Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol

The Love Story that we didn't hear yet.

Its just started as best partners....

How you like that huh...? I know you like it

can't say anything more..

ohh I love touching skinned head guys...

Pau : I love to hug my own championship trophy
Kobe : heeyyyy... stop it.. don't do it here

sharing the laughters....

Pau : Lebron's said Lakers won't make it to Finals and Miami will face Mavs...
Kobe : that's Bullshit... everyone know we will finish Mavs here

Pau : Hey don't touch his head.. I'm the only one should touch it
Kobe : why you always so jealous

Hey Baby.. sorry I'm not looking at him

Pau : Hate you.. 
Kobe : Hate you more

after the quarrel and starting all over again

as friends again.. and partners.. and whatever... (eewwwww....)

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