Saturday, February 6, 2010

They did came true.

As stated in the title, whatever I've said in the previous post did came true, somehow.
Got 2nd in the H&F Upper Sec Boys' Category.
& finally got myself a medal.. HAHA.
So what if I suggested this category & didn't get first.
At least I did something to get myself some memorial. :O
Now there's different category of achievements in collection.
There's rugby medal, shot-put trophy, floor-ball trophy, street-soccer medal & cross-country medal.
HAHA. Cool isn't it?
Well, soccer with Aloysius, Hongyun, Jervis & Nabil with Yan Cheng & Keith joining us in the later part after Cross-Country.
They were all off-form & I actually got so lucky to be the top-scorer for the day.
>10 goals scored. How cool... for the first time I felt soccer's a fun sport.
Okay, that's all for today, folks.
Have a nice weekend & enjoy your Saturday night.

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