Saturday, January 2, 2010


First thing first, HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR to everyone!
Just wanna tell you peeps that.. Year 2010 WILL BE BETTER.
Hmm, just watched the game of NBA - Kings V.S Lakers (02/01/10)
Like what I would always do, started watching from 3rd quarters onwards.
It was 74-49, Kings was leading with a goddamn score of 25 points!
Guess what? The ultra combination of Kobe Bryant & Lamar Odom drew the difference much closer & raised the team's morale.
[The score is always in Kings-Lakers order]
It was 108-106, with a remaining time of 4.1 seconds & Lakers holds the ball with timeout.
Lakers did it! They're able to get the ball to Kobe in time for him to shoot out yet another killer 3-pointer, ending Kings with a score of 108-109
Well, just check this out!

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