Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NBA Players in EuroBasket : Turkey

Hedo Turkoglu

Hey what's the fun all about? did we win? I got slept the whole game...

damn.. all the teams I've gone through in NBA is a mess...
I feel I'm the jinx.. same here as well

give me all your bananas, or else my monkey on my back will eat you

Not again.. loosing again I had enough of this in NBA

see my tits... its stretchable...

Enes Kanter

ohhh shiittttt... wrong turn around,
 the ring is on the other side..

yeah.. to make me strong I drink Cow's Milk with the whole Cow

ohhhh... sorry over there.. I farted real shit

Wahhhhhhh.... Santa Claus is Fake.... !!!

I'm selling Gatorade.. while in bench

Ok spin your head.. move your hands gracefully...
I didn't know your good at figure skating...

Semith Erden

I told you that don't volt-in with me.. now how can we detach?

wahhhh... sorry mama I won't do it again.. wahhh!!

ohh yeah.. we're all going to the shower room... I'm all fire up

yes were best partners in Turkey.. not the kind of partners in your mind huh..

I did it my Waaaayyyyy!!!!!...  (singing)

I fell asleep while hanging here

Omer Asik

ouhhhhh.... squeeze it more.. squeeze it more there.. I like it

you're shorter than I thought.. 

ohh yeah.. we are dancing.. ohh yeah.. bring it on yo..

whaaccckkk!!!! the ball well hit me...

ewwww... how long you haven't took your bath

this ball is too heavy..!!! can't even pull my arms up

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