs, Game 3

Ripped from french TV Canal+ (comments by George Eddy & Xavier Vaution)
MP4, 640x480, 1900/1500 Kbps, MU.

Like on all the games I rip there are some black stripes or something at times on the side of the image, I don't know why this happens, sorry about that.

1ST HALF (1st 2 minutes missing)
(I've just found out that the 7 last minutes didn't encode correctly, I'll post the 4th quarter again later)

Eddy Half Time: Interview of Mickael Pietrus (by Xavion Vaution)
raw french, 64MB

April 25th: Pistons vs. Sixers, Game 3

Mediafire, 700MB, MP4, 1058 Kb/s, 544x408

Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Top 10 Thursday
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Hawks vs. Celtics, Game 2

800MB, MP4, Good Quality


Uploading Sixers-Pistons G3 now, then Mavs-Hornets (in french) if I still have time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

April 23rd: Nuggets vs. Lakers

HD-t rip.
Each half is cut (randomly) into 2 mp4 files

1ST HALF Part 1 2
2ND HALF Part 1 2 (link changed, sorry about the mistake)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

0419 - Suns-Spurs Game 1

1.21GB, Invy rip, MP4, 592x432.
Mediafire, 13 100MB rar files.

Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Sample Screenshot