Thursday, February 4, 2010

New catchphrase : Shut up & go home!

海派甜心 / Hi My Sweetheart has ended!
The only Taiwanese-Idol drama I'm waiting to watch is
终极三国 / K.O.3anguo!
Episode 50 gonna be damn nice. MUAHAHA.

Okay... tomorrow is Cross-Country day for Northbrooks Sec..
& I'm so gonna get a medal home! (:
Either 2nd or 3rd...
1st would surely go to Martono.. _|_ HAHA. Kidding.
Nvm, Everest for the win! HAHAHA.
& I realised something, runners in H&F category mainly comes from Everest..
Me, Martono, Richo, Erick & Shengnan.. like wow.

HAHA. Guess what, I'm damn lazy to type any more.
So.. byebye, peepos.

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