Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ooops, nearly blog @ the wrong blog.
Hahaha! Am given the rights to blog @ 87th BB blog, that's why.
Well, got back our SA2 results & guess what? I'd forgotten most of them.
So lets skip that! Friday! Had my braces removed @ NDC.
Rushed home & out again to HuangLiang's hse for his birthday party!
Had fun ahhhhh. Pictures @ the end ^^
Saturday, skipped BB because I couldn't find any reasons to go -.-"
I seem to lost the passion in BB alr sial.
Today! Had wedding ceremony (the offer tea session) @ Gongx2 house then headed to bottle tree park for lunch. 恭喜啊,二舅! :D
Okay.... am gonna copy & paste some of the pictures taken on Friday now!

(Group photo 1) (Saying 'chick' instead of 'cheese')
(Group photo 2)
(chi-ba-ban smile) [Which is to use force & smile by lifting up cheeks]
(The Guys)(The Gals) (HuangLiang scared kenna rub on the face again!)
[check out Fiona/Carmen's blog for more]
(Cant believe my tone is around hers!) [I always call her BLACK! =.=]
(Solo - 江帅哥) [Zarny, go find out what this means okay]
(NjK too, in case you don't know how to read it! LOL!)
(Me & birthday boy with his Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Girls)
(Fiona uploaded this with captions!)
(Birthday boy - Ong Huang Liang!)

Okay... that's all peeps!
Actually, there's more pictures to update!
Such as my updated desk! (with more food!) [OMG!]
& Steamboat with OHL, JPXL, FSY & LJL . . .
But too bad, my USB plug's damaged.
Next time alright?
Bye peeeeeeps!
& remember to tag after reading hor, laa laa gong-cubine! XD

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 Preseason: Celtics vs Cavs

Here's the kind of game I'll upload from time to time ;)

990MB, AVI, TR12

2009 Preseason: Celtics vs Knicks

Hey guys, concerning the website, I don't plan to shut it down don't worry but I think I'll be uploading less games than last season, just one from time to time. This because I don't have much free time anymore (for a site that isn't profitable at all) and because there are more people who also upload games now (on myp2p, mixmakers or in the shoutbox here) so my work is less needed that before. So I'll upload games from time to time now.
By the way, if some of you like to post links on the site instead of the shoutbox contact me at bballvideos at gmail dot com to get access.

Now to the ball game:

Game from Tuesday at MSG.


1GB, Avi, Tonerow12

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top Moments Of The 2008-09 Season

22 minute sum up of the past regular season.


310MB, MP4

By the way, thanks to all of you who share & post links of games in the cbox! I don't have much time to that these days...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OMG! 阿香 :D

Oh my ~ ~
I'm so into 阿香 (Ah-Xiang) now! (Obsessed! OH NO!)
(Ah-xiang from K.O3anguo!)
For the past two days, I'd been watching K.O3anguo (终极三国)
At first, thought it's just like some any other Idol-based drama, but it turned out differently!
Filled with humour & romance and even some touching scenes.
Story about a slightly-changed Romance of The Three Kingdoms! (My sub-favourite)
Oh well, thanks to this.. I didn't get a chance to revise on Geography, Chemistry and F&N!
(Each episode last about an hour, I watched 33 episodes within 3 days) [Do your maths!]
HAHAHA... anyway, geog paper is quite easy, could have done better if I revise that lil bit.
Last paper tomorrow; Science (Physics)
Not having much expectations though. (The usual me ^^)
Oh yah! Miss Low called me yesterday & asked if I wanna go for this Friendship Camp..
I didn't hesitate much & agreed. Like wow...
This morning after she passed me the form, she told me that it has to undergo some selection thingy. One representative from each school or something, & I was like (Oh, forget it)
Then, later in the afternoon, I surfed the net about this 'Singapore 2010 Friendship Camp' (Stated on the form)
& result turned out to be somehow related to Youth Olympic Games (YOG)
Like even more wow... -.-
More details can be found in
Oh yah, most importantly; the selection of participants:

'Each NOC is invited to send 1 male athlete and 1 female athlete between 15 and 17 years of age. The organisers recommend the following criteria as a reference:

Sport experience - To promote diversity at the Camp, participants can come from a variety of sport disciplines.
Language - Conversational ability in English or French is preferred as this will facilitate interaction and building of friendships with other participants, including participants from Singapore.
Personality - Independent, outgoing, mature'

I don't seem to meet up any criteria except for being outgoing & within the age range =.="
Whatever, I'm just replacing that Used-to-be-Botak Terrence. HAHAHA!
& Oh yah, will be updating my November & December schedule by this week!
Stay tune! (Like it matters you peeps -.-" It's for my own use! HAHAHA)
Not forgetting this!
I'm seriously getting fatter sial!
Look @ this :

Taken on the 12 & 13 October 2009 respectively!
Too much of a glutton right?

HAHAHA! Am 73kg now... Aim to get 67kg by year 2010 :D
Possible? Shall keep you peeps updated okay!
Remind me via tagboard @ near end 2009!
HAHAHA. Okay.. enough!
That's all!
See you peeps this sunday or something k!
:D 阿香 阿香 阿香 阿香 阿香 阿香 阿香

2009 Preseason: Cavaliers vs Olympiacos Piraeus

Shaq & Lebron vs Papaloukas, Josh Childress & Schortsanitis.


1GB, MP4

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pro A: Strasbourg vs Nancy

2e journée de Pro A.

J'ai coupé le fichier original un peu au hasard donc la premiere partie contient 2 minutes de la 2eme mi-temps.


1.1GB, MP4, BasketGA

2009 Preseason: Rockets vs Celtics

Game from last Wednesday


1GB, AVI, rocketredrockers,

Friday, October 9, 2009

NBA Europe Tour 2009 (2 GAMES)

2 pre-season games played in Madrid and London.

Chicago Bulls - Utah Jazz


933MB, MP4, from albert's version

Utah Jazz - Real Madrid

933MB, MP4, albert

2009 NBA Draft - The Opening Chapter

Follow the stories behind this year's top picks including Blake Griffin

630MB, MP4, idaho