Tuesday, September 29, 2009

400th Entry.

Hey ho! :D
Hahaha! It's my 400th entry! Cheeeeerios :D
Well, not gonna update about what happened for the past few days..
Today, started off quite well.
Am not really late, reached hall @ about 7.25.
Hahaha! & even managed to use up all my energy @ Mafia Wars on facebook.
LOL, I'm such a MW-addict.
=.= & screw Mousehunt, keep missing sia. DAMN.
Okay, enough of FB. Back to reality ^^
Was called out for haircut after all the classes are dismissed, whereas 3G2 are asked to stay behind.
Awesome. Am having a super cute hairstyle ever since then until about 2 hrs ago.
Soccer after sch then went 400+ for haircut with T, J & JL.
Think I'm not gonna play soccer anymore for the time being.
As I'm pretty sure that I fractured my right toe(s).
& how cool... I'm limping! As I messed with someone's girlfriend.
Don't get it? (Hint : Nickelback - Next Contestant)
Got it? Still don't? The lyrics, dude!
Hahaha.. okay, whatever.
Exams round the corner.. Gonna study hard!
HAHAHA. Refresh your page ah, to make sure you're at the right blog.
Oh yah, needa wear full-U to sch tomorrow sial.
Damn. Am having some giving-out-of-certificates ceremony regarding Hillary Challenge tomorrow sial.
And what's worst, am told that all of us are required to present something(?!)
Screw it ah... hahaha.
If there's sch on Thursday, then I would definitely have to report @ 7am.
Cause I'll definitely be late for school tomorrow!
How cool? Hahaha.
Okay... enough. Am gonna go try fix my boots' sole.
If it's really heaven's will then so be it.
HAHAHA. cheeeeeeeeers. see you, peeps.
Leave traces of you behind by tagging, alright.
我这次是认真的!:D 相信我!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


SAY 'YES' ! :D

P/S : Wah , just nice 7colours . :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eurobasket 2009: Spain - Serbia (Final Game)

No english/french/spanish version out yet so I've uploaded the german version.
Including post-game ceremony.

1.2GB, MP4, screenshot:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eurobasket 2009: Slovevia - Croatia (Quarter-Finals)

Here's the english version of this game.

Note I'm waiting for an english (or spanish) version of the Final game to upload it (only greek & german versions out now).


How's life?

Life's been great for the past few days(?), I guess.
Hahaha, just trying to be positive.
Am gonna go have a shower & start on my work already.
Homework are meant to be done & time are meant to be used.
Time are often misused & homework are often undone.
So, am gonna use the misused time to do my undone homework.
Ahhhh, crap.
I'm thinking of lots of stuffs @ the moment now.
Feel like going for a jog..
But am lazy to even stand up, get changed & go for the jog.
Crap. Hahaha...
Okay... enough.
On second thoughts, how about doing my work after settling my blog stuffs.
So be it. ^^
Visit again in another 30 mins or so if you're a stalker.

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think.

Eurobasket 2009: France - Croatia (5th Place Game)

For some reason the sound is very bad and low on this one.


812MB, MP4, french.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Artest Working Out


Ron Artest's latest music video, working up in Venice Beach.

17MB, flv

Lebron James in Paris

I don't know if you saw this already but here's a 4'23 video suming up Lebron's visit in Paris a couple of weeks ago as part of the More Than A Game Tour. Download it in MP4 format or or stream it below. The video is pretty well edited, check it out.


28MB, MP4

Eurobasket 2009: Top 10 Plays

10 of the best plays of the tournament (they forgot some IMO) with some (old) hiphop over it.

38MB, MP4

Eurobasket 2009: Spain - Greece (Semi-Finals)

MKV, Greek

Eurobasket 2009: France - Turkey

France will look to bounce back from their lopsided Quarter-Final defeat against Spain and take a step towards securing a place in next year's World Championship when they face Turkey in the first of Saturday's 5th-8th place games.

667MB, MKV, Ft4U, French

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eurobasket 2009: France - Greece

Last game of round 2. This game is in greek language, I'll try to add the french version later.

970MB, MKV, Ft4U

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sleep deprived.

Its only 7.55pm now and I'm feeling sleepy already.
I'm deprived of sleep nowadays even though I slept @ 10pm plus for the past few nights
How cool? Must be some sleep disorder ...
Guess what?
Spent about 2 hrs in BB storeroom just now.
Had a new BB storeroom layout & did some clearage.
Muahaha.. JL & CT saw me & asked me this : 'why you so dedicated to BB, yet dont seems to be that hardworking in studies'
Hahaha... quite true ah.. how come?
Lol. Whatever.....
& I can't wait to go northpoint some day to buy my new school shoe and wet shoes!
Okay... can't tahan alr, I'm going to sleep now!
Bye peeps! HAHAHA.................

Shaq VS - Episode 5

Shaq goes swimming for the last Shaq VS episode.

SHAQ VS Michael Phelps

350MB, AVI

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 Hall Of Fame

Here's the Hall of fame from Sept. 11th inducting the guys above.
I cut chester version into 2 AVI files to fit on MU.


1.6GB, AVI, Chester

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eurobasket 2009: France - Croatia

Après plusieurs essais et plantage de PC j'ai du revoir la qualité à la baisse pour l'encodage du game. Je sais pas pourquoi ca me fait ca pourtant mon PC devrait pouvoir tenir la route, bref.
Désolé aussi pour l'image un peu crade sur la droite (cf photo avec TP) ça, ça doit venir de mon "vieux" graveur DVD, mais vous allez me dire que c'est mieux que rien nan? enfin j'espère ;)


2ND HALF (fixed version with sound)
1GB, MP4

Eurobasket 2009: Spain - Turkey

Here is what is probably the best game of the tournament so far (with spanish commentary).

680MB, MKV, Ft4U

Eurobasket: France FYRO Madedonia

710MB, MKV, Ft4U

Thursday, September 10, 2009

4 more to the 400th post.

4 more entries to 400th post.
Like wow. Hahaha..
Has been on the badminton-fever for the past few days.
Take yesterday as an example; went to Chong Pang Community Club to play badminton with Swee Siang, Belle & Darling. 11.30am - 2pm (?)
Then later in the afternoon, went to play badminton again with ZhiYong (5pm - 7pm)
Cool right? HAHA..
Wait till I save up enough money, I'm gonna buy myself a wet shoes! (for wet activities!)
Then go sign up for some dragon boat or kayaking sessions.
Hope everything can go smoothly for these.
& oh ya, soccer with BB uncles & sec 4s later on @ 12.30pm.
Don't know if I should go, Darl heard thunder from her place...
Most probably, I would hear it soon too...
Hmm... shall toss a coin later on to decide.
Oh ya, mentioning about tossing coin..
Kor passed me 2 'Turning Point' movie tickets.
I watched the 'Emergency Unit' drama series & it's somehow related(?)
So gonna catch it soon, I guess.
Alright.. that's all for now.
See you peeeeeeeps! ^^

Love is like an hourglass; the heart fills up as the brain empties.
PS: ♥ Hid; 090909♥

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shaq VS - Episode 4

7′ 1″, 320 pound Shaq challenges a 5′ 10″, 160 pound Oscar De La Hoya in an exhibition boxing match in Las Vegas. Prior to entering the ring, Shaq receives training from Freddie Roach in this bout of size vs. speed.

Shaq VS Oscar de la Hoya:

350MB, AVI

Eurobasket 2009: Spain - Serbia

810MB, MKV, Ft4U, Spanish

8 September 2009

As promised,
I'm here to update!
Wow... Cant believe that I'm actually updating consecutively for the 4th day!
I doubt there's any 5th consecutive post.
To start of with, got back my CA2 results..
Failed Combined Humanites & the others passed like borderline only..
Holy cow.. this is really handwriting on the wall sial.
Gosh. But still, I'm sure I will be promoted to sec 4E..
No kick at all.. hahaha.
Oh yahhhhhh...
Had a long day yesterday & my legs turned 'yummy'.
It comes in many types; duck's, turtle's, quail's & many more.
Served in many forms; steamed, boiled, fried & many more.
Used for many purposes; thickening soups, glazing, coating & as an emulsifier.
Provides us with many nutrients; proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins & many more.
Hahaha... most of you peeps should know what are they implying to.
But where's the connection? ^^
It's all because my legs aches (eggs).
Errrrrrr. Laughs.
Ramble to school for self-revision (10.30am - 11.30am)
Police statement @ police station (like duh; 11.45am - 2pm)
Walk back to sch with 3 kids (15 minutes walk)
Soccer with BB uncles & sec 4s (2.15pm - 4.20pm)
Trudge to broadway (10 minutes walk)
Late lunch/ Early dinner (4.30pm - 4.50pm)
Ramble to street soccer court @ 300+ (4.50pm - 5.10pm)
Soccer with Leon & clique (5.10pm - 9.10pm)
Plod my way home (9.10pm - 9.30pm)
Home sweet home ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hahaha.. that explains why my leg 'eggs'
Okay.... as for today!
Went Pusat Pergigian Nasional Singapura for dental appointment!
Am removing my braces during next session!
Wow! Time really flies. Gosh...
I actually spent most of my glorious teenage years in braces.
Cool. ^^ & I went to find Pa & Ma after that @ their new shop.
They keep changing shop ah ~ Hahaha.
Free ride home ~ saved my legs from being chicken (hatch eggs which aches)
Okay... that's all for this post.
Tag & even more tons of gratitude than NjK will be on the way.
PS : Cant wait to serve NS!

Eurobasket 2009: France - Germany

Here's the 1st game from french team against Germany in french (Sport+) and german version (DSF).
Let me know if the quality of french version game is good enough for you (comme ca j'encoderai les autres games de la meme facon).

French Version:


990MB, 640x480, MP4


DOWNLOAD (German Version)
770MB, MKV, Ft4U


Next up: Spain-Serbia