Friday, June 24, 2011

#32 Draft Pick - Justin Harper

The Orlando Magic traded their future 2nd round picks in 2013 and 2014 to acquire Justin Harper
from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Otis Smith said last night that they thought he was going to be selected in the 1st round for certain. So the fact that there he was in the 2nd round made him and the war room pounce to snag him. It's a good move as long as Justin pans out into at least a decent bench player. Chad Ford and Jay Bilas like this player and the fact we got him.

From his sophomore season at Richmond, Harper has had a lot of attention on him by NBA scouts. He's the main reason why Richmond won the Atlantic 10 championship with a school-record of 29 wins, and he got the Spiders to the Sweet Sixteen. The guy is comfortable in a pressure role and will definitely make our squad. He's a 2nd rounder that has 1st round (non-lottery) pick potential.

Justin Harper not a banger at 6'9", but he can punish you inside with a variety of moves. Harper fits the usual Orlando big man mold of perimeter shooter, but he seems to provide other aspects that are needed to improve this roster. The guy can score from anywhere and does draw some Rashard Lewis comparisons, but I don't think that's giving Justin enough credit.

The Kevin Durant-LaMarcus Aldridge hybrid comparison seems legitimate. Harper believes, as do I, that he'd be better off as an SF than a PF. The Richmond senior seems efficient as a spot-up shooter, a fadeaway shooter, a turnaround shooter, and a driving shooter. His ball handling is as good as a shooting guard and he's not afraid to attack the rim. Harper does have a strong frame already and definitely won't be given the 'soft' label. Let's hope he avoids the steroids, but stays in the weight room all offseason.

Another thing to keep in mind, whether Harper plays Power Forward or Small Forward, Otis Smith is going to have to figure out what he wants to do with Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Hedo Turkoglu, DeAndre Liggins (Some SG potential), Earl Clark, and Quentin Richardson. We are stacked at the forward positions now. Hopefully the Magic can make a superb trade by the July 1st CBA deadline. Justin Harper also has a Twitter account, so feel free to welcome the man. 

The Orlando Magic's #53 Draft Pick - DeAndre Liggins

I'm not necessarily a fan of this choice by Otis Smith and crew. David Lighty provides similar defense to DeAndre Liggins, but his offense is far superior from the Kentucky man we got. I also preferred Scotty Hopson over Liggins. But, both Lighty and Hopson went undrafted last night so I'm sure those two will get a lot of phone calls. Liggins really does remind me of Keith Bogans, only DeAndre is a bit taller and has a better jumper (thankfully) and offensive potential. Don't expect Liggins to have any highlight reel dunks.

Daniel Orton is definitely happy to see his former Wildcats teammate in a Magic jersey. Unlike Orton, Liggins has some of that big game experience during his time at Kentucky.

Despite my complaints, Liggins should make the team (whenever training camp should start) as long as he works hard and continues to sacrifice himself. This isn't a Stanley Robinson situation where he was just too raw to make the team. Liggins has the motivation to succeed as a defensive specialist, and the Magic desperately could use that. Here's DeAndre's Twitter account if you want to give the guy support.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Orlando Should Expect To Get At #53?

Here we go, folks. Draft day is upon us. Many are hoping that when we wake up tomorrow, Otis Smith will have traded for someone like Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith, etc. Not likely since all rumors have very quickly died down (especially on the Josh Smith front). Although the potential for trades is more important than the actual #53 pick, here's who various media outlets and draft experts believe we'll snag tonight should we keep our pick.

NBA Draft Express: 6'6" SG/SF David Lighty

David Lighty seems to be the favorite to be taken at #53 if he's still on the board.Here is one of his combine interviews. Lighty seems to be a very composed guy who has the Kevin Durant backpack look down pat. He 'gets it' when it comes to molding yourself into the most workable piece of a team's puzzle. Whether that's providing offense and/or defense, the Ohio State senior is very mature to accept whatever duties are thrown upon him. Lighty is also one of the few draft prospects that is older than me (by 3 days) at age 23. 6'4" PG/SG E'twaun Moore

Another player who stayed all four years in college, the Purdue Boilermaker is dubbed a 'tweener' at this point. It's probably best that Otis Smith avoid undersized guys, which is why Lighty is such the favorable pick. But Moore is a known winner and his style of play seems to remind me of Keyon Dooling, only taller. Provides some scoring, isn't the best athlete, but is a hard-nosed guy that can play defense. I don't like that he compares himself to Gilbert Arenas or Tracy McGrady. That's not him. I'd prefer Lighty.

Unless you want to subscribe to ESPN's Insider, those are the two most reputable and free NBA Draft outlets. The only other guy I'd keep an eye on is Scotty Hopson. This definitely has hops, and can stroke it. I'd put Lighty at 1a. and Hopson at 1b. I'll gladly take either one of those guys.
No matter who we get, or any other team gets for that matter, all fans of basketball should watch. Starting at 7 p.m. EST, tune into ESPN to check out the nauseating coverage of a lengthy night of analysis and speculation. David Stern can make the evening extra fun if he says these 4 words several times tonight: "We have a trade."

This may be the last NBA public event we see in a while. If we're lucky, we may get an Orlando Summer League to feel excited for. Other than that, only thing remaining is EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania a few months from now.

Monday, June 20, 2011

On This Day, June 20th: Shaqey Mouse, Donald Royal's Relevance, and Dwight Wants To Be #1


For the past month or so, the Orlando Magic were doing their best to convince Shaquille O'Neal into being happy to become their #1 pick selection. Never had a potential draft choice been recruited so much as Shaq was. Barry Cooper wrote his article on Shaq's visit to Orlando with his father and 12-year-old brother.

Selena Roberts, to her credit, took a more exposing and blunt approach as to how that trip actually went. If you based what you believed Shaq would do off her piece, you would have thought Shaq would rather play in Antarctica than Orlando:

They weren't here. Only about 75 showed up for Shaq's arrival Friday morning, though Magic GM Pat Williams claimed there were 200 in front of Shaq. No, Pat. Stop trying to impress. Stop trying - like everyone else - to say the right things.

It's as if no one in the city wants to offend Shaq for fear of being held personally responsible should he snub Orlando.

So, as we were saying, there were 10,000 fans cheering as Shaq landed.
He emerged from the small jet like a giant trying to squeeze out through a cruise ship porthole.

Then, the 7-footer seemed to shrink, like a pupil exposed to a bright light. His voice was so small for his size. No matter. The soft speaker gave the video cameras and tape recorders nothing but blank, empty statements.

''Yeah, I'm excited to be here,'' he said, his voice seeming as sincere as a kid forced to apologize after a school fight.

He can't be blamed for his indifference, though. He has more on his mind than smiling at the cameras and shopping at the Magic Fan Attic, which is where Williams steered him on the way into town.

More hype. Shaq in a Magic gift shop. The thing is, Shaq wasn't buying it, unimpressed with the Magic's offering, a $300 shopping spree. Shaq just drifted around, while his 12-year-old brother bought up the place.

Shaq, for sure, didn't buy any shoes. There were no Reeboks in the store, only Nikes. Don't worry, Shaq. They're on order.

The catering, the kissing up, all this gushing was gross. And unnecessary. Shaq was here for business, not hype. He didn't create this circus. He shouldn't have to jump through hoops to please anyone.


I won't summarize this article too much, but Donald Royal was the Magic's players' union representative. Royal rarely got much interview time, so to see any quotes from him is pretty awesome. Though this was quite the serious matter as the players were threatening to decertify their own union because of secrecy issues. Now, the Lockout is right around the corner, and stuff like this has to remain in your mind with the risk of no basketball in October.


This was a strenuous period in Orlando Magic history. We just came off the our worst season in over a decadeJohn Weisbrod had come in as General Manager to cleanse us of Tracy McGrady and to bulldoze a fresh path. Our franchise's existence was on the line. That Amway Center does not get built if we picked Emeka Okafor instead of Dwight Howard.

There's no doubt in my mind that this team very well could be in Kansas City right now. If Dwight wasn't so impressive in his workouts in interviews, that easily could have happened. Okafor was almost the shoe-in #1 pick when we had assured ourselves of having the first pick in the Draft Lottery. Thankfully for us Weisbrod, with assistance from Otis Smith and Dave Twardzik, was also one to keep an open mind and he knew how special Dwight could become.

Thanks again 'JW' for all the controversial stuff you did, and congratulations on finally winning that Stanley Cup you killed for with the Bruins.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dwight Howard's Interview in Madrid

Dwight chatting it up a bit in Spain during his Adidas European tour. Talks about the impending lockout, Arenas, and teaming up with Hakeem again. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jermaine Taylor Just Became Available

Well, some of you knew this post was coming being I'm such a fanatical UCF Knights guy. So the Sacramento Kings just waived 2nd year NBA player Jermaine Taylor today. The Kings just extended a qualifying offer to Marcus Thornton for him to stay there. They're looking at SGs and SFs in the draft. Already if you look at his Twitter account (@jtaylor8ball), you can see he'd love to play for the Magic or Miami. Otis Smith should want him to come home as well.

The guy can basically play like Courtney Lee did here during our Finals run if asked of him, but I have no doubt his potential is way better. Jermaine is definitely anathletic freak. Plus, he's more than affordable. Taylor put up a career-high 21 points against the Magic in February.

You see in all of his interviews with any Orlando media that he would love to play ball in Florida. No doubt a team like the Miami Heat would have massive interest in him to provide solid bench minutes at minimum. The Beast just needs playing time.

My Extra-Long Dwight Howard 'Free Agency' Thoughts

Obviously since this is an opinion piece, feel free to critique and shred it to pieces if I do not appease you. It's clear we're going to see hundreds if not thousands of these types of Dwight Howard 'what will he do?' discussions in the upcoming calendar year, so I'm very slowly going to start ignoring these because at one point or another you're just repeating yourselves. 

A husband can slap his wife around so much until she's just numb to the situation and just accepts the madness of how things are. I think that's what other fanbases and media outlets are trying to get started as far as Dwight Howard's 'inevitable escape' from this 'little tourism town'. Don't make me gag. The way this summer is progressing, I'll be whipping out Danny Glover Lethal Weapon references in no time.

As I've stated before in the past, it's in this Orlando Magic franchise's best interest to not trade Dwight. Period. Everyone should know that characteristically he's very unique. The man is a league standard when it comes to charities and volunteering his personal time and resources to all sorts of causes. His family is here in Orlando. Wants to watch his son grow up here. His own parents and close relatives always talk about how much they love our city. 

This town is almost the perfect fit for him. Nothing too massive but there's enough to do where a man can never be bored. People will whip out LeBron and 'Melo in saying 'oh, he's no different from those guys'. Wrong. Those two don't hold a candle to this guy in every facet of life and basketball. 

The man is a legitimate worldwide icon. He goes to such places as China, India, Africa for all sorts of basketball camps and seminars where those big name guys don't. He's leading the new movement of big time superstars that includes Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose that provide a fresh face to growing the game and living out David Stern's dream. He's ascending up the upper echelon of recognizable international athletes (in any sport). 

He's way bigger than Shaq ever was in his Magic days. He already makes millions off of sponsors (Could be reaching $1 billion soon). Has an acting career as well as a music career. Could his non-basketball 'aura' grow if he went somewhere 'bigger'? Of course, but that should have no influence on what he wants to accomplish in the NBA.

Now, if Dwight verbally says "trade me" before summer of 2012 arrives then things change. But that's highly unlikely since he's a free agent next year. He's been very upfront about how he feels, especially on Twitter. There's been zero indication that Dwight dislikes Orlando or the franchise he plays for. All he's basically requested are guys to play harder (Which means new players, but obviously he's not dumb enough to throw current teammates under the bus). If it all ends up being an act to deceive us, then well shame on him. Karma can be a bitch (*cough* McGrady *cough*). Again, it's up to Stan Van Gundy to change up his system (It wouldn't be the first time). It's up to Otis Smith to tweak the roster. 

Rich DeVos has to continue to keep breathing and the checkbook will be there for signings. The guys on our current roster have to improve themselves (and heal up in many cases). Barring a horrendous natural disaster, Amway Center is brand new and the best building in the world that will hopefully host the 2012 All-Star Weekend. Our local media has to avoid any more polls and dumb articles (impossible I know). The fans have to disregard all uninformative dribble that comes out of ESPN or any 'expert's' mouth and continue to support the team and Dwight. 

It would also help if Dwight could recruit a bit, and something tells me he is. Obviously other than the Draft, not much will be done until after the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is hatched out (Sooner rather than later we can all agree on). You can make your own predictions and speculations on how or if these things get done.

If he wants to leave come next summer, fine. Make him walk away on his own. Force Dwight to abandon the community that has embraced him for 7 years and watched him develop into the star he is now. Don't bail him out like Carmelo and Deron Williams did. The only reason Dwight will walk is if the team isn't in a position to win a title and someone else offers him everything this team and town offers. Dwight doesn't enjoy being disliked. 

You're seeing it bother LeBron, Wade, and Bosh now and I know damn sure Dwight doesn't want to invite that upon him. As usual, many will come out and say 'who the hell are you to believe all of this and expect me to comply and trust you?' Well, that's all based on myself being a diehard Magic fan and Orlando native resident for 23 years now and having basically seen every meaningful moment in this town's sports history. 

I don't have 'insiders' and I damn sure don't plan on pretending to have talked to Dwight Howard other than a greeting or two outside of clubs, and a game of Words With Friends that he never completed. I'm also blessed to have an odd knack for accumulating basketball news and rumors quite quickly and efficiently to where I know what looks legit and what is sheer speculation (for the most part). All I know is, I'll be damned if guys like Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, Jon Barry, Chris Broussard, Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, etc. believe they have a much better opinion or 'sources' than me. 

If you want to believe players from all around the league and what opinions they have, that's more than fine since they actually talk to Dwight and deal with him in informal settings. 

So here I've done my own personal list of all other 29 teams looking to acquire Dwight's services and what 'chances' and hopes they may have of nabbing him during free agency next summer. My reasons and explanations are off the wall. Keep in mind also, though Dwight may be a free agent, a sign-and-trade situation is prevalent for about 95% of the league who wishes to bring in Superman. 

Let's just say I've typed all of this out to also deter some of the delusional fanbases out there that severely need a kick in the balls. I may be biased, but a reasonable individual can always separate their bias from pure logic and sociological analysis.

1. Atlanta- Hometown aspect is a really big deal and always a threat to us. I'm sure they'll try and have some type of package put together surrounding Josh Smith. After that, who knows what we'd may want. It's not all that appealing to be honest. I just don't think their front office will really make much of a push in the end. Also, Dwight hasn't made a peep yet about even playing for Atlanta. You never trade within your division when it comes to big names. Hell, in this Dwight-Orlando situation, the Magic wouldn't want Howard in the Eastern Conference if he absolutely wanted out of Orlando. Still, got to be in Dwight's proverbial top 5 right now.

2. Boston- They'll push because KG, Ray Ray, and Mr. Wheelchair are about done. That leaves Rajon Rondo basically. Oh yeah, did I mention Dwight absolutely hates the Celtics and their fans? Tough to say if he hates Boston or the Lakers more. Boston really is such a spoiled sports town that they feel entitled to never have on of their beloved teams suck. Sorry Celtics, but keep dreaming about those elbows being in green arm sleeves. 

3. Charlotte- Michael Jordan isn't exactly a master when it comes to running a team, at any level. Again, you never trade within your division when it comes to big names. As a city, Charlotte is like Orlando's twin but better. In the end, Bobcats still have a lot of building to do.

4. Chicago- This is the only 'big' team he hasn't really talked about. We know he supposedly likes Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer (Emphasis on supposedly). Bulls have some trade chips and would have to move some juicy pieces to accommodate Dwight. Got to be in the top 5 of possibilities, especially if Rose could somehow put his hero ball to the side and let the big man dominate when needed.

5. Cleveland- So, um, yeah, uh, right. *Adonal Foyle face*

6. Dallas- First off, thank you for showing the world that an actual team with just one superstar can win a title. I think had the Mavs not won the title that they would have been very strong suitors for Dwight, and Howard would feel extra pressure to team up with at least one more superstar. Cuban was frothing at the mouth for a title and money is no problem with that man. So thankfully, I think they're out of the picture. Plus, they don't really have many trade chips that are attractive to the situation. 

7. Denver- I know most Magic fans would like to have some of their pieces: Chandler, Gallinari, Nene, J.R. Smith, etc. Not at the expense of Dwight obviously, but to improve this present roster. The Nuggets haven't been linked at all to the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. A lot depends on what George Karl can do with that squad for a full training camp and season. Dwight doesn't seem like a Midwest kind of guy but that Nuggets squad can makes some noise in a weakening West.

8. Detroit- May be worth a look to grab a cheap veteran now if I'm Otis. They had their good run last decade, but now it's all about youth and getting some talent to slowly improve over the next few years. No where near a contender.

9. Golden State- Momma, how about a good laugh? We'll see if Mark Jackson can indeed get that Warriors team into the playoffs. It would only be a consistent trend continued if somehow Dwight ended up here. I don't think many teams can say they've been connected as much as Orlando and Golden State have been over the past 20 years. Not a contender even if they do make the top 8 in the West.

10. Houston- They have the only other big man in the league that is as dominant as Dwight. Unfortunately for them and Yao Ming, his playing career is on very thin ice (It may have fallen through already). They just hired Kevin McHale after Rick Adelman kept that team respectable for years. I sense an identity crisis going into next summer and continued rebuilding.

11. Indiana- Put up a valiant effort against the Bulls in this postseason, but that franchise has been extremely inconsistent. It would help if Danny Granger and others could stay healthy. Pacers fans have to ask themselves: 'Can we provide something better than Orlando?' I don't think they can whole-heartily say yes.

12. L.A. Clippers- It's tough to not see this as a 'potential' new destination. Clippers would trade anyone but Blake Griffin to create a new Twin Towers. However, there's not much to like about their coaching staff, and their ownership and front office has been accused (and basically proven) to be one of the worst in basketball. Still, they have trade package possibilities by having guys like Gordon, Aminu, Jordan, and Kaman. L.A. is L.A., no denying that. If Blake can stay another full season healthy, you just can't fully rule them out.  

13. L.A. Lakers- The team that ripped his heart out in '09 where he couldn't keep his hands out of his face for a full month. He likes to party there, that's about it. Kobe will be on the verge of retirement in 2012. Mike Brown being their coach isn't exactly comforting either. Clippers are a stronger suitor at this point. Lakers fans really think we care about a brittle Andrew Bynum, a weak pansy in Pau Gasol (Who brother Marc makes him look like a Paulette), and Lamar Odom who will be on the decline next year for certain. Dwight isn't Shaq. The only thing they share is a nickname. Lakers are going down a Boston path.    

14. Memphis- Remember those Z-Bo rumors that had him possibly coming to Orlando in a trade package involving Bass earlier in the season? Man do we all wish something became of that. Grizzlies ownership appears to have a rejuvenated outlook now on accomplishing big things in an otherwise miserable town. They could be possible suitors in 2012, but they have to make the playoffs again and show similar (if not better) postseason success. They currently have the pieces, but we don't know what they'll do with Rudy Gay or O.J. Mayo, nor do we know how untouchable Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are. A lot of unknowns at this time. Not sure if Dwight really cares for Tennessee either, so I'll say not a legitimate Dwight Howard sweepstakes winner.

15. Miami- Still licking their wounds. LeBron is supposedly all of a sudden tradeable now (Who would have thunk it?). Bosh is so soft that no one will want to give up much for him. Wade is the foundation as usual so he stays. LeBron is talented, we get it. But for 5 years now he can't get it done on the grandest stage of them all. He'd rather divert to Juwan Howard and Eddie House than use his God-given physique and talents to dominate whatever being may be guarding him. Little bitch or not, the Magic should see if they can get Bosh via a 3 or 4-team trade. Especially when his value is so low. Bosh was superbly efficient in the Finals. He put up 2nd option numbers in a 3rd wheel role. Remember, Bosh and Dwight have matching cowboy hats. But then again, we had to give up draft picks for Pat Riley to allow SVG to become our Head Coach. Almost forgot, we're rivals to the bitter end. So yeah, unlikely we see any type of swaps unless it's fisticuffs.  

16. Milwaukee- So many uncertainties. Very unattractive place to live in (no offence to anyone living up north). There are a few potential pieces, but get real now. Dwight wants nothing to do with this franchise.

17. Minnesota- See Milwaukee.

18. New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn Nyets)- Congrats on your pending new stadium and badass owner. Guess what though? Your weather sucks and you can't guarantee that Deron Williams will even still be around next summer. Anyone laughing at 'weather' being a big aspect obviously forgets how Dwight and the team twice went through massive delays because of snow. Athletes don't like not having control of a situation. Other than a talk show appearance, Dwight isn't mesmerized by the state of New York.

19. New Orleans- So many question marks. When will a new ownership buy the Hornets? Will Chris Paul want to stay? Even if teamed up with say a Dwight Howard, would CP3 be adamant on it happening in Louisiana? Will the franchise even remain in New Orleans? They can't be a legitimate option for Dwight unless a lot of things get sorted out by next summer. 

20. New York Knicks- Current front office uncertainties and a hefty budget already are not good if you want to give Dwight a decent contract offer. Mike D'Antoni may not be employed there by next summer, so there's that instability. Yes it's the Mecca, but Dwight (unlike Kobe, 'Melo, LeBron, etc.) has never been awe inspired about playing in an asbestos-filled Madison Square Garden. NYC is always a player in any big free agent rumors, so you can't fully eliminate them, but it's pretty apparent that Dwight doesn't want to be a Knick.

21. Oklahoma City- Been saying it since last summer, the Thunder are by far Orlando's biggest threat to nabbing Dwight. They have an abundance of trade pieces in Westbrook, Ibaka, Maynor, Harden, Perkins, etc. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook/Eric Maynor, and Dwight Howard is a scary core to fathom. Superb fanbase and ownership was already doing anything possible to ditch Seattle so you know they're all-in to win a title. OKC almost claimed our franchise, would suck if they claimed our franchise player.

22. Philadelphia- Philly always has a soft place in my heart since I'm an Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies fan. Unlike those franchises, the Sixers have no signs of showing that they want to win a title. After all, they will be trading Andre Iguodala probably this offseason. Dwight won't be here, but Jameer might.

23. Phoenix- Unless Steve Nash is still there, cross them off the list. Nash is defying age already, and doesn't have much All-Star basketball remaining in him. Suns will be fighting just to make the playoffs in the upcoming season. Besides, it's not often you see two franchises make big trades in consecutive seasons between each other.

24. Portland- They are in a bit of a front office and team identity crisis. Dwight, along with everyone else, knows that the Blazers are just cursed injury wise. It can be assumed that Portland will be in full-fledged rebuild mode by next year, if not sooner. Only thing the Blazers have going for them is a superb fanbase. Can't imagine Dwight  in a Blazers jersey.

25. Sacramento- Still rebuilding. Have some decent youth pieces but nothing to get excited for. Their ownership and franchise location is in jeopardy still. ARCO Arena (I still call it that) is as old and outdated as Amway Arena. Orlando residents can attest to what Kings fans are going through in some ways (Obviously so can the whole city of Seattle). Too many questions and definitely not championship contender ready.

26. San Antonio- Really tough to tell as no one has mentioned them as a potential suitor. The Spurs will be in rebuild mode next summer for sure. Potentially no Ginobili, Duncan, Parker, or Popovich. Ownership knows they've had a fantastic past 12 years as a franchise. Maybe they know it's time for some mediocrity. Stay away from the Alamo, Dwight. 

27. Toronto- Nice city and Canada always has good fans when the product is even just respectable. Basically one of the biggest laughing stocks in the league as they can't toughen up that franchise and put it on a sturdy path. Just not a contender for Howard.

28. Utah- Dwight's not white so I doubt they care. Seriously though, another franchise that is in rebuild mode that just doesn't have a chance to acquire a guy seeking a championship. Although I think Otis should look at Al Jefferson or Andrei Kirilenko right now.

29. Washington- Wizards would want to team Dwight up with John Wall who still isn't a guaranteed stud yet. Again, you never trade within your division when it comes to big names. Too soon to tell with that squad. Would be interesting if they somehow made the playoffs.

Sorry, that was way longer than I initially intended. Rant over for now. Basically, take everything you hear with a grain of salt unless it comes straight out of Dwight's mouth or a Magic team official's. Fasten your seat belts and have your stress medication on standby. We're in for a rare and lengthy ride.  

NBA Funnny FreeThrows

Score free throw celebration FAIL by Gary Neal

Emeka Okafor airball his two freethrows

Chuck Hayes Ugly Free Throws vs Denver 

Shaq The Free Throw King

(NON-NBA) HD -Absolute Worst Freethrow Ever

On This Day, June 14th: Farewell To The Finals


Yes, this is another one of those sad days for Orlando Magic fans across the globe. Starting with our first NBA Finals trip ending in a sweep to the back-to-back champion Houston Rockets. At least they didn't hoist the trophy on our home court.

After the Game 1 collapse, Brian Hill's squad just couldn't get a grasp of how to be competitive in the series. Rudy Tomjanovich was too good of a coach for B-Hill's staff. I guess the youth of a 6-year-old franchise finally had caught up to the roster as well. The team didn't quit on the road though, even to the bitter end of the Game 4.

Those "sweep" chants and Hakeem Olajuwon's 3-pointer didn't help the situation. Still, Magic fans and the team itself had to have been optimistic for the future. Oh what could have been.


Game 5. This season stings double. First obvious reason is that it occurred on our home court. We were hoping that the series would at least be extended to a Game 6 back in Los Angeles. But, the Amway Arena faithful had to swallow the pain of seeing the Lakers lift the Larry O'Brian Trophy in our town. The other reason is that this could easily have been Orlando up 3-1 with a chance to lift the trophy in front of its fans.

Other than Game 1, this was a very tight series where Orlando let Game 2 and Game 4 slip away in overtime defeats. That 16-0 L.A. second quarter runwas just too much to overcome. It would be the Lakers' 15th championship, Kobe's 4th ring and first without Shaq, as well as Phil Jackson's 10th as a Head Coach. I always say there's some form of luck involved in a matchup of two very close teams that separate the two.

Let's hope we don't have to wait another 14 years to get to that 3rd Finals. If you do get there, hope that the third time really is the charm. I'll say this, the images of guys like Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson's reactions of anguish will be imprinted in my mind forever.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dwight Doing The Haka

Next season, Dwight Howard should lead the Magic with the Haka dance before every game. Superman is clearly into it, and it's the only reason why someone might be afraid to play New Zealand in any sport (other than rugby). Dwight's obviously having some fun during his NBA worldwide service trip. 

2011 NBA Finals - Mavs vs Heat, Game 6

360p, FQM, 1.4GB:

536p, Patchoriate, WMV:

You Can Celebrate a Little Bit, Orlando Magic Fans

29 team fanbases have celebrated the demise of the Miami Heat. Congratulations to Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban, and that entire Dallas Mavericks franchise and community. Humanity has prevailed. The Heat are still stuck on 1 NBA championship.

To Dwight Howard and the rest of the Magic players and affiliates, I hope you followed how the world viewed this entire series. That could be us next season. But first, let's hope for a swift and efficient solution to this pending lockout. We want basketball in October, and an Amway Center All-Star Game come February. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat ----- NBA Finals 2010-2011

Some random update after watching NBA Finals 2010-2011.
Disappointing much.
But have to admit that Dallas Mavericks is really a great team, though with old(EXPERIENCED is the word) players,
they demonstrated their strong desires for first ring.
Dirk Nowitski played 17 years of professional basketball, 4 in German League & 13 in NBA.
Jason Kidd entered NBA in 1994, as a Round 1 Pick 2.
Old but experienced, won the Younger team, the Heats.
This shows that Dirk's desire for his 1st ring is more than LBJ.
If only LBJ didn't sink into the decreasing-ability state.
The deeper he enter the playoffs, the worse he got. I have to agree with this fact, really.
Looking at his FINALS, he went 24, 20, 16 then 7. Bounced back to 17 but that's not HIS STANDARD.
He has a 24++ PPG average in his MVP run for the season.
I can't remember the statistics, but around there aye.
Yea.... in Game 4, clearly shown that Wade took the role of leader, trying to boost the morale of the demoralised Heat, by having that big block on Tyson Chandler. Heat followed up with a better FGA-M. I believe so, though I didn't check.
Now that Wade is injured in Game 5 and rather sloppy in performances & LBJ lost his KING's abilities.
This is when 3rd option, as well as 3rd man of the Miami Trio stands out.
Chris Bosh has the ability to change the flow of the game, just like Wade & LBJ.
His Game 3 baseline jumper showed it all.
He was pulverised in Game 2 by Dirk, who made the game-winning layup by the German All Star.
Well, he did it, 7-9 FGM-A, 5-7FTM-A, scoring 19 points & grabbing 8 rebounds.
But still, not enough, for the Mavs.

& I wasn't expecting this.
I wasn't expecting Dallas Mavericks to win, and Dirk Nowitski to get his Bill Russell. trophy..
I was expecting LBJ & Chris Bosh to get their 1st ring, Dwyane Wade for his 2nd Ring & 2nd Finals MVP Trophy.

Miami accumulated & then invested a bomb in the 2005 season, Wade(2003 Draft), Shaq(2004 HUGE trade), Alonzo, Walker, Payton. They brought back the NBA Championship title.
This year, it's on LeBron & Bosh. They brought back nothing, but a receipt of their salary; US$14,500,000 each. 

Loyal Heats - Wade & Udonis Haslem since 2003 & 2002 respectively.
Loyal Mavs duo - Dirk(1998) & Jason Terry(2004).

Dallas Mavericks 2010-2011 Squad:

Shawn Marion
Dirk Nowitzki
Tyson Chandler
Jason Kidd
JoseJuan. Barea
Brian Cardinal
Jason Terry
Ian Mahinmi
DeShawn Stevenson
Corey Brewer
Brendan Haywood
Predrag Stojakovic

Miami Heat 2010-2011 Squad:
LeBron James
Chris Bosh
Joel Anthony
Dwyane Wade
Mario Chalmers
Mike Miller
Udonis Haslem
Juwan Howard
Eddie House
Mike Bibby
Erick Dampier
James Jones

2011 Finals Champion: Dallas Mavericks Victory Celebrations

Welcome the 2011 NBA Finals Champ... they deserve this with the heart and motivation they got.

The Dallas Mavericks Raise the Trophy