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28 June 2008

Was blog hopping before I actually came here and started blogging.
Read some entries and I realised that my language used here kind of sucks?
My academic ain't good ever since don't know when.
The only subject that helps me to have the feel of winning others' in results is Mother Tongue.
And that's all about it.
Since young, I'm always at the bottom of class positions.
Till now, it's still the same.
Academically cannot make it, how about physically?
Hahaha, Trim&Fit club since primary 1 and Health&Fitness club since sec 1
Though I went out of H&F when I'm sec 2(07), I'm back into it in sec 3(09)
Physically also not that competent.
Since I'd failed Academically & Physically, what's left?
Mentally, I know this had never failed me.
Academic failed me badly, resulting in retaining sec 3.
I'm glad that I'm able to take this blow.
It's not much of kick to me.
Physical didn't really failed me that much, I ran fast with those excess fats all over me.
I'm able to sprint faster than lighter people.
This sensation satisfy me greatly.
And with this great mental strength I've possessed.
I'm able to take in all such of things, resulting in great tolerance.
With great tolerance, I'm able to have all such of friends, be it true friends or friends that may backstab you any moment.
Having all kind of people as my friends, this built my social life.
Socialising is an important key factor to life, it's no point earning big bucks when your social life is screwed up.
With this successful & stable social life I owned, I'm halfway to be a successful person.
Well, all those above are just to cheer me up.
I'm feeling kind of low just now.

Okay, peeps!
Now that AASHENG is done cheering himself up, you peeps ready for more words?
Haha, for those who doesn't know, AA refers to Adorable Almighty.
:D Yeah... tomorrow is the start of Term 3.
and I'm sure there's quite an amount of people out there not completing their June Holidays' Assignments yet. Well, I'm prepared for it.
Are you people, who haven't done their works, prepared for it?
Haha. After blogging, I'm going for haircut, must go to school looking fresh.
:D If not, Mdm Nair will give you a fresh-looking haircut, which no one really wants it.
Well, what I'd done throughout this June Holidays, nothing much actually.
Give me a min while I'll check my calendar on the events.
Okay. Events happened in this June Holidays.
Hillary Peeps Outing(Army Market), Hillary Challenge 2009, 2 Weeks of Remedials & Streetsoccer afterwhich, Boys' Brigade Special Parade - Laser Tag, Mini Movie Marathon (with Rengie, Felicia & Yuxiang) [Drag Me To Hell & Ghosts of Girlfriends Past], Yet Another Movie Trip (with Rengie & Evelyn) [Land of the Lost) & Last but not least, Outward Bound Singapore 2009.
I did updated most of the events happened and mentioned above.
Now I'm going into detailed for the last event happened in this June Holidays.

Outward Bound Singapore, have you peeps heard about it?
It's all about going back to basic, when one is in his/her comfort zone for ages, sometimes, it's rather benefitting for him/her to get out of it.
OBS is meant for champions, who are willing to get out of their comfort zones to challenge themselves, surviving and enduring through their days in rural area.
Kids nowadays just stays in their air-conditioned room and plays their computer like some peanuts, they're not gaining experiences for nuts like this.
They must venture & go through some hardships so one day, when this kids turned into grown ups, they would have stories to tell.
And yes, this is from me;
'I went through all this hardships when I'm just merely 15, some of you guys only get to experience them when you're at least 18 and for the ladies, you'll never get a chance to.'
What's more, I've been to it twice, I've even more to say.
For those who've been to OBS, they would understand why I went twice.
They should know, it's actually benefitting in terms of physically & greatly on mentally for themselves.
For those who haven't been to OBS before, they wont know.
They would just wonder, why would I wanna get out of my comfort zone & get into the jungle and feed mosquitos for TWICE?!
For once, it's understandable because I may not know about it.
But for the 2nd time, ain't it a bit too dumb?
Well, for me, I love going camping.
Yes, I detest the feel of being stung and getting myself so itchy, scratching non-stop and ended up more exposed blood areas leading to more bites.
But camps are organised by leaders, organizers & instructors.
There are purposes and objectives in every camps.
Example; my Boys' Brigade's Recruit Training Camps, it's meant to get those boys independent, out of their comfort zones & go through all this hardships. Train themselves to be a real tough man, able to handle all sorts of difficulties faced, able to work well with fellow BB mates, able to sleep on hard tables and not on their comfty bouncy softy mattresses/beds & more to list.
So yes, it's no exception for OBS, there's a purpose for it too.
It's mission is to develop character, leadership skills and team spirit through direct and purposeful experience in the outdoors.
So yeah, for twice, I went OBS.
Things I've went through are kind of similar.
But in fact, it's totally different!
So contradicting eh?
Well, all the stuffs done are with different people.
Things did with different people most likely have a different results right.
When things done got different results, this shows that it's different.
So what makes you think that 2nd time doing it would make me able to do it better?
Haha, well. Tell you peeps something cool.
Northbrooks are teamed with Assumption English School for once again!
It happened last year, when Northbrooks & AES are in the same watch, Amundsen.
This year, is slightly different, Bendermeer & Commonwealth are with us!
And together, the peeps from 4 different schools from 4 different locations in Singapore are brought together by Outward Bound Singapore & formed the watch, Battuta.
Below are the 2 watches I've been in.

2008 Amundsen Watch;
Instructor ---> Abidin (Din)
Northbrooks ----> Me, Leon, Daniel, Zhong Ming, Gordon, ZhiYong, Clarissa & Kar En
Assumption English ----> Kai Jie, Jeremy, Louis, Moon(Mun), Nabil, Nadhirah, QianYi & Elin.

2009 Battuta Watch;
Instructor ---> Faizal (Faiz)
Northbrooks ----> Me, Jueyu, Tisha & Raihan
Assumption English ---> Amelah, Auriel, Azmirah & Michael
Commonwealth ---> Chew Yen, Kenn Siang, Qiu Ying & Kah Leong
Bendermeer ---> Liyana, Jan, Qian Ya & Zhi Xiang

Cool? Hahaha. Okay, my memory ain't that great.
I referred to my blog's archives, if not I wont be able to name them all out.
Well, Should I or should I not update on the 5 days 4 nights.
Hmmm, well. I think I better do so.
Hahaha, Coz I'm in the typing fever already.
Bravo, this entry gonna be my longest entry ever.
Maybe not, I remember writing a longer one.
Anyway, this gonna be real short :D
Will be ultra-summarising them.

Day 1 - A not rather good start I guess?
Hahaha, supposed to be in school by 7.30.
I set my alarm at 6am, but it failed to wake me up.
Luckily Mr Tham called me like mad and woke me up.
If not I would definitely miss it. Thanks alot, Mr Tham *thumbs up*
Cabbed them & Etc.
Bused to Punggol Jetty stop.
I didn't know there are OBS reception centres there.
I think its new-built lah. HAHAHA.
After all the admin stuffs & start-off talk by some uncle.
We set off to Pulau Ubin, Rural Campus 1.
Like last year, safekeeping of handphones & valuables.
Then, its icebreakers.
After that, we proceeded uphill for our trust games & belaying drills.
Hahaha, trust games went well, I trusted them.
Well, they still have much doubts in me, especially zhixiang(npcc)
Hahaha. Pitched tents & first meal for the camp.
& that's all for day 1.

Day 2 - Getting better I assumed.
Had 5B-ex & packed some stuffs.
Then went for Kayaking Drills' Session.
Hahaha, it was rather nothing to me, I'm not new to it.
But its rather fun doing with someone new to Kayaking, which is Tisha.
Okay, then it was a mini hike to our campsite.
Pitched our tents there then we proceeded to Urban Campus 2.
Had the privilege to placed our bags somewhere.
Cool, then we proceeded to High Elements.
Did Inverse Towers last year, with Jeremy.
I remembered having cramps and was on the verge to give up after stucking there for so long.
But still, I managed to complete it. Woooooo.
This year, did the indoor High elements.
It was supposed to be a competition between Battuta and neighbour watch, Cook.
There's snake & ladder and poles-thingy.
I dont know what's the name of it. Gosh.
Whatever, only me & kenn did it.
HAHAHA. guess what, the last 2 poles distances is about 1.65 metres apart!
I have to stretch my legs apart to the max to reach it.
But the feeling's great.
I didn't know I can actually complete it upon first sight.
Dinner, supper and went to sleep. Cool.

Day 3 - This is when we really get to bond well.
Land expedition, set off @ around 9plus after weather's clear.
The hike was so fun, it was filled with laughters & singings.
The entertainments are more effective than those counterpains.
Hahaha, I think all of us felt no cramps on our shoulders & legs.
We managed to reach our campsite before expected time without skipping any checkpoints.
And even having enough time to hike the HIGHEST HILL in Pulau Ubin.
We even get to throw our weakness (stone) off the submit.
Great. It's new to me. Hahaha.
Also, we've seen Hornbills which other groups didn't get to.
We scared them off I think. HAHAHA.
Well, reached 2 hours before time.
We were gossiping during free time.
Gossiping like long lost friends.
This shows that we're bonded.
Later that night, I thought of the arrival of Friday.
Would it be like last year? When everyone started not bearing to leave each other.
Because the bonds are so close. This is rare, not every camp ends up like this.
So don't you peeps who've been to OBS thinks that OBS is the best camp ever?
Haha. End of day 3.

Day 4 - Unbreakable Bonds.
Sea Expedition, the one I love most.
Because it's about kayaking!
Not swim around here or where.
But kayaking around Pulau Ubin!
Like WOW, kayak around Pulau Ubin!
Lol, Paired up with Tisha.
Oh yes, yesterday night, Tisha turned into my sweety & I'm Tisha's sweetheart.
Hahaha, yes. So kayaked with my sweety.
Lol, while I'm pushing everyone's kayak off the shore, I ended up stucked in the slimy mud.
When everyone's out there, I'm still stucked there.
Hahaha.... Luckily Din thought me how to get out of there.
Oh yes, yesterday night, I approached Din.
& he actually remembers me.
Cool right? Hahaha.
Yes.... And I got out of them.
Using turbo speed, we reached the navigator in no time. HAHAHA.
Yes.... process was great.
& poor sweety, paddled for the whole journey ever since Lunch is over.
Hahaha, I just slack behind ah....
Was meant good for her, let her train muscles.
Which she turned out being so delighted about.
Thinks she's still joying over it ah.
HAHAHA, well.
Had a final reflection session over the jetty spot.
Nice breeze & music.
Nearly breakdown... But I know, such camps are like this.
They can create strong bonds in just 5 days.
But it depends on each and every of us to maintain it.
And honest speaking, its rather hard.
4 different school from 4 different locations in Singapore.
Hahaha & oh yes, I'm someone filled with affections.
Well, I think I reflected well.

Day 5 - Most of them wished they would come faster at first, but turning out, hoped it never ever comes.
Well, cleaned store & packed stuffs.
When we're all ready, we leave.
Of coz, had a FINAL sitting-in-a-circle-session.
Did everything and left there.
I think the next time I would go there again would be years later.
When I'm older, I'll definitely come pick up the longer courses challenge.
These challenges in life builds up my life.
Bought OBS stuffs for yayah, mimi & nana.
HAHAHA. forgotten about clarissa till she called me up.
LOL. so sorry, clarrissa.
Well, okay. I'm going off already!
Gonna go cut hair before the shop closes.
School starts tomorrow!
See you peeps when I see you.
Bye all.
Remember to tag!
And hope you enjoyed reading.
P/S : Sissy, will write the paragraph for you next time okay! XDDD

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raptors vs Lakers: 81 Point Game [REQ]

Jan. 22nd 2006, history was made.

900MB, AVI, Chester


PART 1 - 2

1.4GB, AVI, Lietuvis.
MU links and password: oztrak

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lakers @ Jimmy Kimmel Show

Full show, the Lakers part takes like half of it.
Pretty funny talkshow.

350MB, AVI

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finale Pro A: Villeurbanne vs Orleans

Sébastien Léger(c)EO Loiret

Finale des playoffs français à Bercy. Rediffusion de Sport+.
J'ai réencodé une 2e version de moins de 1GB car c'est plus pratique à télécharger que l'autre et de plus la qualité est la même.
Par contre avec Sport+ je ne sais pas pourquoi mais ca me donne toujours une image un peu crade sur la droite de l'écran quand la caméra se déplace sur la droite (cf dernier screenshot).



Sébastien Léger(c)EO Loiret

Saturday, June 20, 2009

NBA Action Week 35


198MB, MP4, iaho

Lakers Coliseum Celebration


310MB, MP4, from

20 JUNE 2009

Okay, first thing first.
Bin is back from genting trip!
That's not that important =P
Most importantly, he brought back stuffs!
HAHAHA. lots of m'sia speciality.
Muahaha.... But I'm leaving for OBS on monday.
Awww, which means I've only tomorrow to enjoy the food.
Damn.. Hahaha. Oh yah, Bin brought back some accessories for me & kor also.
After telling Bin that I fancy his chain more, he even exchanged it with me..
XD. thanks Bin!
Hahaha...... okay, for those blur peeps, Bin is my 2nd brother.
Short form of WenBin. XD
Blah blah blah, I've yet to pack my stuffs for OBS seh..
Guess it's gonna just take me 20mins or so.
HAHAHA. not much things to bring eh.
Weeeeee ~ Can't wait to feed mosquitoes!
Muahaha..... & oh no.
I'm gaining back fats ever since June Holidays started.
Screw this vacation. =.= HAHAHA.
Oh ya, yesterday went movie again.
This time with lingling & lingzhi.
Then sakae sushi after that.
That's why I'm getting back those lost weights.
Damn............... HAHAHA.
No choice, I'm such a glutton.
Heh... okay.
That's all, peeps.
Shall update about OBS 2009 when I'm back okay.
See you all 6 days later.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

French Playoffs: Villeurbanne vs Nancy, Final Game

Voici le dernier match de la demi-finale de samedi dernier.

Le fichier était un peu plus grand que 1GB donc je l'ai coupé en 2 fichiers MP4 un peu au hasard.
La qualité était comme celle des matchs précédents que j'ai pu ripper: moyenne.

RDV pour la finale samedi! (enfin, plutôt lundi pour retrouver le match ici).


1GB, MP4

16 June 2009

Okay... it's ain't very long since last update.
But I dont remember doing much things.
It's not stated in the calendar of mine.
So shall only update about yesterday.
Wait, is it yesterday?
Or the day before yesterday?
Er. Okay, confirmed is yesterday.
HAHAHA. Went out with yuxiang, yingxuan & lingzhi.
Supposed to be a 'movie marathon'...
But due to low stamina, only watched 2.
Actually it's 3... but were too late.
So only watched 2 at amk hub.
They were .... Holy. HAHAHA!
Okay, they were Ghosts of Girlfriends Past & Drag Me To Hell.
GoGP is a comedy romance about this guy who were so successful with ladies.
Lacking of nothing but love. Till something freaky happened to him, turned his world upside down! HAHAHA. worth watching ~
DMTH is a thrilling horror... about some black goat curse thingy.
HAHAHA. screw the witch. -___- she's so fugly. HAHA.
Okay..... imma go dota.
better tag. HAHAHA.
oh ya, going out with hillary peeps tomorrow to discuss about the shirt.
GOSH. 10am at mac!
LOL. imma be late!

16 June 2009 Pictures

this is an entry full of random pictures.
Lol. click to enlarge for a better view.
They're nothing much -_-
Just some Facebook, Neopets & Desktop pictures I took.
They're damn lame. I know.
Give me 10 mins, the wordy post shall be up!

NBA Action - Week 33 & 34

198MB, MP4, Rar file
198MB, MP4

Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Playoffs Finals: Lakers vs Magic, Game 5 [HDTV]

PART 1 - 2

Released by : CobraKai
Broadcast on : ABC
Total Size : 1.29 GB
Video Codec : 1-pass H.264 (.mp4 container)
Video Bitrate : 1700 kbps
Video Framerate : 59.94 fps
Resolution : 768 x 432p
Audio Codec : AAC; 48000 Hz; stereo; 112 kbps