Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rajon Rondo Funny Photos 2

Dragic : ohh noo you don't.. don't ever put that finger on me.. 
I know what you did to that in the locker room...

Kobe : you bitch... one more time you call me Faggot... I'll rape you

Kobe : you the one who stole my bikini... 

hey kid.. want some candy? don't tell your mom I'll give you this

someone is not supposed to be with us

noooo... don't take that ball from me .. 
I'll tell this to my mama...

Rondo: another victim of my ankle breaker.. oh yeahh..
 Varejo : you idiot I stepped a poo... yucks!

this are my two balls... they're huge

yes man .. its all good.. I have put the prank to Garneet

Rondo:  kiss me on the chick and I'll give you the ball
Baron: ok just once and that's enough

hooooly shit!... the alien are coming.. run for your lives!!!

ohhh I caught you! you touched my ass 

House : hey bro.. you sucks I should be playing..
 I hate you you're getting all the attentions

ohh yeah.. banging our ass in mid-air..  awesome

hey bro.. didn't you have fun last night? 
you should say it early that you don't like hot chicks

OLD LOOSSEEERRR!!!! cry as much as you can..
nobody wants you.. and I'll be next 'The Answer'

I forgot on how to do that Bunny Head sign...

mid-air farting .. eat my gas sucker!!

Rondo : I'll kill you all.. who said that I'm gay
Referee: run for your lives Rondo is coming.. he has a gun!!!

damn you Rondo.. don't use my back to save the ball

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