Sunday, July 26, 2009

NCAA Classic Game: Connecticut vs Syracuse

Great game from last March Madness. The videos starts from the 2nd half of the game only so you can guess that it went to overtime. I won't spoil you more if you didn't hear the result but it's a must see game, go get it.

Big East Tournament Quarterfinal #4.

Part 1 - 2

1.6GB, MP4, iaho. Scorebox

26 July 2009

Hey ho, peeps!
Missing me right? ^^ I know.

HAHAHA. okay, kind of worn out after the badminton session with zhiyong.

Lol. when its near the end, both of us already played out, totally no energy to chase after the shuttlecock already.
HAHAHA, so i just sat on the ground and we called it a day.

Didn't get to start on my remaining homework as I was happily Dragonica-ing away & texting darling.
By the way, I'm done with geography, the holidays assignment & workbook.

HAHAHA. shall finish the notes on Mangrove after DotA session with Garena Pals.

^^ Guess what, I love to study @ Mac.

Not just with anyone else, but YOU (:

Okay, random. HAHA.

Oh yes, Garena Pals refers to Yinlun, Gareth, Mark & Ethan.

Nowadays, we always play at Garena as a team & triumph over public.

So I name ourselves, the Garena Pals.

Okay, doesn't really matter.

I'm boreddddddd.
I go mousehunt already.

See you peeps again when I see you.
HAHAHA, barn buddy from facebook! ^^

Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 ESPY Awards [HD]

Presented by Samuel L. Jackson. Featuring Kobe, Phelps, T.O., Williams Sisters,...
720p 3GB version by cobrakai chopped into 4 MP4 parts.


For simultaneous MU downloads try RAPID8.COM and let me know if it works for you.

The Year In Sports [HD]

Here's the intro of the 2009 ESPY awards (that I'll post later today) suming up everything that happened since last year in sports from Beijing Olympics to Kobe's NBA title.

225MB, MP4, 7' or so.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 Ganon Baker Training Videos [Req]

Here's a training video some of you requested some time ago by skill development trainer Ganon Baker. He shows some crossovers to pass by your defender. Most moves have names like the "Lebron crosssover", "Marbury crossover" or "GP spin". Grab this if you wanna get some good inspiration to improve your dribbling skills.

"Ganon Baker demonstrates 35 of the most useful, unique, and "unguardable" street moves ever seen on video! Ganon demonstrates each move and instructs when to use them. More importantly for coaches and players, Ganon shares how to take these mesmerizing street moves and implement them into team basketball. The "training wheel" drills in this video reinforce proper hand-eye coordination, the key for successful dribbling at any level. Learn how to relieve defensive pressure and create better scoring opportunities while being closely guarded. This is an outstanding tape for enhancing individual improvement in the areas of creativity, ball handling, and breaking people down off the dribble."

35 Street Moves (Crossovers)
400MB, MP4

  • Dribbling and Driving drills for the Preps and Pros
  • All drills demonstrated at the highest possible level by Ganon Baker.
  • Innovative drills utilizing tennis balls and chairs.
  • Become an offensive threat with the Driving section.
  • NBA Dribble moves of Mike Bibby, Kobe Bryant, Rafer Alston, and Allen Iverson
  • Driving drills based on moves by Dwayne Wade and Chauncey Billups

Dribling & Driving
560MB, MP4

2007 Summer League: Celtics vs China

900MB, ASF

Rajon Rondo
Yi Jianlian
Leon Powe
Glen Davis
Gerald Green

July 11th - 2009 Summer League: Mavs vs Rockets

Great game by rookie Rodrigue Beaubois.

PART 1 - 2

1GB, FLV, Chr1s

U20 Eurobasket 2009: Belgium vs Italy

692MB, MKV, Ft4U, Greek.

Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Lakers Championship DVD

Here's the official 2009 NBA Championship DVD!
All files are in VOB format and can be played with media player classic or VLC.
The main video is in 2 parts (one of which is over 1GB so it's in 2 rar files).
Other files are from the Extras.

In a blockbuster performance deserving of Hollywood, the Los Angeles Lakers added the latest sequel to their championship legacy behind their leading man, Finals MVP Kobe Bryant.. In the series billed as Disneyland vs. Disney World, the Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic in the 2009 NBA Finals.

The Lakers were on a mission all season long, after losing the 2008 Finals to the Boston Celtics. With another spectacular season from Kobe, along with key contributions from Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, Los Angeles finished with 65 wins, the best record in the West. In the playoffs, L.A. rolled past Utah before surviving difficult battles against Houston and Denver. And in the Finals, the Lakers overcame young superstar Dwight Howard and the Magic, to give Phil Jackson his 10th championship as a head coach, breaking the record he had shared with Red Auerbach.

Relive the Lakers thrilling championship run on this action-packed DVD. You’ll have an all-access pass to L.A.’s memorable season with exciting highlights, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage, as one of the most storied franchises in sports reclaims their place atop the NBA.

Bonus features:

-Kobe Bryant slideshow
-Pau Gasol slideshow
-All-Access: Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers (12/25/08)
-All-Access: Cleveland Cavaliers at Los Angeles Lakers (1/19/09)
-Lakers roundtable
-Fourth quarter of game 7 vs. Houston
-Fourth quarter of game 6 at Denver
-Timeouts: Trevor Ariza
-Spotlight: Derek Fisher
-Focus: Lamar Odom
-Kobe 81

I've uploaded those in bold, if you like the others (some seen before stuff btw) let me know.

PART A: 1 - 2 (1GB)
PART B (700MB)

Christmas Game - Celtics - Lakers Coverage (193MB)

Cavs - Lakers Game Coverage (187MB)

Rockets - Lakers Game 7 - 4th Quarter (476MB)

Lakers - Nuggets Game 6 - 4th Quarter (595MB)

Kobe's 81 Points Record (473MB)

Found on Sport-Scene.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

19 July 2009

Haha! Great news! Miss Loh just called my house and asked for pa/ma.
Am sure it's something bad. But who's at fault? ^^
No need think also know it's me right.
HAHAHA, and what is it about?
Only one possibility, Homework.
Cause I most probably won't get into fights or any other foolish stuffs.
HAHA. Awesome, I've yet to start on my JUNE holidays assignment, for Maths & English.
Geography's halfway done, but the remaining is still much more than M&E.
Chinese's Newspaper Article's Reflection...
Guess I'm the last to submit.
Haha! & I hope I can finish it before lights off.
Coooooolz. & I started new MMORPG, Dragonica.
God damn it, it's so nice ^^
But my wooden comp kind of pissed me off.
Hahaha, cannot smash it also cause its WOODEN.
Would definitely smash & slam it on the ground if its made of titanium.
Most preferrably made of diamond. ^^
Okay, getting off topic.
Hahaha! Dragonica is a merge of World of Warcraft (WoW) , MapleStory & GrandchaseSEA.
Only played the 2 behind before, but seen Kor playing WoW.
So it's really WOWgame. & I mean WOW which turns you wild.
Not again, going off topic.
Okay, I'm kind of bored here.
So OFF to work...
HAHAHA. Most probably won't finish Geog & Maths by today.
So gonna stay back after sch to do.
Not bad though, got Darling's companion.
Hahaha..... ^^
Okay okay, shall stop my procastination ^^
See you peeps again when I see you :D

The quickest way to finish a task is to begin it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 July 2009

Before going off to sleep!
I wanna tell you peeps something!
See you peeps again when I see you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 July 2009

Hey retarded peeeeeeeps! ^^
Almighty + Adorable SHENG is back..
Hahaha, actually not.
Most probably will be updating tomorrow ^^
So, stay tune..... ^^
oh yes, this is for you peeps!

'If you're facing the 'downs' in your life, turn it over, view it from a different view, it'll then be your 'ups' in life.'

Friday, July 10, 2009

Okay... for the past few days, MSN's been feeding me with this crap.
& I had no choice but to take it.
Every 3 mins or so, this would appear & my messenger would just exit by it own.
Then I have to spend about 2 mins time to restart it.
Crapppppppp. So ended up smsing contacts that I wanna chat with.
HAHAHA... ain't it dumb?
^^ Enough of rantings since this problem is gone alr :D
Am having muscle aches on my upper torso now
Went gym with T, J, M & JL yesterday.
Gosh....... & oh yeah.
They're going for some outing at pulau ubin..
Didn't tag along coz promised WH to go out with him & clique.
Then maybe attending Tomy's belated birthday celebration thingy.
Hahaha... Tho not very close with him, but we're soccer buddies afterall.
Lol... okay. Meeting WH & NjK at yishun mrt soon.
Then 1pm at Chinatown MRT station to meet TK.
Maybe not, NJK's still asleep.
Blah blah blah, after everything maybe doing Chinese Holidays' Online HW before turning in tonight. Easy peasy ^^ But needa give NjK's answers.
Kind of troublesome sial. Ass.
I think that's all ah.... See you peeps again some other time.
P/S : Happy 15th Birthday Hid! ^^

Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th July 2009

You peeps must have missed me badly right!
Haha! Nowadays not in the mood to update!
So..... stay tune!
Will update real soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Behind the scenes from Jam. Short 3'29 clip.


And for the music video on YT, go here