Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recent updates.

About half a month ago, I'm done watching TVB Drama, Click入黃金屋/Pages of Treasures.
& right after that, started on yet another TVB production named : 宫心计/Beyond The Realm Of Conscience.
Already @ episode 22/33.
Hah... it's a must-catch drama series!
'One of the two grand TVB productions to celebrate along with the channel's 42nd anniversary'
Quoted from wikipedia -.-

Enough of dramas!
Back to my life!
Hah.. had Archery training session on Thursday!
Skipped house practice & missed gym session. Hah..
2 bull-eyes out of 3 shots.
I think I really got that out of pure luck.. hah.
Friday, went down to Lavender along with Hong Yun, Aloysius, Lin Htoo & Yi Sheng.
BB Blaze training canceled so as to allow us to get our things done & ready for Batam Service-Learning trip.
Done with our passports & bought our stuffs for BB Blaze, then cabbed back to Yishun.
Passports have to be collected on next Thursday as Friday is the BSL trip -.-"
How lucky of us, any day later would be a great misfortune.
Blah blah blah.... went back to sch for WALAO soccer session.
So Lin Htoo & Han Xu became our 'Twins of Destruction'
Hah.......Nabil remains calm & steady seh, not bad.
& I think I really need to go on diet already.
=.= ahhhhh ~
Gonna start clearing my homework now!
HAHAHA. Bye peeps.

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