Monday, January 23, 2012

January 16-23 Week Wrap Up - David Tyree...Where Are You?!?!?

1. NFL Conference Championships - W O W
I constantly try to drag people into watching sports, just ask my girlfriend.  This Sunday in the NFL is why I will still keep trying (Sorry Monica).  No other events can be watched 365 days a year and provide you with so many cheers, awes, disses and laughs as sports does.

Baltimore Ravens 20 : 23 New England Patriots
First, I feel for the Ravens, especially Lewis, Reed and Suggs.  A hard fought game where their QB actually played extremely well (nice job Flacco).  He might've even played better than Tom Brady.  Ravens D held Tom Brady to only 239 yards and 2 INTs and NO PASSING TOUCHDOWNS.  But thanks to a Lee Evans dropped go-ahead TD and a botched 32 yard game-tying field goal by Billy Cundiff, the Ravens are out and the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. 

Tynes GW field goal sent the Giants
to Indianapolis
New York Giants 20 : 17 San Francisco 49ers OT
So in the beginning of the year, Eli called himself elite and we all laughed at him.  Now look who's laughing.  Eli is back in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots team that he beat in Super Bowl XLII.  To add on to the storyline, that Patriots team was undefeated until that Super Bowl game.  On Sunday, Eli threw 58 times and was under constant pressure with Willis, Smith and McDonald in his face but threw no INTs.  Thanks to the two Kyle Williams blunders, the New York Giants survives the new overtime format and is victorious once again.  As much as I think Alex Smith is an average quarterback, big ups to the whole 49ers team because NOBODY thought they would make it this far after a 6-10 finish last season.

In other news:

  • Bernard Pollard is my official Patriots Punisher.  He took Gronk out in this game and if we all remembered, he took Brady out of an entire season.
  • SF 49ers have the ugliest backfield in the league with Frank Gore and Anthony Dixon.  Hands down.
  • Billy Cundiff just picked up Kyle Williams on the bus home.  Lee Evans was driving it
    Anthony Dixon.  I told you.

DWade and LBJ has played phenomenal
so far, but can they catch Rose and
the Bulls?

2. NBA - It's Tier-ing up
So after FINALLY a month of basketball, teams are performing and ranking where they should be.  I say this because of the following events.
  • The Raptors are losing.  After a surprising start, the Raptors are coming back down to Earth, or hell, depending on how you look at it.  Bargnani, doing his own "Like A Bosh" impression, is out with a "calf strain" and the Raptors are struggling to put up points.  Magloire playing 10+ minutes is never a good sign.
  • Lakers are a middle of the pack team in the West.  With practically no bench scoring, no three point shooting and a lack of easy baskets, the Lake Show has been put on a hiatus.  Its impossible to play catch up without the aforementioned contributions and lets be honest, Kobe can't score 40 every game now, can he?
  • D12 has regained his form.  He's on a torrid pace lately and has surged the Magic to a 11-4 and made them reappear into NBA relevancy.  You're telling me you want to leave and go to a team with a worse record?  I don't get it.
  • Miami, Chicago and OKC are the head of the class.  The 3 favorites that people penciled in early as title contenders are just doing so thanks to their stars playing like stars.  It'll be interesting to see how the compact season affect their play, whether its fatigue or injuries.
  • Nets, Wizards, Bobcats are bad, like real bad.  Simply just look at their record. 
So that's all.   Stay tuned for a brand new "column" with opinions from other sports fanatics.

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