Friday, January 13, 2012

Watch Chicago Bulls VS Boston Celtics Live Stream Free | NBA 2012

Friday, JANUARY 13, 2012 
Chicago Bulls VS Boston Celtics
1st Central1029-14-06-2
3rd Atlantic454-53-21-3
Season Series: tied 0-0
  • 1/13 - CHI @ BOS
  • 2/12 - CHI @ BOS
  • 2/16 - BOS @ CHI
  • 4/5 - BOS @ CHI

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Chicago Bulls VS Boston Celtics Live Stream
The 2011–12 NBA season, the 66th season of the National Basketball Association (NBA), began with the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the owners of the 30 NBA teams and the NBA's players. The previous CBA, which was ratified in 2005, expired at 12:01 AM EDT on July 1, 2011, resulting in a lockout. With the new deal in place, the regular season was shortened from the normal 82 games per team to 66, because of the nearly two months of inactivity. The season begins on December 25, 2011 and ends on April 26, 2012.(wikipedia)

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