Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad week.

All I can say about this week is that, it really sucks a lot.
-.-" Hah.. grey clouds above my head everywhere I go..
Cool huh? Gloomy gloomy gloomy...
Gym today & I feel really 'nua' now
*'nua' = Jelly-like in a dilemma on whether I should start slimming down or later.
Slim down now = back to normal life(?), won't get shot indirectly when someone is shooting Jarrett & etc.
Slim down later(in the further future) = take part in H&F programmes, bigger size, Obese BMI Range which gives me certain priorities such as ... couldn't think of any. (so forget about this)
So... how? What should I do?
Damn... oh ya btw, am going down to Outram Park again..
So.. any of you wanna renew your passport?
I think I'm gonna do so... so together? Hah.
Cobras' collecting the jerseys on sat.
May not be able to make it, so go without me *hiss*
How about tomorrow? HAH.
Lame.... am really in no mood to type any further.
so..... bye peeps!

PS : Last episode, vol 53 of 终极三国 / K.O.3anguo is out tmr night!
Should be able to watch it by saturday afternoon..
So.......MUAHAHA (: 呜拉巴哈

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