Saturday, December 26, 2009


Am catching 海派甜心 / Hi My Sweetheart now!
Starring Show Luo & Rainie Yang!
check 'em out DRAMAWIKI
currently waiting for 海派甜心 episode 9 and 终极三国 episode 44!
HAHAHA. okay.. enough of dramas ~

21st December 2009, Monday.
Went clubbing again.
LAN club in the morning, followed by SINGLES' CLUB - lunch @ 928.
Semi-BOWLING club & GRC (Games' Room Club) till night.
Clubbing members for this time round - Me, Sebas, Ting, HongKhang, Ribs, Kenny & Junkeong (Jk - Left after lunch)(Ting - Left after bowling)

22nd December 2009, Tuesday.
Cobra training @ Cage.
Cobra members involved - Me, Sebas, Ting, Hairiel & Jakeh.
Singles' Club - lunched with Sebas & Ting
Met Oh & went to make our Cobra Jersey.
Oh joined Cobra as a Snake.
Made 8 sets of Cobra Jerseys.
Official Cobra Members(w/jersey) - Me, Sebas, Ting, Oh, Leon, Wan, Hairiel & Ribs.
(It's not Hairiel & his ribs please, Ribs is someone.)
Yeah man......

25th December 2009, Friday.
Christmas Gathering with fellow BB mates @ Mr.Janson Yong's place.
Pool @ Safra after that with some of 'em.

Okay.. days which I did not update on, I spent them staying at home watching my dramas.
Except for Christmas' Eve. Thanks to Sebas, I don't feel well at all for the whole day. HAHA.
Most probably the last Clubbing session tomorrow.
Hmm. Okay, that's all.
See you peeps when I see you.

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