Thursday, October 28, 2010

NBA 2010-2011 Regular Season - Chicago Bulls vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Chicago Bulls vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
公牛 对 雷霆
95 比 106

US Basketball Team & FIBA Gold-holders; Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook combines for 58 points as the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the visiting Chicago Bulls 106-95. Durant scored 30 points, his average from last season, and Westbrook netted 28 points along with 10 rebounds and six assists.
On the losing hand, Derrick Rose had 28 points and 6 assists while Joakim Noah added 18 points and game-high 19 rebounds.

HOT: In the fourth quarter, Durant and Westbrook combined for 14 of the Thunder's 24 points.
NOT: Also in the fourth quarter, Rose and Noah combined for just six points on 3-for-12 shooting.
NOTABLE: Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha managed only one point but he blocked four shots, grabbed four rebounds, dished out four assists and stole the ball twice.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NBA 2010-2011 Regular Season - Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers

Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Lakers
火箭 对 湖人
110 比 112

The Lakers was led by Pau Gasol's game-high 29 points and 11 rebounds. Kobe Bryant chipped in 27 points and 7 assists while Lamar Odom & Shannon Brown combines for 30.
On the loss, Bigman Luis Scola had 18 points and game-high 16 rebounds while Kevin Martin & Aaron Brooks combines for 50. Yao Ming who was limited to only 24 minutes had 9 points and 11 rebounds.

HOT: Shannon Brown was a real sparkplug for the Lakers in the fourth quarter. The backup guard scored 14 of his 16 points in the final period and helped Los Angeles take the lead.
NOT: After the high of receiving his first championship ring, Ron Artest struggled in his first game of the season. He went 3-for-15 from the field and scored just eight points.
NOTABLE: Coming of offseason knee surgery, Kobe Bryant still managed to play 37 minutes even though Phil Jackson said he wanted to limit his playing time. Bryant averaged 38.8 minutes last season.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBA 2010-2011 Regular Season - Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics
热火  对 凯尔特人
80 比 88

Rajon Rondo dished 17 assists, Kevin Garnett with 10 rebounds, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen had 19 and 20 points each respectively as Boston Celtics wins over Miami Heat.
On the loss, LeBron James had game-high 31 points while Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh had 13 and 8 respectively.

Boston Celtics had the biggest lead of 19 in the second quarter and most amazingly of the match, Shaq had 2-2 for FT until in the later part, 3-8. (2-2 means 2 for 2, which is all in)

HOT: Paul Pierce -- The Celtics captain hit all seven shots he took in the final quarter, two from 3-point range and five from the free-throw line to help the Celtics emerge victorious.
NOT: Dwayne Wade -- The Miami guard was playing in his first game since suffering a hamstring injury in the preseason and showed plenty of rust, hitting just 4 of 16 shots from the field, while turning the ball over six times.
NOTABLE: The Miami Heat scored just nine points in the first quarter on 23 percent shooting. Glen Davis scored 13 crucial points off the bench for Boston.

Monday, October 25, 2010


According to 2010-2011 NBA Preseason
& My very own prediction;


MVP - Kobe Bryant! (Y)


Boston Celtics
Orlando Magic
New York Knicks
Chicago Bulls
Miami Heat
Atlanta Hawks
Indiana Pacers
Milwaukee Bucks

Los Angeles Lakers
Dallas Mavericks
San Antonio Spurs
Oklahoma City Thunder
Utah Jazz
Denver Nuggets
New Orleans Hornets
Houston Rockets



(Sorry, Orlando Magic )



(Sorry, San Antonio Spurs
& Houston Rockets)




Friday, October 22, 2010


 超級星光大道 22/10/2010
黃如琦+王復新+常佳寧 - 魚在水裡哭+黑色柳丁+童話 

黃如琦(吉尼)自創曲 - 十三

Lyrics 歌词:
我試著不去想 想你在面罩後的模樣
不能接受那又怎樣 我一句話也沒有講

難道非得這樣 捷運站口有什麼好談
說穿了就是要我下車 很抱歉我會讓一讓

來來往往所有目光 他們都好奇的非常張狂

你要前往的遠方 沒有我在你的身旁
你給過我的願望 你走了我該怎麼還

我試著不去猜 猜你在離開後的感想
不能像你那麼釋然 一轉身就找到方向

難道只能這樣 後座抱著你還是孤單
說穿了就是愛已離開 不能倒帶無從迴轉

停停走走所有靠站 他們都熟悉的非常哀傷

我要前往的遠方 沒有你在我身旁
一起的路總是短 一個人回家路好長


Killer papers 1 & 2  is just on the day after tomorrow..
Just nice that my PC's internet turns faulty.
I guess I'll have no choice but to stick to revision huh....
No... bad guess, cos' there's still THIS PC to use.
One disadvantage when you have more than 1 computer at home.

I won't carry on anymore....
Just wanna tell those peeps who're taking O levels as well to 加油!
Oh by the way.... NBA Season is starting in 3 days time as well!


Sunday, October 17, 2010



 3 more days to Science practical...
I don't think I will do well for it at all -.-"
真他妈的没信心 ._.

7 days to the actual start of O's, which is English Paper 1 & 2.
I'm trying to do something about it..
Well, trying... 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


According to the title, no doubt, Jeannie Huang Ru Qi has left One Million Star VII.
For the blinds:

In One Million Star series, I only support 2 contestants so far.
One is Pets Ceng 曾沛慈 from One Million Star II 星光二班,
Second is Jeannie Huang Ru Qi 黄如琦 (吉尼) from One Million Star VII 星光七.

I did watch a little bit of 星光二, 
but what caught my attention was her appearance in K.O.3anGuo 终极三国.
Her cast as Sun Shang Xiang孙尚香 (阿香) was one of the main leads in that series.
It was then, I went to rewatch One Million Star 2.
In fact, I'm just finding myself an excuse to fork out some time for it.

All the stars which emerged from One Million Star series are awesome!
Aska Yang杨宗纬, Yoga Lin林宥嘉, Judy Zhou周定緯, Afalean Lu卢学睿, Peter Pan潘裕文, 
Stanley Hsu許仁杰 and Jam Hsiao萧敬腾 (PK) from One Million Star Season 1.
Y2J 神木与瞳 which consist of Yuming Lai賴銘偉 and Jane Huang黃美珍, Rachel Liang梁文音, Queen Wei魏如昀 and Alisa高以爱 (PK) from One Million Star Season 2.
Lala Shu徐佳瑩, Jing Wong黃靖倫 and Shennio Lin林芯仪 from One Million Star Season 3.
Fang You Xin方宥心, Man哥张心杰 and Shedya蓝又时 (PK) from One Million Star Season 4.
Rose Liu刘明湘 and Anthony Neely倪安东 (PK) from One Million Star Season 5. 
Hu Xia胡夏, Dudu杜华瑾 and Threesome三帅 from One Million Star Season 6.
Janice Yan阎奕格 (/PK) from One Million Star Season 6 and One Million Star - Star Legend.

Back to my topic, it's the 7th series of One Million Star already...
Jeannie was eliminated on the 29th October episode, which were  prerecorded then broadcast.
Jeannie was one of the few who caught my attention when these participants were competing for the Top 44.
Yes, Jeannie is the girl which I had mentioned in my previous OMS posts.
She made it to the Top 27, eliminated in the 1 out of 3 elimination episode, whereby 1 out of 3 participants will be eliminated.

I was shocked when I came across this piece of news.
I can't believe it, it's like, she can make it much further, at least Top 15.
But well, One Million Star judges do have their eyes covered with stamps sometimes.
Now that she's out, I don't know if I should carry on watching, since I had lost an aim.
I used to be able to support her, but now that she's gone, I can only watch OMS in the appreciative sense.
Ah, don't like it.
OMS6 is cool because I was supporting Threesome & Dudu, yet Hu Xia crowned the champ.
Now in OMS7, Jeannie is out so fast, oh gosh.
Oh yes, I'm following Jeannie everywhere like what I did to Pets Ceng!
But much more crazy than Pets Ceng's cos Jeannie ain't that busy compared to 沛慈!

Jeannie Huang 黄如琦(吉尼) 

Below are her new products:

黃如琦(吉尼)-自創曲- 我寂寞時我都這樣做

yo ho 你寂寞嗎
房間是空蕩的 螢幕是冰冷的 鍵盤是啪嗒的

hey hey 我一個人過
我跟吉尼牽手 我跟吉尼牽手 我跟吉尼牽手



黃如琦(吉尼)自創曲 - 角間酒館雙吉他版  

幽暗的小酒館 時間剛過兩點半
沒等待的對象 沒對象的等待
期待沒人拆得開 裡面的東西還在
輪廓只剩下一半 顏色只剩下黑白

I will never know why

I won't cry all the night

PS: Supports 背包客吉尼! :D~
PSPS: I still don't know how to make my mandarin fonts as big as my normal words.
So bear with it first, press Ctrl & roll your mouse upwards to have your fonts increased.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Elva Hsiao/萧亚轩 & Jolin Tsai/蔡依林

Okay, I'm taking a break from my Geography Revision!
So here I am, blogging!
I was trying to download Kay Huang's new album songs to listen while doing my revision, but I couldn't find it -.-"
Oh btw, Kay Huang is 黄韵玲, the 小玲老师 in One Million Star/超级星光大道.
But I came across Elva Hsiao/萧亚轩's new album,潇洒小姐.
A few days ago, she appeared on the most popular taiwanese variety show; 康熙来了 and performed a short part of her MV dance steps...
So I decided to watch her MV @ Youtube..
Tadah... it's damn cool can.
Especially the 'Oh oh oh, 我喜欢,喜欢你’ part
*thumbs up*

Elva Hsiao 萧亚轩-潇洒小姐 / 蕭亞軒-瀟灑小姐

The dance choreography

And if you peeps are as cool as me, you people should also know this;
Jolin Tsai /蔡依林 & Elva Hsiao /萧亚轩 are arch rivals.
Both of them has a lot of conflicts.
Ooops, I don't mean them... I meant their fans.
Elva's fans claimed that Jolin copied her MV dance steps
and on the other hand, Jolin's fans accused Elva for copying Jolin's songs.
So.... who's right & who's wrong?
Well, up to you peeps to decide that.
 As for me, I'm neutral, cos I'm viewing it from the appreciative sense.

Jolin Tsai 蔡依林-美人计 / 蔡依林-美人計

PS: Elva's more awesome than Jolin! ^^

Great discovery

呆了..看东西蒙蒙的,模糊不清. :O

Okay, translation for above chunk of words: I'm now blur-sighted.
Was just short-sighted & now, I can't see things too near either.
Usually, only the old people will suffer from this 'short-long unsighted' problems.

I had this great discovery during work today!
Can't believe that I spent my whole day doing graphs -.-
Wth, 20 graphs took me the whole day...
I'm such a loserrrrrrr, I need better time management -.-"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Official last day of school's thoughts.

Okay, just uploaded all the classes photos into my Facebook album of 'CLASSES & GROUPS'

Yesterday was my official last secondary school day.
Reminiscing, 1st thing that came to my mind was my secondary 1 life.
There's this 2 major events which took place, which I can't forget..
Like wow...

First official secondary school day, I had a terrible fight with my classmate.
As a saying goes, 不打不相识.
I remembered clearly how the fight went, but I just can't remember how it's caused.
He threw the freaking damn table at me, but that's after I hit him on the back of his head, which caused him to face-kissed the ground. -.- (Violent siol)
Oh well, that's the first incident...

Second one was somewhere during March.
I was quarreling with Ribs and he dared me to do something silly.
Err, I did it though. So the bowl of chicken soup landed on my innocent classmate.
I even accused that innocent classmate of mine for saying something hurtful to me.
As we were just sec1 then, our form teacher knew that we're just doing things out of rashness, so I got off freely ~  

Those were the days, I was a bully then. (Verbal bully in primary school)
:O But I changed a lot, mainly thanks to Boys' Brigade.
In there, I learnt how to be a leader, which includes controlling my temper.
(A good leader must have a good temper, so followers can concede)
So, Secondary 2 was way better than Secondary 1.
I managed to reduce my bullies incident by a lot.
But I didn't handle it the right way, I compressed every emotions within me.
Secondary 3 was disastrous, but I made a twist there.
Okay, was referring to my first secondary 3 okay.
I blew up twice; first was at Sebas and second was at Monkey which landed in the Principal's Office.
After that, I didn't get into any fights already.. *Proud*

Oh well well well, what's my point?
I can't imagine how my life would have ended up if I didn't get into Northbrooks & blurringly chosen Boys' Brigade as my CCA.
I wouldn't have my attitude and temper changed, I wouldn't have the chance to know all these great friends of mine and I wouldn't have turned great.
After 5 years in Northbrooks & classes of Gracious,
I have managed to receive this certificate from the school.
It was carried out in the form of voting, but I'm sure, none of my classmates actually voted for me.
So thank you teachers for acknowledging that of me.
This is most probably the last certificate I would get from Northbrooks.
Along with the 20 over certificates I've gotten , all of these remain as my Secondary school life memories.
(20 over certificates mainly comes from Boys' Brigade; Kayaking, AQ, BB Blaze, Character Quest, SANA, Civil Defence, NYAA, Total Defence, Hillary Challenge & Outward Bound Singapore(OBS))
I only started gathering them since 2009, so certificates from 06-08 was lost.
That includes my first OBS certificate! :(

Ah, well... just wanna say that
I'm really glad that I've ended up in Northbrooks Secondary School.
Throughout this 5 years, this school has been improving & upgrading in terms of facilities & cordiality.
Soon in the future, Northbrooks would rise & become the best neighbourhood school in Singapore.

& quote for the entry:
Don't stop believing.

Official last day of school

Today is my official last secondary school day!
Rejoice or not? :O
Oh well, I'm so so so so so not free to update now.
So stay tune, people!
I'll update tomorrow...
& yes...17 days to O's.
Ahhhhh ~

Monday, October 4, 2010


Acquaintances; how many do you have?
A lot, eh?
How about friends?
Oh wait.. ain't them the same?

According to

a person known to one, but usually not a close friend.

1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter.

Now, think again, how many friends do you have?
Around over 90% of the Facebook 500million users (as of July 2010), 
has less than 13 friends in their 'Friends List', with the others being just acquaintances.

In English, there's no such word to describe a true friend.
Well, 'true friend' is the term often used.
In Mandarin, 知己 says it all.
知己 is a combination of 2 simple words; 知道 & 自己.
知道 - 'know', 'understand'
自己 - 'self'
So upon combining these two words...
知己 means someone who understand you well.

Contented to have a soulmate in one lifetime.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Final Scrimmage.

Hi victims! *hint*
Okay, you peeps should know that I'm here to rant already!
Hah...Today is 3rd October already..
From 4th to the 8th October, it'll be my last week of secondary school.
Yes, 8th October is my last day of secondary school.
It marks the end of my 5 years of secondary life.

6 years in Primary school passed, I regretted a lot of stuffs & realised a tons of things I could have and should have done. It's all categorised under 'regrets' and 'memory' as well as 'childhood'
5 years in Secondary school is about to pass, still, I regretted for a lot of things I could have and should have done. But since it has all happened, I believe that it's meant to be done that way.
All these are categorised under 'regrets', 'memory' and 'childhood' as well.
Though with regrets, I love the way it is done.
Somewhat, it's my own decision afterall.

With only just a few days left, I will make full use of it.. (Yes, since.........)
Even if I made it somehow, there will still be regrets.
This is life, full of regrets & never will it be satisfied as there is always room for improvement.
What's after all these, would most probably be my Tertiary education.
There will still definitely be regrets, but the problem lies in the amount.
How much regrets do you want in life?
That's the question posted to you peeps & for myself to reflect.

How much regrets do you want in life?

Hola! ~ Switching back to the normal atmosphere. ^^
Okay... last week of school, so I'll make the best out of it without any regrets! (Yes, just like you, CY)
After school ended on the 8th, I have exactly 12 days to 'O' Level Science Practical.
Yes.... just TWELVE 12.
So, I'll make sure that I spend at least 8 hours on academics everyday since then.
Yes... I will! (avers) *wink*


Saturday, October 2, 2010

In memory of Madam Kwa Geok Choo

Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, wife of Minister Mentor, passed away peacefully at home on Saturday, 2nd October 2010, at 5.40pm at age 89.

Madam Kwa Geok Choo is the wife of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the mother of 3, including Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong.

In my very own opinion
Wife of Founder and Father of Singapore, Madam Kwa Geok Choo is then the Mother of Singapore.
Today at 5.40pm, Singapore lost one of the greatest women.
Without her, Singapore wouldn't be the same like now
She is the great woman behind our great Father Lee Kuan Yew,
with Her taking care of the internal, will then MM Lee be able to focus on the political.
Well-groomed the current Prime Minister, she did all Singaporeans and foreigners who came to work a very good deed.
We shouldn't forget all this little details she did for us,
as well as countries worldwide who benefited from Singapore.
It's all partly thanks to Her.

My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the Lee family.
R.I.P Madam Kwa Geok Choo