Saturday, October 22, 2011

Update on Dwight's 'New Magic-Old Magic' Games

In case you haven't been aware, despite the unwarranted and panicky assumptions that he's supposedly already decided to bolt (calm down folks, you'll live longer), Dwight Howard has been planning a potential local exhibition game or more of current Orlando Magic players against 'old school' Magic men. How far back in the time machine will Dwight wish to venture? No idea. But we do know now, thanks to the technology of Twitter, that it will be at the UCF Arena November 11th-13th. So that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday just got more exciting and should occupy calendars. Look at Ticketmaster, and you'll see a November 11th event was cancelled at UCF. So it's a wise move to sweep in and fill that slot.

This is where diehard Orlando fans can dream of possibly seeing Greg Kite and Tree RollinsRony Seikaly can be the DJ. It would be mighty interesting if we saw the likes of Shaquille O'NealPenny HardawayDennis Scott, and Horace Grant show up. It'd be an NBA2K12-like fantasy. Keep in mind, because of the Lockout, many former players will not be extended an invite because of their current coaching or front office Association affiliations. Nick AndersonBo OutlawDarrell Armstrong,Otis SmithScott Skiles are just a few names who under the normal guidelines of this work stoppage would not be allowed to participate.

It's safe to say we may see the likes of Courtney LeeMickael Pietrus, and Marcin Gortat as they all still associate themselves with our community. After that, it's pure assumption. Tracy McGradyRashard Lewis, and Grant Hill are rumored. Maybe we see a few UCF Knight basketball players as well (as long as it doesn't attract the NCAA). Either way, I'm sure Dwight and crew will put on a superb show. I would expect to see a good chunk of the '95 and '09 Finals squads getting phone calls.

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