Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cross Country is drawing nearer!

Just updated the BB blog on upcoming BB blaze trainings & parade on Saturday.
Cross Country run tomorrow after school as part of the BB Blaze training.
& same goes to friday. (PE also need run -.-)
Luckily my house practice is on next week, if not would be 4 runs in 3 days.
And that would pwn me alive -.-

By the way, coolios, just ate at Seoul Garden with Jarrett, Dingxian, Junwei, Jianliang & Richo.
That's a truckload of fats to burn off -.-"
Nevermind. Nothing can stop me from doing whatever I truly want.

Oh ya, in the evening, I text-ed Mr Tham regarding the cross country -.-
I suggested to him that there should be H&F category in Cross Country.
As obese people would always tend to have low self-esteem compared to those fit & healthy sizes monkeys, so they would most probably stroll their way out of Cross Country route.
& that's not the whole point of organising cross country, which is to promote a healthy lifestyle in students.
Therefore, having a H&F category in cross country would greatly motivate them to run for the placings.

Anyway, all I wanted is just to get a goddamn medal -.-"
(By reading this sentence, anyone with an IQ above 65 would have guessed what the result is)
HAHA. & Screw those monkey for nuts. (Instead of bananas)

& YEAH! Idol-based Taiwanese Dramas!
Currently am waiting for :
终极三国 / K.O.3anguo - Episode 48
海派甜心 / Hi My Sweetheart - Episode 13
& 桃花小妹 / Momo Love just finish airing last week.

Being random, I'm yet again into reading Wars-based history.
Sengoku Period, Spring and Autumn Period, the documentary on 36 Strategies by Sun Bin of the Warring States Period
(for those who don't know who he is, he's most probably the descendant of Sun Tzu) and
Art of War by Sun Tzu (might take up some time -.-) [Lowest priority!]
Not just all these, maybe reading up more about chinese famous historical figures like...
Kong Zi (Confucius), Lao Zi (Laocius), Sun Zi (Sun Tzu), Zhang Heng(great inventor), Sima Qian (father of chinese history), Fan Li (smartest advisor during Spring & Autumn period), Ying Zheng (Qin Shi huang - China 1st Emperor), Liu Bang (Founding emperor of the Han Dynasty), Hua Mulan (You people should have heard about her story), Li Shi Ming (Founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty - also known as 唐太宗) & Yue Fei (Patriotic general during the Southern Song Dynasty)
HAHA, pardon me for being so chinese.
The Han blood within me is boiling! (:

Okay, getting late. It's 10.17pm now -.-"
HAHA. So, bye peeps! (:
Will update again some other time when I feel like.

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