Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 January 2012

Second post for the day.
I have too many things to say and I seem to have already forgotten what I wanted to say.
So this post shall be damn random, I'll just type whatever I want.

Money has never been a problem to me lah, but to satisfy my satisfaction of vainness, I have no choice but to fret over it. Just today, actually since long ago, I wanted to purchase NBA apparels from the NBAstore.com and since everything is in US$, after the conversion, it's gonna cost quite a lot, moreover, the shipping & handling fees is hefty due to international shipping. After shopping for like an hour, I checked out with my merchandise costing $250 and the shipping fees cost around $250 too. GST would cost me another $30. That's a goddamn $530. I think I'll never get them in my life. Even when I've grown up to be a working adult with moderate pay, cos that's horrible spending. It's hard to be a NBA die-hard fan.
That's money for NBA. Now to normal clothing. I wanted to exclude my tops from shopping list due to the purchases from NBAstore.com but seems like I can't. I have no idea where to buy nice tops. Totally zero idea on that. I have some bottoms in mind though, I wanna get some short jeans. like damn cool. Bought birkenstock online that cost more than $325 which made shipping free with some friends. Bought only 1 as I was still testing out. Will wanna buy more if I can get more people to buy with me but that would be in the later 2012. Won't be buying any footwear for now, 1 Florida Red should be enough for footwear for now. And btw, I'm kinda glad that I was asked to join in the purchase. Thanks TT. Tsk. I will try to find Japanese restaurant to work in during my year1 break before year 2 starts. If there's any lobang, please introduce to me okay. Preferably sushi stall but any Japanese restaurant is okay lah. For $$' sake and interest.

Vainness aside, now to Academic. Assignments are all coming in now. EIS Individual, UID Group and soon OOP Individual assignment are all coming in. EIS and OOP practicals will still be coming in every week, time management is important now. Adding on to it, COMISS final group work is another pain in the ass. I skipped COMISS today cos I needa some time to chill and relax. Tsktsk.
CCA points are all missing, damn. I have 7 missing CCA points and 5 rejected CCA points by the SDAR. Hmmmm... nvm, I'll work harder for more CCA points during the holidays. Well, ask me why I'm so bothered with CCA points over my GPA. I've already been working very hard to pull my GPA up, and it seems to be harder than I've thought. I'm trying very hard, just need some chilling time to spend on CCA. Heh. So stop stopping me from being active in my CCA.

Ah..feels much better after typing everything out on blogger. My health been's a pain in the ass now. I'm trying to hold it down by eating lesser but it's kind of hard. I've been trying to suppress my appetite lately, eating 2 big meals with snacks and bites instead of 3 enormous ones. From spending $15 on food daily to less than $10 a day. So proud of myself. I wanted to do night jogging at least thrice a week but something stopped me. My adidas climacool lightweight running shoes has no more sole. Did I mention this before? My mom accidentally dumped my sole into the washing machine which has the drying system which totally destroyed my sole. I needa buy a new pair of running shoes and use my climacool as 'wet shoes' :(
My stamina dropped a lot, like goddamn lot. I need work on it real soon. I signed up for http://www.safarizoorun.com.sg/ 12km run & it's in 5th Feb.
Oh ya btw, I've signed up for 24 runs in 2011 and Safari Zoo Run 2011 was my first run.
Now I'm starting 2012 running Safari Zoo Run 2012 as my first run. How cool can it be.
19 Feb http://urbanathlon2012.menshealth.com.sg/ would be my second run.
26 Feb http://www.usports.com.sg/WhatNew.aspx?ContID=Nzg4OQ== would be the third run
22 April http://www.run350.sg/ fourth
26 May http://www.sundownmarathon.com/index.php?page=race-details-marathon would be the last run in 2012 so far. Sundown Marathon is my first marathon in life.
I didn't know I could do it. 42km. Hmmm. I did it. 

Ah yeah.. I guess I'm done with the update.
Won't be back so soon. But I guess these updates should be enough for now.
See you when I see you again peeps.
Hahahahhaa. I can't be bothered with the tagboard now btw.
& click on my CHURP CHURP below.
I'm not earning any reward. I think it's a fraud. tsk. 

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