Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NBA Lockout Day 83

Competing under pressure. Sometimes that's what separates a decent basketball player from being able to succeed in the NBA. You can tell this is a decade ago immediately because of a sane Stephon Marbury and a healthy Grant Hill. The NBA Vault takes us into some of those crunch time moments. As usual, it's packed full of interviews. James Worthy does a nice job heading the show. After all, Worthy has made a career out of stepping up in big games.

Isiah Thomas' swagger is through the roof during his sit-down. Then you had guys like Jerry WestKareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Larry Bird nonchalantly discussing their need and want to have the ball with the match on the line. Of course, you can win games on defense as well. Insert Bill Russell. Funny to see Kobe Bryant choking in this piece. You know he's vouching for the remake.

Then you get to free throws. Of course, Rick Barry pops up. Then you have the bad players at the stripe. Shaquille O'Neal of course. But Magic fans, shield your eyes and shut your ears from about the 17:50 mark to 18:20. That's when Nick Anderson's Finals meltdown is displayed. John Stockton gets his much deserved praise. Definitely watch this entire thing because there are so many other NBA players that you'll see.

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