Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fran Vazquez Learns How to Mean Mug

I know, he has a very punchable face. I've already talked about how Fran Vazquez continues to be a key cog in Barcelona's ongoing basketball dynasty, and have already given my thoughts on whether we'll ever see Fran in an Orlando Magic jersey. Since then it's progressively looking like a 'hell no', and this Lockout has been the perpetual final nail in the signing coffin.

We still need to keep track of the 2005 eleventh overall Draft pick. Yes, it's been that long since our front office took a gamble on the big man. Here's the slouching 28-year-old's photo shoot with his Spanish club. Looks like Vazquez is taking a page out of Kevin Garnett's 'mean mugging' playbook. 

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