Monday, December 28, 2009


Just watched 海角七號 / Cape No. 7 with pa & ma.
HAHAHA. Not bad for a film filled with all the inexperienced actors & actresses (most of them are singers & models yet still able to express out every story behind each scenes)
Worth my thumbs up for 'em.. that explains why they're the
2nd top grossing film in the Taiwan cinematic history, behind 'Titanic'.
Okay... as for today, no hardcore clubbing!
HAHA, soccer @ cage with Cobra clique.
Which includes : me, sebas, ting, leon, ribs, zarny, desoh, damien, yan, firdaus & junkeong(5mins)
Not missing 'em out, the 2 tag alongs, weihan & weiheng. (Wei Bros) [New nick!]
Well.. that's all for this entry!
Byeeeeee. gonna go watch
桃花小妹 / Momo love!

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