Friday, January 20, 2012

Top 5 Dunkers in the League

MJ was the idol for all upcoming dunkers
Whether you call it a dunk, a put back, a slamma jamma or a throwdown, there isn't another maneuver in any sport that gets you from laying on your couch to being on your feet with your arms flaring around that quickly.  We've all been there.  We jump up and try to hold someone back while making our personal "O Face" and screaming "Are you serious!?!?!".  I've listed the top dunkers in the league, in no particular order, and their best dunk.  As Kenny Smith puts it, "these guys belong in video games".

1. Demar Derozan - Toronto Raptors - 6'7''
I don't care what you all say, DeRozan was robbed of a Slam Dunk Contest Trophy.  The guy is a pure dunker. When will you ever see a raptor fly?  Never, but you do in Demar because he was actually casted in Jurassic Park 2.  Personally, I think a 6'7 dunker looks the best in air and is much better to appreciate as opposed to a 6'10 baller.  He doesn't need props to wow the crowd and judges.  The man's as raw as they come.
DDR's best dunk: Show Stopper

2. Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic - 6'11''
If you can dunk on a 12'' hoop, you're automatically on this list. Yes, he's a 7 foot Superman and dunking should be easy, but Clark Kent can't even do what he does.  That ball coming through the hoops might actually concuss you if you were under it.  He's as agile and nimble as any winger in the air and I think he is the highest jumper in the league.
D12's best dunk: Behind the Backboard 2008 Slam Dunk Contest

Nobody in the league
enjoys dunking as much.

3. Blake Griffin - Los Angeles Clippers - 6'10''
This guy ONLY knows how to dunk.  Unfortunately, that's not great for his actually NBA game, but it's great because he makes it on this list.  He tries to dunk EVERYTHING in a game, and I mean everything.  Post move = Dunk.  Fast break = Dunk.  The hell with it, he could probably dunk a 3 in.  Nobody has turned so many other players into wallpaper material in such a short span.  He puts the Lob in Lob City.
Blake's best dunk: Sorry Knicks, he gets two

4. LeBron James - Miami Heat - 6'8''
There's only one player in the league every fan in the world tries to get to enter the Slam Dunk Contest every year.  That player is LeBron James.  The man seeks every chance he gets in the open court to throw down a dunk of the year candidate.  Like they say, "that ball will never be the same", and neither will my eyes.  He is like the Shawn White of dunking, making you think you should pick up the rock and try it in the backyard.  Flight 23 has taken off!
LBJ's best dunk: Yes, this was IN GAME

The ultimate teabag.
5. Vince Carter - Dallas Mavericks - 6'6''
Ok, this is a tribute.  He may not be the best in the game anymore, but if you look up the word "dunk", his picture is either beside it or it'll say "See Also: Vince Carter".  Yes ladies and gentlemen, Vince Carter.  His Raptor days were littered with highlight reels and he was a bad man when it came to throwing down the rock.  If your nickname collections consist of Air Canada, Vinsanity and Half Man Half Amazing, you're doing something right.  I now raise my imaginary glass of absinthe, because you are absolutely nasty Mr. Carter.
Vince Carter's best dunk, as difficult as it was to pick one: TOO MUCH SWAG

OK he deserves two: Yes Carter, you belong up there.

Notable mentions: Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls.  Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat.  Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder.  Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks.

Cast your votes as to who you think is the best.  And if you still haven't had enough, Check This Out!

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