Sunday, January 8, 2012

Opening Kickoff!

So here it is, my first ever sports blog!  For those of you who don't know me, and I do hope there will be people who don't know me personally that reads this blog, I'm a huge Lakers, Raptors, Blue Jays and Manchester United fan.  I will gladly accept all jokes towards those teams, and I know there are plenty, as long as I'm aware of what your favorite team is so I can fire back.  Let's cut to the chase!

Book your weekends off, tell you girlfriend you're not feeling well because its NFL Playoffs!

Three and Out

Game One

Atlanta Falcons 2 : 24 New York Giants

1. Eli Manning is underrated in his play, not his looks
The guy threw for 277 yards and 3 TDs.  Hakeem Nicks and the shoddy tackling of the Falcons secondary had something to do with that but he delivered a perfectly thrown ball to Manningham for this 3rd TD.  I've always thought that the uglier Manning, yes worse than Peyton, was an elite QB in the NFL.  I rank him below Brady, Rodgers, Brees and his brother, making him #5 in my books.  If you think otherwise, go ask the 07-08 Patriots.

He threw for almost 5000 yards this season and still gets no love in my opinion.  He helped Victor Cruz set a franchise record...yes, Victor who?  He's won a Superbowl, sorry Pats fans and he's got a baby face.  What else do you want!  He's also underrated in his abilities to extend plays.  He made multiple 3rd down conversions where his pocket was collapsing but managed to get out and fire a strike downfield.  Next week will be a great game!

2. Points are like dark turkey meat on a dinner just take them
Yes, I'm talking to you Mike Smith or whoever calls the plays on the Falcons staff.  I understand you are aggressive and I know the percentages of going for it on 4th down in certain areas of the field, but when you're on the road and you're down, take the points son.  And if you do go for it, at least put Turner on the field!  Sneaking Matty Ice is never a good idea, who do you think you have, Teb...oh no, I couldn't hold back.

3. Coughlin the Ryan Slayer
So the Giants in the past 3 weeks have beaten Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan and Matt Ryan.  If I'm Green Bay, I'm either gonna sit Ryan Grant or make him change his name.  Oh wait, he doesn't play that much anyways.

Alright, here it is.  New York Giants will beat the Green Bay Packers.  Yes, you heard it here first...hopefully.  Throwing against that Packers secondary is as easy as getting a rebound against Bargnani and it takes a lot out of me to say a statement like that.  I think the Packers' O Line will struggle against the Giants' D Line who throws out one of the meanest 4 man rushes out there with the likes of Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck.  When the two teams played earlier this season, Packers barely beat the Giants 38-35 and the Giants are playing so much better these days.  It's going to be a shootout just like last game so grab your popcorn, or your Triscuits...

Game 2

Pittsburgh Steelers 23 - 29 Denver Broncos

There I said it!  So there is a God after all, and it's in the form of Timothy Richard Tebow!  Baby Jesus does it again!  Ok now that that is out, let's be honest, I didn't think he could do it and don't pretend you guys thought he could either.  I can tell you the Steelers definitely didn't.  He finished 10 for 21 for 316 yards and 2 TDs.  He can only throw the deep ball and it's a good thing thats the only route his receivers can run.  He still has no accuracy throwing into a tight windows especially on out routes and slants.  The Steelers got beat on one route all game because Thomas is bigger and stronger than their CB.  Lets face it, William Gay is not very good.

I'm not a Tebow hater, but I just think he's giving false hope to the Broncos fans.  The longer Tebow Time is, the longer they are in denial that he is just not that good.  I will give him all the credit to being a leader and a competitor, but bottom line is, HE CAN'T THROW.

But he wins for the best cameo this weekend.  All I have to say is "LET'S GO BABY, LETS GO!"

2. If you can kick that far, you need to be rewarded with more than a touchback.
I'm suggesting a rule change in order to make this league more CFL for all the canadians that don't watch NFL.  If your kicker can kick off and score a field goal, your team should get one points.  This however, probably only benefits the Broncos because Prater is like Mark Henry of the NFL Kickers.  Yes he kicks at Mile High but he can also score field goals from his own side of the field.  Think about it Goodell.

3. Big Ben is real tough
Just ask the 20 year old college girl.  Ok, got that out of the way.  No really, he's really tough.  His play looked more Big Ben-ish the longer the game went, probably due to the fact the ankle loosened up.  He scrambled more and seemed more comfortable in the pocket, probably because he didn't want to lose to Baby Jesus (LETS GO BABY LETS GO).  He made ankles look overrated.  However, he might have to wear a shoe 2 sizes bigger now tomorrow after todays game and he can thank Max Starks for it (I can't find a video, but he looked like me blocking Ayers on one play).

Side note:  Keisel makes my future All-Sport All Beard team.  Stay tuned for that upcoming blog.

So there it is folks, my first sports blog!  Please leave a comment/suggestion/complain here and I would love to chat and talk sports with yo all because I like sports and I don't care who knows

Keep Ballin'

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