Friday, January 15, 2010

3 days to change someone? Let's see 3 weeks/months later!

The 3 days 'I am Gifted, So Are You!' programme ended just tonight.

Well, I'm somehow motivated, but more on INSPIRED.

This inspiration motivates me & now that I have a clearer goal in life, I'll work hard for it.

Whatever it is, I'll just put in my 120% in everything I do.

Peeps around me, though I'm inspired now...

I may have time being crazy, so pardon me for not being serious even when you are.

(Worse if you're serious all the time. You'll be pissed off. *NOT talking about NjK*)

I won't be going through what are the stuffs that we went through..

But I'll have to mention about this.

Yesterday night(Day 2 of the programme),

Melvin(1 of our trainers) gave us this 'visualisation' talk whereas most of us cried.

It's about the relationship we have with our parents, drifting apart as we grow & started to have this cursed thing called 'Pride' & 'Attitude'.

Well, I didn't cry...but I'm touched.

Therefore tears rolled down my cheeks.

The part when he mentioned about us attending school on the 1st day, & our parents waiting for us outside letting us sure of the fact that they're always there & the part when we started not to follow our parents out even though we used to stick to them where ever they go like stickers...

I couldn't hold them anymore..

Haha.. by the way, someone's wailing as if he/she is laughing.

Somehow ruin the ambience -.-

So screw that person, work on your wails. (Haha!)

Hmm.. and on the same day itself, we came out with a 'Dare to Dream' session.

'If I dared to dream,

If there were no such thing as failure,

If I could be/have anything I want,

What is it that I really want?'

L1R4 = <16> (For now!)

And today! There's this 'Plan your Life' session.

Whereas we come up with a plan of our life from now, until we retire & so on.

Well... if you people wants to know about mine, read on!


This blog will never die, so my kids & grandkids get to see it! (:

Oh by the way, Melvin is such a great speaker.

The 2nd best speaker I've ever seen.

If only I didn't see how I spoke. (Laughs!)

Well, he's such a humorous speaker.

His joke just hits right at the point, and never give us the feel of it being too much.

Not just that, he has GREAT real life experiences to share!

Love it when he's telling us about his failure life, because whenever we fail, we can recall how worse his condition was. And yet he could stand up & move on with his life, twisted it & became 'successful'*. Therefore, we can have this mindset of 'This ain't the shittest shit on Earth, the worst has been taken by Melvin!'

'Being successful may not be having an income of 5 digits or higher, driving the coolest car on Earth or living in the most luxurious apartment, but it's how people view & think of you.'

Therefore, he is successful.

During the last part of the programme, whereas we(students) are given the chance to get on the stage & let our parents(who are present) know about how we felt after knowing how bad & unfilial we actually are.

I'm somehow touched again..

But this time, tears didn't roll down..

& instead, it rolled inwards, down into my heart.

After I heard Zhengjie talking to his mum through the mic, I felt rather guilty.

Being a senior, I didn't know about my junior well enough, I didn't know his parents just divorced recently, I could have shown care & concern.

Well..there's always tomorrow to do so.

It's never too late till it's really over your mind.

BB tomorrow at 9am!

Sec Ones' joining us for the 1st time. Coolios.

Gonna sleep now, leaving you guys with these:

'Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.'

& 'Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.'

- So don't give up when you fail, change strategy & try again!

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