Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home sweet home!

Sawa dee-krap, peeps!
Hahaha! If you're wondering what's that, it's 'hello' in Thai.
:D Okay... am back from the 4 days 3 nights BB fun camp in BB Headquarters.
Had some really great time there, man. (Would be better if my 87th Year 4 BB buddies were there)
wanted to go into details, but due to laziness & to prevent from making this entry plain & boring, I'll just summarise everything & pictures when I got them k.
Day 1 ~
Bused to Boys' Brigade Campus & fall in.
Grouped into 4 different groups as following - Red, Blue, Green & Purple.
Assigned as the Guai Lan of team Red with Darrel as the Also Guai Lan.
(Group Ldr & Assistant GL)
Alongside with Gao Wei, Jonathan, Cedric, Davin, Shang Qing, Kai Qian, Jian Ping & Paul.
Camp briefing & stuffs then started off with the very 1st main event, Food Hunt.
Given clues & maps and the objective is to find the stall and taste their food.
Anyway, that's our lunch too.
Blah blah blah, then had our 2nd event, Night Games.
Which is yet another water-bombs-based game on conquering bases of enemies.
Day 2~
3rd event - Outdoor Scavenger Hunt.
Given 4 tasks to complete within a given time @ Orchard. (I think it's 2 hrs)
First task, find & take a photo with a tourist (Japanese)
Task 1 part 2 - ask a few questions (where are you from)(why are you here)(Forgotten)
Second task, sing a christmas carol & attract at least 3 passers-by to stop & listen to us.
Third task - Find & name the following locations w/ pictures given.
Fourth task - Find stuffs of different companies.
Examples - Burger wrapper of Mac, Napkins of 5 different fastfood restaurant, different companies' fliers, ice cream sticks (We're in Orchard - Ion!) & shopping malls plastic bags.
Yah...... & we managed to be halfway through task 4. *wink*
4th event - Laser Tag.
Red team got totally thrashed.
With an end-game score of 23 whereas the other teams got 40+, 50+ & winning team of 89 pts.
Cool... HAHAHA.
5th Event, Night Tour @ Vivo City (I actually got typo & typed out vico instead -.-)
Played several games @ the top of Vivo.. I'm not sure what's the exact name of it.
If I'm not wrong, there's a name for it. (The place with water & a damn big Christmas Tree)
1st game - tossing the 1 cent coin into the square box about 20m away. (Anyhow estimate)
We got none in out of 10 tries.
2nd game - Foot race, with the toes touching the heels of the guy in front of you, forming the longest line with both legs. We got last for this. (Eww, was QUITE close)
3rd game - Whatever Crackers Whistle.
10 packets of soda biscuits given, finish them up within the shortest time wins (First to whistle wins). As Paul went back to ShangHai, I became the first & the last man of my team.
So I have to finish 6 soda biscuits. Err. We got first for this. Kudos.
4th game - Longest whistle.
See whose whistle can be blown for the longest period of time.
We had trial runs before it starts.
I got it @ about 10 seconds plus plus.
But we sent out ShangQing, rising as a winner with a record of 9.40+ seconds.
Blah blah blah, had our free time there.
Soon after, announcing the winner of this 'Night Tour' games!
& Nonetheless, my RED team emerged as the WINNER *wink*
Day 3 ~
6th event - Outdoor Fun @ Sentosa.
HAHAHA. Had the skywalker ride & played the LUGE.
Have you guys tried that before?
Quite fun ah? HAHA...
Proceeded to Palawan Beach & had lunch there.
Had some activities & some company took over.
Did the raft with mainly 62nd peeps & OH MY GOD.
It's damn tiring rafting over to the other island, all credits goes to our design -.-"
Had my right hand so cramped up after 2 trips there & forth.
HAHA. Blah blah blah.....
Before 7th event - 62nd Sec 4s getting ready to go prom night.
Galen & I was in the dorm when they were changing into their prom night suits.
I felt so .. touched? Seeing them..
Not because I saw them changing, but.. their brotherhood.
Oh my... most of them are from different classes & came together through BB.
Now that they have prom to attend, they still come for this camp & set off for prom night together. I told Galen, look at their Primers, styling their hair for them...
& look at ours, only one Alvin, style what butt. -.-
HAHA. thoughts flashed & emotions filled me.
My great BB buddies have no prom night to attend in between this camp days, yet they didn't attend it. Not even the Buffet Night whereas they were invited except for 2, yx & js.
How devastating..
7th Event - which is Buffet Night.
Changed into Full-U, supposed to welcome the parents but all of them were late..
So we ended up slacking @ canteen.
Had a long chat with JS & YX after they arrived.
Memories recalled, how time flies. laughs.
Day 4 ~
As usual, breakfast then mass area cleaning.
Changed into Full-U & room inspection.
Fall in @ Assembly Area for last camp debrief & dismissal.
Before dismissal, had prize presentation!
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Winning Team - RED Team!
Most Enthusiastic Boy Award - Chia Kai Qian
Most Encouraging Boy Award - Cedric Lim
Best Group Award - RED Team!
Best Camper Award - *wink* ME
So overall, RED Team is the winning team...
In fact, all of us are winners!
We all won, all of us had fun.
Right, campers?
*wink* Okay......
I promise you peeps that pictures will be up once I got them from facebook kay!
XD. Oh ya.. anyway, I'm in charge of BB recruitment next year.
So what I'm supposed to do, is to think of ideas & ways to attract Sec 1 Boys next year by making our activities special & outstanding.
So that's all for today!
I'm off to update the BB Blog!
Sa-wat-dee (Apparently, it's goodbye in Thai)*wink*

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