Saturday, August 29, 2009

29 August 2009

Was watching the 'Michael Jackson History World Tour Concert' @ Channel 5...
How cool..... gosh.
Hahaha... oh yes. was bloghopping before coming to blog...
Came across this interesting story @ Bin's blog, check it out!^^
Hahaha... oh yes, regarding the Captains' Ball competition organised by the Project Cabin I mentioned in my previous post, my team ain't the winner yet...
We were told that one day, they would organise another session for us to compete against the sec 4s & 5s whom couldn't make it on that day itself due to some courses going on.
Well, whatever it is, just bring it on.. HAHAHA.
yes, must have that sporty spirit... -.-
Had a wearying day yesterday, how cool.
After sch, played soccer with Aloysius Png (aka Png by me) till 4plus then went home.
Met again & went over to 300+ for street soccer with Leon & clique.... how cool.
Had fun as I was feeling ecstatic throughout the session..
And guess what?
I cant goal keep any balls there.. screw it.
Oh yah, we actually brought that 2 goal posts out of the fencings..
my suggestion ^^ as I didn't wanna use that 2 dustbins... HAHAHA.
blah blah blah, ran home & found myself bathing. ^^
As for today....... had BB in the morning & wow... cool.
No comments about it... HAHAHA. soccer session after that..
Primers somehow got trashed, rusty alr ah..... HAHAHA.
went lunch with Mr J.Yong, Alvin & Damien...
then went over to meet PW demons... (demon wearing helmet & clique)
Gosh.... ended up only me & LL buying the stuffs..
Whatever...... buying stuffs session ended @ 5.20
KennyLee asked me out for a game of badminton...
but sadly, I'm feeling exhausted for any other activities.
^_^ guess what?
I'm ending my post here...
HAHAHA.... see you peeps again when I see you :D
P/S : darling's dance nicer than MJ's right ^^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eurobasket 2009 Qualifications: France - Finland

Here are two games from this August in finnish language. I wasn't there to tape the game on french TV that time but I'll record next one against Belgium tomorrow.

Can France with its NBA line up qualify for the 2009 Eurobasket?

08/08 Game: France-Finland:
PART 1 - 2 - 3
1.8GB, MKV, mrkermit

08/17 Game: Finland-France:
PART 1 - 2
1.15GB, MKV, mrkermit

Shaq VS.

Hi guys! I'm back after long vacation.
There isn't much to upload during the summer though so I won't make many posts in the upcoming days.

Shaq strikes again with his new show. This time he wants to prove everyone he is the best athlete in the world so he takes on the world's most elite athletes... playing their sports!

Episode 1: Shaq Vs. Ben Roethlisberger

Shaq travels to the home of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to train at the Steelers’ practice facility and take him on in a quarterback challenge in a 7-on-7 game at a high school field in front of a stadium full of fans.

350MB, AVI

Episode 2: Shaq Vs. Misty & Kerri

Shaq takes on Women’s beach volleyball champions Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in a game of beach volleyball, along with men’s star Todd Rogers at Hermosa beach. Serena Williams coaches Shaq on the psyche of the woman athlete.

348MB, AVI

Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 August 2009

Hey ho, peeps!
Almighty Sheng is back to update!
Know why? All thanks to Hid Duper!
She forced me to do so ^^
This morning started with a long run with Bin & his buddy, Rongyao.
Started at 8.10am & ended @ 9.30.
Cool right? Took me quite a while to actually cool down & go bath sial.
Blah blah blah, left home @ 11.30, went out for PW.
So Me, heying, dandi & liling ended up @ Lijia's house.
Crap... wasted my time till 4.30pm.
Headed straight home & went out for badminton with zhiyong & weihan again @ 5.30pm.
Damn windy & seems like storm approaching.
But thank goodness, it didn't rain until 8.30.
Like wow, & that friend of the public who joined us halfway kind of pissed me off.
HAHAHA. but who cares.
Gosh...... & oh yes, watched GI.JOE yesterday @ cwp with Darl & 3 clan mates.
Then headed to Alyaa's house & lepak there ~
Like wow..... I have yet to done my Emaths & MT homework.
Holyyyyyyyyyycrap. Am so prepared to get some scoldings alr.
HAHAHA, & guess what?!
My team won the Captain's Ball competition organised by project dustbin.
Like so lame, we got that BBall dude which is 186cm tall.
Like WOW. ^^
HAHAHA, okay..... that's all.
See you peeps again when I see you.
P/S : aku sayang kamu eyh, darl.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

9 August 09

First thing first!
Hahaha! Okay, it's Kah Leong's birthday yesterday.
So we organised a Battuta Gathering ~
Well, it didn't turn out to be as good as I expected it to be.
None from AES turned up... gosh.
Commonwealth only got QY & KL
Bendermeer, Jan & Liyana
Northbrooks, me, Tisha & Raihan.
HAHAHA. this shows what?
Well........... nothing ^^.
Pictures taken are above.
For more, go to
Hahaha, oh yah.
On friday, which is 7 August 2009, had our National Day & Racial Harmony Day celebration in school hall.
The parade, which I'm involved in, turned out smooth.
HAHAHA. okay.. after that went Swensen's in np.
Mr J.Yong treated the Hillary Peeps for lunch.
Thanks ah, Mr Yong.
HAHA, after that went Bottle Tree Park with Nabil to meet up with.......
Aini, Alyaa, Erra, Darling, Firah, Hadi, Harris, Mars, Miguel, Richo & Wera..
then we headed over to Tisha's house.
Wow... all the 14 of us actually squeezed into Tisha's room.
Like WOW.... oh btw, 12:34:56 on that day was damn cool.
12 hr 34 min 56 second, on 7th August 2009.
123456789... get it? Okay whatever.......
Eyh.... That's all.
See you peeps again when I see you kay.
Oh yes btw, dont forget to take your pledge at 8.22pm tonight.
Remember to!
& Guess what?
I love my darling
aku rindu pelukan mu.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 August 2009

Yooo hooo ~
Hahaha! I know I know, my blog is dead.
So I'm here to bring it back to life! ^_^
Eyh, but it's no point having a living blog when the blogger is rotting right.
Gosh ~ Whatever!
Had friendly street soccer matches @ East Coast Park's 'cage'
Turned out to be cool, like WOW.
All the old birdies came back & surprisingly, most of them still looks the same.
Miss those times when they're 'torturing' us(Echo 06)
Lol, still remembers that I'm that fat lil kid getting pumped again & again for who-knows-what-reasons. HAHAHA. & @ that point of time, still kind of enjoying it. Sick.
Oh yes by the way, I sprained my waist while diving for one ball & it hurts like crap now.
Darling, you better sayang for me kay or else I wont be able to fly to you alr ^^
& oh ya, supposed to go for haircut with T.
But since every steps hurts, I shall not go alr.
HAHAHA..... & guess what, my wooden comp have been giving me all sorts of problems sial, but its okay, I love it. Cause it's testing my patience & training up my tolerance ^^
Optimistical thinking as always. HAHAHA.
& Darl, hurry get your flying license once Wonderwoman is done with her honeymoon kay ^^
Okay, that's all for today.
Bye peeps, I'M OFF for Emergency Unit (E.U) @ Demand TV.
See you peeps again when I see you.