Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maybe I should tear my ligament as well...

I'm very excited to write my first blog about the Lakers.  I was going to do it tonight anyways, but the result of tonight's game and what transpired during it made me even more excited.  But first, there are two things I need to get off my chest before I propose my not so secretive love for a certain basketball player. 

1. METTA WORLD PEACE.  That's all he gets though for having 4 sub par games in a row. 

2. Steve Nash makes playing basketball look like getting drunk underage girls at a club.   Easy.  The guy is still a magician with the basketball and runs the Pick N' Roll as good as anyone in the game, if not the best.  I hope people didn't forget how good the duo of Nash and Stoudemire were back in the D'Antoni era.  Whether its hitting the floater, hitting a pass to the roll man, a pick and pop or kicking it up top for an open 3, he makes the right decision 90% of the time.  I know his fourth quarter wasn't spectacular, but if you don't enjoy watching Nash play ball, you're not a basketball fan.

Now whether you're a Kobe Bryant lover or hater, I hope the following analysis is both unbias and precise.  Ok, it's probably going to be biased, but I will try my best to make it precise.

Phoenix Suns 83 : 99 Los Angeles Lakers

For those of you who have watched the Lakers during the Phil Jackson Era, seeing the Triangle Offense was as sure of a thing as seeing your girlfriend on Valentines Day, whether you liked it or not.  Now that Mike Brown is behind the helm, changes on the offensive side of the ball have been a gradual process due to the tight schedule and the lack of practice times.

Earlier last week, people were all complaining Kobe shooting less because against Denver, he shot 6-28 and even I would agree that he shot his team out of the game.  But one thing I learned over the years is to never bet against Kobe Bean Bryant.  Tonight, he went 18-31 and finished with a stat line of 48 pts, 5 rebs, 3 assts in 39 mins.  Since the "shoot less" advice, over the past 5 games, he's gone for 69 for 134.  That's a sizzling 51.5% for a guy playing with a torn ligament on his shooting wrist.  Kobe's a scorer, you don't score if you dont shoot.  Ask everybody who watched LeBron in the Finals last season.

Kobe is one of the only remaining mid range scorers in the league.  Nobody does more work in that area on the court as much as Kobe does.  All the credit to the Mike Brown and the players for getting Kobe the ball in those areas.  He's got more freedom with the ball and without the ball in this new offense.  He's getting the ball where he is the most dangerous whether its coming off screens to the top of the key or screening for Blake in a 2 man game.  Although he might shoot you out of the game sometimes, there isn't another player I want to have the ball more than him.

My only critque is that he needs to make his move sooner rather than later.  He is much more effective making a quick move after coming off screens than catching and going into an iso.  Other than that, how can you complaing about a 48 point night.  Thank you German doctor.

Now for all you Kobe fans, I hope you have all seen this.

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