Monday, January 11, 2010

It's been so long..

Hey folks, it's been quite sometime since I last blogged.
Well.. I don't know where to start off from..
but before I would, Congratulations to Saw Hong Khang for getting 9 points for his L1R5.
Apparently, eating veggies do benefits us.
Celebrated Jarrett's birthday with Warcraft Clique @ chambers, then followed by KTV yesterday.
Warcraft Clique - Me, Jarrett, HuangLiang, Yaoxin, Kianwei & Siangyung.
I think it shall be my last time visiting chambers before O's ends, unless there's an exception.
Oh ya, guess what?
Took my height & weight last week..
My height remains at 1.70cm & weight, increased by an approx of 10kg.
I was 70kg+ in July last year when I got out of H&F.
Now I'm goddamn 81kg.
I really wish there's H&F Category in Cross Country, so that I would get my very first medal for running. =.="
Fatties would always have fat hopes.
HAHA. Arghhh.
Boys' Brigade Observance day tomorrow, which means, full-U for the whole day.
I really have the urge to change out of it but I'm heading to gym afterwards.
Which means, school uni, full uni & sports attire.
Ain't that... troublesome?!
HAHA.. shall see how..
Last but not least, for those who managed to hit their targets for O's, congratulations!
As for those who didn't, it's okay, there's always new stuffs for you to try. Just enjoy it.
And for those who didn't do well & have to repeat, it's alright.
Many people in this world ain't given a second chance & have to live in remorse, and now that chances' given to us, cherish & treasure it.
To the 2 babes who are joining us, 4G2'10, welcome!
Ending off with a quote by Marilyn vos Savant,
Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent. (:

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