Sunday, February 19, 2012

Filesonic, Megaupload… are History. Is this the Future?

This past month has been definitely a difficult one for the file-sharing community: first the crackdown on “Megaupload”, then important file-hosters like “Filesonic” ceased file-sharing, others like “Uploadstation” and “Filejungle” are under-activating, some started blocking US visitors and of course a lot of new file-hosters are created daily with no one knowing whether or not they will exist tomorrow… But, in times of challenge you can also see who the most efficient players are. And, the revolutionary multihoster that supports now over 40 file-hosters, made it clear that it handled the crisis better than any other.
At the moment – where no one can tell which file-hoster will prevail, and which will be history tomorrow – the best solution for someone who wants a premium account, is doubtless to get a multihoster account, like Zevera.
  • Well, for once because you avoid the risk of purchasing a premium account at a file-hoster that will not exist or under-activate tomorrow! You just get yourself one account at, and you can automatically download from over 40 different file-hosters! And if new file-hosters appear, or old ones shut their services? You just leave it up to the Zevera technicians to deal with the whole fuzz!!
  • Second and this is very important for the US visitors who are at the moment blocked by “”, the popular file-hosting site: ONLY through they are free to use their services!
  • Because Zevera proved this past month that it can deal fast, efficient and with stability with some serious technical problems that logically appeared, especially during the first week after the “Megaupload” incident.
And that’s why the most reliable, anonymous and safe solution is to get ONE account at and let Zevera deal with the rest. Since Zevera supports over 40 different file-hosters and has proven that their team can deal with crisis quick and efficient, finding e.g. new file-hosters to support at a daily basis, you don’t have to worry about your downloading at all.
Plus, Zevera is also very simple to use: you just paste the links to the Zevera site or use the downloader tool and the files will be downloaded directly without waiting, without captcha and at an incredible speed!
With a Zevera premium account you can save a great amount of money and download any link you want no matter on which file-hoster it is.
Premium Downloading from 28 file-hosters
Download any files you want without worrying about on which site they are hosted.
No limit on downloads
Download unlimited number of files at incredible speeds!
Unlimited Parallel downloads
Download as many files simultaneously as you want and never wait again!
100% Secure & Anonymous
Your downloading is totally anonymous as we are like an anonymous proxy server. Your credit card payment is processed via reliable third-party companies like PayPal, AlertPay etc… and we have no information about who you are.

Get your Zevera account now, and worry no more about your downloads!

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