Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a single deep inhalation.

The previous post was made just moments ago.
Took a deep inhalation & thinking much clearer now.
Cool, taking in a deep breath really cools one down (:
Was on the verge to release everything out at one go.
Guess I'll just do it slowly.

Friday, 19th Feb 2010
After school, rushed off to Outram Park for my dental appointment.
Forced to skip Chinese Remedial(CR) & BB Blaze Training(BBBT)..
Damn it -.-
Left school at 12.25 & reached there @ 1.55pm.
That's a hell long of traveling time.
Got in & etc..
And I have to pay over $200 for losing the retainers.
Great. & that's still alright.
What's worst, is that I have to collect it next week.
Which means, another CR & BBBT will be missed.
Goddamn it. =.=
Reached home @ around 3plus. (after another damn long journey)
Was already low-spirited @ that moment.
So I didn't join Huang Liang, Jarrett & others for lunch @ Seoul Garden,
declined the invitation from Swimming Club to swim @ Shaugnessy and
rejected the request of team WALAO for soccer in school @ 6.
But nonetheless, I was dead bored at home, so I left for school @ 5plus.
Played soccer with team WALAO till around 7.30 & then went home after that.

*team WALAO was formed partially because of me, I influenced them all with my daily catchphrase; WALAO.
Members/affiliates of team WALAO : Me, Aloysius, Han Xu, Hongyun, Jervis, Miguel, Nabil, Nishi & Dyan. (Alphabetical order)

Saturday, 20th Feb 2010
Woke up @ 10am after being spammed calls by Shu Yang, Yi Sheng & Zheng Jie.
Promised to play L4D2 with them since I wasn't in the mood to attend Shu Yi's birthday celebration @ Party World.
Well, after 2 hours of LAN, those 3 kids managed to persuade me to join them for a movie.
So watched "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" with those 3 kids mentioned above along with Joel & Jun Hao.
Left the LAN shop @ 1.30 & guess what?
The slot we wanna purchase for the movie was 1.50pm & we cabbed/rushed all the way to AMK Hub, after asking Joel/Jun Hao to buy the tickets for us first.
But on the way there, we were told that the tickets bought was the 4.15pm slot.
Cool enough? Hah.. so slacked all the way till then.
Saw a handful of 95's Brooksians @ the theatre.
& such coincidence, Car & bball mates are just one seat in front of us.
Trained back to Yishun after that & then, dispersed back to our homes.

Sunday, 21st Feb 2010.
Was supposingly to meet up first at 11am & visit Mr Janson Yong's house then followed by Sir James Wee's.
But I was late, yet again.
So reached Mr Yong's house @ 11.40am.
Ate then played till around 3.30, then left.
Hah...Mr Wee only allows visitation after 4.30pm..
So we spent 20 minutes discussing, or rather arguing, at the block under Mr Yong's house.
Came to a conclusion that we'll visit HongYun first, then followed by Mr Wee.
Cool enough, took us another 20 minutes to travel there.
On the way, everyone was on the verge to give up & just go home.
Well, only Yi Sheng gave up in the end.
Soon after reaching HongYun's house..
We were informed that Mr Wee ain't free for visitations today.
So everyone went 'WALAO, sian.'
Conclusion : Today somehow sucks big time.

Okay.. I'm done with the three days post.
Amid the updating, I checked my tagboard.
Like wow...
Thanks a lot huh, 秋燕! Hah.. [: (I prefer calling you by your chinese name to your eng's!)
& Jun, those said in msn are very much appreciated, 谢谢!
(Hope you know how to read that!)


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