Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Monday - 14 December!
Woke up @ 5.45am. (Wow!) [Whoever's late has to pay for LAN, that's why!]
Met Sebas & Victor @ Yishun Interchange & made our way to Chambers.
Played L4D2 from 8 plus till about 10.30?
Free of charge, thanks to 'Pay For Lan Guy' (TingZheng)
Hahaha.... LAN Club Members : Me, Sebas, TingZheng, Victor, JingSheng & YuXiang.
Took 812 from ChongPang & reached our next destination; Safra Yishun!
Met up with Rib & went bowling.
Were late for soccer but we still played on for another set.
Bowling Club Members : Me, Sebas, TingZheng, Victor, JingSheng, Kiaseng, Leon & Jakeh.
Walked to Yishun MRT station & spotted a 7-seater CAB.
So cabbed to Jurong West Avenue 25 (Boon Lay) for Soccer @ Fico.
Played from 2 to around 4(?)
Then trained back to Yishun for dinner @ S11.
Soccer Club Members (Cobra excluding Ribs) : Me, Sebas, TingZheng, Leon & Kiaseng.
Other Fico Players : Desmond, Yan Cheng & Png.
Tag along : Victor....
Dinner under Singles' Club (Excluding Chan) - Members : Me, Sebas, TingZheng, Kiaseng & Victor.
After dinner & some etc stuffs, bused to Shaugnessy for 'gambling club' (Which consists of Mahjong, Poker, Big 2.5, In Between, Blackjack) but it ended up swimming club for Sebas, Ting, Leon & Jason and 'Swift' for Me, HongKhang & Victor.
Shaugnessy Club Members : Me, Sebas, Ting, Leon, Jason, Vick & HongKhang.
Well, it turned out to be more than just 4 clubs in a day.
& I call it 'clubbing' (:

Tuesday - 15 December!
Facebook & Etc in the morning.
Left home @ about 1 to meet Sebas & Leon for... LUNCH club!
Same old rule set by TingZheng - Late-comer pay for all.
Waited for Victor since 1.35 till around 2 and we decided to eat 1st.
Laksa @ 927 & Dessert after that.
So Victor ended up paying for the dessert (:
Made our way to Shaugnessy again & *'Games Room' Club* soon after.
*'Games Room' Club - refers to the Games Room facility in Shaugnessy.
(Consists of Pool & PingPong).
GRC till around 7 & left Shaugnessy @ around 8 after lepak-ing @ TingZheng's unit.
Dinner with Sebas @ 654 and Home Sweet Home.
Games Room Club Members : Me, Sebas, TingZheng, JingSheng, Victor & HongKhang.

Wednesday - 16 December!
Nothing much about today.
HAHAHA. Did my usual 'wikipedia researches' on *Taiwan Stars*
*Taiwan Stars* - taiwan actors, actresses & singers!
It's actually more on singers, especially those from One Million Star / 超級星光大道.
Didn't really take much note about it until Pets Ceng (曾沛慈) from K.O3an Guo attracted me.
So read on, more about Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰), Yoga Lin (林宥嘉), Aska Yang (楊宗緯), Rachel Liang (梁文音) and Y2J (神木与瞳) [Jane Huang(黃美珍) & Yuming Lai(賴銘偉)].
Am somehow going crazy over One Million Star - Season 2 (星光二班) now la.
Been catching those rebroadcast of it @ Channel 56.
As the time crashes with some other coolios variety shows, had to watch it via DemandTV.
HAHAHA. Gosh.. guess what?
Was updating halfway & went out to living room to catch something nice.
'Big Time in Little Street', my dad actually recorded it.
So... HAHAHA. Yeah. Not bad, pretty awesome. Hmm..
I think that's all ah. See you peeps again when I see you.

PS : I'm so not ready for any academic-related stuffs. (Damn!)

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