Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Round Table - NFL, NFL and more NFL!

1. The _____________ will win Super Bowl XLVI.
Derek Lai
:  New York Giants. The Giants will stick with the run and be able to run the ball better than the Ravens did.  They also have 3 strong wideouts who will be able to catch and hold on to the ball. They have Eli as opposed to Flacco.  All that combined, plus the fact they don't have a guy named Billy Cundiff, will make the Giants Super Bowl Champions.

Craig McLaughlin:  Kansas City Chiefs.  No, just playing it’ll be the Giants. Why? Because the Pats secondary is so thin they had to line up Julian Edelman man-to-man on Anquan Boldin during the final drive last week. Anytime your 4th string converted college quarterback wide receiver is covering any of the Giants trio of talented wideouts with a quarterback like Eli under center, Victor Cruz has to spend a few more minutes after practice on his salsa.

Daniel Schinbein: New York Giants
Ken Yih: New England Patriots
Andy Kokuryo: New England Patriots
Wing Hung: New England Patriots
Sandino Dumandan: New England Patriots

2. Watching Alex Smith play is ___________. 
Derek Lai: Like Watching Superbad With No Sound.  Painful, boring and always wondering what's going on.  If I'm surprised that you completed a pass other than a check down, you're probably not so good.  All the credit to the 49ers D, they made that team overachieve with a very poor passing game in a "passing league"

Craig McLaughlin:  A Ray Of Hope.
  Have you seen Alex play, you’re saying? Well, if Alex Smith and his tiny midget hands can be given a starting quarterback job in the NFL, it offers the tiniest glimmer that maybe we at home could be an NFL quarterback someday. I mean, we sure couldn’t be any worse at it right. [Looks at Tyler Palko]

Daniel Schinbein: Even worse live, but surprisingly better when the power goes out...twice.
Ken Yih: Suprising.
Andy Kokuryo: As exciting as watching paint dry.
Wing Hung: Like watching me play QB.
Sandino Dumandan: Making me a fan.

3. Eli Manning is a ______ QB in the league. 
Derek Lai: Excellent, Not Elite. Yet. If he wins this Super Bowl, I don't see why we can't call him elite. With possibly 2 rings, both against "the Tom Brady", that must grant him the title he self proclaimed earlier this season. The guy threw 58 times against the best D in the league and had 0 INT in the rain. The boy can ball.

Heres to another shot to pass Brother
Peyton and to beat Tom Brady again.
Craig McLaughlin: Properly Rated. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and call him elite, and maybe by your definition he is. All I know is he has a pretty good chance to double up Peyton's ring count, and he gets the job done. Just remember that this is Elisha you're calling elite.
Daniel Schinbein: Apparent top 5 QB in the league, even though he has half as many SBs as Roethlisberger.
Ken Yih: Top 5
Andy Kokuryo: Top 9
Wing Hung: Top 5
Sandino Dumandan: Top 5

4. _______ will make the biggest impact on the Super Bowl. 
Derek Lai: Giants' Secondary.  Even as good as the front 4 of the Giants are, Brady throws too many quick passes for them to have a legitimate chance at getting to him.  It'll be up to the secondary to jam the receivers and tackle them well to prevent all the extra yardage after the catch.  Welker isn't that special if he doesn't run after the ball.  If they can stop Gronk with their safeties, they have a good chance.

Craig McLaughlin: The Refs Oh wait, the Steelers aren’t playing this year. In that case I’ll take the easy answer and say Tom Brady. If he’s on his game the giants thin secondary won’t be able to hold up; that’s how the Pats win this game.

Daniel Schinbein: Antrel Rolle.
Ken Yih: NE Defense.
Andy Kokuryo: Coach Belichick, Mr. Uggs, and Giants Front Four on D
Wing Hung: Gronk
Sandino Dumandan: Rob Gronkowski

5. Peyton Manning will be playing for the  _________ next year.
Derek Lai: Stanford.  You see what I did there?  Jokes aside, if the Colts are going to trade him, they'll be getting lots of draft picks and pieces flying their way.  We all know they'll be drafting Luck, let's hope we can watch his talents from Day 1.

What's the future of Peyton?
Craig McLaughlin: Wayne County Over 35 Touch Football Rec League.  As a dubious source has reported, he might be forced into retirement by his neck injury. Other murmers have been swirling that there might a grain of truth to this. Three neck fusion surgeries are no laughing matter, and if doctors wouldn’t clear him after 4 months of rehab, what’s next?

Daniel Schinbein: Redskins. Somebody has to help with the further development of Rex Grossman.
Ken Yih: Colts
Andy Kokuryo: Colts, no doubt.
Wing Hung: New York Jets
Sandino Dumandan: New York Jets.

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