Sunday, October 16, 2011

On This Day, October 16th: NBA Lockout Day 108 & Writers Get Snarky


Brian Schmitz has kind of an 11-year-old schoolgirl temper tantrum. I'd like to thank many bloggers have had this type of 'moment' or will have it if this Lockout drags on. Then below, we have Jerry Greene's first section of his column brilliantly depicting a world where fans can go on strike. I only wish it was much lengthier with creative conversation suggestions. When Greene gets as passionate about something as if it were a Thanksgiving dinner, he does a fantastic job expressing a sports enthusiast's opinion.

You know what's wrong with this NBA lockout?

It doesn't involve all the concerned parties. You've got your greedy and powermad owners and you've got your greedy and powermad players, but what about your poor and powerless fans?

Imagine a world where the fans had a union and were organized enough to go on strike. Imagine a world where the fans did go on strike, forcing the NBA to cancel the first two weeks of the season and possibly lose the entire campaign.

Now imagine a conversation behind locked doors that might go something like this:
``Gentlemen, I represent the NBA-FUI (Fans Union Inc.) and here are our demands: Free parking, two beers for the price of one, wider seats and no ticket price increase for the next 10 years.''

``Impossible,'' says Commissioner David Stern, ``but the owners -- with the full support of the players, who love you dearly -- have a generous counter offer: No ticket price increase of more than 10 percent each season, smaller seats, one beer for the price of two -- and you do get free parking for the first 10 cars.''
``It's a deal!'' shouts the fan representative.

``We knew you guys would cave in if we stayed tough!''

... Hey, I said imagine what might happen if the fans were organized. I never said anything about the fans being any smarter than they are right now.

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