Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blake Griffin Monstrous Dunk Over Perkins

Once again the The Overrated Dunker of the year owned the highlights but this time I agree... it was a sick monstrous dunk that even Perkin will love to watch it. Probably Perkins will make a highlight video on it and will to his kids and future grand kids.. hey I'm the the guy humiliated by Mr.Griffin.

Graaahhhhh!!! The Godzilla Dunk!!

another angle... guess who's gonna get owned  and be added to my humiliated collections 

most defensive you say?

taste my 2weeks unwashed short!

ohh.. I love the dunk.. I'm excited to see it in the daily highlights..
I already told my bros to give me a record and post it in youtube...

Griffin's INSANE dunk of the year!

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