Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec. 25th: Cavs vs Lakers [HD]

It has become really hard for me to upload on Megaupload because the speed is either very low or 0. The 1st half took me 8 hours and like 10 resumes to upload.

Update: I have realized that my megamanager was messing up when I was trying to upload big files. I've uploaded a 200mb file this morning without problem but when it comes to a bigger file (the 2nd half here) it keeps on failing. So next time I'll make smaller files I guess...

PART 1 (1st + 5 mins in the 3rd)
PART 2 (stuck at 99%)
1.6GB, 720p, MP4, peacemaker30.

ALT links by advisethis:

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