Monday, January 16, 2012

January 9-16 Week Wrap Up - That's what HE said!

So I'm going to start a new weekly posting trend, where I compile the past week's news, stats and analysis and hopefully present it like Headlines on SNL with less celebrity stardom but filling that void with my witty comments.  A couple updates on the blog.  First, photos will come soon and hopefully videos.  If you know me in person, you know I'm terrible with technology.  My "new phone" is an iPhone 3G, that should be enough of an explanation.  Second, a couple of friends have told me to post regularly on certains days to ensure viewers know when new materials will be posted.  I agree, therefore the new Weekly Wrap ups will be posted every Monday night.  So here it is!

Weekly Wrap Up

1. That's what HE said!
Eli is underrated and
so are the New York Giants.

I said it last week and for all the doubters, I will gladly allow you to use the phrase "That's what BallsDon'tLai said!" from now on and substitute it for the overplayed "that's what she said."  On Sunday, the New York Giants handled the Green Bay Packers and defeated them with the final score 37-20.  I mentioned how the Packers Offensive Line would struggle against the pass rush of the Giants, and New York finished with 4 sacks while Aaron Rodgers only completed 26 of 46 pass attempts and was held to 264 yards.  This new gained street cred will surely propel this blog to the next level of blogging supremacy...

2. Black Mamba, World's Most Dangerous Individual Animal
Yes, Kobe Bryant has now scored 40+ points in 4 straight games.  This is his 6th time doing it in his career and he'll go for 5 straight games tonight against the very same team that swept the Lakers out of the Playoffs last season.  Yes, the new "Odom Does Dallas" episodes haven't worked out so far in Dallas, but how many more storylines do we need.  Tune in for the game son!

However, whether Kobe Bryant is just testing out how fantastic the German doctor really is or proving all the doubters how good a 7th ranked NBA player in the league is, he's hurting his team.  Bynum is angry, Gasol is ice cold when he gets the ball and there's more standing around by players than prostitutes on Kingsway on a Tuesday night.  I hope he noticed he's not playing with a starting lineup of Smush Parker and Kwame Brown.  I hope you're just testing your limits Kobe, but let's not jeopardize your team's ceiling.

3. Stay in Scholes.
Yes, Paul Scholes scored this week for Man Utd.  The last time that happened was when Michael Jackson was still black.  If you're a Man Utd fan though, the guy's a legend and Bolton isn't very good.  The better news is that Manchester Utd is now tied with Man City atop the EPL Table is only behind by goals.  Oh wait, we're not in the Champions League...

4. Raptors are horribly entertaining, and I love it.
Dwane Casey is the right man for the job, I strongly stand by that. I can see the difference in how they play, but let's be honest, they are not that good.  However I am totally happy with the fact they aren't doing well.  They've only scored 100+ points once this season, against the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers, but what's the good in them overachieving this season.  The best thing for the organization is to get a high draft pick in this year's upcoming strong draft, bring over Valanciunas and hope he's what they thought he was and push for a playoff spot next year in an open Eastern Conference.  Plus, what's more entertaining than Jamaal Magloire airballing a free throw.  He surely must be satisfied with hitting the back rim on the second one.

5. Drew Brees must be angry, not because of losing, but because of Alex Smith winning.
3 lost fumbles by 3 running backs, 2 INTs and they still have the lead with 10 seconds left on the clock.  I truely believed that they were going to win the whole, mainly because Drew Brees is like the Superbad of football and there's this guy named Alex Smith on the other team.  But why are we not doubling on Vernon Davis, their ONLY good receiver.  Are we scared that Brett Swain and Justin Peele combo?  Terrible lose and the worse part is that we all have to witness how terrible a QB Alex Smith is again next week.

6. BABY.....tebow
Baby Jesus came back down to earth and was just Tim Tebow again.  Entirely not surprised with his stat line and how the Broncos lost.  They shouldn't have beaten the Steelers last week and I gave them no chance to beat the Patriots this week.  Worse part of the day is Elway has just announced Tebow is the starting QB at camp next year.  Newsflash, they have somebody called Brady Quinn behind him.  Duh!  Here's the last Tebowing of the season...

Until next time Baby Jesus...

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