Saturday, September 17, 2011

NBA Players in EuroBasket : Great Britain

Loul Deng : Ok guys this is the plan.. 
I'll distract them with my Walking Duck Suit..
then you'll steal the ball .. its sounds crazy but we don't have a choice..

Loul Deng : NOoooo!!!  Too many arms.. I don't know which one is mine..

Loul Deng : Yayksss!!! there's a rat on the board..

Loul Deng : arrghhhh!!! I can't move.. you casted a spell on me.. 
you witch!!!

Loul Deng : No guard.. I'm clean..there's no drugs in there

Loul Deng : I'm Popeye the SailorMen.. 
I'm Popeye the SailorMen!.. (singing)

Loul Deng: hahahaa!!!... I don't get it.. but its funny

Loul Deng : here I come to save the Ball ...!!!!

Loul Deng : you can't catch me pals... I was a pick pocketer runner in the slam

wait... where I'm to shoot this again? 

wow...!!! I can fly.. the hermit said is true 

Loul Deng : I need more spinach juice to become popeye... 

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